Aquatic Static  – Script

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Aquatic Static

I steal you away and use you in every way I wish, my good little cock hungry slut…

By Miss Lilith

Welcome, sweetie. I want you to first make sure you’re in a safe, quiet place…somewhere comfortable and peaceful, where nothing could disturb you. Where you could just sit back or lie back, close your eyes, and allow my voice into your mind…allow my words to take you on a journey into places unseen…places rarely trodden.

For the best…experience, you’ll likely want to be completely in the nude for this. I would prefer it if you didn’t touch yourself during this session…but if you feel as if you simply must, I won’t hold that against you. Just know that if you resist touching, the likelihood of a mind-blowing, full-bodied, hands-free orgasm is greater. And each time you listen, it’ll become easier and more thrilling.

Get * for me now, baby. Liberate yourself of all unnecessary coverings. Pause this recording if you need some time.

With that done, all you have to do now is close your eyes, settle in, and listen. Listen to my voice and my words…and allow them to paint a vibrant picture deep in your mind, with sound, scent, and touch. It’ll be a wild, intimate ride, sweetea…and all you have to do is drift along with the melody of my voice, as if you were listening to a new favorite song.

Now set in motion that powerful, creative mind of yours and visualize, in your mind’s eye, an unfeeling vacuum…darker than black, blind as fate, and perfectly silent. There is nothing here but for your soft, uncoiling thoughts and my voice purring across them in waves of soothing bliss.

You don’t know much right about now, but there is one single, absolute truth buzzing across your mind right now: there is nothing else here except my voice and my words. For a moment, you lose yourself to this harmonic existence and allow yourself to admire wholly the serenity of now. Of this moment.

In this void…in this place of absence and vacancy, against the dark backdrop, tiny pinpricks of bright blue lights spin and whirl in dizzying patterns…round and round…growing in number and beginning to coalesce. As you stare, your thoughts can just go ahead and easily float away, latching on to the lights…emptying your mind and securing a deep, deep trance. Because the fewer thoughts you have, the lower under you drift…and the lower down you travel, the fewer thoughts you have.

The blue lights blend and fuse, and a shape begin to come into focus, more solid by the second…the colors turning deeper, more vivid. Slowly, the shape reveals itself to be a wide, wide well, low to the ground. Finally, all the lights fulfill their purpose and all that’s left is a large well made of shifting, bright blue lights. It’s both solid and not. In the center, there is a dark purple glow…pulsing with a delightful, inviting energy.

The well is the only light in this void…the only visible exist…the only apparent path you can take. And that’s alright, sweetea. It’s safe. I’ll take care of you. I’ll take care of your mind and your thoughts. You can take the leap and not have to worry about anything.

But before you do that, allow my voice to reach out to all of your senses and grab onto them…everything you’ve ever heard, you’ve sensed, you’ve felt, you’ve seen…and feel me wrap them all around my finger and shape them into a compressed, bright sphere of all your senses. This sphere is a representation of how you see the world…how you perceive reality…how you experience life. It’s all the things you see, all the things you hear, all the things you smell, and all the things you feel.

Now I’m going to take this sphere and everything that it holds…and introduce it to my voice, my words, and my will. So picture, in your mind’s eye, how I guide my will into the sphere and watch as they intermingle and become one. Watch as my voice and my words feed into it, saturating it completely, inside and out…and watch as it changes shape and hues, becoming an ever-shifting, latticed ball of oscillating colors.

And now feel me slip this powerful symbol of your senses…of how you experience reality in every which way…into the stream of your thoughts. Feel it glide right on in, effortlessly blending in with your wants and desires. Snaking around your memories and your habits. Encasing your entire mind and draping itself over your reality like a heavy-set, celestial blanket. From this moment on, this fusion of my will and your thoughts will allow you to fully and completely experience everything that I describe…everything that I say to you…everything that you’re told to envision and to feel.

My words will guide you. My words will hold your hand as they take you along the paths I want you to trek. This will be effortless…and you crave so strongly to experience fully all the things I mold into creation.

