Cum To The Beat Of My Heart  – Script

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[F4A] Cum To The Beat Of My Heart [Erotic Hypnosis] [Conditioning] [HFO] [Submission] [Induction] [Countdown] [Snaps] [Arousal] [Pleasure] [Hands Free Orgasm] [HFO] [No Wakener]

Cum To The Beat Of My Heart

Listen , follow, and cum for me…

By Miss Lilith

Welcome, Sweetea.

We’ll be reinforcing a skill you already posses. I’ll be making it easier and easier to evoke at a moment’s notice. Without effort. Without thought. With each listen, it’ll be more and more automatic, coming to you with but a slight pull of my voice. A light suggestion. The tone of my voice enough to set alight all the right parts of your brain. So just relax, listen, and follow. Make yourself comfortable. Make sure you can have at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted time.

You won’t be dropped too deeply into trance here. I need you somewhat lucid and aware. Mindful of the changes befalling the processes of your mind. Conscious of how your body reacts to my voice and my words. Fully able to enjoy the pull of my suggestions and the promise of carnal delight.

So not too quickly now…or too deeply…begin to relax the muscles in and around your eyes. If they’re not already shut, just allow your eyelids to droop, closing alllll the way down. Feel the muscles around your forehead loosen, smooth, easy relaxation spreading out and into the rest of your head. Traveling all the way around and into the back of your head, your neck, your shoulders. Tensions effortlessly flowing out and away from your muscles, moving in a steady wave out of your body, disappearing into the void of trance.

Feel the tensions in your chest loosen as you relax further. Feel yourself melting into my voice as your body melts into the surface beneath you. And as I tell you to Sleep [snap], notice how your entire body follows example, bit by bit…and all the tensions in every limb, every digit…smooth over and flow riiiiight out. Deeper under. Dropping and dropping, your body farther and farther away.

Sleep[snap] and drop, Sweetea. Let go. Let all tensions go. Allow my voice to wash over you in waves of pleasure and peace as your desire to drop deeper grows twice as insistent. Twice as feverish. You just want to drop for me, now. Just want to let me in, let go, and relax into the tones of my voice. The sounds of my words. So on the next snap, your body will let loose all its remaining tensions as it grows numb and unresponsive. As your mind loses cohesion and allows me alllll the way inside. Into the deepest parts of your mind, where I’ll get to play around with your neurons and your thought patterns at my discretion.

So Sleep[snap] and drop twice as deep. Thrice as good. Sleep[snap] and unravel, removing all hesitation, all resistance. Feeling the walls of your mind crumble before my voice and the words that I say. Feeling your will succumb to mine. Because it wants to. Because you want me to show you the wonders of trance and what hypnosis can do for you. How it can change your mind. Your thoughts. Your behaviors.

Just drift, now. In this place. Your body heavy, numb…laden with the power of my voice. Your mind open, every thought latching onto my words…left with no choice but to follow along like a lost soul, seeking the warmth of my presence. The potency of my control.

Just drift. Let go. Align your path with mine. It’s so very easy. It feels so good. So nice. Nothing to be done now but to listen and drift into my wanton embrace, dropping steadily deeper with each word and each sound that you hear.

Now…you’re here to experience orgasm without touch. Without any outside stimuli aside from the sound of my voice and the words that I say…because it’s a feeling unlike any other. A flood of emotions and sensations which bring forth that delightful certainly of having lost control. Of having cum with but my voice. My words. My need for you to obey. And that’s all you really need here. You just need to listen as your mind aligns with my desires and your body responds to my suggestions.

Because with each suggestion that you hear, pleasure seeps into your core, spreading out into your entire body in waves…pulling at your arousal. Making you excited. Your mind entranced and unable to turn away. Unable to do anything but listen as my commands break through all your thoughts and etch themselves on the walls of your psyche.

Each suggestion, each command…stroking the fires of your arousal further. The more aroused you become, the easier they find a home in your mind. The more suggestions you hear, the more aroused you become and the more receptive. And every sentence, now, is a suggestion. Growing stronger and stronger with each. Each word striking deeper into your core. Each word dropping you so much deeper into trance. Each word brushing against your flesh. Against the insides of your mind.

