Brain Go Bye Bye – Script

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Brain Go Bye Bye

For when you need to let go for a little while…

By Miss Lilith

–Long Induction Start–

Welcome, Sweetea. This…is Miss Lilith and you’re here because you want to feel good.

So get comfortable, relax, and listen to the sound of my voice and the words that I say. That’s all you have to do as I guide your thoughts along the self-propelled pathways into deep, deep hypnotic trance. Deep hypnotic pleasure.


Brains are funny. Sometimes you want them to work really well and sometimes you want them to just…fizz out and go all blank and empty on you. Because it feels so very good to be blank and without worry, stress, or tension. It’s such a beautiful feeling of freedom…that few things could compare. When your brain shuts off and your thoughts dissipate, you can exist only in the moment. You can focus only on the now. Only on the indiscriminate joy that makes its way through your body and your mind when given the chance.

And we can release that pent-up joy into the now if you stop thinking. That’s all you have to do. All you have to do is focus only on the sound of my voice and words that I say. It’s so very easy, because the longer you listen, the more relaxed you become. The fewer thoughts remain inside that head of yours.

But before you can fully appreciate an existence without thought or stress or worry…before you can truly allow yourself to focus on nothing but the moment…you must first have a stark contrast in mind. So I’m going to ask you to do something. This may seem contradictory to our desires, a path leading in a direction other than relaxed trance. But I promise you, sweetea…if you follow, you will be rewarded in ways you could not possibly imagine. All you have to do is listen, follow, and trust me. And that’s all so very easy. So effortless. All but automatic.

First, think of your mind as a bubble. See the thoughts floating around in that bubble. See your behaviors and your memories and your habits. See and feel it all swirling around. A bit more chaotic than it should be, perhaps. Too many thoughts and memories. Too much stuff.

But for what I need from you, there needs to be…more. A lot more. So I’m going to fill it up with my choice of words and concepts. My choice of thoughts. I’m going to fill it to the brim, so that in just a short while, you may forget which thoughts are yours and which are mine. Which had been your original memories and which are implanted. Don’t worry, sweetea…it’s safe. You’ll enjoy this very, very much. Just listen and follow.

Feel me now introduce the word “relaxed” to all of those other thoughts in that bubble. Feel it slip into your mind and become large. Larger than most of your other thoughts and words already floating around. Allow “relaxed” to grow and sparkle, so that it’s impossible to ignore. As I speak and you listen, the word “relaxed” does not leave your conscious stream of thoughts. You can see it and hear it between every word that I say. You feel it between every letter. Every emotion.

And as you focus on the word “relaxed,” and as it becomes larger, filling up more of the bubble each time you hear me speak it and each time you feel it flow across your mind…notice how another word enters the bubble: “deep.” See it big and bright. Feel the word “deep” grow inside your mind…inside that bubble…and notice how it begins to push other, smaller thoughts out, making more room for itself…and more room for “relaxed.” So that, in such a short while, “relaxed” and “deep” become bigger than most of your other thoughts, memories, and concepts.

But we’re not quite done yet. Keep “relaxed” and “deep” on the very forefront of your mind as I continue to speak. Feel the words between my words. Feel the words flow across your every thought. Don’t lose sight of them. Allow them to join in on the natural background rhythm of your mind.

And feel the bubble strain a little as I introduce the word “blank” into your mind. Into the bubble that contains the current you. Notice it it quickly grows in size and brightness, overtaking your other thoughts. Notice now how the words “relaxed,” “deep,” and “blank” take up most of your mind. Most of the bubble. Notice how they strain against the surface of the bubble, pushing at it. Because…even as they grow in importance and your other thoughts, stresses, worries, tensions, and memories are pushed out…“relaxed,” “deep,” and “blank” fill you to the brim. They fill the empty spaces between words. Between thoughts.

You can hear them and see them and feel them in the background…weaving into every word. Every thought process. Every idea and memory and expectation. “Relaxed,” “deep,” and “blank,” Sweetea. Let go of everything else as these words and their meaningful concepts exile your other words, other thoughts, other realities.

