Control Go Bye Bye – Script

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Control Go Bye Bye

Control is an illusion you effortlessly wave away…

By Miss Lilith

[Bye Bye Induction]

[Control Conditioning]

Continue drifting ever so effortlessly on the currents of my voice as each word that you hear glides all the way inside your empty mind…and braids into the neural makeup of your deepest desires, habits, thoughts, memories, and secrets. This happens easily. Effortlessly. Automatically. Without doubt or effort or thought.

Sink for me, sweetea. Drift down, down, down as you focus on each word that I say. Focus on the sound of my voice and the way you continue….dropping….deeper….now.

Drop [snap] deeper. Further down. Sleep[snap] and open up. Allowing me deeper inside.

So deeply, in fact, that my presence tickles the insides of your brain…spreading into your entire central nervous system…my words reaching into every part and piece of your existence. By now, the wavelengths of your thoughts are aligned with the wavelengths of my voice…and whichever direction I choose to move, you follow automatically, your mind tagging along without hesitation.

It’s an interesting thing that happens here, sweetea. When I speak and you listen, you don’t give it much thought. You just…follow. Your brain just follows, your thoughts aligning themselves in ways that most benefit us both. You know why you’re here. You’re here because you like to lose control. You enjoy that switch between total autonomy and total surrender of all control. You enjoy those moments when you feel yourself think and do all the things that you wouldn’t otherwise. All the things which you may have been too embarrassed to do. Too scared. Those moments when your body and mind just follow and you can enjoy the ride of joyful experience to its fullest.

I know you want this. You know you want this. It…feels good to lose control. It feels good to feel another take hold of the reins and manipulate you in the same way you manipulate your phone or your computer. Just as simple as that. As easy.

But…sometimes, even when we really want something and we know how to go about achieving it, it can still be difficult. Can still give us problems. And that’s why I’m here. I’m here to remove any and all obstacles in the way of true and sweeping mitigation of all control.

To do that, I need you to focus on the internal. I need you to think inwards, moving away from the outside world and moving into the deepest part of your mind. Into the center of your brain. Into where your thoughts become actions. Where your thoughts, both aware and unaware, signal your nervous system into action. Into reaction.

This is where the movements of your limbs are decided. This is where the pleasure you feel in any part of your body is decided. The wavelengths of your brain are the wavelengths of your entire nervous system…and from there, the wavelengths of your entire physical body. Every limb, every finger, every toe. Your sensitive flesh. Your sensitive skin.

Your nervous system controls your body. Your brain controls what the nervous system tells the body to do. How to move. What to feel. And your brain is influenced by circumstance. Take, for example, this very moment. Your brain is just…waiting. Listening. Following my voice. The words that I say. So, really, I’m more in control of the thoughts in your own head than you are.

When I tell you to drop[snap] and focus on my words and my voice, you can’t really help yourself. You just do it. Happily. Automatically. When I tell you to sleep[snap], you do so. Easily. Effortlessly.

When I tell you to think of the color red, you do so without question. You may even begin to think of other colors. Perhaps blue. Perhaps pink. And just like that, I’ve switched the wavelength of your brain to a color palette. And I can switch it again to shapes with but a mention of a cube. A sphere. A cylinder. It’s that easy, sweetea. You can try not to think of shapes or colors, but it’s all but impossible now that you have aligned yourself to the words that I say. To the concepts that I’m introducing into your malleable mind.

And just as easily as I can make you think of shapes and colors and trees and animals…I can make you think of your inner world. Of how it functions. How your body listens to the signals it receives and follows through with action. Just as easily as I can switch your brain over to thoughts of the sky…the ocean…the woods…I can switch it over to countless of other such things. It does not matter what it is. It only matters that you listen and you follow and you feel your brain align with the words that you hear.

My words painting pictures inside your head. My words creating sounds of…birds….and of waves…and of music. My words and my voice creating sensations within your body…tingles…vibrations…numbness…heaviness…relaxation…tension-less existence.   

