Think Pink & Sink  – Script

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[F4A] Think Pink & Sink [Erotic Hypnosis] [Conditioning] [Elevator Induction] [Aroused By The Colour Pink] [Breathing] [Countdown] [Horny] [Anxiety Relief] [Post Hypnotic Suggestions] [Beginner Friendly] [SFX] [Snaps] [27m]

Think Pink & Sink

Down, down, down into the pink void…

By Miss Lilith

Welcome, Sweetea.

I hope you’re comfy and nice and ready for a little adventure. A little trip down the aisles of your mind and your thoughts.

So just relax for me. Close your eyes. It’ll be so very easy to let go as I guide you down into the deepest waters of trance, where you’ll just keep dropping deeper and deeper, easily and effortlessly. Just listen to my voice and allow my words to gently settle on your mind…making it easy not to think…because I’ll be doing that for you, now. Because you’d like a break…a chance to recharge and readjust your thought patterns.

Now, I’d like you to picture an elevator door. It’s closed for now, and you’re standing just outside…close enough to touch. This elevator will take you down. It will take you really deep, because the lower down it takes you, the lower down you’ll go. The deeper into trance.

The door opens slowly and you step through it, unafraid…feeling safe and secure and as if you were always meant to be here. As if there were no other place you’d rather be right now.

You turn around and watch as the door closes. Up top, right above the closed door…big, white, and bright…is the number one-hundred. This number can now simply anchor to your mind…so that the lower the number…the lower the elevator travels…the deeper your trance…the lower your mind…the more relaxed you feel.

So that once the elevator starts moving down and the numbers begin to drop…you’ll notice that your body will start to grow numb all on its own…your thoughts will start to float up and away and vanish into the past…leaving you with nothing but my voice and my words…and the sensation of gently drifting downwards, splitting from your past self…your past memories….your past thoughts. Because once you begin to drop, nothing will matter but for the moment. Nothing will matter but for how it feels to release allll your tension. All your thoughts. All your worries.

Now, feel the elevator lurch gently as it begins its descend down and watch as the number one-hundred begins to transition into 99…and feel as your body relaxes with it and your mind slooooows down.

And as the number changes to 98 and the elevator falls further, you begin to feel lighter and lighter…body growing more and more numb with each floor…each number.

The number turns to 97 and you can notice now how much lighter you become in body and in mind. You can notice how much tension there had been before that now just easily flows out and up…and away, leaving you feeling nice and cozy and relaxed. Safe in the knowledge that you can only drop deeper and deeper. That you can can only feel better and better.

96, and you drop deeper into trance…deeper into peace and serenity. Deeper into my voice and the words that I say.

95, each number allowing you to feel more relaxed.

94, each number allowing you to feel more and more numb.

93, each number, each floor, making you lighter and lighter.

92, mind slowing down.

91, so sloooow…thoughts coming back on themselves as they try to manifest.

90, losing sense of self, bit by bit.

89, this moment is all that exist and all that matters…as you Sleep[snap] deeper.

88, because each time you hear me tell you to sleep and you hear me snap my finger….

87, you drop twice as deeply into a suggestible, hypnotic trance.

86, you grow lighter and lighter…body becoming non-distinctive.

82, you grow more and more relaxed.

78, as all tensions leave you.

75, as all worries stay in the past.

71, as you grow lighter.

69, and you begin to feel a slight tingle of arousal.

62, and your Sleep[snap] mind empties and disperses.

56, your thoughts flow up and up and away, more and more.

50, leaving you feeling lighter and emptier.

45, because with each number, you can allow yourself to open up and drop deeper into trance.

42, with each number, more and more numb

41, more relaxed.

40, open and suggestible.

35, and you Sleep[snap] deeper.

32, feeling so light now….so very light…

31, your feet so light…your body so light..

30, so very light now…like a feather floating through the air.

25, and as the elevators travels downwards, you being to rise up from the floor..body so light.

22, body so weightless.

20, and as you rise from the floor and your body floats…your thoughts lose all purchase…

19, and your mind loses its anchor to the world.

15, because as you float and the elevator drops…you can just allow my voice to fill your mind.

12, you can just allow my words to fill your head.

11, as you drop deeper and deeper.

10, and your thoughts drift up and away.

9, leaving you floating…body so light…mind emptier by the second.

8, body so tension-free…so numb…so relaxed…and feeling better and better with each word that I say.

7, getting closer and closer to the very bottom…

6, and the closer you get, the deeper down you drop…the better you feel..the lighter you body…floaty and nice.

5, happy, safe, and secure.

4, feeling another tingle of arousal weave through your center…stimulating the pleasure centers of your mind.