But for now, your focus is drawn back to the present. To the well. To the desire to throw yourself over and into what awaits you. And that’s just what you do. You joyfully and without hesitation jump right into the inviting purple light, ringed by the bright blue shape of the well.

At first, there is only darkness once more. But it’s calming. The pressure of the water swaddles your body from all sides as your mind grows heavy and thoughts begin to melt into the dark waters around you. After a moment, you notice that you can breathe. That your eyes don’t sting and that this feels natural. You simply accept this as a truth and dismiss it from your mind. It’s not important, and you don’t have the mental capacity to care.

As you allow yourself to sink, carefree and losing awareness, your eyes are drawn to the dark, rocky walls that encircle you…larger and farther away than they should have been.

Closest to you, the number 10 is clearly visible, colossal in size and etched into the rock face, white paint faded. It’s taller and wider than you are, but as you sink deeper and as you get farther from it, it shrinks and shrinks, and with it your mind.

And as you continue sinking…drifting slowly, but steadily downwards…your muscles grow slack and tensions ease away.

The number 9 approaches, smaller in size, but still so much larger than you. The closer you get, the more benumbed you feel and the slower your thoughts manifest. And as you reach it and drift slowly past it, you feel more and more at ease.

Because the lower down you go, the lower down your thoughts drift.

And as you reach the number 8, even smaller yet, but larger still than you, any caution you may have felt…any second thoughts that may have crossed your befuddled mind…slip out into the nebulous, spreading darkness.

7 creeps up slowly from the depths, and the closer you approach, the calmer you feel. The softer your mind. The more distant your body. And as you pass it and sink deeper…so does your mind.

You see the number 6, smaller now, no bigger than yourself. You notice that things are getting darker, the light from above dwindling away, not unlike your thoughts. And the darker things grow, the heavier your eyes get. And the heavier your eyes get, the harder it is to see.

5, and your body grows slack and unresponsive, at the mercy of the deep, dark, enclosing waters and their rhythmic movements. You can barely even see the number anymore. You know it’s there, but it’s so obscured and it’s so dark, you can’t find it within yourself to make the effort.

And so you allow your eyes to close and feel relived as you sink deeper and deeper, steadily drifting downwards into the abyss.

With your eyes safely shut and your mind gearing down, bit by bit, the number 4 comes into existence behind your eyelids, and it takes you ever so much deeper. Because each number drags you closer and closer into complete listlessness.

And as the 4 is replaced by the number 3, the waters around you grow warmer and their warmth begins to seep into you, body and soul. With each second that passes, you feel better and better, without really knowing why. Without really caring. You can just enjoy it.

You sink further still as the 3 is replaced by the number 2, and your thoughts become ever so much heavier, ever so much muddier. Everything feels so heavy and so very far away.

And the number 1 fades into view and shuts you down, your mind growing dark and all light and all thought flicker out and you Sleep[snap] deeper…drop…deeper. Sleep[snap] and become ever so much more suggestible.

Sleep[snap] and drift, drift down under.

Sleep[snap] and drop twice as deep.

Sleep[snap] and feel my voice bring you further down still.


You’re back at that place again. That vacuum…that hollowed out, dark void, where nothing but your thoughts and my voice exist. But this is just the beginning of your journey into the deep, sweetea. So allow my words to wash over your compliant mind and follow me out into the beyond, where dreams become reality and reality is what our minds make of it.

Allow the darkness to recede, now. Shed the void as if you were shedding an old winter coat, and feel warm and safe as the water around you turns crystal clear. Darkness retreats and pure, bright light shines through from the very distant surface. You take a deep breath, the water that isn’t really water filling your body. It feels good and weights your body down even further.

Your feet touch the bottom, finally, and you feel a mixture of relief and excitement, because this is what it has all been leading to. This is why you’ve been all but taken from your home and led to this place.

This is exactly where I want you and this is where I make you mine.