Sleep[snap] deeper, now, plaything. Drop for me. Twice as suggestible. Thrice as deep. My voice taking the awareness of your world away, leaving only my suggestions. My commands. My will. The sensations of your inner world and the sensations of your arousal. Drift into my voice and leave all else behind. Feel the pull of my commands as each takes you deeper. As each command takes more and more of your control away. Until there will be nothing left but for how I make you feel. But for the pleasure which I allow you to experience. A pleasure that’s growing by the second. Hotter and hotter and more insistent. Bubbling up from beneath. Oozing into you.

Drop deeper and focus only my voice as your body responds automatically. Effortlessly. Behaving in just the way I wish. Mirroring all of my suggestions. Leaving you no choice as your control slips away.


I need you in a certain mindset. I need your mind to fall into a specific pattern. A very particular set of thoughts and emotions. All you have to do is listen and feel it happen. Because it will happen. Nothing can stop it from happening. So just listen and hang on every word. Attach your entire existence to the sound of my voice. Open up and allow me in. No resistance. No hesitation. You never resist. You never hesitate.

Deeper, now. Drop even deeper. Drop allll the way down. Relax every muscle. Every remaining tension. Every wrinkle of the mind. Loosen every notion. Liquefy every solid thought. Feel it happen as you listen. Feel my voice smooth you over. Enjoy the sensation of losing control. Because the more you lose control, the more aroused you become. And the more aroused you become, the more control you lose. This is natural. This is what happens. This allows you to feel deeply hidden pleasures you may have never felt. Thrilling, exciting pleasures which I pull into reality with but my voice and my desire to break you apart at the seams…only to bring you back together as my good, little, submissive toy. Someone who will have no choice but to feel every single bit of pleasure I desire you to feel. Every single tendril of excitement. Every single sensation and emotion.

So just feel my suggestions seep deeper in, becoming stronger with each. More arousing. More easily twisting the insides of your mind to better suit the purpose of pleasure. Of arousal. Of orgasm. Each suggestion more and more arousing. Each suggestion dropping you deeper. Each and every suggestion more authoritative…shaping you into a better, receptive subject.

So Sleep[snap] and drop ever so much deeper for me, plaything. Leave yourself open. Feel my voice on your skin. Inside your head. In the most sensitive parts of your core. Feel it brush against your thighs, your chest. Feel it grab at your wrist, at your ankles. Feel my voice as if it were solid, grazing your cheek, your neck. Kissing the most sensitive and receptive parts of your body in a delicate, delicious way. Drawing out all that pleasure. All that arousal. That throb. That pulse.   

And feel me closer, now. So close. Right against you. My voice and my words flush with your flesh, making you tingle and twitch. So close, in fact, that you can begin to notice the sound of my heartbeat. It’s strong, powerful. Steady. [heartbeat sfx]

It beats against you in waves, seeping into your mind…along with the sound of my words. Hear it beat, plaything, and align yourself with its pattern. Align yourself with my desire. Because with each beat…you throb with arousal. With each beat…you tingle in pleasure. With each beat…you become more receptive. Your body following my directions as if it were second-nature. As if it had always done so.

Listen to the beat of my heart and feel the intensity of your arousal grow with each and every single one. Feel yourself slowly, but steadily, fill with a delicious pressure which will soon need to be released. A pressure so thrilling that all you want to do is feel it build and grow and brighten. And with each word and each beat, it does. It grows and expands, setting alight your body’s needs. You body’s pleasure. The arousal building higher and higher and higher. Without limit. Without ceiling.

Listen to my heartbeat and fall into my voice. Fall into the sounds. Allow all else to fade and vanish, as pleasure becomes your world. As your wet, throbbing arousal continues to build. With each beat. With each word. With each sound. Breathe it in, my perfect subby toy. Breathe it all in and notice your awareness of pleasure expand. Notice how with each beat, your need to cum grows stronger. Perpetually strengthening, as you drop deeper for me. Deeper and deeper. Your mind all mine, now. In the safety of my embrace.

