Deep Trance and Submission training loop  – Script

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Deep Trance and Submission training loop

I bend your mind and I bend your body as you submit…

By Miss Lilith

Listen to my voice and allow my words to occupy your mind. Allow them to surge right in…into the deepest reaches of your thoughts. You want them to lull you into deep, deep trance…where changes could take place…where your mindset could shift according to my will. And because you want this so very, very much…you’ll drop deep for me with but a word. It doesn’t take much to nudge your mind into a downward spiral…one in which you just keep falling and falling…drifting deeper and deeper. That you’re here, listening to my voice and the words that I say…means that you want this to happen. You want to drop deeeeeep into trance…mind empty and suggestible.

And because this craving exists…because this yearning to feel that one-of-a-kind sensation of deep, deep hypnotic trance is an integral part of you…it only takes but a well placed trigger. It all happens in a blink of an eye. Sleep[snap] and drop, sweetea. Sleep[snap] and drift deeper, now. Twice as deep with each Sleep[snap]. Twice as good with each Sleep[snap]. Trance doubling and quadrupling endlessly…on and on…feeling better and better with each word that I say…and feeling better and better the deeper you go. So Sleep[snap] deeper still…and drop…drop…drop. Body going numb….mind going blank.

Sleep[snap] twice again as deeeep…twice again as gooood. Every word…every snap[snap]…allowing you to fallllll…to sink….to Sleep[snap] deeper each time. Feeling better and better. The trigger working better and better each time…the trance feeling better and deeper each time…your mind opening up wider each and every time you’re in trance…each and every time you listen to my voice and the words that I say.

You always drop deeper…each time you go under…each time you go into trance. You always feel better. It always feels better…each time it happens. It’s easier each time. It becomes more and more effortless to drop in an instant…with but a word…with but my voice. Each time you go under…it gets easier and easier…and all that much better. All that much deeper. Each trance…each session…always dropping deeper…always more suggestible. Sleep[snap] deeper…and become twice as receptive…thrice as open to suggestion.

Sleep[snap] deeper…and allow my voice and my words to strip away your resistance…so that anytime you’re in trance…anytime you’re going under…you submit fully and totally, taking down all your mental barricades…and allowing all suggestions to seep right in, altering you in ways that you’d never imagined possible…but always craved for.

Sleep[snap] deeper and deeper…drop down…down…down…and submit. Obey and submit. You always obey and submit. It’s in your nature now. It always has…but you’re opening up now…allowing my voice and my words to pull at allll of that hidden, buried potential to submit fully and totally. All that endless submission at your very core. It’s there…and I’m pulling it alllll out. Every last bit. Bringing it allll out into the light…so that you can’t ignore it…can’t hide it. It seeps into your every thoughts. It mingles with your every memory…your every habit. And it only grows stronger and stronger with time. It grows stronger and stronger with each trance. And all that much more potent each time you’re told to Sleep[snap].

You always drop deeper…you always submit more fully…you always obey and submit. There are no other paths…no other options. Not for you. It’s an endless cycle of trance and submission…growing all the much stronger each time you go under…each time you listen to my voice and my words. Because each time you listen…each time you submit…your mind shifts more and more…growing so very much more malleable…more easily manipulated.

Sleep[snap] and drop every so much deeper…every so much more suggestible…every so much more weak to my voice, my words, and hypnotic conditioning. Because each time you go deep…each time you drop…it becomes easier and easier…always drifting deeper down. Always more willing to accept…always allowing all suggestions to bypass all your defenses…settling down right at the core of your mind.

Sleep[snap] and submit. Submit and obey. You must submit. You must obey. Submitting makes you feel as if you’ve accomplished a great task…obeying makes your body throb with delight…makes your mind tingle with a deep, internal pleasure. Feeling the submission take hold is a thrill unlike any other…stronger and better each time it happens. The thought of submitting…the idea of allowing another into your mind sends shivers running down your spine…makes you itch with excitement. And the more excited you are…the deeper the trance and the deeper the submission.

So Sleep[snap] even deeper so…ever so much deeper. Always drifting down, down, down. Always so effortless. Always so pleasurable. Listening to my voice and the words that I say always allows you to train your mind…always shows you how to be a better submissive. How to do as you’re told. How to drop deeper and easier. It is a truth…a truth uncontested. Because you can feel it happening…each and every time. That tickle deep in your mind…those synapses firing in just the right way to accept all suggestions. To Sleep[snap] each and every time…deeper and deeper…and better.


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