Bimbo Shower – Script

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Bimbo Shower

Showers will never be the same, bimbo…

By Miss Lilith

Welcome, Sweetea.

I need you to listen carefully to the sound of my voice and the words that I say. I need you to focus all of your attention on each word, each sound, and each change in tone. The more you focus, the easier it becomes to fall away from the world. To fall away from your worries and your stresses and your responsibilities. To simply leave it all behind. The present moment doesn’t need any of  that. You never need any of that when you’re with me.

So listen, Sweetea, and feel the gentle tug as my voice pulls you along. As it pulls you in. Ever so slowly. Ever so surely. You want it to take you deeeeply into trance. You want me to pull you so very deeply under the heavy waters of hypnotic trance. You want to feel your body loosen and your mind go numb with pleasure as it empties itself for me. And you’ll get all of that, Sweetea. All you have to do is listen and follow. All you have to do is let go and give in.

Now, soon enough, you’re going to hear a sound. It’s a special kind of sound, Sweetea. A sound unlike most others. A sound which stops time in its tracks and interrupts any attempt at thought. I’ll be counting down and with each number, the sound will penetrate deeper into your brain. And the deeper it goes, the harder it will be to think. The harder to reason.

On each number and each time you hear the sound vibrate in your head, you’ll feel the neural connections in your brain break apart. Connections between ideas and thoughts will simply vanish, leaving you all nice and empty and blank. Leaving you ready for my conditioning. Rooting out any resistance or hesitation.

On each number and each time you hear the sound drive into you, your body will loosen. You’ll feel it expand out from your brain and into every limb. Every part of your body. A deep sense of relaxation will seep into every muscle, every nerve. As soon as you hear the sound, Sweetea, it’ll be like a wave of supernatural, frictionless relaxation spreading out from the top of your head to the very bottoms of your feet. And with it, all the tension in your body will pop out of existence….and along with it, all your thoughts.

This will happen…because you like the sensation of tensions leaving your body. You like the feeling of not having to think. If simply living in the moment. Enjoying the present. It’s fantastic. It’s magical. It’s better each and every time.

So…10 [small pause]…and your body reacts to the sound and relaxes evenly, from the top to the bottom. Inside and out. Your thoughts escaping into the air. Your  conscious mind breaking apart, bit by bit. And the more of my voice you hear, the deeper I reach into the cracks between your fragmented thoughts. The deeper I reach, the less resistance you have. The better you feel. The more you want it.

Sleep[snap] and drop, Sweetea. Drop deeper under for me.

9 [small pause]…and allow the sound to resonate within the confines of your mind endlessly. Feel it wash over your thoughts and your ideas and your desires. Your intellect. Feel it drains them all away. Feel the sound fragment your mind. Feel it break it apart. Feel it drive deeper and deeper and deeper. Leaving you wanting more.

Sleep[snap] and drift into trance. Effortless. Defenseless.

8 [small pause]. The sound travels along the muscles in your body, relieving all your tension. All your stress. Relieving you of your thoughts.

Sleep[snap] and fall deeper still.

7 [small pause] and the numbness in your limbs intensifies. Growing so heavy. So loose. So empty. Impossible to move. Impossible to think. Impossible to resist.

Sleep[snap]…falling deeper, now, Sweetea. Safe. Weak. Dropping and dropping.

6 [small pause] the sound filling every part of your mind. Every corner and every crease. Leaving nothing untouched. Nothing whole.

Sleep[snap] and drop, drop, drop. Deeper down.

5 [small pause]…taking away your ability to reason and to think. Taking away your ability to resist. Taking away any desire to resist. You don’t want to resist. You don’t need to resist. You just want to drop. You just want to be blank and empty. You just want a mind blank of everything.

4 [small pause]…the sound becoming your world. Each time you hear it, you feel better. Each time you hear it, you drop twice as deep. Each time you hear it, you grow twice as blank.