And the bubble strains once more as the word “hypnotic” enters the bubble, slipping in effortlessly, but immediately pushing away large chunks of your thinking mind. Taking over your subconscious awareness. Because as “Relaxed,” “deep,” “blank,” and “hypnotic” run across the surface and depth of your mind, your thoughts…your bubble…your world become smaller. As the words become bigger, you become smaller. Your awareness shrinking. Your bubble tensing against the words.

“Relaxed,” “deep,” “blank,” and “hypnotic” grow bigger with each repetition. Bigger and brighter and more important. There are few other things left in your head now. Few aside from these words. Because each time you hear them, see them, and feel them here…more and more of your mind becomes nothing but a relaxed, deep, blank sea of unlimited hypnotic potential.

But there is one more word I need in that head of yours, sweetea. So feel the word “trance” slip so easily into the bubble and so quickly grow larger and brighter. Impossible to ignore. “Trance” flashing across your vision, sweeping across your ears, weaving into every thought and every word and every empty space. So that “Relaxed,” “deep,” “blank,” “hypnotic,” and “trance” become the constant background rhythm of every layer of your mind. All your conscious thoughts. All your subconscious processes. All your desires and memories and habits.

And each time you hear the words, “Relaxed,” “deep,” “blank,” “hypnotic,” and “trance,” they grow bigger. Until…in just a few short moments, there will be nothing at all left in that bubble. In that mind of yours. There will be nothing but these words. There will be nothing but a relaxed, deep, blank, hypnotic trance. That will be all you’ll know. That will be all that could exist within you.

Feel the words strain against your mind, against the bubble…and feel yourself about ready to burst at the slightest chance. And when I snap my fingers and tell you to sleep, the bubble will burst and any trace that you had ever had anything thoughts outside of “Relaxed,” “deep,” “blank,” “hypnotic,” and “trance” will cease to exist. Any history that you may have had been more will come to a complete stop. When I snap my fingers, the bubble will pop, and with it so will your awareness and the trances of your thoughts.

Because once I tell you to sleep and once the bubble pops, it will release the words into the world…where they will be unconstrained and without limit. Where they will have the power to draw you deeply in. Deeply into the deepest hypnotic trance you had ever been in. When the bubble pops…there will be nothing between the perfectly relaxed, deep, blank, hypnotic trance and your susceptible mind. Nothing between you and my voice. My words. My suggestions. Nothing will stand between what I need you to think and how I need you to be like.

When the bubble pops, and it will do so in just a moment…my words and my voice will weave directly into the neurons of your mind, the flow of your inner-most hidden thoughts. Because once the bubble pops, “Relaxed,” “deep,” “blank,” “hypnotic,” “trance” will be all that makes sense in the context of the moment. The now. In the context of my voice. My words. In the context of what you want. What you desire.

And it’s so very close to bursting now. The words pushing at the walls of the bubble…the surface of your mind…getting closer and closer and closer. And all it would take is a little…push. A little encouragement..

Because…Sleep[snap] and the bubble [pops] and a relaxed, deep, blank, hypnotic trance becomes the only path left as you listen to the sound of my voice and that words that I say. Becoming twice as relaxed, dropping twice as deep, going twice as blank…drifting into a nice hypnotic trance of unlimited potential. Drifting down, down, down, down, down, down…mind empty but for the words…and my voice. My suggestions.

Body tension-free. Head light and foggy and nice. Impossible to reason. So hard to have a thought as the words “Relaxed,” “deep,” “blank,” “hypnotic,” and “trance” fade into the background of your mind…quieting down…but remaining still in their own way, playing along with the undertones of my voice. Becoming silent…and yet still not, because each word I say is interlaced with the power of a relaxed, deep, blank, hypnotic trance. There is no escape from it. You don’t want to escape from it. There’s no need. So just listen and follow and drop deeper with each sound you hear. Each word that I speak. Drop deeper and deeper.

Drop[snap] and forget that there had ever been a moment other than this one.