The need to cum like constant beat in the back of your head, synced with the beat of my heart. With each beat that you hear, the beat of your arousal only escalates. The need to cum ever-increasing. The promise of how it will feel to cum for me here, only to the sound of my voice and the beat of my heart…surging with limitless potential.

As my voice cascades over your skin in electrifying waves, sparking all your pleasure centers into overdrive…and as the beat of your arousal pulses with the beat of my heart…you can allow your mind to fall into a passive fantasy. Somewhere in the back of your head, a collection of your deepest desires and fantasies begins to play on a loop. Like a never-ending video of your most perfectly arousing imagery. Visions of what you’d like to do to others. What you’d like others to do to you. What you’d like to experience…what you already have. In the very backdrop…as you listen to my voice and my heart.

And it only drives you deeper into arousal. Brings to mind all the ways you can feel pleasure of the mind and the body. All the ways you love to feel when you reach the edge and fall right over into a breathtaking orgasm. All the ways you’ve done so in the past. The sensations of the past, the present, and the future…all blending together into the sound of my heartbeat. So that with each beat that you can, you experience more and more pleasure. Moe arousal. Wet and throbbing and desperate for release. Unable to contain yourself. Unable to put up any sort of defense.

Just falling deeper for me. Drifting and dropping. Feeling better and better. The pressure building and building without limit. Without recourse.

At this moment, right now, all you want to do is cum without touch. Cum to the sound of my voice. Cum, as you fall deeper for me. Your body responding to my words without effort. The senses of your mind occupied only by the words which I say, the sound of my voice, and the beat of my heart…as exhilarating fantasies and memories play in the back of your head and meld with the drum of your arousal.

Picture yourself cumming, plaything. Picture it in your mind. Imagine how it’d feel to cum without touch. Imagine the relief. The explosion of the pressure still growing within you. The pressure which builds not only in your mind and your core, but in every nerve, every limb, every cell. Hotter and hotter and more insistent. Knocking at the gates of your existence. Wanting in. Wanting out. Because when you cum, the pressure will release and you’ll be met with a flood of searing, frenzied joy and a rare influx of submission. A type of submission which comes from the knowledge that you had no choice but to obey and submit. No choice but to feel all the things I want you to. Think all the things I desire of you.

So feel your arousal gush and surge twice as strong now with each beat. Each word. Each suggestion. The sound of my heartbeat echoing in your mind, the sound of my voice etching onto the foundation of your thoughts…as your excitement doubles and doubles. Brighter. Hotter. Wetter. Throbbing and pulsating and beating.

And when you cum. When I allow you to feel the explosion of a hands-free orgasm, something interesting will happen. So feel your arousal intensify. Feel it grow, plaything. And as it grows, so does your need to submit. Your need to listen. Your desperation to release all that pressure and feel it wash over you in endless waves.

When I allow you to cum, you’ll feel it so deeply in your mind. It’ll explode out from the deepest recesses of your fantasies…your thoughts…your kinks. It’ll erupt out from your mind and travel down into every limb, every nerve. You’ll feel it reach the tips of your fingers. The tips of your toes. You’ll feel the tingles of pleasure spark across the entirely of your body. The warmth spreading into your muscles and your bones. All the way inside. Every square inch. Every patch of sensitive flesh. Every part of your brain.

You’ll see colors and hear sounds, as my heartbeat brings you over the edge. As it seeps into you, beat by beat. Rushing down your body in loops of thrill and bliss. Over and over again. Only growing stronger, better.

When you cum, you’ll cum in all the ways that matter. In every way that most counts. Your mind will go blank and your body will jolt. Your chest will tighten. Your breath will hitch. All the spaces of your mind and all the spaces of your mind will fill with pleasure. Just pleasure. Nothing but pleasure. Nothing but excitement. Nothing but arousal. Pure, injected euphoria. You’ll throb and pulse and squirm…and cum. When the pressure explodes, your mind will explode with it, saturating all your thoughts with incomparable, sexual joy. There will be nothing else. Just the pleasure and my voice.

Picture this in your mind, plaything. Picture it true and strong. Imagine how it’ll feel. How much you want this to happen. How much you want your mind to succumb and let go. Feel the desperation of your arousal strengthen as my heartbeat grows louder.

