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Each orgasm can feel better and better…

By Miss Lilith

Cumditioning – Pleasure of the Post Orgasm [Dial Induction]

Welcome, Sweetea. Are you ready to expand and extend your mind and your pleasure for me? Because that’s exactly what’s going to happen here. I’m going to take your pleasure and your mind…and play with them, conditioning you to find ever so much more joy in that post-orgasmic, blissful period of time. So find a quiet place to rest, adapt a comfortable position, and keep your eyes open for me. Just relax, listen, and follow.

I want you imagine something in your mind’s eye. Look deep within yourself and find the place from which all of your imagery stems. From which all that you picture and bring to mind emerges. It’s right in the center of your core…in the depths of your existence….isolated from the outside world…but easily accessible to you…and to me.

What happens here, in the inner-workings of your mind, has very real life consequences that ripple across all aspects of your life. The changes that happen here will trickle up and out, and into the world…spilling over and altering the way you feel…the way you see…the way you hear…and the way you think. This will happen…and when it does, and you notice that it does…alllll the changes strengthen and fortify, creating bigger and bigger, rippling waves that affect all the aspects of your perception. All the aspects of your joy and your pleasure.

So imagine that you’re in that place now…that core of your being. You may see sliders and dials, buttons and switches…and all manner of adjustments. These control how you behave…how you feel. They reflect reality in a way clearer than a mirror ever could. Every dial, every switch…is connected to a part of your mind…a part of your body. The connections run deep and never weaken…because every action, every thought…must have a source. And this, sweetea, is that place of power…that place from which your actions and thoughts spark into existence.

One of the dials, within arm’s reach, is labeled, “Peace.” This dial controls that peaceful feeling inside of you. That calmness…that relaxation. The more at peace you are, the less tension you feel. The less stress and the less worry. It’s really very simple. The higher the peace, the better you’ll feel, and the heavier your eyes will become. The heavier your eyelids. The harder it will be to keep them open. So place your hand on the dial, feeling me there with you, guiding you…keeping you safe and focused.

Now slowly turn the dial clockwise, increasing your peace…and allowing you to enjoy the relief as tension begins to leave you body, bit by bit…and a warm feeling of calmness floods into your muscles and your bones…and your mind. The further you turn it, the better you feel…the heavier your eyelids…and the more relaxed you become. The world leaves you as you slowly turn and turn the dial. There are no numbers. Know only that the further it turns, the better you feel. The more relaxed. The heavier your eyes.

And when I tell you to sleep with a snap of my fingers, we’ll turn the dial alll the way up and you’ll drop…down…down…down…into a peaceful, relaxing trance…free of worry and free of tension…body loose…limbs numb…mind focused only on my voice.

So Sleep[snap] and drop, dial turning all the way around…round and round…tension dissipating…calmness flooding your body in waves of warm, soft peace. Your limbs grow numb…unresponsive…your eyes heavy…too heavy to keep open. Your muscle relaxed…loose as if you’ve lost control over them. Just relax, sweetea. Feel the dial turn round and round on its own now as your body falls deeper into that peaceful feeling, better with each second and deeper with each word that I say.

And as I tell you to Sleep[snap] deeper, the dial speeds up and your fall reaches a new depth…a new peaceful, relaxed state of trance…getting better and better by the second. Growing heavier and heavier…more and more calm…alllll tension vanishing into thin air…the outside world dropping away as if it were a cardboard facade…and my voice reaching deeply into your mind, becoming more true and more real the longer you listen.

Sleep[snap] and allow your eyes to stay closed, now. They won’t open until I tell them to. You don’t want them open…because the longer they stay closed, the better and deeper you feel.

Keep falling as you focus on my words. Keep dropping and dropping as you picture, in your mind, another dial. This one is marked, “Suggestibility.” Feel me guide your hand onto it. Feel me turn it clockwise along with you…and as it turns, you feel your resistance to my suggestions weaken. As it turns…round and round…the defenses of your mind ebb away, like a receding wave…leaving you wide open and exposed…eager and accepting. Welcoming. So ready to submit and obey. So ready to change for me. For us.

And as I tell you to Sleep[snap] deeper, the dial begins to turn all on its own…driving you deeper and deeper…your mind ready to listen and follow…listen and obey…listen and change.

Now, there’s one more dial I need you to turn for me. So feel me guide you to one marked as, “Arousal.” This one is directly linked to your entire body’s system of arousal…and your mind’s entire understanding of what makes you horny…desperate…obsessed…bursting with desire. All the ideas and all the stimulation that bring you to the very edge of soaring heat and soaring need. And as we turn it, your arousal slowly begins to rise…your mind and your body working in tandem to bring you allll the pleasures you so desire. Alll the feelings you crave to experience.