Sleep[snap], drop[snap]…and drift so effortlessly into the stream of my voice. Into the wavelength of the words that I say. Feel the inescapable pull of my hypnosis and savor the pleasure you feel when you give in and listen without hesitation, doubt, or pesky thought.

[end long induction]

[start rapid induction]

“Relaxed,” “deep,” “blank,” “hypnotic,” “trance” takes away your mind’s thoughts.

“Relaxed,” “deep,” “blank,” “hypnotic,” “trance” fills your mind with my voice and my words…and pushes all of your other thoughts out and up and away…leaving you filled to the brim with my suggestions and your pleasure.

So just feel the bubble in your mind strain against the words…as they grow bigger and brighter…and as all your other thoughts grow smaller and slip out and away.

Each time you hear “Relaxed,” “deep,” “blank,” “hypnotic,” and “trance,” the harder it is to think. The more difficult to reason. The words pulling you deeper into trance. Deeper into a nice, relaxed, blank state of mind..where hypnotic trance becomes something more. Something that takes over your being and your awareness. Your existence.

Listen to the words. Feel the words…their vibrations spreading across the landscape of your mind. Each “Relaxed,” “deep,” “blank,” “hypnotic,” and “trance” striking into the center of your world, capturing every last bit of your focus, your attention…and filling your bubble to the brim.

Bigger and brighter, the bubble straining against them. Your mind wanting to just give in. And you can. Because when I snap my fingers and tell you to sleep, the bubble will pop and the words will become all that exists. My voice will become all that exists.

You will align yourself with me and follow along easily…as my voice takes you far away…into a realm where my suggestions remake your world.

So simply Sleep[snap] as the bubble [pops] and you drop[snap] into a relaxed, deep, blank, hypnotic trance.

[copied from long induction]

Body tension-free. Head light and foggy and nice. Impossible to reason. So hard to have a thought as the words “Relaxed,” “deep,” “blank,” “hypnotic,” and “trance” fade into the background of your mind…quieting down…but remaining still in their own way, playing along with the undertones of my voice. Becoming silent…and yet still not, because each word I say is interlaced with the power of a relaxed, deep, blank, hypnotic trance. There is no escape from it. You don’t want to escape from it. There’s no need. So just listen and follow and drop deeper with each sound you hear. Each word that I speak. Drop deeper and deeper.

Drop[snap] and forget that there had ever been a moment other than this one.

Sleep[snap], drop[snap]…and drift so effortlessly into the stream of my voice. Into the wavelength of the words that I say. Feel the inescapable pull of my hypnosis and savor the pleasure you feel when you give in and listen without hesitation, doubt, or pesky thought.

[cycle some of the power “words” into a short oblivion style loop]

[copied from long induction]

[end rapid induction]

[start body]

Continue drifting ever so effortlessly on the currents of my voice as each word that you hear glides all the way inside your empty mind…and braids into the neural makeup of your deepest desires, habits, thoughts, memories, and secrets. This…just happens. Easily. Without effort. Without doubt. Without hesitation.

Sink for me, sweetea. Sink even deeper. Do not stop sinking deeper down. Accept that with each sound that you hear, you grow more relaxed. With each sound, you drop deeper. With each word, you grow more blank. With each suggestion, hypnotic trance spreads further into your brainstem.

And as this happens and you feel me reach so much deeper into your unconscious thoughts, you can begin to notice how every single one of my suggestions glide all the way inside your inner-most self…that place where change happens on a molecular and spiritual level. That place where, no matter what happens to the outside world, remains your one true home. That place no one can take away from you. And it’s in here that we’ll be be installing new behaviors and new triggers. It’s in here that you’ll feel my suggestions swirling around, delicately brushing up against the walls of your mind. Your thoughts. Your memories.

Now…just sleep[snap] a bit deeper as you become twice as suggestible. Twice as relaxed.

Drop[snap] and sink into the sound of my voice, the words that I say, and the perfectly comfortable void of deep, hypnotic trance.

