Hypnotized By A Bimbo  – Script

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Hypnotized By A Bimbo

Featuring an appearance by Silly Lilly

Because the world needs all the bimbos it can get…

By Miss Lilith

Welcome, Sweetea. This…is Miss Lilith and you’re here to meet someone very special.

She’s been a project of mine for a little while, now.

I’ve been conditioning her. Training her. Molding her into my perfect little bimbo toy. And…I think it’s time I introduce her to the world. Well…reintroduce her, because what she is now is new and wonderful and beyond beautiful.

She’s just…such a bimbo now. No brains. No intelligence. No inhibitions. Just a dumb little slut…barely able to string words together into coherent sentences. Barely aware enough to know when she’s being hypnotized. Controlled. Taken advantage of. But…she does looooove to play. She adores to be played with. 

I’ll let you meet her in just a second…but do be careful, sweetea?  She’s innocent. Harmless. Too dumb for the world, really. So treat her with the gentlest of touches……..Or. Else. Just sit down for now.

Ohmigod…hiii! I’m sooo excited to meet you! Lilith has talked about you, like, alllll day!

Let me just sit down. My feet are killing me. I’ve been trying out heels allll day.

I’m going to let you two get acquainted. I’ll be be soon. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t!

Miss Lilith has, like, been so great to me! All my troubles and my…worries…all gone! Poof! I’m just, like…so happy now. I can’t even. Ohmigod!

It’s, like, so great to just let go. Let go of the brain. Let go of the mind. Like, why think when you just…don’t have to. Why even remember?

My gosh, it feels so good to drop for Miss Lilith. When tells you to sleep, it’s like you can’t even. You just sleep. You just drop. It’s so very hard to resist. Your eyes, like, just get so heavy. And it’s so hard to think. It’s fun NOT to think. Tehehee.

When she tells you to, like, close your eyes…when she snaps her fingers…like this [snap]…it’s so haaaard. Like, why even bother, right? Just drop and stuff. I think. Whatever. Omg.

Cause, like, why even think and stuff. Why think if you can just…drop[snap]. right, sweetea? Oh, I looove dropping. I looove sleeping. I looove letting go. It feels so good to be dumb and empty and brainless. It feels so good when brain go bye bye.

And brain go bye bye when you hear the sleep[snap] trigger. So be careful with…like, that, ok? We wouldn’t want  you dropping right…would we? Wait, wouldn’t we? Wait! I dunno! I’m so confused. Omg. Jeez.

So confused. I can’t even. Wait…so do you want to drop or not? I don’t know anymore! It’s so hard. It’s so confusing. Confused, confused, confused, confused!

[Be weary, sweetea]

She’s a good, dumb, brainless bimbo toy…but something dark lurks underneath.

She draws you in with that act…and you can’t help but feel yourself…switch over to her wavelength.

But, like, it’s kinda ok to be confused. Cause, like, it’s kinda fun to have trouble…doing that thing! That thing, you know, with the brain. Thinking! Yes! It’s so fun to have trouble thinking. Omg. So fun!

Why think when you cam just…not! Omg, don’t think. Just…drop and sleep and drift and forget. It’s so fun to forget! Omg.

And you probably should…try to stay aware and…perhaps stay clear of trance.

You may not like where it would lead.

And, oh, sweetea! It’s soooo good to drop as a bimbo! It feels so goood! Your brain and your mind and…and…and…those things in your head! You know! Those things! Thoughts! Yes, thoughts!

Omg, it’s so fun forget words. Makes me so fucking horny! Omg, like. Totallly. Tehehehe.

Makes you so horny to like, not think? I think? Like, no thoughts and stuffs. What’s a brain, anyway, right? Is that some type of fish?

Wait, maybe it’s a car? No, wait, it’s a puppy breed! Omg. Of course. How could I, like, forget that. Sillly me. Tehehehe. This is what happens when bimob goes too much bimbo. Isn’t it great? Omg. Like. Totally.

