Veil Of Humiliation  – Script

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[F4A] Veil Of Humiliation [Erotic Hypnosis] [Loop] [Humiliation] [Dirty] [Submission] [Passive Listening] [Used] [Abused] [Slut] [Arousal] [Bitch] [You’re Weak] [Cunt] [Toy] [Thing] [Fucktoy] [Fuck Slave] [Short]

Veil Of Humiliation

Under the veil, there is only more of the same, plaything…

By Miss Lilith

There is nothing sweeter than the humbling of a rebellious soul. Nothing quite as precious as watching all defenses crumble. I do so enjoy stripping you of all those layers of armor. All those layers of mental safeguards. I enjoy it just as much as you enjoy feeling it happen. Because you want to be weak. You want to be defenseless. It makes you feel less than what you are…and being less means being submissive. Being obedient.

So as you go on about your day, doing whatever it is that needs doing, just listen to the sound of my voice and the words that I say. Listen and so easily follow along. Following along like the little bitch that you are. Begging for attention. Begging to be seen. Wanting nothing more than to be used and abused. Wanting nothing more than for your eagerness to be exposed.

You so very much enjoy being taken apart, bit by bit. Later by layer. Your truths out in the open. Your defenses nonexistence. Your mind eager for me to tell you just how much of a weak, submissive slut you are. How much weaker you want to me. How feeble you yearn to feel. Because I know you just loooove that, bitch. I know you love feeling weak. I know you love feeling like less than a whole person. You just want to be a toy. Something to be played with. Something to be used. Something to be taken advantage of. This need drives your pleasure. Your arousal. Your excitement.

And the more excited you feel, the more you want me to humiliate you. It’s such a strong urge. So bright in your mind. That thirst for my words to put you in your place. In your very small, insignificant place…in which I could do whatever I want with you and all you can do is beg for more…like the little fucktoy that you are. Like the piece of property that you are. Isn’t that right, you needy little cunt?

Your mind is like a welcome mat, all ready and laid out for me to step on. You body like a used toy, not a single drop of resistance in sight. You don’t want to resist. You want me to show you how good it can feel to be degraded. To be made less. To be treated like a thing.

All you have to do is listen as you go about whatever you’re doing, slut. Listen and feel yourself grow more and more aroused with each word spoken. More and more excited for the next. Your insides feel funny when I speak dirty, don’t they? They feel all nice and tingly when I call you a slut. When I call you my little bitch. And even more so when you realize how true it is. You wouldn’t be listening otherwise. Why would you be? No, you’re only listening because we both know what a whore you are for me. What a fucktoy. A thing to be used and abused.

Doesn’t that feel so nice? To hear the truth. To revel in it. To take it into your heart and feel it swell, expanding out and into your nerves in waves of pleasure. Each name I call you just makes you feel so much better, pet. Each name makes you feel more pleasure, my needy fuck slave. Each truth like a beacon in your mind, seeping into your thoughts and making you feel happier by the second. More like your true self. Accepting of yourself in fully. Totally and completely.

Just listen to the sound of my voice, slave, and enjoy the pleasant buzzing of your thoughts and the thrill in your body. Enjoy each word. Each insult. Each truth. Savor every single one, you filthy fuckdoll. Savor each and every ping of pleasure. It’s all you’re good for, really. Pleasure. That’s all you’re good for. That’s all you aspire to do. Because something like you can’t do much more.

You’re just here to provide others pleasure. To allow others to take their frustrations out on you. You want nothing else. You know this. I know this. Everybody does. You don’t hide. You can’t even being to try. You want your perversions out in the open. You want to be free with them. You want nothing to hide your need to be degraded. To be humiliated. Because the knowledge that others may know…only makes you want them to know more. Just imagine it, shameslut.

Imagine having alll of your dirty, embarrassing secrets exposed. Imagine the world knowing. Imagine how fucking transcendent it would feel to have nothing to hide behind. You’d be a real shameless whore, then, wouldn’t you? Just asking for others to use you. To make fun of you. To debase you. Begging for it. Begging on your knees. Pleading, like the weakling that you are. Like the slutty, submissive bitch that you are.

I love seeing you like this. All exposed. Made less than what you are. No choice but to listen as I degrade you further. No choice but to enjoy it.

Focus on whatever you need to be focusing on as my words weaves themselves across your brain waves, settling in. I know it’s hard, because it must be hard to focus when I call you my submissive slut. It must be so very, very difficult to focus when I call you my little bitch.

All but impossible when the truth comes out and you hear me call you a fucktoy. A plaything. A thing to be used and abused. You’re so weak. Defenseless. So eager to listen. So eager to be made less. To be treated like the nothing that you are. And you love this. You love everything about it. You love how you feel when you’re degraded. You love that you need to be humiliated. You love that nothing else makes you react in quite the same way. It’s a part of you, you stupid fucking cunt, and there’s nothing you can do about it. You can just take it. Accept it.


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