As the dial turns and turns, your heat spindles….heavier and heavier…wetter…hotter…more insistent…more overbearing. Your fantasies come to life in your thoughts and grab you by the back of the head…pulling you in…down deeper…and allowing you to feel that throb in your center…that passion that always exists within you. Feel it all for me, sweetea. Feel it electrify your nerves…flow down your muscles…and invade your very, very…deep mind.

Sleep[snap] let go…and allow the dial to spin on its own. Spinning further and faster with each second and each word that you hear. Each sound that passes by. And feel you arousal rising higher with it. Higher and higher…and better.

So Sleep[snap] and drop. Open up. Allow me in. Allow me to take a stroll down your unconscious mind…

And every time you hear me tell you to Sleep[snap], the dials turn quicker, all on their own…and you drop deeper down…and you become more susceptible to my voice and my words…as your arousal mounts and you become more desperate for release.

So Sleep[snap] and sink into me and into a deep hypnotic trance. Sleep and relax. Sleep and grow heavy and loose. Sleep and feel yourself throb and vibrate with desire and arousal.

Now, in a moment, I’m going to tell you to open your eyes for me. When you do so, you’ll wake from trance…still groggy and still set in place…unable to move. It will be so very hard to open your eyes, but you’ll do so anyway…for me. But when I tell you to sleep, with a snap of my fingers, you’ll drop twice as deep as before…become twice as aroused…and desire more and more to fall deeper and deeper…reaching new lows and new pleasures every single time.

So open your eyes now for me, sweetea. Open them, but stay still. Focus your eyesight. Awake. Aware.

Good…very good.

[faster pace]
And…Sleep[snap]. Eyes closed. Drop twice as deep. Twice as good. Twice as aroused. Dials spinning quicker…smoothly…round and round.


And open your eyes again. Harder to do so, now. Awake. Aware. Woozy and dizzy and wanting to go back into the deepness and warmth of my hypnotic embrace.


Sleep[snap] and drop, eyes closing. Deeper. Heavier. Better. Passion overflowing. Dials spinning and spinning…falling and falling.

Wake up. Open your eyes. Wake up. Aware. Eyes open…but wanting to go back so very, very badly. Wanting to just let go and allow the trance to reign over your thoughts and your mind…and your body.

Sleep[snap] and fall…eyes closed…closed so tightly. Trance deepening…arousal rising…mind clouded…thoughts dissipating into thin air…out and out and away. Leaving you blank and empty and obedient.

[snap] Eyes open. Wake up, sweetea. Wake up and…

Sleep[snap] deeper…dropping down…down…down…eyes closing quickly…with force…pulling you deeper under and into my voice and my words…and into a deep hypnotic trance.

Defenses crumbling away like an ancient sandcastle…leaving you open and exposed…and aroused.

Sleep[snap] deeper now. Every so much deeper. Every so much more aroused. Dials turning and turning…quicker and quicker…and with them, your mind deeper into my embrace. Deeper into the trance. Deeper into your desires and your passions and your pleasures.

Now….I need you to touch yourself for me, sweetea. Reach down and start stroking. There’s no need to keep a pace or account for time. I just need you to cum for me, plaything. I need you to find release…I need you to reach orgasm on my say. Soon…very soon. Listen to my voice…and the words that I say…and enjoy as they flow into your mind…over your thoughts…and caress and tickle the very insides of your brain.

When you cum…your mind will empty for me. Allll the thoughts and allll the ideas will simply vanish into nothing…and you’ll be left immobile and open. Open to my suggestions…eager for my commands…ready for change and more pleasure. More bliss.

Speed up. Get close to that edge for me.

Keep stroking. Keep stroking as you listen to my voice. As it flows in waves over your body and invades your mind. When you cum…you’ll cum out your mind and let go totally and completely…allowing me to play with your thoughts…and the dials in your mindscape.

Stroke and touch and bring yourself closer, so that you’ll be ready to cum the second I tell you to. Soon…very soon. When you cum, your mind will blank and your body will loosen…hands falling back to your sides…dropping deeper into trance…deeper into a suggestible state of mind. The dials in your mind will quicken…and the bliss you’ll feel at the very top of your orgasm will streeeeetch and streeeetch…extending beyond time and space…beyond body and mind…reaching upwards into the skies…breaking the limits of your perception.

When you cum…when you orgasm…your pleasure will not end. Oh no, my plaything…it will keep on going and going. The bliss of reaching that edge and exploding with pleasure will keep on rolling…cascading outwards and inwards in waves and waves of joy and glee and sweet, savory delight. Your satisfaction will not end when you burst…when you leap over the edge of orgasm. It will keep going and going…round and round…growing stronger and better and nicer each second after you cum.