You really should resist the drop, baby. You really should drop here, for her. She doesn’t know where to stop. How to stop. She just keeps getting dumber and dumber…and it may just rub off on you if you let it. So…resist, baby. Don’t drop for her. You don’t want to drop for a bimbo, do you? That doesn’t sound fun, does it?

Oh…emmm..geee! I have the GREATEST idea. Do you…wanna…be a bimbo with me? Omg! Just shut up, you whore. I know you do already. Omg, just follow me, baby. Just sleep[snap] and drop[snap] and follow me into bimbo land. Into bimbo trance. Brain go bye bye….and bimbo toy goes sploosh.

Yes, yes! Bimbo toy! That’s what I am! Don’t you want to be one too? I promise it’s fun!  Horny and fun. Confusing and fun! And so very bimbo pink!omg, I looove pink. Pink is just the best. Just….think pink and sink. Omg. Doesn’t that just…like…omg. Right? Thehehe.

Oh, sweetea. You really, really shouldn’t let her have power over you. She may be a dumb, slutty, brainless bimbo toy…but she has a way of getting what she wants.

And what she wants now..apparently…is you. You as a bimbo. A brainless, stupid bimbo whore. If you let her…I won’t bear responsibility for what may happen. Good…or bad.

So like…be like me ok? It’s easy. Just…like, um…I think…listen or something. Listen and, like…follow, ok? OK! Omg. It’s sooo easy even a bimbo can do it! But you’re not a bimbo yet! Omg, get on my level, bitch. Jeez. Teeehehe.

So just….like, stop. Stop thinking. No brain. No mind. Only drop[snap]. only sleep[snap]. only down, down, down, down, down, down, down. Cause down is the only way down. And  you want to go down with me. Yes. Right? I think. Probably. Bless you!

Omg, baby. I’mm like…so horny. I can’t…even. Teeheehee. Ok. Omg. I feel sofunny. What’s happening? I think I’m…dropping. Am I …dropping? Are you? Are we? Is this trance? Are we in trance? What’s happening? Omg. I can’t. I’m so confused.

Down, down, down you go. Are you sure you want this? Are you sure you want to drop? Here? Now? Drop for the bimbo? Sleep for the bimbo? Leave yourself defenceless? Open? Suggestible? Deep in trance?

Yessss, baby. Follow me down. Down into trance. Where  we can’t think. Where we can’t  brain. Where mind is gone. Where brain go bye bye. Where we sleep[snap] and drift. And forget. Forget like good little bimbo toys. Like good bimbo whores. Horny and slutty and empty. Bimbo, bimbo bimbo. Omg. Yes, please. Uhuh.

Follow her down, sweetea. Down into trance. Where you can’t think. Where you can’t reason. Where your brain go bye bye and your thoughts disappear. It’s so very easy to drop[snap]. so very easy to drift down deeper and deeper, like the good bimbo toy that you want to be. Like the good, empty, blank, relaxed, bimbo that you need to be.

Being a bimbo toy is, like, the bestest! Omg. And being a sleepy, trancy bimbo is even better! Let’s be so totally happy and so very horny and dumb together, baby. Let’s just…not. Not think. Not brain. Only pink. Only dumb. Only sleep. Down and down. So hard to think, like…so hard to remember…like…what even is this, right? We don’t need to think and we don’t need…that thing. With the thing. You know? We don’t need it. Totally don’t need it. We just need the…uhh…umm…we need the drop[snap]. Teeeheeeheeehee.

Such a good bimbo toy. Such a sleepy, trancy bimbo toy [snap]. so horny and so weak and so open. And so dumb. Can’t think. Can’t reason. No thoughts, no mind, no brain. Drifting down, down, down. Can’t remember. Just forget, sweetea. Forget why you’re even here. You’re here to have fun. You’re here to think pink and sink. You’re here to drop [snap] and sleep[snap] and let loose of all inhibitions and all resistance. Such a good bimbo toy.

Be a bimbo with me! Can’t, like, think. Can’t, like, even…can’t even.

[It’s too late now, bimbo.]

You’ve given in and allowed the bimbo in. There is no stopping it now. No slowing it down.