[Small pause]

[This part is for M]

Now feel warm hands wrap around you from behind and hold you close in an unbreakable grip. You open your mouth and try to make a sound, but nothing comes. The only sound I allow here is my own. You shall remain silent and obedient, like the good toy that you are…like the weak, submissive, blank plaything that you crave to be for me.

Now that you’re here…you’re mine. You came to this place willingly, even if you didn’t quite know what you’d be getting yourself into. It was your choice…but those don’t matter anymore. Your choices don’t have power here. Only mine do…only my will and my voice. So you’ll be good and obedient for me and follow all of my commands…all of my instructions. Just fall deeper now and feel how every last bit of resistance simply ebbs away…stolen by the slow current of the waters and sound of my voice.

You don’t resist when I move my right arm lower down your body and grab your ****, squeezing tightly, but not painfully. You like that, don’t you? I know you do…I can feel it throb in my hand, growing larger and larger, blood flowing away from your brain and into your pulsating ****…making thinking all that much more difficult. But you don’t need to think. Just enjoy the moment and empty your mind for me. Empty your mind for mistress.

I want you to speak that at loud. Say, “My mind is empty for you, Mistress.” Say that proudly and feel how weak it makes you…how much more obedient. How much more aroused. Say it again…and feel it even stronger. Accept it into your unconscious mind. Revel in the idea…the truth. Feel it bind you to my will.

I begin moving my hand up and down that **** of yours as your body begins to tremble in anticipation and total submission. It feeeeels so good, my little plaything. My toy…to be used and abused in any way I see fit. Say it. Say, “Use me, Mistress.” Say it again…and once more. Feel the words stick to your mind like glue. Good little sub. Very good. Very receptive. So willing to obey and submit…because the more you allow yourself to fall deeper into my voice and deeper under my control…the better you feel…the more aroused. The more pleasure you find in my hand stroking you up and down…slowly and steadily…already bringing you closer to the edge.

Now feel my other hand snake down and grab your balls, squeezing them lightly…but securely. These are mine now. All that you are is mine. Tell me you’re mine, fucktoy. Say, “I’m yours, Mistress.” Say it again…and feel the words drive you deeper into arousal…deeper into trance…deeper into submission. Say it again. And again. So much truer each time you repeat them. So much more solid each time. Say it again, my little, weak plaything. Believe the words spoken.

And Sleep[snap] for me. A bit deeper…a bit more emptier. Allow my voice to fill every crevice of your mind…allow it to stretch beyond the limits of possibility. Allow me to stretch your mind.

With a hand on your ****, stroking it slowly…and a hand toying with your balls…you can feel me close the gap and bring your entire back flat against my body. The first thing you notice are my full, soft * against your upper back…and my hard nipples pressing into your skin, spreading my warmth onto you.

Mmmmmm…I can’t wait wait to use you like the fucktoy that you are. I can’t wait to have you pleasure me. It’s gotten me so excited. I can barely control myself. Just the thought of what we’ll be doing is driving me insane. I…may just forget myself and hurt you. But…you don’t really care about that now. You just want to feel me. You just want to submit. Say it, plaything. Say, “I just want to submit, Mistress.” Say it again…and feel the words change you. Allow them to change you. Enjoy the process…and the arousal…and my hands on your body…and my will in your thoughts. Empty your mind and serve me.

[Low, subtle groan] You can feel something press against your ass. Something warm and hard. Something that throbs in just the same way that your **** does. The slight coolness of the waters that surround us highlights the warmth you feel from my body…allowing you to enjoy it further and more than ever before. What you’re feeling against your back is proof of just how hot and horny the idea of playing with you gets me. Oh, god…soon…very soon.

My **** is just as hard as yours is…and it needs just as much attention. More, even…since you’re here for my pleasure…you’re here to give me everything you possibly could. Say it, my submissive little plaything. Say, “I’m here to pleasure Mistress.” Say it again. Feel the words spoken drive you deeper into lust and deeper into submission. You must obey and submit. Good plaything.

