Walk With Me, Pet  – Script

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Walk With Me, Pet

Feel me pull you along as we take a little stroll…

By Miss Lilith

Walk With Me, Pet

Listen to my voice, pet, as it pulls you along in a way that’s almost physical. In a way that cannot be ignored. As you move, one foot in front of the other, my voice moves deeply into your mind and takes a stroll through your thoughts. As you listen and follow, your movements slowly becoming automatic, my words solidify and wrap themselves around your neck. And as my voice braids into your brain, my will intertwines with yours. The longer you listen, the closer I am. The longer you listen, the deeper into your mind I reach. The deeper I reach, the better you feel.

You can feel safe in the knowledge that as you move along, foot in front of the other, your subconscious mind watches out for you. It catalogs your surroundings and keeps you safe and secure. So you can allow me to pull you along, my words around your neck, just like a collar. Just like a leash. As you listen to my voice, you can feel the collar tighten, pet. As you follow along, you can feel the pull of the leash. You can so easily enjoy the way you’re pulled along like the perfect pet that you are. Like my perfect pet.

And like all good pets, you looove hearing me call you, “pet.” It makes you feel a bit woozy. A bit lovely. Makes your chest feel warm with joy. Your body losing its tension. Your mind losing all worries and all stress. Just relaxing, all nice and easy. Relaxing like a good pet. Doesn’t that just feel so nice? Each time you hear me call you, “pet,” it just gets better and better. You grow happier and happier. A slight smile on your face unavoidable. The day brighter. Hope filling the air. Such a perfect pet. In such a perfect moment.

So just keep moving, pet, and feel each step that you take bring you close to me. Bringing my voice deeper into your mind. Making you feel so very, very good and so very, very happy. Because with this joy comes arousal. With the collar and the leash comes arousal. With each step that you take, you grow more and more aroused. With each step, you can feel the collar around your neck strengthen and my tug on your leash.

You so do love being led around, pet. You love to follow. You love to be the best obedient pet you can possibly be. And it’s so easy. So very easy and so very nice. All you have to do is listen as you move forward. All you have to do enjoy the collar on your neck and the leash pulling you along. Just fall into the hypnotic movement of your legs. Notice the way each step intensifies your arousal and your excitement, fueling your happiness. Fueling your joy. That warmth in your chest. That knowledge that you’re such a good pet for me.

Step after step. Stride after stride. Feeling better and better. Your pleasure growing from within you. Your arousal spreading out and weaving itself across the entirety of your body. Your mind’s eyes fully energizes, allowing you to sense your collar and my pull on the leash. The longer we move forward together, the closer we grow. The better of a pet you become. So obedient and so nice. So lovely and so perfect.

You love this feeling of having someone guide you. You love to be led, pet. You love to feel cared. Cherished. Adored. And it’s so easy to feel all those things when we take our walks. With you all nice and leashed, my voice pulling you along. It makes you want to drop to your knees and crawl alongside me, doesn’t it, pet?

But for now, just listen and follow and feel good. Feel fulfilled. And, most importantly, feel aroused. Because each step pulls alll that arousal out of your core and into the real world, seeping into your mind. Seeping into your limbs and your nerves. Sending waves of pleasure running along your skin. Along your insides. Making you throb and pulsate. Making you breathe just a big quicker. Smile just a bit wider.

And with each step, these sensations grow in strength, intensifying effortlessly. Without thought. Without hesitation or doubt. Allow it to happen, pet. Allow it all to happen. Allow yourself to feel so very good and so very happy. So very aroused. All you have to do is listen, pet. Just listen and follow. My voice cascading down your thoughts. My words wrapping around your body.

Because as you put one foot in front of the other, my words coil around your sensitive body, touching and stroking alll the right places. All the places that like to be touched. All the places that like to be stroked and poked and rubbed. And you respond so easily, pet. You always respond so easily. Without hesitation. Without doubt.

Feel me tug at your leash, pet. You love it so. There’s nothing quite like this. Nothing quite like being outside, in public, listening to my voice. Enjoying the way I make you feel. Enjoying learning how to be my pet. The best pet you can be.

Here, outside, in the world, with my voice in your year, pulling you along on a leash…your steps taking you down a path of your choosing…you can revel in the blissful arousal coursing through your body. You can take full stock of the obedient thoughts running through your mind. And you can fully enjoy the euphoria now racing along your heart and your soul. The longer you move and the longer you listen, the better you feel. The more aroused. The more obedient.


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