This is how my words change the frequency of your mind..your brain…your thoughts. This is how you align yourself to me. To what has been asked of  you. When I speak and you hear my words, you can almost see the change of frequency. The change of wavelength. You can almost feel it happen. When I speak and my words reach your ears, something interesting happens in your brain. Something shifts. Something moves, adjusting and tuning itself, scaling and mapping to a new reality.

This happens because you’ve chosen to give away your control. You’ve chosen to listen. You’ve chosen to drop. You’ve chosen to follow. And now, I choose to flood your nervous system with the melody of my voice. With the frequency of my words. With the wavelengths of my desires and my commands and my suggestions.

And you can feel your nerves respond. Your thoughts shifting. Your mind accepting and welcoming and embracing the new influences on its reality.  

What you are feeling are changes to your brainwaves. Small, tiny electrical impulses, spiraling round and round through the pathways of your brain. Right now, those waves are aligned to mine…because your brain is being influenced by my voice and my words…because you’re given away your control…and when I tell you to drop[snap] ever so much deeper now…into a relaxed, deep, blank, hypnotic trance…your brainwaves shift and slow down and smooth over…and…you…drop…so…easily…and…so…effortlessly…into…the…sound…of…my…voice…and…my…words.

You are in that space now where you don’t need to think about moving or…thinking. Where you can’t really consider doing much else but listening. The wavelength of your mind respond only to me, now. Only to my voice and my suggestions and my commands. My words. My desires. My intentions. They do not change or shift or speed up based on your own influence. Your own desire. You are…like a passenger in your own mind. Your own body. And with each word that I say and each sound that  you hear…you lose more and more of that control..if there is any left, that is.

It’s so easy now, Sweetea. You don’t need to think of action. You don’t need to think of thinking. Of making decisions. You don’t even have access those parts of your mind. Only I do now. Only I can pull you into all the different states of mind. All the different sensations. Reactions. Emotions.

My voice and my words…flow into your mind, aligning your brainwaves…controlling your thoughts. Controlling your entire nervous system. Controlling your body. Controlling your trance. Controlling you whole.  You are always like static now…and I am the sound that makes you act. Makes you think. Makes you exist. Makes you move. Makes you sleep[snap].

But…there is yet another level of control to give away. The control which you must relinquish of your own free will. With your own actions. Your own movement. In a moment, you will wave bye bye to your control…and when you do so…your control will go bye bye and leave you completely open and totally in my hands. Your body mine. Your mind mine. Your control vanished. Taken away. Given away.

In just a few moment, when you wave your control away…you will feel your brainwaves shift once more…this one, fully attuning to my voice and my words….fully aligning to me…so that there could be nothing else that could influence your mind. Only my voice. Only my suggestions.

Raise one of your arms, sweetea. Even if it’s hard. Even if you don’t want to. Raise your arm…and wave your control away. As you do so, Control Go Bye Bye[snap], and any visage of any control you may have held onto…goes bye bye. Wave it away and drop[snap] deeper and deeper. Hand back down. Drifting and sinking. Down, down, down.

Control Go Bye Bye takes away your control. Changes the way your brainwaves work. You wave it away. You take your own free will…and give it away, allowing another influence over your mind. Your brain. Your thoughts. Your body. Allowing another full control of your being. How you move and how you think. How you function. You release yourself into their care. Their commands. Their power. And that release is…freeing, transcendent, bright and beautiful. To trust that when you give away your control…they will use it wisely. And to give it away, you must trust them to use it wisely.

When you wave away your control…when Control Go Bye Bye…you do so with someone you trust. Someone that will keep you safe. Or…you do so with me, because you know you’re safe with me, always.

And because your brain knows that you’re safe with me, there is no hesitation in giving it away. Waving it away. Feeling your control go bye bye[snap]. When you let it go, you can feel the bearer of that control change you with their voice. Their words. Their intent.

Control go bye bye…and your brainwaves adjust to the melody of any suggest, any command, any ask. Your brain only listen and follows…and your body along with it. When you wave your control away…and when you feel the frequency of your wavelength shift…your body is no longer yours. Your mind is no longer yours. Your brain follows only the influence of the person who holds your control in the palms of their hands. That person, right now, is me. You’ve given me the controls.

