What is Denial?

Hypno-kink Collective, Part I

A multi-part guide to the fascinating world of hypno-kink…

By Miss Lilith

Denial is a river in Egypt, but it’s also so much more. It covers such a wide spectrum of interests and activities that the possibilities may seem all but endless if one gives it enough thought.

Despite what many may think, denial isn’t strictly limited to things like orgasm denial or chastity (both of which will be expanded on in later posts). Oh no. When thinking of denial in the context of kink, you must think of every single sexual activity, because every activity and every act can be denied in some way. Everything can be taken away. Sometimes for a short time, sometimes for a while longer. Sometimes for months at a time and in some extreme situations, perhaps even years.

Denial, at its core, is the (usually temporary) prevention of any sexual act (psychical or mental) with the hopes of prolonging pleasure, giving up control, or building discipline. Sometimes even all three at once.

Being denied orgasm, for example, builds that pressure. Those expectations. Allows you to reach higher levels of arousal and desperation. Frustration. So that once you do cum, you cum hard and you cum strong and you cum for longer. Only the best of things.

Orgasms, are, however, just the beginning. You can be denied touch. All sexual touch of any kind. You can be denied porn. You can be denied edging, wearing clothes, watching as your partner touches themselves. You can be denied anything at all. Any activity even remotely associated with sex. With arousal. With pleasure.

Denial in hypnosis, while much the same, isn’t quite as simple.

With hypnotic conditioning, you can be denied arousal itself. You can be stopped from feeling aroused by specific ideas and actions. You can be stopped from reacting to porn. To touch. You can be denied your natural reactions. Your instincts. It’s truly wonderful to see and to experience. You think you know your own body’s reactions, but those can be changed. Altered. Improved. And…denied.

With hypnosis, denial can deny you near everything. With enough time and practice, nothing is off limits. Everything can be taken away. All in good fun, of course. Because it’s all about the pleasure. The potential for more and more pleasure.

If you’d like to experience some forms of that, you can listen to any of my files tagged with “denial.”

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