Tips & Tricks To Hands Free Orgasms

HFOs are sort of like rare, elusive creatures which you hear about, but scarcely actually see. Sure, you can find countless of personal accounts and a multitude of guides, but when it comes to experiencing one, it’s as if the entire concept fades into myth. Some of you have had them. Most of you have not. Hopefully, with the help of this post, those of you in the latter category will.

In time. When you’re ready.

The Physiology

Your pelvic muscles play a huge role in any orgasm. Be it old-fashioned or HFO. The healthier your pelvic floor, the better your orgasms. The easier you become aroused. The longer you stay aroused.

For one, because your pelvic muscles are responsible for the blood flow in your entire pelvic region (and the physical-side of arousal is mostly dictated by blood flow), having a healthy pelvic core will make it all that much easier to throw yourself fully into the euphoric sensations of titillating arousal. With healthy muscles and no restrictions to blood flow, your arousal will be easier to attain, be stronger, and last longer. Only the good stuff!

And two, you know those contractions you feel during orgasm? That tightening and loosening of your muscles? That feeling right before the orgasm and during, when your muscles tense and release? Those are mostly your pelvic muscles. Your pelvic floor. And the healthier it is, the better the contractions, and the better the orgasm. The easier it comes. There are countless of people who have had hand free orgasms simply by tensing, holding, and releasing their pelvic muscles. This is usually something that can only be done with practice and exercise, but you never know till you try, right?

Just like with any other muscle, you strengthen your pelvic muscles with exercise. There is no short-cut. If you want more consistent control over your arousal and orgasms, this is just something you’ll have to commit to. This is not the only way to achieve an HFO, but if practiced, it’ll become the easiest way to do so. For both women and men.

The most common pelvic exercise to achieve this will have you engage the muscles responsible for stopping and holding your urine flow. I’m sure you’ve experienced this at one point or another, for one reason or another. When you tighten your pelvis in such a way that your urine stops, you’re already low-key exercising those muscles. If only slightly. What we want is a more consistent form of training.   

You’ll want to try this after emptying your bladder and in a comfortable position. Perhaps on your back at first, knees up and legs spread. When ready, tense and hold those muscles you use to stop your urine flow for a few seconds. Then release and wait for a few seconds. Then do so again. Not too many times and not too often. These are muscles and it’s never good to rush into things. You need to allow them to strengthen slowly, over time. With each day, it’ll become easier and easier and you’ll have an easier time tensing them for longer periods.

The stronger and healthier these muscles become, the better your orgasms and the better your arousal. The easier it’ll be to have effortless HFOs. Again, this isn’t the only way to achieve one, but it can’t hurt to have options, right?  

By many accounts, if your muscles are in great form, once you reach that edge of an HFO (that part where most people get stuck on), simply flexing your pelvic muscles can send you over.

Orgasmic Breathing

Breathing is important. It’s very important. People often forget that it’s not quite enough to run on autopilot. There are so many ways you can breathe, and each one brings with it something unique. Breath is such an integral, dynamic part of our lives. The patterns and depths of our breaths are reflections of our activities and our mindsets. There is a specific way we breathe during any activity, and by focusing on how we breathe during an orgasm, we can “trick” our bodies into believing that one is imminent. That one’s happening, with or without physical stimuli.

So one simple way to increase your chances of an HFO is to focus on how you breathe at the moment orgasm. At the very brink of ultimate pleasure. In most cases, these are quick, shallow breaths. Excited breaths. Suspend your disbelief and focus on that frantic, thrilling sensation, immersing yourself in the moment. This method is all about tricking your mind and your body into believing that you’re actually on the cusp of an orgasm.

The alternative, and something that I think would work for more people, is the exact opposite. It plays better with erotic hypnosis, where even if aroused, you’re supposed to remain relaxed and only somewhat conscious.

This method relies on being mindful of your slow, deep, relaxed diaphragmatic breathing patters. This is what most people call “belly breathing” and if you aren’t aware, this is the healthiest way of breathing in general. If you aren’t breathing through your abdomen, you should give it a try. It’s much more efficient.

What you want to do is focus your attention on how your breath travels through your body, so that your mind isn’t cluttered with thoughts of, “Will I get to have an HFO this time or not?” Those sort of thoughts aren’t really beneficial. The uncertainty kills the mood. So if you allow yourself to focus only on your breath, emptying your mind (as you listen to erotic hypnosis or some other type of audio), the pleasure can just build and build without worry.

When you reach the very edge, right at the point where you think you can reach that orgasm, don’t break your focus. Keep your breathing up. Keep it slow and relaxed and nice as you follow it along and allow your body to do its own thing.

The Mindset

There are two common states of minds when combining erotic hypnosis and hands free orgasms:

The first is very active. It relies heavily on engaging your imagination, bringing forth the sensations, sounds, and sights you most associate with arousal and orgasm. The goal here is to immerse yourself in the experience fully, blending fantasy with reality, so the point where your mind can’t tell the difference.

When you’re at the very edge orgasm, fully immersed in the fantasy, you want your mind to focus solely on the sensations of your cock or pussy. Imagine how it’d feel if you reached orgasm right then and there, at that very moment. Bring it all out. Pull at every sensation you may feel. Focus only on that. Make it your world. Believe that it’ll happen. Imagine that it’s happening. Pretend as if it already had and that you can’t make it stop. That there is nothing you can do to keep yourself from falling over the edge and cumming.

The second method is a better blend for erotic hypnosis, since it relies on relaxation and an emptier mind. This is the state of mind without focus. The goal here is not to have expectations. Not to focus on your arousal or how you feel, but to simply keep listening. Every time your mind drifts, simply nudge it back into following your slow, relaxing breaths. Allow the arousal to build on its own as you listen. Allow yourself to reach the edge without effort or thought.

Once you do reach that edge, so close to orgasm, don’t change your pattern of thought. Don’t focus on it. Don’t think about it. Just breathe and relax as your subconscious mind works on the sensations of your body. Every time your conscious thoughts return to how close you are to the edge, nudge them back into your breath. Your tension-free existence. You can allow yourself to forget the objective. You can just pretend that the goal is no greater than simply listening and enjoying yourself. Nothing more.     

This is mixes so very well with hypno, because it allows the audio to guide you naturally into an HFO, without doubt or hesitation. It’s a different type of focus.

Trial & Error

Different methods will work for different people. Try a combination of all. Try one at a time, all at once. Keep trying until you find the one mix that works best for you and work on that. There is no one sure way for everybody to reach an HFO. That’d be too easy.

So keep trying different things. Send me suggestions if you have any additional methods you’d like me to add to this post.  

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