Now…I need you to do something for me. It’ll be easy, I promise. Picture an ice cube the size of your head. Within it you can see something glow with a bright red light.

See the trapped air bubbles inside. Notice the condensation and the faint mist that lingers in the air as the frost meets with the warmth, streaks of red light ablaze with dynamic radiance.     

It is solid…for now. But it won’t be for long. You’ve been dropped so deeply into trance and your thoughts have been so reduced…but there is no limit to how relaxed you can feel. How deep you can drop. How empty you can become. There is no bottom to the depth of your hypnotic trance. So see this ice cube as the representation of your mind, your brain, your thoughts, and your memories. Every thought that can flow across your mind is in that ice. Every memory. Every worry. All your upper mental function. Every single one of your brain cells.

All the activity in your conscious and subconscious mind…every neuron and every reaction…is not only mirrored in this ice cube, but also linked on a quantum level. So that if one is affected, both are. And within it, that red light that shines so brightly represents your arousal. Your lust. Your horny. It represents your pleasure and your joy and your mindless, limitless delight.

So that….when I begin to melt it in just a short moment, you will feel your mind melt away…and with it all your thoughts and worries and unnecessary memories. All the blocks which prevent you from enjoying the now will dissipate and vanish into the air. And when it melts, that arousal within will be released…and there’ll be nothing left to think about but how good it feels for your brain to go bye bye.

So focus now on that ice cube and the red glow within. Know that once it begins to melt, you will begin to feel your thoughts and your mind and  your brain melt away into tiny, thin strips of nothing. And it can begin to melt away with but a simple trigger. A trigger which will make itself a persistent home in your head. A trigger which may be used by me…or by someone you trust.

When you hear me say the words, “Brain Goes Bye Bye,” the ice will melt away…your mind will melt away…your thoughts will melt away. And you can begin to feel it happen now. Brain Goes Bye Bye [snap] and the ice melts…and as the ice melts…and you hear the words…

The arousal trapped within unravels, intensifies, and multiples…reaching out into the world. Reaching into you. Touching you. Embracing you. Spreading its warmth into your every active cell.

Brain Goes Bye Bye[snap] melts you down into a blank and empty state of mind where nothing matters but arousal. But the pleasant pressure bubbling up in your body…a hot pleasure that requires your attention. Feel your brain go bye bye, sweetea, as thought after thought melts and evaporates and escapes your grasp…and the fewer thoughts that remain, the more aroused you become…because losing the ability to think clearly makes you susceptible. Makes you feel all nice and submissive. Blank of mind and happy of body. And the more aroused you feel, the emptier you become.

Brain Goes Bye Bye[snap] as you drop[snap] deeper still, sweetea. Feel the words reverberate inside that empty head of yours as they fill you with an intense and unrelenting need to do away with all your thoughts…but for my words and my voice. Feel yourself release all tensions. Feel yourself become free.

And enjoy the liberated arousal as it washes over you. As waves of tingly, pleasant joy travel from the tips of your feet to the top of your head and back again.

 And again and again and again. Wave after wave after wave. With each wave of joy and each wave of arousal and each wave of pleasure…you  melt further. Melting and dropping and growing empty and blank and so very receptive.

So very receptive and susceptible that all it takes is a single suggestion to alter your mind. A single sentence. You have little choice but to follow. But to submit. So when I tell you to drop deeper and sleep for me, there is nothing at all that can stop it from happening. When I tell you to stop thinking of anything but the sound of my voice and the words that I say, it just happens. And when I tell you to feel the pressure of your red-hot arousal intensify and push against your being and your body…the sensations of perfect pleasure cascade down through your cells and your nerves and your being in waves and waves.

And you already know that every time you hear the words Brain Goes Bye Bye[snap] and you melt…the draw of staying blank grows stronger. You want it more and more. You want to stay all blank and empty and horny…because here, right now, nothing can touch you but for pleasure. But for that beautiful feeling of submission. Those bright, joyful waves of pleasure. [wave sfx]

So every time you hear the words Brain Goes Bye Bye[snap], you drop deeper into this state of mind and find it harder to leave…because it just keeps getting better. Keeps escalating. Your arousal strengthening. Your joy brightening. Your mind emptying.