3, so very close now…

2, and when you reach the last floor, you’ll drop twice as deep as you are right now. You’ll grow twice as relaxed. Feel twice as good and twice as aroused. Floaty and empty. Suggestible and open. Listening. Allowing me in.

So, 1, and Sleep [snap] deeper, now. Just drop.

Drop below the surface of trance. Let me guide you deeply inwards…way into your mind…into the inner-most center of your thoughts and your ideals.

And you can drop even deeper and feel ever so much better as the elevator takes you below the ground level and into what awaits you beneath. Just feel even lighter now, as you float in the air…airy and empty and nice. Just float and listen as you’re taken below the surface…deeper and deeper. As the elevator drops down and down…beyond floors and beyond levels and beyond numbers…

So that you can Sleep[snap] even deeper. Drop and drift down. Light and numb and happy. Relaxed and at peace. Tension-free and aroused…and growing more and more roused with each second. Pleasure building the longer you’re down here with me, in trance…as your trance deepens and deepens, always feeling better…always allowing you to drop deeper.

Just Sleep[snap] twice again as deep. Twice again as aroused. So light and so floaty. Hovering in mid-air, the elevator dispersing out from around you…disappearing into thin air…leaving you floating in empty space.

Now, I want you to focus just a little bit, sweetea. Focus on how you feel right now. Focus on how relaxed you are right now. How good you feel. How floaty and airy your mind feels. How your arousal just seems to grow and grow, the floodgates wide open. And you can allow all these sensations to amplify in power, doubling and tripling, sending you over deeper into trance and deeper into peace. Deeper into pleasure.

Capture this spectrum of feelings. Capture this collection of sensations and emotions. Grab onto everything you’re experiencing right this very moment…seize the moment…and take two slow breaths. Slowly inhale in and out. And then do it again. Slowly and deeply, filling your lungs.

And allow this moment and everything that you feel to anchor onto your breath. Allow this spectrum of bliss, pleasure, and peace to flow right into your breathing pattern…so that any time you take two slow, deep breaths, you come back to this place…feeling good and great and relaxed, released from worry and stress. Released from tension and thought. Because taking these two slow, deep breaths, at any time, in any way, inside trance and outside of trance…allows you to come back to this place, feeling allll the good things…and so much more…each and every time. And each time this happens…it only feels better. Each and every time, better and better. More relaxed, more at peace. More floaty and airy. Happy and aroused. Saturated in bliss, joy, and pleasure.

So just take these two slow, deep breaths again for me, sweetea. Breathe and relax. Breathe and let go. Breathe and drop deeper. Breathe and Sleep[snap] ever so much deeper.

Now that you’re here, all floaty and nice, drifting deeper into sleep with each word, each sound, and each second…open and receptive…accepting and growing all the more numb and relaxed…you can just listen and follow as my words easily and freely make their way into the deepest center of your mind…where they shall settle in effortlessly, like lost love found once more, never to part again.

Breathe, Pet. Deep breaths in and out. Allow the oxygen to fill your lungs…because each time this happens…on every single inhale…an excited calm plunges into every one of your nerves…every one of your muscles…and every single one of your brain cells. And on each exhale…all tensions and worries melt away, like snowflakes in summer-time. And each cycle of inhale and exhale, your arousal rises and rises, your center spindling with more heat, more energy. More pleasure.

And you can just allow this pleasure to build now…slowly and steadily…as you listen to my voice…as my words make their way into your mind…snaking around your thoughts…filling your empty head…realigning your perceptions.

And you so enjoy this feeling, Pet. This sensation of someone else here…in your head…so close to your core…to your thoughts…so deeply in your mind…toying around with your building blocks like a child would in a playground. You so enjoy entering this deep state of hypnosis, where you find only joy and pleasure…peace and arousal…allowing you to forget about any other world but this one….this moment in time…as you float freely to the sound of my voice…allowing it to guide you along the path of my choosing…into a world of our making….a world full of wonder and joy. Serenity. Pleasure. Arousal.

So, listen and follow. Allow me in. Sleep [snap] deeper and drift. Float carelessly in the empty air on the waves of my voice and the certainty of my words. Open up. Wider. Open your mind and your thoughts. No hesitation. No desire to move or to think. Just breathe and drop deeper. Breathe and become more and more receptive…eager for my words…my suggestions. Eager to bring them out into reality…where you’ll be able to perceive the results of our work.

Now…think of the colour pink for me, Sweetea. Drop deeper into arousal…feel more pleasure…more joy…more calm…as you think of the colour pink. Think pink, Pet…and allow yourself to think of how great it feels to be a horny mess. Aroused and horny, craving for release…craving for orgasm…craving to touch and be touched…

Think pink and focus on your pulsating arousal. Focus on that feeling deep in your center…that throb…that tingle…the wetness of your thoughts…and the wetness of your folds. Think of the colour pink. Think of all the pink you’ve ever seen. Because the colour pink…makes you feel floaty and airy…and nice. It makes you feel drowsy and horny and excited. Pink makes you think of nothing but how good it feels to cum. How great it feels to orgasm. How amazing you feel at the peak of your pleasure…how mind-numbing joyful you can be when you reach the edge and step right over…sinking deeply into pure pleasure.

