Cumslut Fucktoy (Part Two)

Hello, Sweeteas!

This one’s special. It’s very, very dirty. Very, very hot. It’s a follow-up to the first Cumslut Fucktoy file, but can easily be listened to on its own. They share similar themes, but this one is a lot more intense.

Unlike most of my other files, before listening to this one, you’ll need a few things, so read through this carefully.

There are two main files available here, one meant to be listened to mostly out loud, with a pair of speakers or your phone. The other is more traditional, meant for headphones. For both, you’ll need a dildo and lube on hand.

The first version is for out-loud use, which starts with a regular induction (same as with the first file) which drops you into trance. After that, you’re told to remove your headphones and put the audio on speaker. Out loud. The longer you listen, the louder the audio will become. The louder my moans. The louder your moans. Along with this…you’ll be edging and fucking yourself and eating your own cum. Among…other things. All fun things. I promise! This is how it was meant to be used originally. All out loud and bringing with it the possibility that others will hear.

The second version is for headphones only, which means you’ll probably need some sort of wireless earbuds or headphones to follow along with the directions. You won’t be removing your headphones with this version, but you’ll be doing all the other things. Do be aware that this one uses a different induction. One that’s meant to take you deeper.

Both versions are interactive. You’ll have to kneel and fuck yourself. You’ll have to chant and edge and eat your own cum. You may get to cum. You may not. Who knows. All I know is that you’ll submit and have fun doing it. Lot and lots of fun.

Some other things to know: no pronouns are used in this recording, but I do mention cock, so that’s something you should probably have. There is also mention of wanting to eat not just your own cum, but that of others’ too. In the same vein, there is mention of wanting to be fucked not just by a dildo, but also cock.

Loop is automatically enabled.

For the full, unabridged description, please follow the Reddit link below. For a lower quality audio stream, use Soundgasm. For videos, we’ve got…Pornhub.


RAW: usually just a plain recording, with no effects whatsoever, except for when binaurals are specified.

SFX: with sound effects, like echoes, panning, 3D, environmental effects, and all sorts of fun stuff.

Some files have many versions you can chooses from, while others are more sparse.

Read the description carefully before choosing.

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