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Drift so easily in the deep depths of trance as your mind melts away…

By Miss Lilith

Welcome, Sweetea.

Soon, you’ll be feeling your mind melt, your thoughts drip away, and your arousal grow and intensify. You don’t need to think or reason. You don’t need to want or desire. You can just listen, now…and follow along with the sound of my voice and the words that I say.

And as you listen and and follow, you can allow me to pull you down deeper and deeper into a nice, relaxing state of trance. A state which allows for very, very few thoughts. Very few ideas. A state of mind which allows for joy, happiness, relaxation, and arousal. Doesn’t that just sound wonderful, sweetea? Doesn’t the prospect sound more than merely perfect? Doesn’t it sound like something you’d like to feel right about now? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” you’ll begin to notice, in just a moment, how your mind starts to slooooow down…how your thoughts begin to…seep out and up and away.

Because you don’t need to think. You don’t need to remember. You don’t need stay aware or awake. You can just relax and feel good. Relax and feel your tensions melt away, one by one, body part by body part. Muscle by muscle. Thought by thought. There is nothing you need do right now but listen and follow along with the sound of my voice. Listen and relax. Listen and allow the tensions of your body to melt. Allow the thoughts in your mind to melt. Allow the world to melt away from your consciousness.

It’s easy. It’s effortless. And you want it to happen so very much, because as your mind empties and as your body relaxes….the fires of your arousal grow brighter, hotter, higher and faster. Growing and growing, spreading into every nerve, every cell, every thought. Because the more thoughts that leave your mind, the more space there is for arousal. For horny. For heat and warmth and joy.

The fewer thoughts you have…the less you think…the less you remember…the dimmer your awareness…the better you can feel..the more aroused you can become…the more horny you are. It’s…all but automatic. Trance is…automatic. Trance is relaxation. Trance is joy and trance is horny.

Wouldn’t it be fun if the very definition of trance could change in your mind. Wouldn’t it be just so perfect if trance could become more. So much more. Better. Hotter. Deeper. Brighter.

Just…think on, for a second, as you drop deeper and deeper and relax further…how trance makes you feel. How exciting it is to just…let go and drift as your mind melts away. As your thoughts drip, drip, drip out of your head…and as the horny begins to seep into into your head…in waves of tingling pleasure. Waves of contentment. Waves of joy. And the more aroused you become, the more relaxed you feel…and the more relaxed you feel, the more aroused you become.

Because why wouldn’t you be aroused deep in trance…when trance could feel so very good. So very horny. So very…tension-free. Free of all worries. Free of all stress. Free of all memories…but for the now. The moment. This second. This sentence. This word. My voice. Your pleasure. Your trance.


The secret to a well-rounded, perfectly-balanced trance…is horny and a mind blank of all thought. A mind blank of all reason. So that as you drift and drop and relax, every thought that melts away is replaced with horny. Every idea and every memory. All replaced by horny. By pleasure. By joy. By relaxation. There’s nothing else you need to feel right now. Nothing else you need to think about.

Just horny. Just arousal. Just joy and relaxation and deeper and deeper trance.

You’re listening to this right now because you want to feel your thoughts melt away. Because you want your mind to empty. Because you want deep hypnotic trance to morph and evolve and become something new. Something better.

You can already feel it happen, sweetea…as you drop[snap] a bit deeper. As your mind empties and as you sleep[snap] and drift and drop down, down, down…falling and falling and falling, the sound of my voice pulling you deeper down…the word which I say pulling at your thoughts. Pulling at your awareness.

And as you continue drifting down with each word, each sound…you can continue to relax further as all remaining tensions ease away, leaving you feeling all melty and nice. Leaving you floating on nothing but the waves of my voice and the waves of tension-less joy and fluffy, beautiful pleasure.

You can feel safe and secure as you let go and your mind melts away, thoughts dripping out of your head…replaced with horny, with arousal, with pleasure…as it always does when you drop into trance. Because trance is beautiful. Trance is arousing. Trance brings you nothing but pleasure.

As soon you begin to relax and you the idea of dropping enters your mind…your thoughts are replaced with horny in waves of warmth…in waves of tingling pleasure…in waves of joy. As soon as you drop[snap] and your body looses, your mind opening up…you can feel your core grow brighter and hotter and your arousal intensify. It’s automatic. it’s fantastic. It’s hot.

So feel it all now, sweetea. Feel how with each second that passes, your thoughts melt away. With how with each word, you relax further. With how with each second spent in trance, you grow hornier and hornier and more blank. Feel it all now, in every part of your body…and notice how very difficult it is to focus on anything but the sound of my voice and the words that I say. Your awareness exists now only to listen and follow and drop deeper and deeper into trance…because it feels good to drop.