As you drop deeper and your arousal rises…think pink and find more and more pleasure in the idea that allll it takes is a single colour to drive you mindlessly into lust and passion. A single colour turning you into a ***-craved, horny mess…wanting nothing more than to find release..than to cum like an obedient good plaything.

Every day, you’ll think more and more of pink…thinking pink every day…more and more. Because the more you think of pink, the better you feel…the more aroused you get…the more want to think pink. Because pink is love…pink is hot. And you love feeling this way. You love dropping deeper into this state of mind. Because when you’re horny…you can feel happy and at peace…happy and full of joy. Full of wet and dizzy joy. Wanting to cum…wanting to orgasm. Wanting to touch and wanting to be touched.

Breathe deeply, Sweetea. Sleep [snap] deeper. Listen and follow. Allow me in.

You will begin to think of pink more and more often. You will begin to desire wearing pink. You’ll crave to choose pink over any other colour…because pink makes you feel happy and horny…and feeling horny…makes you want to wear pink…makes you want to think of pink. You will begin to enjoy pink more and more…choosing to paint your nails pink…choosing pink lipstick…choosing pink over and over again. And each time you choose pink…you’ll grow happier and happier with your choices. Happier and more aroused. Because thinking pink allows you to feel nice and floaty and airy…and so very aroused. So very happy and nice.

You will begin to desire more and more pink attire…because when you think pink…you want to wear pink…and when you wear pink…you’re happy and horny and thinking of nothing but cumming and cumming. Thinking of nothing but finding release. Touching and touching and playing.

So just feel this link form…between pink and your arousal…so that any time you think of pink…you grow more and more aroused….and each and every time you grow aroused…you think of pink…and crave to wear more and more pink. Each and every day…because pink is joy and pink is love. Pink is hot…and you like feeling hot and horny…don’t you, Plaything? You love the desperation of deep, deep arousal. You love how it makes you feel. You love how arousal smooths over your inhibitions and allows you to think pink…because thinking pink makes you happy and horny and bursting with joy. With bliss. Wet and throbbing…pulsating with need and passion.

So Sleep[snap] deeper. Listen. Obey. Be a good plaything and allow me deeper in. Allow my words to change your reality. Allow my voice to twist your thoughts. It’s safe. It’s nice. It’s arousing. It’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

And you’ll be dreaming of pink, too, Sweetea. Because to think of pink is to be happy. To think of pink is to be horny. To think of pink is to sink. Nice and calm and so very, very hot. So grow hotter for me. More aroused. Hornier. Wetter. More and more excited. More excited each time you think pink. Each time you see pink. Each time you wear pink. More and more aroused each time you choose pink.

You will find that…in the days to come…there will be ways in which you include more and more pink into your life…so that you could feel happier…hornier…more aroused…excited and vibrating with gentle, wet sensations of pink arousal. Just like the good toy that you are, Sweetea. Because good toyss loooove pink…and to think pink is to sink…and to sink is to feel happy and joyful and horny.

This change will happen at an almost subconscious level…because your unconscious mind wants you to feel good. It wants you to feel happy and aroused and horny, dripping with need and lust. It needs you to be a slut for pink. It needs you to think pink…because the more pink you think…the more you sink…and the more you sink…the better you feel. And the better you feel…the more aroused you get and the more pink you think.

Allow my words to settle deeply into your mind. So very deeply. Allow them to find a home in your mind…among your thoughts. Feel them stick to the inner workings of your mind in a way that will surprise you. In a way that will make you feel like swimming in an ocean of bliss. An ocean of desire.

And as I count you up and out of trance, each number will make alll the suggestions in this session stronger…more powerful…undeniable in their effect.

So, 5, and you feel each and every command…each hypnotic suggestions sink deeper into your mind and your thoughts..your nerves…your muscles…your core.

4, and you can begin to wake…and as you wake…you become more and more aroused, thinking pink…feeling good and calm and happy

3, waking up, become more aware…more aroused….

2, eyes open, body loose, sensation returning to your body…feeling so very nice and relaxed, as if after a nice shower…renewed and energized.

And 1, fully awake and fully aware, full of energy, ready for the day…ready to take on any task. Feeling so very good and so very happy and thinking of pink. Because when you think pink, you feel horny…and when you feel horny, you feel happy.

Have fun, Sweetea!

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