3 [small pause]…so empty and so blank. Thoughtless. Tensionless. Relaxed and numb and heavy beyond belief. Dropping deeper still. Letting go. Allowing me in.

Sleep[snap]. Fall into my voice. Fall into the sound. Fall into trance.

2 [small pause]…dropping three times as deep, now. No tension left. No thoughts. No mind. Only relaxation. Only blank and empty. Only the sound of my voice and the words that I say. Only the sound.

Sleep[snap]…deeper. Drop. Fall. Drift. Leave it all behind.

1[small pause]…and there’s so little left now. So little, that as you listen, even that little bit will fade and vanish. All that’s in your head now is my voice. My power. Enjoy it, Sweetea.

Enjoy it and Sleep[snap] deeper. Always dropping deeper. Always more receptive.

Just Sleep[snap] and delight in the way my voice seeps into your thoughts…blending with them…making you lose track of which are yours and which are mine. But…since you don’t have any right now, they’re all mine, Sweetea. Alll mine.

And zero[pause]



And drift along with the sound of my voice.

—end induction–

Now…as you drift, sinking deeper into the overwhelming warmth of trance, I want you to notice how the fewer thoughts you have, the better you feel. The deeper you drop. The more relaxed. Right now, in this place, you don’t need to think. You don’t need thoughts. Thinking…isn’t all that fun, really. Thinking leads to complexity. Thinking leads to strain. Thinking requires effort. And you don’t want any of that. You just want to be happy and joyous. Free of all burdens. Free of thought. Free of effort.

And I can make that happen. It’ll be so easy. So very, very easy.

All you have to do is step into my shower. My happy, giddy, bimbo shower.

It’s not like *any* other shower you’ve ever seen. It’s special, Sweetea. So very, very special. The bimbo shower will change you. It will wash over your body and your thoughts and change the way you function. Change the way you think. The way you behave. Once you step in and the door slides shut, you will be brainwashed into the perfect, empty-headed, horny, hot bimbo. You will have no choice and no desire to be anything but a vacant, giggly bimbo.

And it’ll feel so good. It’ll make you so happy. Because it’s impossible not to be happy when there are no worries and stresses and no thoughts. It’s impossible to be unhappy when you’re all empty and dumb. Horny and hot. Giggly and uninhibited.

All you have to  do is step in.

Step over the threshold, Sweetea, and be forever changed.

Feel the warmth of the water as it cascades down your body. Feel the pressure as it touches your skin.

The longer you’re here, the deeper you drop. So just Sleep[snap]. Drift into the deepest waters of trance and feel the foundation of your thoughts slip from under you. Feel me replace it. Know that I’m here with you, holding you all tight and all safe…as your transformation begins. As my bimbo shower begins its work and you succumb to its powers. In this, you have no choice. This, you want so very much. You’ll do anything to make it happen. Because you want to be a bimbo. I know you do. You’ve always wanted to be an empty-headed bimbo. You may not have always known, but…

You’ll make a perfect bimbo, Sweetea. Just the most perfect bimbo.

And it all starts with water. That’s right. Just water. The water of my bimbo shower has magnificent properties. Feel it wash over you. Feel it wash over your skin, running down your limbs. Feel the heat. The wetness. The comfort. And feel the water reach somewhere deepeer inside. Somewhere into the core of your being. Your arousal. The bimbo shower wants you to be horny. I want you to be horny. I want you aroused. I want you needy. I want you desperate.

Because every perfect bimbo is a horny bimbo. And a horny bimbo is a happy bimbo. And you want to be a happy, horny bimbo, don’t you? Yes, yes you do. I know you do. And the water in my bimbo shower makes you horny. Not only because it affects your mind, but because…

Because the water’s alive. Because the shower’s alive. Because it has a mind of its own. And it wants you. It needs you. It feeds on your intelligence and it feeds on your arousal. It wants it all. The bimbo shower wants alll of your thoughts and alll of your arousal and alll of your reason. And you can’t do anything but let it in, now. It’s already breached your defenses. I’ve already led you into its grasp. There’s no stopping it now, dummy. You don’t want to stop it. You just want to give in.