Think pink and sink with me, you whore! Don’t be a bore!

Sink with her, baby. Let go. Let me in. Let us in. Drift down and think pink as you sink. Because pink is a bimbo’s favorite color.

Be a brainless, mindless bimbo toy. Be a mindless, brainless whore for joy.

You really do want to be just a mindless bimbo toy. A thoughtless, blank, empty slut of a bimbo whore.

Brain go bye bye. Mind go bye bye. Thoughts go bye bye. We go bye bye. Only bimbos, now. Only bimbos remain. Only dumb, horny, slutty, brainless bitches. Omg, like…totally. Super. Uhuh. Thehehe.

Can’t think. Can’t reason. Can’t remember. Can only drop deeper down. Be the bimbo she wants you to be. Let go and enjoy a carefree, worry-free, tension-free existence. Where nothing matters but…but how horny and happy and dumb you are, my good little bimbo toy.

Just, like, drop, sweetea. Just sleep and drift, bimbo. Drift down into deep, deep trance…on a fluffy pink cloud made of cotton and giggles. Teeheehee. Giggle giggle.

Drop, bimbo. Drop and sleep and drift downwards into the abyss of a blank, empty, mindless trance. A relaxed, deep, blank, hypnotic trance. Where you listen and follow and do nothing else, because you can’t do anything else as a bimbo.

As bimbos, we listen and we obey. As bimbos, we drop and we drift. Good bimbos submit and obey. Good bimbos drop and drop and drop[snap]. no brain. No mind. No head. Only horny. Only trance. Only bimbo toys for life. Teehee.

Listen and follow, bimbo toy. Listen, submit, and obey as  you sleep[snap]. As you obey[snap]. As you lose sense of yourself and gain only bimbo. Only horny. Only happy. Only giggly. Forget what it means to be anything but a dumb bimbo slut.

Such a bimbo slut. Such a bimbo toy. Can’t think. Can only sink and think pink…as brain go bye bye and you …drop deeper. And deeper. And deeper. So much deeper. So very horny. So very obedient. So very stupid.

So very dumb and so very blank. No thoughts. No mind. Only bimbo. Only bimbo now. Only bimbo toy. Only pink. Only sink. Drifting into a nice and relaxed, deep, blank hypnotic trance.

Just, like, drop[snap], you slut.

Drop [snap] and drift, bimbo whore.

Fall into…that thing…fall into sleep[snap], bimbo toy.

Just give in and sleep[snap], baby.

No thought.

No thought.

No brain.

No brain.

Only bimbo.

Only bimbo.

No defense.

No defense.



















Well, you’ve done it now, haven’t you? You let her bring you to her level. To the bimbo level, where you can only feel horny and blank and happy beyond comprehension. Because every time you try to think…

Bimbos can’t think, dummy! Omg, we’re empty and happy and blank!

You really can’t thin, baby. When you try, you just fail. When you try to think, you’re just…

Horny! So horny! Can’t think. Only horny. So very, very horny!

Such a horny bimbo. You want to be touched. You want to be used. Because you’re a slut. A bimbo whore. A bimbo toy.

Empty, empty, empty! Teeheehee. Blank blank blank. Such a dummy, omg!

Bimbo toys are always blank and empty. Bimbo toys are always dumb.

[And you’re such a good bimbo toy, aren’t you, baby?]

Such a good bimbo toy.

No need to think. Because thinking is boring. Thinking is..unfun. What’s fun is…being a ditzy bimbo slut. Horny and blank. Horny and empty. Horny and dumb. And bimbos want to be touched. Bimbos want to be hot. Bimbos want to be used. And….

You’re a bimbo. You want to be used. You want to be touched. You…

Are so fucking horny. So fucking needy. So fucking dumb.

Like, omigod, bimbo! Such a dummy. So needy. Just…omg. Ok.

And you don’t resist…and don’t think…when you feel me close in on you…

Your horny grows and grows and grows…as I pull you up to your feet, your eyes closed, deep in trance…and touch your face. Your bimbo face.