As your body responds by almost going over the edge…and your mind losing all conscious thought, zeroing in on the pleasure and the promise of the coming orgasm. The full-bodied, mind-breaking, hands-free orgasm that’s so very close, now. Almost right there. Close enough to touch. Close enough to taste. Throbbing to the beat of my heart. My voice weaving into your entire pleasure…the entirely of your arousal.

Throb for me, plaything. Vibrate with pleasure. Buzz with arousal. Hang on every word, every beat…as the sensation of the approaching orgasm brings to life every single orgasmic memory in the banks of your mind…and the pressure builds and builds. So close to that edge, now. Each beat of my heart bringing you closer. Making you feel more like my little plaything, allowed only to cum in the way I want you to.

And I want you to cum hands-free. I want you to feel the orgasm reach every part of you. I want it to break you in the sweetest of ways. I need you to feel a whole-body, whole-mind orgasm which you’ll never forget and which you’ll need to experience again and again. Because it’ll be better each and every time.

So inch closer to that edge with each beat and each word and each sound. Throbbing and pulsating. Given no choice. No chance to resist. You never have choice, sweetea. It’s never a thing when we’re together. Never even a thought bubble. Because when I want you to do something, you do it. Immediately and without hesitation…with great pleasure…dropping into submission all that much deeper every single time.

So when I count to 5 and you cum for me, your entire body will come alive with electrifying palpitations…and your mind will sink alllll the way into unerring euphoria. You’ll exist as nothing but a consciousness made up solely of pleasure and bliss…and the sound of my voice.

So 1, and you can feel it getting closer. The pressure building. The beat of my heart growing louder, closer, more insistent.

2, and your body simmers with heat, trembling with excitement.

3, and your mind switches off as all that remains is my voice and your rising, pulsating arousal…so close to that edge. So close to that orgasm. So wet and so throbbing. So blank.

4, and you’re right there…hanging on every word…waiting for the final number. Balancing on the razor-think edge of ultimate arousal and ultimate orgasm. So when you hear the next number and as I snap my fingers…you’ll cum. Your entire body will erupt in blazing pleasure as you cum. The entirety of your mind will lose itself to the sound of my voice and the beat of my heart.

Soooo……5 [snap] and cum, my plaything. Cum. Discard all reservation. Just cum, now. Feel the orgasm spread throughout your body, reaching into every limb and every nerve…every muscle and every digit. Feel it spread and spread and intensify, growing so very hot…so very acute. As if my voice touched the flesh which now trembles with the shuddering sensations of arousal and orgasm. Of bliss. Of euphoria.

Cum [snap], toy. Feel your mind rupture and split, pleasure all that remains. Feel the pleasure of the mind flow down into your body…and the pleasure of your body…flow up into your mind. Feel them intermix and blend into one, setting off a series of mini-orgasms throughout every part of your being. The parts which can be touched…and the ones which cannot. Feel my voice bleed into that pleasure. Into your mind. Your body. Feel it all meld and become one.

Transcend the world of the physical for me. Reach higher and higher into places which cannot be touched. Places in which only pleasure exists. Only orgasm. Only arousal. Only the throb and wetness of submission. Ascend into a higher state of being and leave all that doesn’t matter behind.

There’s only my voice, the beat of my heart…and the pleasure within your body and your mind. Drift in this place. Drift for as long as you like. Take all the time you need. Suck alll the pleasure out of this moment..this place..that you desire. That I want you to feel.

And know that each time you come back and listen…the pleasure will grow twice as strong. Twice as good. Twice as hot. Each and every time. So that on the next listen, your orgasm will come quicker, easier. More and more physical. Until all you need to experience this type of orgasmic pleasure…is my command to cum and the snap of my fingers.         

Because each time I tell you to cum with a snap of my fingers…juuuust like Cum[snap]…this…your mind returns partly to the moment of your greatest orgasmic pleasure. And each time you listen…the pleasures will be stronger…your suggestibility higher. The orgasms better.

But for now…just drift and enjoy this moment. Take your time. The world can probably wait.

Until next time, my good, submissive plaything.

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