Passive Loop for Better Trance and Submission  – Script

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Passive Loop for Better Trance and Submission

Submit & Obey, Sweetea…

By Miss Lilith

Allow my voice and my words to neatly navigate your mind…effortlessly bypassing your conscious thoughts. Allow my suggestions to seep through the cracks of your focus…your consciousness…and embed themselves deeply in your unconscious mind…in your underlining thoughts and ideas. You don’t need to listen to the words that I say…simply let my voice wash over you without stealing your focus away…without dragging you down into trance. This can happen easily and without effort…because I say so. Only here…and only as you listen to this…because at any other time…the sound of my voice alone pulls you down into the deepest waters of hypnotic trance. With each listen to this…each time you listen to my voice…you become more and more suggestible…learning each time how to better drop into that deep, mindless mindset.

As you go about your day…your focus on whatever task that you may have…my words slip right in…reaching deeper and deeper into the darkest corners of your unconscious mind. You don’t need to pay attention to the words that I say…because your deep unconscious mind listens and obeys. It listens and submits. It has no choice but to do so. And the longer you allow yourself to listen in this way…the deeper the changes are…the more your mind acclimates to my voice…and the more it submits.

As your unconscious mind listens, you feel better and better…and more relaxed…more able to deal with your task. As my voice continues to seep into your mind, your submission grows with each moment…each loop…each word…each suggestion widening that submissive streak of yours that you so very much enjoy exploring. Each word driving and cementing your weakness to suggestion and to command. Soon enough…your actions will become automatic…without thought…always obeying and always submitting…never questioning…and always finding pleasure in how deep you go and how deeply you let go.

Because falling deeply becomes easier and easier each time you listen…each time you submit. And each time you submit…you fall deeper and deeper and more under control. It’s all you really want. Allow my voice to pull at all that submission stored deeply within you…allow it pull it allll out and onto the surface…so that you could never ignore it. So that when you’re told to submit and obey…you have no choice at all but to submit and obey. Letting go is always such a pleasure…better each time…your submission more solid each time.

This feeling…this submissive mindset…is like a heavy cloak upon your mind and your shoulders. You can feel it, always…weighting you down…making you malleable…when you’re told what to do…what to think…and when you’re listening to the sound of my voice and the words that I say. When you submit…even just a little bit…when you feel yourself let go just a tiny bit…it’s like a tap opens and you just fully let go of control…allowing it all to pour out…allowing yourself to submit fully and totally…without reservation…without thought…without conscious choice.

When that first thought of allowing another into your mind manifests…you’re already too far gone to resist…because your unconscious mind wants you to submit and obey. And so it just happens…automatically…effortlessly…sending tingles running along your spine…and making you feel woozy and weak. You love this feeling. You love feeling this way…you can’t get enough of it. It’s always such a rush…a subtle, soft rush of emotions and sensations that make your knees go weak and your mind go pop.

And when your mind catches on the idea of submission…you go ever so much deeper…so much easier…so much quicker. When you go so deep…your submission grows and all you know in the world is that you must submit and obey. It’s an ever-present track deep within your unconscious mind. Always mingling around…around bouncing around your head…helping you along…taking your choices away from you. Making you revel in the fact that your mind isn’t your own.

So listen to my voice and the words that I say and know that, deep inside that head of yours…the thrill you feel when you obey and submit only grows stronger and better each time…spreads further out each time…impossible to ignore…impossible to resist…because you always submit and obey. So continue to focus on your task…as my words wash over your thoughts…driving deep into your unconscious mind…creating a link between the words submit and obey and that feeling you get when you crave to give up control. So that each time you hear submit and obey, you want to submit further and further…giving up more and more of your control. You want to the find all the different ways you could please the speaker…all the different ways you could make yourself feel more and more submissive.

As you focus on your task…my words reach deeply into your mind…underneath the underneath…where change happens automatically…effortlessly. This happens easier each time you listen. Better each time you allow my words and my voice into your mind. Each time you listen…the lessons and teachings here embed themselves further in…becoming more and more permanent. More and more enjoyable…more pleasurable. You wish for nothing but to submit and obey.


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