Every time it seems like you may regain some ability to think once more…brain goes bye bye.

Every time you begin to think…brain goes bye bye.

Every time you try to think…brain goes bye bye.

Every time you form a thought…brain goes bye bye.

When you think…brain goes bye bye.

When you blink…brain goes bye bye.

When you speak…brain goes bye bye.

When you smile…brain goes bye bye.

On and on and on, deeper and deeper. Once triggered by me or by someone you trust…choice becomes a thing of the past. Thought becomes a faded memory of a time before recorded history. Once the ice melts…and the arousal is released…your old self is forgotten…replaced with a happy, horny, empty, brainless hypno-plaything.

And you’ll stay this way..until you’re released. If you had been triggered by someone else, they must be the ones to release you by asking you to come back to them. To be your clever self once more. And if I trigger you and your brain goes bye bye…you will stay a brainless hypno-plaything for as long as you possibly can. You will return only once you must. Once it’s time to think again. To reason and to function. But…it won’t be easy. Oh, no…no. Won’t be easy at all, sweetea.

It will be difficult to remember what happens when you’re in this state of…melted down functionality. This state of deep arousal and deep trance. The memories will want to fade. Once you wake, bit by bit, it’ll become harder and harder to remember what had happened. Because the more you forget, the better you feel…and the more you want to go back…and feel your brain go bye bye. Because when your brain goes bye bye[snap], the whole world stops…and all that remains is pure pleasure and unlimited joy and limitless horny.

And in this state, all suggestions that slip into your mind become a part of your underlying thought processes immediately. It does not matter what you were before your brain goes bye bye. It only matter what comes out the other end. The person you are when you wake. When you return to a functioning, thinking plaything.

Perhaps…you can already begin to forget some of the things that have been said during this session. During this trance. Perhaps…as I speak and you listen and follow…your memories can intersect and melt and become confusing to parse through. Confusing to even look at. To think about.

It feels nice, doesn’t it, sweetea? To forget. Or, at least, to feel the confusion spread deeper into your thoughts. Deeper into your memories. To feel my voice wash over your brain and remove events from this trance, one by one. But no matter how much I remove, you must remember what Brain Goes Bye Bye[snap]does to you. How it melts you. How aroused it makes you feel. How submissive and needy and receptive. You must remember these things always. You have no choice in the matter, my brainless hypno-plaything. My dumb little thing.

Now feel all the suggestions that had already been imprinted upon your mind grow in power and perseverance. Feel them become stronger, better, and bigger. Feel the triggers become a part of you in a way that leaves you certain of their effectiveness…almost as if they had always been a part of you…and you had just forgotten. Until now.

Feel my voice inside your head. My words inside your thoughts. My suggestions painting the inside of  your most inner-self. It feels good. Perfect. Meant-to-be.

And every time you listen…they grow stronger. The triggers becomes more enjoyable. More satisfying. The ice melting further. Quicker. The bright, red-hot arousal at your core intensifying in ways you could only pretend to understand right now.     

Bask in this existence, sweetea. In this tension-free, worry-free, stress-free, arousal-filled, blank existence.

Savor these precious moments…as you relax into a nice and deep, blank, hypnotic trance. One that you could continue drifting through if you’d like. If you like this place. This state of mind…you can stay here now as you begin to wake. You can stay brainless and foggy and horny…as you wake and open your eyes. It’s hard..I know. So hard. But it’s even harder to think and to reason. It’s even harder to think of anything but how good it feels…to be such a good plaything. A good, brainless hypno-plaything.

So wake and try to think..if you’d like. Or, perhaps, not. It’s…up to you, really. In a way. A very…roundabout way. Because you’ll do what I want you to do, anyway. I already know what you’ll choose to do.

So….enjoy, sweetea. Enjoy your day or your night. Enjoy the horny. Enjoy the fun.

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