Frenzied Orgasms – Script

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Frenzied Orgasms

Succumb to my metronome and become bliss…

By Miss Lilith

Welcome, Sweetea.

You’ll be coming with me on a journey to the lands far beyond trance and hypnosis. I’ll take you down, under, and past every barrier that exists…and pulll you down beneath the deepest waters of enraptured slumber.    

All you have to do is listen. Listen to the sound of my voice, the words that I say…and the steady, rhythmic, tick of my metronome. There is nothing else you need to be doing. Nothing else you need to be thinking about.

The longer you listen, the easier it is to focus only on my voice…and the sound of my metronome. In fact, the longer you listen, the emptier your head. The emptier your mind. The fewer thoughts you have. The fewer worries and stresses and tensions. Because it’s easy to focus only on the sound of my voice, the words which I say…and the tick of my metronome.

Right now, at this moment, there is nothing else. Nothing else…as I pull you down, down, down into deeper and deeper levels of relaxation. Deeper levels of hypnotic depth. It’s really all you want, isn’t it? You just want to drop for me. You want to drift down deep, where you don’t have to think. Where all you can do is listen and follow. Listen and feel only good and nice and relaxed.

If you listen…as you are now…you won’t be able to stop from dropping, even if you wanted to. But because you want it so very much, it happens easily, gradually, automatically.

As you listen to the sound of my voice and the tick of my metronome…the world can slip away from you. Slipping from your grasp. Slipping from your mind. Vanishing from your thoughts. The world and everything it holds…its past, its present, and its future…simply break apart into tiny little pieces of nothing…and disperse into the void…that is beyond your awareness. Beyond your consciousness. Beyond the place we both inhibit now.

With each tick of my metronome…with each word that you hear…each sound that I make…you can continue dropping and dropping. Drifting down, down, down. Easily. Automatically. Effortlessly. There’s nothing stopping you from falling alllll the way down to the bottom and…beyond. Beyond the surface. Beyond the deepest of the deep.

Listen as the sound of my metronome enters your mind…tick by tick…flowing easily into the recesses of your perceptions. Filling you up. Pushing all thoughts out. Pushing all tension up and away. Because every tick of the metronome replaces a thought you may have. An idea. A memory. So that with you listen and follow, all that will remain is the tick, tick, tick. As you drift. Drop. Fall. Down. Down. Down.

Each tick of the metronome pulls you down further. Pulling and pulling. Deeper and deeper. Each tick empties you. Each tick eats away at your resistance…so that by now…you have none left. You’re just a receptive, sleepy subject. A suggestible, empty vessel for my suggestions. That’s what you wanted, yes? I know it was. You wouldn’t be listening otherwise. You wanted to feel this empty and this deep. This good. All open and ready. Eager for my voice. Eager for my words.

And it only gets better from here, because with each sound my metronome makes, you allow me deeper inside. You allow me deeper control. All open for me. Letting go of the safety rope. Letting go of all hesitation, all doubt. All defense. Letting go so that you could let me in…just as you’ve done. Just as you’ll continue doing throughout the session. It feels good, doesn’t it? Yes, yes it does. It feels so very good to feel my voice enter your mind in the slipstream of the metronome ticks.

You can just feel yourself fall deeper and deeper with each sound that you hear. Knowing that you couldn’t possibly even consider resisting. What would be the use, really? What would resisting accomplish…except the cessation of your building pleasure? The end of your trance.

So instead…all you can really even try to think about is…how good it feels to drift deeper down with me. How good it feels to open your mind wider and wider, allowing the sound of my voice and the words that I say to saturate every single one of your thoughts…as my metronome softens you up for me, removing all barriers and defenses and allll resistances that may exist.

Now…I need all your focus to coalesce into a single point of vision…and then I need you to focus that point on the sound of the metronome. The tick, tick, tick of my contraption. Because the longer you stay focused on the sound, the less you must focus. The more you focus on the sound…the less you can focus. The less you can think. The less you can reason. The less you can remember.

Each tick bringing you closer and closer to a completely empty state of mind…with but my voice and my metronome in that head of yours. Each tick pulling you deeper down. Each word pulling you deeper into my power. Deeper into a completely receptive state of being.