I can’t…wait any longer. I let go of your **** and balls and move my hands to your shoulders. As I push down, you meekly accept and kneel. Kneel down on the ground…allowing the action to deepen your trance…and deepen that overwhelming feeling of total and complete submission to me. To your mistress. You belong on your knees. You belong down there…beneath me…under my spell…under my power. Willing and eager to obey and submit. And this makes me soooo * hot…so…aroused. Just as aroused as it makes you.

Stay now, toy…as I come around and stop right in front of you. Stay still…stay obedient…as you finally spot my throbbing **** just inches away from your face…swaying slightly with the subtle currents of the water…almost hypnotizing. You can’t look away…even if you wanted to. Even if I told you that you could. But you can’t and you won’t. Because you must obey…so fixate on my **** and feel your arousal growing…feeling your own **** twitch in anticipation…your mouth almost salivating at the thought of what I’ll do to you. Of what you’ll feel.

I want you to really cement this need in your mind. I want you to show me how weak and submissive you are. How much of a plaything of mine you are…and how much deeper you wish to go for me. So stare, mind emptying further with each second. Trace the veins with your eyes. You’re so close that you can notice how they pulsate in a steady rhythm…and with each pulse…your own **** responds with its own. My arousal is driving yours…and yours is driving mine. There is no ceiling to how goooood this can feel.

Now be a good for me and voice your desires, manifesting them into the real. As I grab your head with my hands and hold it steady, say, “I must obey Mistress.” Feel the words echo in your mind. Say them again, feel your **** twitch with delight and your mind tingle with a pleasure unbound. See my **** respond to your words. I love it so when you show me your devotion. It gets me soooooo * hot. Say them again, plaything.

Mmmmm…hearing you say that drives me wild, baby. It’s so thrilling, listening to you prove your weakness to me.

Stare in fixation as I pull your head just a little bit closer. Now say, with longing and desire, “I need to suck.” Let the words bounce around in your empty, needy mind. Be a good toy and repeat them for me. And say, “I need ****.” You need ****. You need my ****. You need it in your mouth. You need to feel it. You need me to **** your mouth, putting you in your place…showing you just how wonderful this can all feel.

Say, “I need you,”…and repeat. And repeat again. Believe the words. Each time you obey and repeat, you feel better and better…and more submissive…and more aroused. And the more aroused you get, the more submissive you feel…and the more you want me to **** you…body and mind. And the more it makes me want to take you. My throbbing **** is proof enough of that.

Feel me pull your head even closer, your lips touching the tip now…your tongue wanting to flick out and lick…and taste…and feel. So close now…your desperation growing in leaps and bounds…your desire growing hotter and hotter. Feel my **** twitch against your lips as I move in slightly. Stay still now. Be good for me and stay still. You can feel how your body responds to my voice…going slack…your **** pulsating with hunger. You have no control here. Just stay on your knees, arms by your side…and open your mouth wide for me. Open up. Tongue out. Just listen and submit. Listen and obey.

And feel me slip my **** into your mouth as I hold your head still. As soon as you feel it inside, your own twitches…and you feel tingles run down your spine in pleasure. Oh, baby…you’re a perfect little sub, aren’t you? So obedient for me. So frantic for my ****. I start to move my hips now, sliding my **** in…and out…in and out…slowly and steadily. Mmmm….this is good, baby. So gooood. My already throbbing, hard **** grows bigger and harder…and you find even more pleasure in being my weak, submissive, **** hungry slut. Enjoy the moment…as I enjoy mine.

You’re….doing…so well…and I’m getting so close…my pre-cum leaving warm traces on your tongue…driving you deeper into arousal and need. Dropping you deeper down into a blank mind…a thirsty mind. Hold still as I tighten my grip on your head…and push my * deep into your throat…almost making you gag…almost bringing tears to your eyes. Oh….*! You’re perfect, my plaything. So perfect.