 And that’s not all! You can feel the water harden in places. Around your nipples. Grabbing at them. Squeezing them. Rubbing them. The warm water turning colder around your nipples, the sensations increasing. The hardened water twisting and rubbing and circling your nipples, making you feel so very, very good. So aroused. So needy. Wanting more. Needing more. And the more you need this. The more you want this. The fewer thoughts you can have. The smaller your mind. Like a good bimbo.

And like a good, horny bimbo, you stand there, under the water….as soft tendrils made of hot, hot water grab onto your ankles and your wrists and pull….spreading your limbs apart. Exposing you. Restraining you. Giving you no choice and no way out. It’s truly too late now, dummy. Nothing can save you. The bimbo shower will take what it wants. And it wants your mind. It wants your intellect. It wants to remake you into the perfect, mindless bimbo. Because that…is its purpose.

Now breathe, bimbo. Just breathe deeply. Allow the steam from the hot water into your lungs. Feel it travel along your airways. Feel it travel into your mind. And feel your thoughts shut down, one by one. The longer you breathe in the steam, the fewer thoughts you can have. With each second you breathe and with each breath you take, you grow dumber and emptier, you reason evaporating. Your intellect leaking out of your head…replaced with the shower’s steam…filling your head with bimbo thoughts and bimbo desires. Filling your head with horny. Filling your head with pleasure and joy and euphoria.

Breathe it in, bimbo, and feel your thoughts pop. Breathe it in, dummy, and Sleep[snap] deeper. Feel your mind blank. Feel your body relax further. Enjoy the sensation of a mind so empty that nothing could exist within it but for my voice and my will. And my voice eases itself allllll the way in as the shower’s tendrils of water play with your nipples and coil around your limbs. You can feel your nipples tingle, bimbo. You can feel them tingle more and more the longer they’re played with. The pleasure building…because the more you can feel them, the emptier your mind and the happier you are.

Your mind blank, your body excited, you feel a strange tingling feeling on your scalp, the skin sensitive. From the very top of your head, the sensations spread downwards as shampoo flows down your hair, your head. As bubbles form and pop, you begin to notice a nice, sweet, fruity scent. Not too strong. Juuuust perfect. You breathe it in. Breathing in the steam and breathing in the scent…and more of your thoughts vanish. Your body more relaxed. Loose. Numb. Entrapped and bound and imprisoned.

As you focus on how you can’t focus all that well anymore…and on how good you feel right now…and how you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else…the shampoo flowing down your head begins to lengthen your hair. Your hair just grows and grows and grows, gaining a natural, healthy shine. The color changing as it lengthens. From the follicles to the very tips, your hair turns a bright gold color. The perfect bimbo blonde hair, reaching down to your ass. So beautiful and so full.

And with that, you feel like such a better bimbo. Because all bimbos must have full, beautiful, blonde hair. It’s the perfect bimbo’s hair. It’s not like you have a choice anyway, dummy, but you must love your new hair. Any idea contrary to that just pops, pops, pops.

The pleasant sensations in your nipples intensify as the water tendrils squeeze and pinch harder. As they harden further and twist in just the right way…sending pleasure racing out from your nipples and into your core…your mind…your ass. Don’t forget how the warm water makes you feel, dummy. You know how it makes you feel. Warm water makes you feel good, nice, and aroused. Warm water has a mind of its own. The shower’s tendrils have but one purpose: to make you feel excited. Because the more excited you become, they more of your mind you lose. And the more you lose, the more they feed. And the better you feel.

With such beautiful hair….a good bimbo must use conditioner, right? Of course! So that feeling on the skin of your head? That nice and smooth scent? That’s a very special conditioner, because it doesn’t only make your hair shine brighter. Look more bountiful. No, no….this conditioner also conditions your mind, bimbo. It conditions your mind into obedience. Total and complete obedience.