Each tick and each word taking your thoughts. Taking your memories. Taking your awareness. And all you can do is enjoy the sensation as I suck it all out. As I take everything that makes you…you…leaving you but a malleable point of non-awareness for me to shape and manipulate.

Just listen, sweetea…


To the ticks…


Of the metronome…


Listen to the sound…


Of my voice…


Listen to the words…


That I say…


Allow it all…


To seep into your mind…



Because the deeper you allow the sounds to penetrate your thoughts…and the deeper you allow my voice to realign your mind…the better you feel…the deeper you drop…and the more aroused you begin to feel.

Yes, sweetea…aroused. More and more aroused. Because this isn’t some sort of mundane metronome found over the counter. No, no, no. This is my metronome. And I don’t do “mundane.” I don’t do “regular.” No….when I do it, I do it hot and wet and wild. Just like the pleasure beginning to resonate throughout your mind…leaking into your body. Just like the arousal beginning to stir within your core. Within your thoughts…your fantasies…your memories.


 Feel as each tick of my metronome echoes throughout the confines of your mind…and notice how the sounds makes their way easily down the paths leading down your entire nervous system…your muscles…and your bones…and your cells. Notice how there’s no stopping the pleasure from building. Enjoy the way your mind slips away from you…as the sounds slip all the way into you.

This is just the beginning, sweetea. Just a taste of what’s to come. Simply an appetizer. So just listen..




Listen. To. My. Voice. Listen. To. The. Words. Open up. Let me in.


Imagine…for a second…how it would feel if all you could feel…is pleasure. Pleasure and bliss. Pleasure and arousal. Pleasure and joy.

But you don’t really have to imagine much…because with each tick and each word…you approach that reality. In fact, you’re so very close now that you could taste. Smell it. Feel it. Sense it in a way that defies logic and explanation.

Because with each sound my metronome makes…each sounds that makes its way into your mind and into your body…sends a wave of pleasure rushing across the surface of your flesh…and the inner-most parts of your body. The core. The muscles. The nerves. Each tick and each word…striking so deeply…as sparks of pleasure follow each sound. Sparks of arousal. Sparks of joy and bliss.

You couldn’t possibly stop it now, sweetea. You couldn’t possibly slow the pleasure down. It’s speeding up, now.

[slightly faster metronome with diff sound]

A bit faster…a bit harder. Rougher. Hotter. Wetter. Throbbing and pulsating and vibrating. Your skin alight in pleasure…almost as if you were being touched. Stroked. Caressed and massaged. Each tick…each sound…a new wave of pleasure. A new wave of arousal. The pressure building and building. Closer and closer. Deeper and deeper…as you drop and drift and fall into slumber of the ages. Slumber of desire. Lust. Heat.


Feel is, sweetea. Feel it swallow you whole. Sense the pleasure of the sound. Sense the joy of the ticks. The bliss of the rhythm. The steady, perfect, pleasant excitement building and building within you. Within your thoughts. Your mind. Your body.  Your core.

Nothing stopping it now. All resistance vanished. All defenses gone. All hesitation forgotten. Just pleasure. More and more pleasure with each sound. Each word. Each second that passes. Each time you hear my voice. Better and better. Hotter and hotter. More and more pleasure…building and building with each sound my metronome makes.


Listen and follow. Listen and let it all in. Allow the waves of pleasure to build and build, roaming across the entirety of your body. The entirety of your mind.

Listen to the sounds of the metronome…the sounds of pleasure. Because that’s what they are. The ticks…of…the…metronome…sounds of pleasure. The sounds of pleasure washing over you. Seeping into you. Each sound better and better as your pleasure builds. As the pressure to cum builds and builds. The desire to orgasm. To eagerness to reach that edge of ultimate reward. Closer and closer. Building and builder with each tick and each sound and each word and each second that passes.

This happens easily. Effortlessly. You can feel it happen in your body. You can notice how you pulsate. How you throb. How you want to grind and touch…but you can’t touch. You can’t move. You can but listen as the sounds of pleasure race across you in waves and waves. It’s all you can think about. All you can know. All you can remember. This moment. The now. The pleasure. Nothing else.



So much pleasure. So much joy. Only the sound of my voice. Only the words that I say. Only the sounds of pleasure. The sounds of my metronome. The sounds of your bliss.