Look up at me. Be a good toy and look up, past my heaving * and right into my eyes. Look deeply into my eyes…as I pull out…and then push back in…filling your throat, taking your breath away. Gaze into my eyes, succumbing to my spell…as I slowly thrust in…and…out…of your slutty mouth. You can’t look away now. My eyes have captured you. They’re speaking to your soul, now…drawing you in…deeper and deeper…as my **** thrusts deeper into your throat. Deeper and deeper, plaything.

Watch as the pupils of my eyes turn a dark purple and my bright blue irises begin to spin…round and round…pushing you along to drift…drift…deeply into me.

As I stop thrusting in and out…leaving my **** deep in your throat…throbbing with energy and pulsing with arousal…capture this moment in your mind. Bond with it…visualize the scene vividly and accept it into your primal under-thoughts. Into your deep subconscious mind and your clear, vivid thoughts. You, on your knees, open and obedient…weak and submissive…mouth gagged by my big, hard ****…my hands holding you completely still…your eyes locked with my hypnotizing stare…your own **** vibrating with need, with pleasure and arousal.

Capture this moment, plaything. Seal it into yourself on an innate level. All that you feel…all that I feel…your arousal…your pleasure…my ****…my eyes…my *…my hard nipples. Capture it all and bring it so close…so close into your mind’s eye. So that every time I call you a **** hungry slut, you’re partly brought back to this moment…so that you feel the things you feel now…feel the arousal you feel now…feel the **** lust…the **** hunger…and feel me close to you…using you like a fucktoy…a thing. And see my hypnotic eyes…gazing into your soul…seeing you for who you are…and accepting you wholly, unconditionally.

And every time I call you a **** hungry slut, these feelings and sensations grow with strength…become more and more powerful…more unavoidable. More pleasurable. Every time…the words electrify your insides…in allll the good ways…sending waves of arousal and pleasure zipping across your nerves and your mind.

[Short pause]

I’m…soooo close. All it would take is a few more slow thrusts…and I’d cum right down your throat…because your submission…your willingness…plays just the right tunes…driving me insane with the need to **** your little brains out. To own you. To show you how good it feels to shed all inhibitions and allow me to take you, body and soul.

And…I don’t think I can resist. It’s…not in my nature to resist my carnal desires. I just take what I want, when I want, how I want it. And since you’re here…in a place of my power…under my control…I’ll do just that. I’ll do what I want…take what I want.

So I move closer now, my **** hungry slut, and slip my **** out of your hungry throat…and you immediately feel empty. Instantly wanting it back in…choking on it…loving it…accepting it. You don’t have to wait long…as I thrust it back in, harder and deeper, sending a shiver running down your body…electrifying your own ****…your own arousal. Thrusting you deeper into submission.

And I start moving my hips once more…quicker…my * heaving…harder…my gaze locked with your own. Stare into my eyes…as I **** your throat, harder and harder, sliding my **** deeper and deeper…as your **** pulsates with the rhythm of my thrusts. As your blood rushes with the the knowledge that all you need to feel right now…is pure, unfiltered arousal and pure, content submission to your Mistress.

Watch as my blue and purple eyes swirl in delight…my cheeks flushing with pleasure and joy…my * bouncing up and down…and my feel my **** throbbing harder…hotter. Feel the veins pulsate with bliss and deeper arousal…

Listen to the…sounds…I make…feel what…I…feel. Share…my pleasure…as I use…your mouth…to please myself. As I use your tongue…and your throat…and your lips…and feel me getting closer and closer…and feel yourself getting closer and closer…even if you’re not allowed to cum just yet. Right on the edge…as I thrust in…and…out. And…right as I plunge right back in once more…my body shudders…my **** jerks…and I cum right down your throat…filling you up. Keep your gaze on my hypnotic eyes…as I cum and cum…my hot juices rushing down your hungry throat…saturating it with my essence…my emotions…my control.

