Pink Panty Loops

Hello, my perfect playthings!

None of these would make any sense to you without first listening to the original (and free) Perfect Pink Panties, so please do that first!

Pink Panty Edge Loop: Something you can listen to while you edge. On a loop or not. The intent here is to link pink panties with that wonderful feeling of being on the very edge of orgasm, so that whenever you wear a pair, interesting things begin to happen….(This file is made up of suggestions taken out of the main Perfect Pink Panties file.)

Pink Panty Joy Loop – Passive: You can listen to this while doing anything at all. There are no drop triggers, no snaps, and no suggestions to sleep. There are, however, plenty other suggestions. It’s all very pink and happy and sexy. If you like panties, pink, or arousal, you’ll like this file. (This is a completely separate recording, accompanying the Perfect Pink Panties file, but not using any of the content from it. Give it a listen!)

Pink Panty Joy Loop – Trance: Same as above, except it’s meant to put you deeply under with suggestions, snaps, and a few effects.

These are all available through my Patreon.

Have fun!