You can feel my other bimbo toy come up behind you and wrap her arms around your waist, holding you tight.

We’re gonna be suuuuch great bimbos together! I promise! Omg, I can’t wait to show you how to be the perfect bimbo! Teeheehee.

You’re both so cute. So very dumb. Defenseless. Brainless. Slutty. Feel my hands reach into your shirt…sliding up to your chest…and feel my fingers on your nipples. Feel me rub them and twist them and pinch them…as my other bimbo toy moves her hand between your thighs.

Omg, you wanna feel good, right? Right? I can make you feel so good, bimbo! Just enjoy the touch! Have fun with me!

As my fingers circle around your sensitive nipples…hers touch you in the most delectable of ways, baby.

[Feel her hand between your legs and feel her heat. Her warmth. Her fingers touching you in the most sensitive way.]

You want her to stroke you. You want her to touch you. To show you what it feels to be a bimbo toy. You want her to give you pleasure as I give you pleasure.

Let go, baby. Just…forget, bimbo. And feel me here with you. Cause, like…we’re here together, right? Omg. We are! Sometimes I’m so dumb I forget how dumb I am. Omg.

Release allll tension and release all thought..as you allow my bimbo toy to stroke the fires of your arousal. The heat of your passion. Let it build. Let your arousal build and intensify. Feel yourself grow more desperate to cum. So fucking horny. So fucking hot. Just….wanting to be touched. Wanting to be dumb. Wanting so very much to be my good bimbo toy. With no brains. No thoughts. No memories. Only horny, now.

Only horny, bimbo toy. Brainless and mindless and horny. My perfect bimbo sis! Omg, we can be sisters! Can you, like, imagine???omg tehehe

I close in and give you a deep, wet, tongue-filled kiss…as she closes in, strokes you faster…and kisses you on the side of your neck…as you moan for me. As your body fills with pleasure. With horny. More and more horny.

And you want to cum so bad…but..bimbos looove to stay horny, don’t they? Bimbos looove horny.

Omg, yes! Bimbos just loooove to stay horny. It’s alll about the horny, bimbo! Forget, like, cumming. Who needs cumming when  you have happy and horny and blank! Teeheee.

My hands roam your body, the tips of my fingers running across your skin. The tips of her fingers moving up. Playing with your nipples.

Sensitive nipples just so great, you know? Soooooo great. So hhhoooorny. Omg.

[And my own hand replaces hers between your legs, bimbo. Feel my stroke the fires of your arousal further. Let go as lust fills your body and your mind.]

You don’t need to cum. You just need to feel horny. Because…

The more horny you are, the dumber you become…and the dumber you become…the more horny you are.

It’s so easy, bimbo! That’s all there is to the world!

Submit and obey…and stay blank for me…as you get dumber and hornier and dumber and hornier.

Dumber and hornier and dumber and hornier.

It feels so good to be this horny…that you want to stay like this for as long as you possibly can. You want to be this dumb, brainless, slutty bimbo for as long as the world allows. Because there is only joy here. Only horny. Only bimbo.

Only bimbo toy. Only bimbo fun. Only bimbo, bimbo, bimbo dumb.

And…if you really want this…if you really want to be another one of my bimbo toys…like your new friend over there…just..relax. Relaxed, sleep[snap] deeper and deeper and drop[snap] all the way down into a perfectly suggestible bimbo trance.

Like, drop[snap], bimbo. Just…like…omg. Just sleep, ok? Jeez.

Inhale, sweetea.

Inhale the pink gas. Deep breaths. The deeper the breaths…the deeper you go…and more blank you become. The more you breathe and the deeper  you inhale, the more thoughts you lose…and the more bimbo you become.

More and more bimbo! Such a good bimbo toy! Please, please join me! Join me and my joy! Teehee.

Inhale the bimbo gas…the first step in your bimbo progression. Inhale deeply, baby. Deep breaths. Feel the gas in your lungs. Feel it in your body. Feel it in your system. Feel it take away you resistance. Your inhibitions. Your tensions.

No thoughts. No brain. No tension. Breathe, bimbo. Breathe, baby. Breathe! It’s so easy even a bimbo can do it!