You swallow…because you have no choice…you swallow…because you’re my **** hungry slut. Allow this moment to seal…to engrave itself on your mind…and allow it to find its own special persistence…so that you could never forget…never let it go. It’ll always be a nice…long memory. Always feeling so good…and so right…and so arousing.

I pull myself out and let go of your head, my creamy fluids leaking still from the tip of my ****, leaving traces of my cum in your mouth…on your tongue. Mmmm…it almost tastes like sweet and salty candy. Just the right combination…just the right flavor.

I take a moment…enjoying the post-orgasm bliss. It was soooo goood, my plaything. You’ve been such a joy so far. So good…so obedient. But….I’m not quite done with you. I’m not quite satisfied. My needs haven’t been met just yet. My arousal returns…two-fold. Twice as strong…twice as wanting…twice as thrilling. I’m hard again, so quickly. Harder still…my **** throbbing twice over. My hunger to **** you silly twice as strong, now.

Get on all fours, you **** hungry slut. The floor is soft and spongy, perfect for your hands and knees. The water surrounding us making it effortless to stay in position. Your obedient mind making it simple and easy to listen and obey. So get down all fours, a drowsy smile on your face…and feel your need to be taken increase with each second that passes…each word that I say.

Down on your fours…yearning to be filled…you feel my hands grab your hips from behind…my warmth spreading further into you. My arousal mingling with yours. I can’t wait any longer…need to **** you. I need to **** you hard and good…I need to **** your little brains out…I need to drive allll the unnecessary thoughts out of your mind. Now….close your eyes…relax…and submit.

Be a good, weak **** hungry slut for me and juuuuust relax as you feel the tip of my throbbing, hard **** press against your ass. We won’t need lube here, plaything. The water will allow me to slip right into you without resistance…in the same way that my words slip right into your mind effortlessly and easily…flooding you with pleasure, joy, and arousal.

I hold you tighter…my fingers digging into your skin…as you feel the pulsating warmth of my **** enter you…slipping right in without hindrance…and with it, whole-body sensations of pleasure, joy, and arousal. Something tickles your brain and you know…without question…that I’ll bring you to the very edge of the most pleasure you’ve ever experienced…and right over it…

Close your eyes and empty your mind of everything that isn’t in the now…that isn’t me…that isn’t your overwhelming pleasure. Sink right into it…and feel my **** slipping deeper into you. Feel it stretch your asshole as I thrust it alllll the way in, teasing your g-spot…and making your heart flutter…your **** twitch ever so much more strongly…throb ever so much more heartily.

Keep your eyes closed and see my eyes behind your eyelids. See the deep purple pupils…and my spinning, hypnotizing, bright blue irises. As my eyes spin…and my **** glides in and out of your ass slowly…sending you deeeeeper into bliss…deeper into lust…your mind begins to chant: “I must obey.” The words echo inside your mind…intermingling with alll your thoughts. Reaching deeeeper into your psyche. Chant: “I’m a **** hungry slut.” Over and over again. Loop it, allow it saturate your senses.

Chant, in your mind, as my warm, hard **** conditions you further and further…thrusting in and out at a steady pace: “I must submit.” Looping and looping…round and round. “I must obey, I’m a **** hungry slut, I must submit.” And with each rhythmic thrust of my hips, you feel the words cement deeper and deeper into your mind…driving you deeper and deeper into carnal desire…searing heat…and frantic arousal. Chant: “I must obey, I’m a **** hungry slut, I must submit, I must obey, I’m a **** hungry slut, I must submit.” Loop it over and over again. Allow the words to become your thoughts.

Don’t you dare stop chanting as I start to pick up pace…as I start to get closer and closer. Don’t stop envisioning my deep purple and blue, hypnotic eyes…as my **** prods your g-spot again…and again…bringing you closer to pure, overreaching bliss. More and more aroused. More and more empty and obedient. As my **** pulses and twitches…yours does as well.

Mmmmm, baby…you’re so tight…so perfect…so ready. Keep chanting…keep that vision of my eyes clear and centered…as I **** your brains straight out of your head. As I **** you silly…as you edge closer and closer to orgasm. As I edge closer to flooding your perfect ass with my cum. With my life-force.