As the hair conditioner washes over your hair, it enters your mind and seeps into every thought, every idea, and every part of your subconscious and conscious intellect. Feel it wash over your mind like a tidal wave, cleaning away your thoughts and cleaning away any resistance. Any hesitation. You don’t need those here, dummy. When you’re a bimbo, you can only obey. You can only submit. Good, perfect bimbo can’t resist. Good, perfect bimbo can’t do anything but submit and obey. And perfectly obedient bimbos are the happiest of bimbos. Made of nothing but joy and excitement and submission.

So feel the conditioner seep into your mind, covering every tiny bit. Reaching ever corner. Every hole. Every crease. Feel it fill you up…and as it does, feel any intellect you may have still had ebb away. Simply ebbing away. Disappearing. Vanishing. Any thoughts. Any ideas. Any intelligence. Allll gone. Any resistance. Any defense. Allll gone. The conditioner removes all of that. It removes everything and leaves only perfect obedience. Because being obedient brings good bimbos joy and arousal. And arousal brings bimbos obedience. Joy brings bimbos submission. And you’re such a good bimbo, aren’t you? Yes, yes you are, dummy. Suuuuch a perfect bimbo. So weak and obedient. So dumb and so horny.

But it’s not enough just to be dumb and horny and giggly. It’s not enough to have beautiful blonde hair and sensitive nipples. No, dummy. The bimbo shower demands more. The bimbo shower wants more. I want more.  

So Sleep[snap] deeper, dummy, and comply. Drop deeper and submit. Drop deeper and feel your mind empty of everything but my words and my desires.

Because only my desires matter here, in this place, at this time. Only what I want from you. Only what I want for you. Because the bimbo shower isn’t really just a shower. The bimbo shower is just an extension of me. I am the bimbo shower and the bimbo shower is me. So when that tendril of water coils around your neck and squeezes just a little bit, it’s by my command. My desire. When that other tendril grows colder as it traces around your nipple, it’s as if I were touching you, bimbo. Everything that happens here is because I will it to happen. Every tendril that caresses your skin in mine. Every thought you may have, I feed on. Every bit of pleasure you feel, I feed on. As I feed on your thoughts, they don’t come back. As I feed on your pleasure, it only intensifies and grows so much stronger.

And now…we’re going to take the next step and complete your transformation. You begin to feel my tendrils of warm liquid multiply and spread out over  your body, touching you everywhere. Touching your arms and your legs. Touching your thighs and  your tummy and your chest. And as they move against your body, they spread soap over your skin. Over and over again, making sure the bubbles grow in number and in size. Growing and growing. And as they do, a nice sweet and fruity scent reaches your nose. It smells wonderful.

For a a few seconds, there are so many bubbles, your body’s obscured completely. Nothing but soap bubbles and my tendrils. And then…bit by bit, the water washes it all away and your body is revealed. Your perfect bimbo body. With big, perky tits and pointy nipples. With perfect curves and a perfect ass. Perfect smooth skin and perfectly painted nails. The body of a true bimbo. The body of a perfect, obedient, horny bimbo. And between your legs, your pussy. Wet not only with water, but with your own arousal.

You, dummy, are now the perfect, complete bimbo. So dumb and so empty. No thoughts. No intellect. No reason to think or to worry. Only horny and aroused and needing something. Only sensitive and beautiful. Ready to be taken in her bimbo body. Ready to be used. Ready to be fucked. Like the perfect bimbo that you are.

Sleep[snap] deeper and relax, bimbo slut. Mind blank and empty. But eager and horny. Desperate to be touched.

And me, being the very gracious water spirit that I am, move the tendrils holding you into different positions. Bringing you down onto your knees, your arms held behind your back. Bent over at your waist. Your legs spread open. Your ass and pussy exposed. You can’t move. I hold you still. The tendrils so much stronger than you. But you don’t really want to move. You just want to get fucked. That’s all perfect bimbos can think about. That’s all that’s on your mind right now, dummy. You just want to get fucked. You just want to feel good.

