The Call of The Void – Script

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The Call of The Void [Embrace Trance] [You Can’t Help But Drop] [Conditioning] [Submission] [Snaps] [Triggers]

The Call of The Void

The void beckons and you cannot help but follow…

By Miss Lilith

When the void beckons, you respond, Sweetea. When the void wraps itself around your thoughts, your mind, and your awareness…and when it pulls…you follow without resistance. Without doubt. You allow it to pull you all the way down into the abyss, where conscious thought is but a dream. A remnant of the past. Where awareness is but a fantasy, birthed from a lie.

And just like the fading memory of a dream, your awareness of your own consciousness can wane and wilt and wither away. Little, tiny thoughts come into being only for but an instant…as they slip through your fingers and lose themselves in the darkness of nothingness. The darkness of the void. The darkness of the trance.

You don’t need to think/I don’t need to think

You don’t need to reason/I don’t need to reason

You don’t need to resist/I don’t need to resist

You can let go/I can let go

You can forget/I can forget

You can drop/I can drop

You can sleep/I can sleep

You can drift/I can drift

You can fall/I can fall

Deeper and deeper and deeper into the void. Deeper under. Deeper within. Deeper inside.

I can drop/I can drop/I can drop(whisper)

I can sleep/I can sleep/I can sleep(whisper)

You should drop for me, Sweetea.

I should drop/I should drop/I should drop(Whisper)

You should sleep

I should sleep/I should sleep/I should sleep(whisper)

You let go as your thoughts slip past you and away. You allow my voice to slip into your mind. You feel the particulates of my voice weave into your brain cells. Into your neural pathways. You can feel my voice replace your solid thoughts as the trance pulls you deeper down.

You must drop/I must drop

You must sleep/I must sleep

I must drop/I must drop/I must drop(whisper)

I must sleep/I must sleep/I must sleep(whisper)

There is nothing that you need now but for the void. The void of deep, all-encompassing trance. All-consuming. All-knowing. All-powerful. There is nothing but for the darkness that eats away at your awareness. Your thoughts. Your resistance.

Accept the void. You must accept the void/I must accept the void/I must accept the void(whisper) Accept it into your heart. Accept it into your mind. Accept the void and relinquish control…because with the void comes everlasting peace. Everlasting serenity. With the void comes comfort, peace, and safety. With the void comes freedom of the mind…freedom of the body…freedom from the burden of choice and the strain of intelligence.

So drop[snap] deep under all the layers of trance and awareness as you leave the world behind…so that you may welcome the void that is nothingness. The void that is darkness. The void is at once everywhere and nowhere.

Just…like the fragments of your thoughts. The fragments which come apart here, in the darkness. And as they come apart, fracturing into a million pieces, you can lose sight of them. You can lose sight of your thoughts. Your ideas. Your awareness. Lose sight of the world. Of reason. Of the past and the future…and even of the now.

The void of deep trance is like the inescapable pull of a black hole at the end of an endless fissure. The force of the void wraps you in layers of starlight and space…and pulls you along deeper within itself…deeper into the infinite depths of hypnotic slumber.

So sleep[snap] and fall beyond the surface of the known and the unknown. Beyond what you can see and what you can sense and what you can hear. Falling and falling deeper and deeper now…as the quiet darkness of the all-powerful void absorbs every last thought…every last memory…every last moment of awareness. The past, the preset, and the future cease to exist. The words that you hear remake your mind. Remake your truth.

The words that flow across your mind now become your words, your thoughts, your ideas, your memories. My voice is the void. My words are the instrument to which you dance. To which your mind aligns. There is no choice. You have no choice/I have no choice/I have no choice(whisper).

Because when I speak and you listen, your mind has no recourse but to slooooow down…come apart…and vanish into the darkness of the void. When I speak, you must listen/I must listen/I must listen(whisper).

When I speak, the void speaks with me. And when the void speaks, you must relinquish control/I  must relinquish control/you must relinquish control(whisper)/I  must relinquish control(whisper).

There is no resistance. There is no doubt. There is only trance. There is only the void. There is only my voice.

When I speak, your thoughts lose themselves to the darkness. When I speak, you drop[snap].

When the void pulls, you sleep[snap] and you fall.

No barrier can stop this. No defense exists against it. My words brings your world to a stop. My voice inhales your thoughts, your awareness.

Like an unstoppable black hole, the void and I speak as one…and when you listen…and you must…your intellect and your awareness and your thoughts all blink out of existence…like fading stars in the night’s sky. As you listen, more stars fade…as I speak…more and more of your mind becomes mine. More of your thoughts become mine.

Every time you drop[snap] and every time you sleep[snap], you allow the void more access. More power. You allows the darkness of deep trance into more parts of your head. Your being. Your core. You allow my voice to reach into all those tiny, little, hidden compartments that make you, you.

The longer you listen to the sound of my voice and the words that I say, the easier it becomes to let go…and feel your mind split and splinter into fine dust. Become nothing as you listen.

You must let go/I must let go/I must let go(whisper)

You must surrender/I must surrender/I must surrender(whisper)

You must drop[snap]/I must drop

You must sleep[snap]/I must sleep

Allow the world to darken…as the stars in the sky glitter and sparkle and wink out of sight…out of existence…out of awareness…much like your thoughts, your ideas, and your memories.

When I beckon, you cede control.

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