In….and….out…quicker and quicker…harder and harder…you’re doing so well. Such a good little plaything for me. Such a good **** hungry slut. Each time I thrust…each time you feel my **** go balls deep…each time you feel me prod your g-spot…you get closer and closer to a full-body orgasm. An orgasm so much better…so much more profound than you’re used to. When it happens…it’ll be like the sum of all actions that have taken place here…all the sensations that you have felt…compressed into a single, long moment of mind-breaking, mind-altering explosion. All the pleasure…all the lust…all your hunger…all at once…spreading throughout the entirety of your body…your mind.

Really, truly feel the sensation of my **** reaching deeper into you…all the way into your mindscape. Feel it thrust into your ass…and feel it thrust into your mind…impaling your thoughts…your desires…your memories. Your limbs quiver…your center is in shambles…your **** drumming to the beat of my momentum. I’m getting sooooo close, now…plaything. Sooo close. Oh, God…I can’t hold it in much longer.

Just….chant…and stare at my eyes in your mind. Chant. Don’t stop. Don’t stop, baby. It makes me soooo * horny to feeeel you recite those words in your mind. It drives me crazy. I just want to…own you, like a good little toy. Oh, God…just a bit longer now…

Be a good **** hungry slut for me…and feel the pressure build. Feel the pressure in your **** and in your mind…the pressure in your body…your nerves…your every limb. It builds and builds…and as does the pressure in my ****. All rising higher…and higher…and hotter…and…Oh, God…so goood…so close…

The heat, the energy within you just wants out. It needs an outlet. It needs to be released in waves and waves of bliss and pleasure. In an all-consuming tide of orgasm of the body…and the mind. You feel the need to cum grow stronger and stronger. I feel the need grow and grow. The need to fill you with my juices. The need to own you. The need to claim you.

Chant…loop…engrave my eyes onto your thoughts…allow this moment to stretch into infinity…allow yourself allll the time you need to build on this arousal. Feel me dive deeep into your mind and find alll the right switches…all the right triggers…everything you need to explode in a mind-numbing, whole-body orgasm…when I burst and fill your needy ass with my creamy cum.

Feel it all bubble up to the surface…the throbbing of your ****…the pounding in your balls…the titillating feeling in your chest…the electricity in your limbs…the sound of my voice brushing against your thoughts…the bliss that you feel when you listen to my words…when you obey and submit….the bliss that you feel when you chant…looping and looping. Feel it allll rise up and become soooo real…so real that you can touch. Soooo real that I can touch…

And so I do…I touch it with my thoughts…connect with it all…and lent it power beyond your wildest dreams. I pour my will into it…into everything that you’re feeling…and expand upon it…command it to groooow and grow. Command it to grow stronger and stronger…and more profound. More…solid…more undeniable.

You feel your arousal…your whole-body arousal…grow in potential…grow in capacity…and feel your peek pleasure increase exponentially…to a point of no-return. I’ll be taking no prisoners here, my good, **** hungry slut. My good plaything. Enjoy these sensations…enjoy this edge on which we’re both riding on. Enjoy them now…and find more and more pleasure in the fact that I brought you here…and the fact that I can bring you soooo much more still.

I’m…close, now. Just…chant…and allow me to delight in your submission. Allow me to savor this…just as you savor this moment. Allow the build-up of arousal and bliss reach higher still…as I thrust my **** deeper and quicker…hitting your g-spot over and over again…my **** growing even harder…throbbing even faster…even hotter.

The vibrations of your emotions stretch and attach themselves to your arousal…to your bliss…and you feel closer…and closer…to that full-body, wet orgasm that you can barely even hold at bay any longer. Chant, my plaything. Just chant feel the words hitting just the right spots in your mind to pull at that orgasm. To pull it forward and up…into the real world. Chant…and allow the sound of my voice to enchant you into obeying…to enchant you into following alll my suggestions.