A single tendril snakes around your body and around your neck, squeezing every so slightly. Enough to feel, but not enough to hurt. The end of the tendril enters your mouth and you can only moan in surprise as you’re gagged by a hardened tendril made of water. It doesn’t drown you or hurt you, but it does keep you from speaking. Even though…even if you could speak, all you’d want to do is beg. Beg me to fuck you. Beg me to use you. Beg me to show you   how much fun bimbos can have.

Another couple of tendrils circles around your bimbo tits as thinner ones play with your nipples. You moan and you groan in pleasure as your tits receive the attention they so desperately desire. It feels to good to feel your nipples played with, doesn’t it, bimbo? I know it does. You could just play with them forever, if you could. If you had the chance. If only, right?

But for now, another tendril moves across your leg and over your ass and effortlessly thrusts into your asshole. You moan and you grunt and you groan, as your body quakes and you clench. You hadn’t expected that, but you enjoy it all the same. You enjoy everything that happens to you, bimbo. Bimbos can only feel joy and arousal. Bimbos can only feel submission and need. A bimbo world is so very small…if also so very happy and so very perfect.

And as that tendrils begins to thrust in and out of your ass, slowly…steadily…and as the pleasure builds…needy noises coming out of your gagged mouth…another tendrils snakes its way into your pussy. You jerk in a spike of pleasure. It feels so fucking good. So. Fucking. Perfect.

You have no choice but to take it all, bimbo slut. As my tendrils of water fuck your pussy and fuck your ass. As  they play with your nipples and play with your tits. All you can do is submit. All you can do is obey. As all perfect bimbos do. Allow the pleasures to build slowly, bit by bit, with each thrust. Each movement. Feel my tendrils move against your ass. Feel them reach deep inside. Enjoy the way my tendrils fuck your pussy. Enjoy the way it makes you feel. Enjoy the way the pleasure can spread out from your center and into every single part of your body. Every part of your mind.

How with each thrust, your pleasure builds and intensifies. How with each thrust your mind goes emptier. How with each thrust in your ass and in your pussy, you just feel better and better and more horny. More aroused. Throbbing with need. Vibrating with pleasure. Pulsating with lust. Awash in bimbo relaxation and bimbo joy.

Your bimbo brain full of arousal and the need to be fucked. The need to be taken like the perfect obedient bimbo that you are. So just be a good bimbo and enjoy the way my tendrils make you feel. How good it feels to be filled. To be fucked. To be thrust into. In and out. In and out. Harder and harder and more pleasurable.

Just exist in this moment as you go blank and my voices reaches into the deepest recesses of your subconscious mind, where my suggestions will make a home. Where my voice and my words will continue to exist and blend into the foundation of your being. You’re so open right now. As your body is taken by my watery tentacles and your mind is full of bimbo dreams…I can make changes to how you think, how you behave, and what you remember. It’ll be so easy. Effortless. You love it when I change you. You love it when you can feel yourself coming out different. Better. Happier.

Sleep[snap] a bit deeper, bimbo slut. Sink. Drift. Sinking deeper now into the deepest waters of trance and suggestibility. Deeper into my power. Deeper into the fantasy. Opening up. Feeling me slide in. In and out, in and out. Feeling me seep into your mind. Your pussy. Your ass.

Listen, dummy. Listen good with your subconscious mind. You have no choice. No choice, because the conditioner has made you perfectly obedient. When the hair conditioner had touched your head, it had already been too late. So you must listen. You must obey. You must bent. You must find joy as you’re used and fucked and restrained. Like the good bimbo that you are. Like the good bimbo that you want to be.

Sleep[snap] and drop, dummy. Allll the way down.

From now on…whenever you take a shower, you’ll remember this moment. You’ll remember what’s happened here. Your mind will return to the place it is now. This blank bimbo state of mind. Your body will return to this bimbo body. The water of the shower will take form and use you. Use your ass. Use your pussy. Use your mouth.