The gas…has been slowly pumping into the room since you first sat down. You didn’t quite know it at the time…but it had already been too late. I always meant for you to be here…now…in this place…your mind blank and empty…becoming another one of my bimbo toys. A special bimbo toy.

[The most special, sweetea.]

One of a kind. I’m going to make you into my perfect little bimbo toy. You’re already so far into the process that you may already be forgetting that this isn’t your first here. That you’ve been here so many times already..and I force you to forget each and every single time. Every time I take you here and wash your mind, condition your thoughts…and fill you full of bimbo gas…you leave having forgotten. Maybe this time you’ll remember…maybe you won’t. maybe you don’t really want to. Because…

It’s so good to forget! Bimbos loooove to forget! When brain go bye bye, memory go bye bye too! No thoughts. No brain. No memory only forget, forget. Forget. Good bimbos forget.

[And you’re such a good bimbo toy, aren’t you?]

Yes, yes, you are, baby.

Such a good bimbo toy. So easy to manipulate. So easy to condition and brainwash. Just inhale the gas as the bimbo inside you grows stronger. Better. Dumber. As you become hornier and hornier and hornier. And as you become horner…

You become, like,omg..so muuuuch dumber. So fucking dumb, you fucking whore. How are you even this dumb right now? I can’t even. But…omg, it’s so fun, right? I told you!!! I told you it’d be fun! Didn’t I say?

Sink into the pink for me, baby. Deeply down, down, down without resistance. Without defense. Without thought. And as you sink…and  you breathe in the gas….and your thoughts float up and away…and you grow hornier…sluttier…full of lust and passion and horny, horny, horny…

So horny, omg, so fucking horny. What the fuck.

You…just…breathe, bimbo. Inhale the gas as the cells in your body continue to rearrange so that you could be the perfect, dumb, clueless bimbo. A bimbo with no mind, no brain, no tension, no worry, no stress. Only lustful, horny emotions. Only nice and happy and joyful sensations. Only dumb like a rock. Dumb like a bimbo!

Inhale the bimbo gas and grow dizzy. Foggy. Pink. Sink and think pink. The room becoming all pink. Your mind becoming all pink.

Think pink and sink, sweetea. Only pink and only sink and only bimbo! Only dumb, brainless bimbo toy!

So easy to sink for me. So effortless to keep dropping deeper into the pink. Inhale and feel all the cells in your brain pop.

So dumb, now. Dumb like me! So fun!

So empty and blank and submissive, now. Obedient and stupid. Such a dummy for me, aren’t you? Yes, yes you are. My perfect little toy. To be used and abused in every which way that I choose.

Inhale deeply and prepare to wake from this bimbo dream. This bimbo trance.

When you wake… you won’t be quite yourself…for quite a while. It’ll be so very hard to be anything but…

Such a good bimbo toy! A brainless, mindless, bimbo whore!…OMG

When you wake, you’ll stay a bimbo for as long as you possibly can..because you want to be happy and horny and dumb. Because being happy and horny and dumb…makes you feel…happy and horny and dumb…and happy and horny and dumb…is what good bimbo toys feel…and you’re such…

A good bimbo toy! Omg! We’re so good! Like, so fucking good! So fucking dumb. So fucking horny!!

[Keep breathing as you begin to wake, now, sweetea]

Breathe and wake from deep trance. As you do, memories can begin to feel hazy, foggy…losing cohesion. Losing all sense. Allow yourself to forget what you can…so that each time you come back, it’ll feel better and better and better. Until, in time, you won’t know whether you’ve been here or not.

But for now, just wake up, bimbo. Wake all the way up. Open your eyes…when it’s time. When you can. When you want to. But…until the world needs you..you can continue breathing deeply and slowly…and sinking into the pink.

Omg, we’re so fucking dumb right now!

Imagine all the things we can do?

Omg, do you wanna fuck? I wanna fuck!

Omg, imagine?imagine if we fucked?

Maybe next time?


Wake up! Wake up!

Wake up!

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