I’m…right there on the edge now. And…oh, God…you’re so perfect. So tight.

You’re such a goood slut for me. Such a good toy. Mmmm…I can feel my **** starting to pulse with those final palpitations of orgasm. I can feel you shudder in pleasure…both of us on the very, very edge of explosion…of eruption. Every word brings you closer…every thrust brings me closer.

I…can’t…hold it back…any longer, baby. I’m about to let go…

Just as…you are…

I can only…give you a three-count warning…

You’re so perfect, baby…so close….

Three…and I feel the pressure build…and you feel yours build two-fold…rising higher and higher.

Two…and my **** is harder still…filling your ass to the brim…thrusting in….and out…in…and…out…and your **** twitches and throbs…pre-cum leaking as if from a faucet. The energy within you neeeeds to be released…it needs to explode in a fullllll-bodied orgasm unlike which few have ever felt. You’ll feel it in every limb…every nerve…every part of your mind…and every part of your ****. It’ll break you, plaything. Make you wonder what’s real and what isn’t.

And…more pleasure…more arousal…more bliss…just keep chanting: “I must obey, I’m a **** hungry slut, I must submit.”


One [snap], you erupt in pleasure as my own **** bursts and fills your ass with my creamy cum. Feeeeel the waves of orgasm throughout your body…reaching every single part of you…body and mind..and spirit. Feel the bliss of a full-body orgasm as it only grows and grows in waves. It doesn’t weaken…it just gets better and better as you listen. Enjoy the way you twitch and shiver…the way your limbs quiver…the way your mind blanks totally and completely…just so that you could savor this moment in time.

Surrender…and adore the sensations zipping along your body…along your **** and your ass…and your balls. Surrender…and keep chanting…looping…as the waves of please increase in number and in power. Surrender…and delight in the feeling of this excitement…this singular feeling of pure joy and pure bliss and pure orgasm.

The streams of pleasure don’t subside. They just keep coming and coming…electrifying your body and mind. Filling you with an abundance of lust and pleasure…as if countless of soft hands massaged every part of your body…as if my hands rubbed at the thoughts in your head

And feel yourself reach the very peak of pleasure…and feel everything intensify…feel it all so clearly and so strongly. Don’t resist. Allow it to happen. Allow my voice to guide you into infinity. Into a world of pure bliss…pure joy…pure sexual release. Just let it happen, my plaything. Enjoy it to its fullest. Ride the waves of pleasure. Let the tides take you where they will…let my voice take you deeeper and deeeeeper into this euphoria. Into this perfect moment in time…because you’ve been such a perfect toy…so obedient…so submissive…so…open.

Just enjoy this now. Let it take you as far and as deep as you’d like. Let it bring you to whatever place that you wish. Whatever state of mind that best suits you right now. Allow yourself to just let go and glide on the winds of your pleasure. Drift to lands far away…drift with the thoughts that may still run through your head. Go with the flow…allow yourself to be taken wherever my voice carries you off.

You can stretch this feeling for as looong as you need…as long as you want…even after I wake you. Because the end of trance isn’t the end of your bliss. It can just keep rolling and keep building. That’s completely up to you. If there’s nothing that needs to be done, you can just allow yourself to drift back into this pleasure even after you wake. If life needs you to return…you will do so. In this…you have choice.

But for now…just listen and prepare to wake. I’m going to count up from 1 and to 5, now. Each number will bring you closer back up from this deep, deep trance.

1, and thoughts slowly return…feeling good and relaxed…and happy.

2, allowing the fantasy to disperse…but accepting all that has happened here.

3, feeling more and more aware…more and more awake.

2, soaring high, high above the foggy clouds of trance…leaving it behind…but keeping that calm…that relaxation with you…

And 1, fully awake and fully aware…energized…feeling great and well rested, as if waking from a long, deep sleep.

You can now choose whether you’d like to explore that feeling…that bliss…further…or whether your life needs you back.

Till next time, Sweeteas.

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