Usually, orgasm means that it all ends. That the peak of pleasure had been reached…but from now on…orgasm will be but a single part of the whole experience. Simply the mid-point of what shall become an over-reaching, multi-flavored mind-twister of pure bliss and unfiltered pleasure…so that once you cum…you’ll feel good and safe…happy and satisfied…craving for more…enjoying the extension of desire and bliss.

Keep stroking. You’re on the edge now. You must be. Remember…when you reach orgasm…you won’t just drop off the edge like usually…but instead keep riding it…longer and longer…taking flight and drifting right into my soft embrace…my voice…my words…and your pleasure…your joy…your bliss.

In three, you will cum for me…and when you do…your pleasure will not stop…will not abate in any little way…and instead it will stretch and stretch as your mind falls from under you, leaving you empty and obedient.

So, three…almost thre…

Two…just a few more seconds and you’ll cross that barrier.

Sleep[snap] and cum. Cum. Orgasm. Take flight and ride on the waves of your pleasure and my voice. Drift off into the abyss and drop deeper into trance. Cum and find bliss in the knowledge that this shall not simply end as it always does. No…ride it out…stretch it out…allow yourself to be taken on the wings of rapture and pure, bright happiness. Feel the dials in your mind spin quicker and quicker…your pleasure…rising and rising…your trance…dropping and dropping…your suggestibility…growing and growing.

Sleep[snap] deeper. Drift down…down…down. Drop down…down…down. Feeling good and great and full of joy and extended pleasures…extended bliss…extended satisfaction…never ending…round and round…better and better. Seeing new colors…feeling new things…hearing new sounds…enjoying the drop…enjoying the joy. Allowing yourself to float on a cloud of gratified luxury and thrilling elation.

There are no feelings of loss or regret…no feelings worry or concern…nowhere to be…nowhere to go…nowhere you’d rather be than right here…right now…in this place…dropping deeper into this sensation…this sensation which shall always envelop you after you reach orgasm…after you cum and explode.

You can ride this out for as long as you’re willing. There is nothing on this Earth or the next which could stop you from enjoying this. From floating along with this feeling…this bliss. So just listen and follow. Follow and sink deeper.

Sleep[snap] deeper. Drop further dooooown.

From here on, every orgasm you experience will draw itself out…longer and better each time. With every orgasm, the dials in your mind will spin and the pleasure will rise and rise…and your joy will grow and grow…and you’ll drop deeper into that ocean of bliss which exists within you and around you.

That period of post-orgasmic euphoria will last longer and longer each time you cum. Each time, you’ll get to enjoy it more and more. Find new ways to extend it…new ways to expand upon it. So that when you cum…you’ll be happy and joyous for the rest of the day…riding on that wave of bliss throughout the minutes and the hours. Each and every time, you’ll feel as if you had gained something…as if you had reached a new high…a new understanding…a new flavor of pleasure and post-arousal relief.

Sleep[snap] deeper. Drop. Drift into my voice and into this trance. Allow my suggestions deeeeeply into your mind. Allow them settle and find a home among your neurons.

Every orgasm will feel better. Every orgasm will last longer. And each time you notice this…they’ll just get better and better…the ride higher…the flight longer…your mind accepting and welcoming the changes. Wanting the sensations to grow in strength and wonder…to grow in intensity and pleasure. Ever-increasing…ever-doubling…ever more blissful.

And each time you listen to this session…the sensations and the suggestions grow and grow in power…becoming unstoppable…undeniable…unforgettable. The dials becoming more and more effective…your mind taking the idea and constructing an entire network of new connection so that you could enjoy all of this further and further.

And as I count you back up and out of trance…your pleasure and joy will stay with you…my voice will go with you. You’ll feel safe and secure…and happy to have experienced this. Happy to have found a new way to enjoy the wonders of life.

So, one…and slowly waking up…becoming aware…body still loose and relaxed…mind still half-empty…floaty and nice.

Four…becoming more aware…more awake. Feeling good and rested, and energized. Bursting with joy and bliss.

Three…waking up, now. Eyes open. Mind alert. Body feeling responsive…but relaxed..tension-free.

Two…free to move around. Free to stretch. Waking up more. Becoming more aware. Happier and happier…still floating on that nice cloud of bliss.

And one…fully aware…fully awake…energized…happy…alert…feeling good and great…ready for the day or the night…riding the waves of my voice and my words…and your roiling pleasure.

Have fun, sweetea. I’ll see you soon.

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