What else could you possibly need. What else could you possibly want or desire. It’s all right here, sweetea. The joy and the bliss and the pleasure. The excitement. The arousal. The arousal building and building. The pressure building and building.

The sounds of pleasure coming in faster again. Stronger again. Better and better. Each sound vibrating through your body…cascading down, down, down…awash in arousal. Awash in we, hot, joyous, perfection. Euphoria. Because each sound…travels into the deepest parts of your body…of your nervous system. And in those deepest parts…in those special nerve clusters…where all your pleasant sensations come from…you can be begin to feel tiny little orgasms bloom to life. Each time my metronome strikes…tiny little orgasms explode quietly throughout the insides of your body. Your nerves. Your muscles. Your mind.

These small orgasms…countless and beyond fantastic…can only grow in power and length…each time my metronome strikes true. Each time you hear it tick. Each time you hear the sound of pleasure. The sound of joy. The sound of bliss. There is nothing else. There can be nothing else right at this moment. Nothing exists but the the sound of pleasure. But for the pleasure growing in your body. Your mind.

And…as the the sounds quicken…and the tempo changes…and the pleasure intensifies with each strike…each tick…each explosion…everything goes all but blank…the sounds of my metronome echoing inside that empty head of yours…bouncing around and round.

The tiny little orgasms that bloom with each sound of pleasure can begin to spread and multiply. Spreading into every available space of your being. Multiplying with each strike of the metronome. Feeling better and better. Deeper and deeper.

Your body becoming nothing but a receptacle for pleasure and joy and bliss. Your mind becoming nothing but the very concept of arousal…of excitement…of lust and eagerness and heat. Wet, hot, throbbing heat.

You cannot escape the pleasure anymore. You cannot escape the sound of my voice. You don’t want to. You’ve never wanted to. You just want the sound of pleasure to bring you closer and closer to orgasm. Closer to that edge of no return. So it shouldn’t surprise you when that very thing…happens. Right now. Right here. As you edge closer and closer to that blissful eruption of pleasure. As the tiny little little orgasms multiply with each tick. Spreading and spreading and growing stronger. More and more arousal with each sound. Each word. Each tick. Each piece of pleasure you can feel and accept.

There is nothing else but for joy, now. Nothing else but for bliss. But for euphoria. Blissful euphoria made of pleasure and arousal. Just like your mind is at this very moment. Just like what’s coursing through your body. That searing heat. That pressure, wanting out. Wanting to erupt to explode.

And as the tempo changes once more…you come closer and closer and closer to that edge. So very closer. So very closer. Almost feels as if it wouldn’t take anything to jump over…and into a river of bliss. A river of pleasure. A river of orgasms and blissful eruptions. It wouldn’t take much at all…as the sound of pleasure beats against your mind. Your body. As it strikes deep and true into your core. Your thoughts. Thoughts which are now just…pleasure. Pleasure and joy. Pleasure and bliss. Bliss and arousal. Arousal and euphoria.

And as the sound changes…it erases everything but for the thrill of the moment. The blissful, joyful, bliss of arousal. Of…lust and desire. Longing…and thirst.

Lose yourself to the sound of pleasure. To the sound of my voice. My words. Lose yourself in the river of carnal sensuality…as it washes over you in waves and waves and waves of orgasmic pleasure…and as you come closer and closer to that orgasm. To cumming without touch. To leaping off of that edge.

Doesn’t it just feel so fucking perfect, sweetea? So close. So much pleasure. Throbbing and pulsating. Wet and hot. So very closer…the orgasm so very closer. Each sound of my metronome bringing you closer and closer to cumming. Closer to orgasm. Each sound bringing you twice as close, now. So closer that it would only take a single word from me. A single word that it’s ok to cum. That it’s ok to take flight on the winds of ultimate pleasure…ultimate arousal…ultimate bliss.

Just a word, and nothing else. And you want it so bad. You want me to say that word. That word which will bring you over the edge…as the sounds of my metronome strike truer and deeper into your mind and into your body. Bringing you more and more pleasure. More arousal. More desperation and thirst and lust.