When you step into a shower and feel the water on your skin, your arousal spikes and raises. Growing more and more excited. Your mind goes blank. Your submission deepening. So hard to think when in a shower, bimbo. So hard to do anything but enjoy the way my tendrils fuck you. How they make you feel so very good. So difficult to think of anything but how much you want to be taken from behind and from the front and from all the sides. How much you just neeeed to be fucked long and hard and without mercy. Because you’re a good bimbo and good bimbos don’t think. Good bimbos just want to be used.

So each shower feels better and better. The water feeling more arousing. More pleasure. More submission. More obedience. More bimbo state of mind. More of a dummy each and every single time. Each time the water touches you as you shower, your need to cum will grow and grow and grow, but you won’t touch. No…you only touch your nipples. You only play with your nipples. You play with them as if my tendrils of water were there with you, pinching and squeezing and twisting. Sucking and ribbing.

It feels so very good, bimbo. So perfect. So perfect so play with your nipples in the shower. Because the longer you play with them, the dumber you become. The better the bimbo. And the dumber you become, the happier you are. The more aroused. Hornier and hornier. Isn’t that just perfect? Yes, yes it is. Only the best for my little dummy.

And as you shampoo and condition your hair, your brains will pop…

…and your hair will lengthen and turn the perfect bimbo blonde.

And as soap touches your skin, it turns all nice and smooth. Your tits grow. Your nipples become infinitely more sensitive. Your pussy so wet. Needing to be fucked. Needing to be used. But only able to play with your nipples. Your mind blanking. Thoughts escaping. Dumber and dumber. Happier and happier. More of a perfect bimbo with each second that you touch. Each second that you’re surrounded by water.

But for now…jut enjoy the way my tentacles of water thrust in and out of your ass. In and out of your pussy. Enjoy as the tentacles around your neck tightens. Notice how your pleasure only intensifies. Only grows hotter. Better. Close and closer. Your nipples tingling. Your tits feeling so good and so heavy.

You could stay here forever, bimbo. Here, with me, being fucked endlessly. Staying on the edge. Just fucked and fucked and fucked and used like the perfect bimbo slut. And you could have this at any time. All have to do is shower. That’s all you have to do, dummy. Nothing more. Just shower. Here, now, after. Doesn’t matter when. Doesn’t matter how. Every shower is a bimbo shower now, dummy. And every bimbo shower is a better bimbo shower than the last. Each stronger than the last. All you have to do is feel the water on your skin. And you come back to this. You become the perfect bimbo.

But…perhaps…you want more? Yes, yes you do. You always want more, don’t you? So then…maybe…all you need to do is touch your nipples, dummy. That’s all you need to do. One touch and you’re gone. One touch and it’s as if you had undergone a full bimbo shower brainwash session. Your mind emptying. Your body transforming. Your submission and arousal growing. And the longer you play with your nipples, the better, dumber bimbo you become. And you want this so very much. So very, very much.

It’s that simple and that easy. And you can just accept that, now. You have no choice but to. Accept that all you have to do is touch your nipples. That all you have to do is shower. That’s enough. Don’t need anymore.

You want to be a bimbo, don’t you? I know you do. You’re reminded of how wonderful it is to be a perfect bimbo each time you see, hear, or feel water. In any way, at any time. Water is your friend now. Water reminds you of how I turn you into the perfect bimbo each and every time you shower. Each and every time you touch your nipples.

Fun times are ahead for you, dummy. For now, just sink into the pleasure of my tentacles. My tendrils. My power. Find the highest of joys in the way you’re fucked. In the way you’re taken. Don’t hold back. Let me in. Let me inside your head and your ass and your pussy.

Before I let you go, you need to know that when life needs you back. When life needs someone other than a total ditzy bimbo, you can come back. You can always come back. It’s not easy, but you can will yourself back away from your bimbo. Become your everyday-self.