Because when you drop, you feel good. You feel horny. You feel blank. When you sleep[snap] and drop and drift…down down down…unfiltered pleasure seeps into your mind, replacing your thoughts. Your reason. Your memories. Your ideas. Replacing your consciousness. Your awareness. Replacing your stresses and your worries. You can just feel good and well and perfect. You can just feel as if everything is right with the world. With you. As if all that exists is arousal and joy.

And in the future, each time you drop into trance…your thoughts will simply melt away all on their own. Effortlessly. Automatically.  

Each and every time you drop, it’ll feel so very good to feel all the thoughts in your head melt as you grow all but mindless. Each and every time you drop, it’ll feel so very good to feel the buildup of arousal as horny takes over your mind and your body and your every thought. It’ll feel so good, in fact, that trance alone…without function, basis, or purpose…is enough. It’s enough, all on its own. Trance alone is the price. Trance alone can be the goal…because everything else is just extra. Just the topping…just the cream on top of what’s already a perfectly tasty treat.

So you can sink into the knowledge that future trances will feel just as good and as arousing as this one…but better. So much better. Each trance will raise the bar. Each trance will allow you feel more and more arousal. More and more horny. With each trance that you experience, in any way, as your brain goes bye bye, the horny seeps right in…all the way inside, spreading across your entire body. Your entire mind.

With each time that you drop, your mind learns a new way to go deeper and feel better. With each trance, your mind learns a new way to integrate horny into hypnosis. Into trance. Into relaxation. You don’t even need to think about it. You don’t need to work on it. It just happens all on its own. Because you know, both consciously and subconsciously, that there is always a new level pleasure you can reach…a new level of hypnotic trance. Because you can always drop deeper and feel better and more aroused. More horny.

So that, it’s all but a certainty that when you’re told to drop into trance, your brain goes bye bye and all of your thoughts melt into horny, horny, and more horny. More arousal. Most lust. More need. It happens automatically. Effortlessly. All of its own.

And the next time I snap my fingers and tell you to sleep and to drop, any remaining thought, idea, memory, and sliver of awareness will melt away. Every last bit of your mind simply melting away, seeping out of your head…to be replaced with horny. With arousal. With passion and need and pleasure and joy.

So just sleep[snap] now, sweetea. Sleep deeper down as you fall down, down, down. As you drift and let go and forget, forget, forget.

Drop[snap] and feel the pull of trance gently drag you downwards without a single effort. Without any resistance. Just peacefully and safely pulling you down into deeper and deeper depths. Deeper and deeper pools of pleasure and arousal and relaxation. Into an ocean of joy. An ocean of contentment. Of perfection.

 Allow me to give you the gift of a blank, mindless, thoughtless existence…where only horny exists. Where all you need is a deep arousal of the mind and the body. An existence where every nerve can feel pleasure. Every cell. Every memory. Every limb.

Allow yourself to open and allow all the pleasure to fill you up…in place of your thoughts and your stress and your tension. In place of all awareness. Just accept the arousal and the joy. Accept the relaxation. Accept that how you feel now can only get better with each trance and each word and each sound. Accept and savor this moment as you drop deeper still. As you drift down, down, down. All  nice and smooth and easy. As  you’ve always done. As you always will. Just in the way you enjoy it.

This place, right now, is a perfect state of mind…where you can rest. Where you can take a break from the world and just exist. Just exist here, in this trance, with no thoughts, no ideas, no true awareness. No true memories.

Here, right now, you can just feel the tingles and sparks of arousal as they race across your body in gentle waves…and the horny sensations that seep into your mind…as you relax further. Deeper and deeper. All remaining tension dispersing. All remaining thoughts evaporating. All that empty space in your mind filled to the brim with hot and passionate…and yet gentle…pleasure. Joy. Happiness. And horny. Can never forget the horny. Because trance is always horny…and horny always reminds you of trance. The two are linked, now, and you wouldn’t have it any other way, sweetea.

But for now…you can drop[snap] deeper. In fact…drop twice as deep. Feel twice as good. Twice as aroused. Feel trance almost as if it were a physical thing. A physical being. Feel it wrap around you…all safe and sound and secure. Feeling so nice and so good and so perfect. Allow trance to take you away from here. Allow it to transport you elsewhere, where the physical world doesn’t have to exist. Where you can remain all nice and blank and horny and relaxed.

And just float on these sensations. These feelings. Float on this fluffy cloud of relaxation and arousing warmth. Feel the trance seep into your body. Your mind. Your cells. Your nerves.

And…drift. Just drift, now, all empty and horny. So hard to think so hard to do anything but feel more and more horny with each second.

It feels so good that…you want to stay blank and horny for as long as you can. Until life calls you back. Until there are matters of the world that need your attention. Until you need to think and reason and function.

But for now…just drift, sweetea. Drift and enjoy the trance.

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