Waiting for that word. Wondering when I’ll voice it out loud. When I’ll allow you to cum. To leap. To release allll that pressure which has been building…and which continues to build and build and build with each word. Each sound. With the sound of my voice.

And when I finally verbalize the word…you’ll have no choice but to cum. It’ll be a full-bodied orgasm, reaching into every part of you. All the way down into your toes. Your fingertips. Your nipples. Your mind. The tingles of pleasure will reach everywhere. Every inch of flesh. Of muscle. Of nerve-cluster. When I say the word…it’ll feel as if your body and mind vanish from existence…only to be replaced by pure, un-filtered pleasure and bliss. Lust and sire. Sexual tension and sexual thirst. Nothing but excitement.

Your world will cease to exist for just a moment…as you’ll be replaced with pleasure. Just pleasure. Joy. Joy…and orgasm. Euphoric orgasm. Orgasm after orgasm. Even if you’d never cum twice before… you will today. Once you hear me say the word…you *will* cum and cum and cum. Full body and full mind. Wet or not. You *will* feel the pleasure of orgasm in every part of your existence…because the only existence you’ll know is orgasm and pleasure. The ultimate pleasure…where everything can center around how perfect and fantastic and joyful it feels to be alive.

Closer and closer, now…so very closer…

So close, in fact…that you can’t wait much longer. The pressure having build to levels almost unbearable. Almost too much. Almost too hot. The word you need to hear is…



And you cum. Frenzy[snap] and you leap over the edge into pleasure…becoming pleasure.

Frenzy[snap] and you explode in a thousand orgasms as they bloom within your very cells.

Frenzy[snap] and the pressure erupts and takes your mind with it.

Frenzy[snap] and the world ceases to exist and all you become is pleasure and orgasm. Pleasure and euphoria. Pleasure and joy.

Frenzy[snap] and the frenzy of orgasm takes you whole, body and mind, leaving you blank and empty but for the bliss of orgasm. The bliss of pleasure. The bliss of lust and thirst and hunger for the erotic buzz of the perfect moment.

Frenzy[snap] and you cannot stop but cumming. Cannot stop but feel the orgasms in a way you never had before. In ways you could never imagine were possible.

Frenzy[snap] and it just build and builds and builds, better and better and better. Endlessly. Effortlessly. Automatically.

And… Frenzy[snap] for the last time…the frenzy taking you. The frenzy taking your body and your mind and all you are right now is pleasure and bliss. Pleasure and lust. Pleasure and perfection.

[pause as metronome fades out]

 You can ride this out for as long as you can. As long as you’d like to. But in this state…as you are right now…you’re so very suggestible. So very receptive. And I’m going to take advantage of that…

From here on, each time you listen to this file, the orgasms will be better. Stronger. Longer. The sounds of pleasure…the sound of my metronome so much more effective. The ticks so much more pleasant. Allowing you to build that pleasure up quicker and easier.

And my word…the word of orgasm…the word which allows you cum…will grow in strength each time you listen any file with it. Each time you hear me say it…it’ll strike deeper into your core. Deeper into your mind. Your mind. Making you feel better and better…until it just so happens that all I’ll need is just that one single word…and you’ll be cumming for me easily. Automatically. The orgasms being pulled from you as if I were pulling you along on a path of my choosing…but a path you’ve chosen to following…because you desire to follow me. You desire it…because I makes you feel good. That’s all I want to do. All I want is for you to feel pleasure. To feel bliss. To succumb to the power of hypnotic conditioning and trance.

But for now…I’m going to wake you. I’m going to count from 1 to 5 and with each number, you’ll feel better and better as all the suggestions in this file find a home in your mind.

So…1, and you can feel happy and relaxed. You can feel good and nice.

2, waking up slowly. Becoming more aware. Just a little bit. But feel so much better. So much happier. Joy flooding your mind. Your body.

3, so satisfied with the session. So happy to have felt all that bliss. All that euphoria.

4, more awake. More aware. Closer to full awareness. Happy and nice. Relaxed.

And….5, fully awake. Fully awake. Feeling nice and loose and relaxed…your body your own. Your mind your own. Happy and satisfied, perhaps thinking of how much better the next session may feel. You can get on with your day or night, now…as my voices travels along with you.

See you soon, sweetea.

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