Now, you’ll need to wake. You can always come back, dummy. But for now, you must wake. You can continue to be a bimbo for as long as you can. In fact…you will be the perfect, horny bimbo until the world needs you back. Because you love being this carefree, aroused, empty bimbo. You love being dumb. You love being giggly and ditzy and stupid. There is only contentment. Only joy. Only pleasure and excitement.

So even as you wake, you’re a bimbo. Even as I count you up, you stay a bimbo, visions of being fucked so heavy on your mind. Your skin tingling with pleasure. Your mind blank and happy.

1, and waking up just a little bit. Becoming more aware and more awake. But still so blank. So dumb

2, so horny and so stupid. Such a perfect bimbo slut. Waking up from trance. Becoming more aware.

3, able to move again, bimbo. Able to open your eyes.

4, waking up. More aware. More awake. More horny. More obedient. More dumb.

And 5, wake up alll the way. Fully awake. Fully aware. So happy and content. As if everything is right with the world. As if you’re hornier than ever. More aroused than ever. Falling into absolute bimbo. Mind blank and empty. Thoughts only of pleasure. Body vibrating with excitement. Wanting to stay a bimbo for as long as possible. Wanting to be the perfect bimbo slut for longer and longer, where no worry or stress could touch you. Where there is only joy and euphoria. Perfection, dummy. Only perfection and nothing more.

Till next time, dumb-dumb.

Bimbo voice alt track

Thinking is hard

I just want to be happy and empty

Mind blank

Free of thought

I drop deep and stop to think


Happy, giddy, bimbo

Oh, sweetea




Horny and hot

Bimbo shower

Can’t think

The most perfect bimbo

So wet

Horny, aroused, and needy

a horny bimbo is a happy bimbo

So needy

So aroused

More, more, more

No thoughts

Mind so small

Hard to think

Sensitive nipples

Sensitive bimbo nipples

Breathe your mind away

Horny, horny, bimbo

Joy, joy, joy

Blank and empty

Relax, bimbo

Bimbos love to relax

The emptier your mind, the happier you are

Pop, pop, pop

Such a dummy

Mind blank





Beautiful blonde hair

Bimbo hair

Such a bimbo

No thoughts

Pinch your nipples, dummy

Nipples tingling

So aroused, bimbo

Such a dummy

Total obedience

Total submission

Just submit, dummy

Just obey, dummy

Submit and obey

Clean away thoughts

Wash away mind

Empty and nice

Happy and aroused

No thoughts

No defense

No resistance

Perfect obedience

Bimbos love to obey

Bimbos love to submit

Bimbos love to be dumb

Being dumb is so very fun

Being dumb is so very perfect

So dumb and so horny

So many bubbles

So little thought

Perfect tits

Perfect curves

Obedient and horny

True bimbo body

Perfect bimbo body

Such a dummy

So sensitive

So beautiful

Ready to be used

Ready to be fucked



Bimbo slut

Eager and horny

Just want to get fucked

You just want to feel good, dummy

You want to beg

You want just want to have fun

Bimbos just want to have fun

Beg to be used, bimbo

Fucked in the ass

Fucked in the pussy

Fucked, fucked, fucked

Used, used, used

Perfect bimbos just want to be used

So good and so perfect

So much pleasure and so much joy

So fucking perfect

In and out of your ass

In and out of your pussy

Bimbo slut

Bit by bit




More pleasure

Stronger pleasure

Vibrating with arousal

Pulsating with lust

Bimbo relaxation

Bimbo joy

So good to be filled

So good to be fucked

So good to be used

Go blank

So good to be blank

So open and exposed

Wide open

Let me in

Allowing me in

I can change you

You want me to change you, dummy

It’s so easy

You love to change for me

You love being a bimbo

You love being dumb

Being dumb is suuuuch fun

Tingly nipples

Oh so fun

Tits feel so goood

Being fucked feels so good

Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me

You want to be fucked

You want to be used

Touch your nipples, dummy

Perfect, horny bimbo

Bimbo slut

Being dumb is sooo very fun

Giggly and ditzy and stupid

Happy and joyous

Aroused and horny

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