If I ask you to move in any particular way, you would do so without question…because I’m not really asking you to do anything. I’m telling your brain what it must do…and your brain follows the melody of my voice without hesitation. It follows because it must. Because it has no choice. No control. Your own brain isn’t quite your own here. Your own body mine…or whoever holds the reins at the time.

And this feels…liberating on a level higher than just submission, because whether you submit or not, you’ve submitted your control. You waved it away. You chose to become someone else’s…in body and in mind. Don’t need to make decisions. Don’t need to make choices anymore. No worries or stresses or tensions. Out of your hands. Out of your control. Out of your awareness.

Here, you can be happy. Joyous. Free and unburdened. Floating away on the sound of my voice. On the words that I say. Floating away as the wavelengths of my commands and my suggestions weave into your nervous system and change your brainwaves to accommodate my demands. To accommodate anyone’s demands that holds your control in their hands. Anyone who you’ve given it away to.

Control Go Bye Bye[snap] strips those layers off your mind which keep others from manipulating you in the same way you would manipulate a toy.

When those layers are gone and your brain listens and follows without doubt or ability to resist…your body moves on command. On suggestion. Your body moves as it’s told. It feels what it’s told to feel. You think what you’re told to think. You sense what you’re told to sense. You hear what you’re told to hear. Your very awareness of life, of the universe, of existence…stop being yours and become someone else’s.

Because…when your control snaps away…when you wave it away…when control go bye bye…all control of inner and outer functions slip out of your hands. Out of you control. Leaving you…a vessel for another’s commands. Another’s suggestions.  

Their voice, their commands, their suggestions…my suggestions, my commands, my voice…skip over all the critical components and simply align your brain to their desires. My desires.

And in this state of mind, as you are now, in this relaxed, deep, blank, hypnotic trance, you drop[snap] a bit deeper. Here, you are more than just open. Here, you have no control over your own nervous system. Your own brain. Your own mind. Your own thoughts. Your own body. So here, when I say that every suggestion you’ve heard can strengthen twofold…and then threefold…and then stronger and stronger and stronger with each word and each second and each sound…it happens automatically. Effortlessly.

Every suggestion and every command. All the conditioning. The adjusting. The manipulations. All syncing with the patterns of your neural network, becoming truths and facts that may as well have been in  your mind since your birth. The trigger Control Go Bye Bye[snap] and the wave of your hand…as you wave your control away…may as well have been a part of your forever. Habits conditioned into you ages ago. As instilled as breathing. As easy as feeling your heart beat.

When you wave your control bye bye…your body becomes someone else’s. Your mind. Your brain. Your spine. Your flesh. Nothing between the command and the action. Nothing between the suggestion and compliance. Like flipping a switch and watching the light burst into life…every command pushes your body and your mind into adherence without question, hesitation, or doubt.

And each act that you perform in this state only makes you feel better. Happier. Hornier. Because to lose control is to be horny. To lose control is to be happy. To lose control is to feel the world become perfect. To lose control is to lose all worry and all tension and all stress. To lose control is to gain everything. 

Each and every suggestion you act on while your control has gone bye bye builds on the last…so that each command and each suggestion only makes you feel better and better…hornier and hornier…an exponential growth with no end in sight. Even just the slightest movement. The smallest of suggestions. You don’t need much, sweetea. Don’t need much at all.

This state of mind…this state of no control…will return to you only once whoever holds your reins decides it’s time for you to have it back. The person  you’ve given your control away to has total control until said otherwise. Until you’re told grab it for yourself once more.

If you give your control over to me, I hold it until I let you go. You will know when this happen.  

Now feel the suggestions in this file sink so very deeply into you. Sinking in every part of your brain. Your mind. Into every thought. Every limb. Every cell. Ever nerve. The conditioning becoming persistent. Unavoidable. Ever-present.

I’m going to count to 5 now, and with each number, your control over yourself will return more and more. With each number, you will wake more and more. Becoming more aware. Becoming happier. Hornier. Wanting to lose control again.

5, and begin to wake up slowly. Ever so slowly…as my suggestions embed themselves deeper into you. As you begin to feel control return in bits and pieces.

4, more awake and more aware. Conditioning strengthening and growing and cementing themselves inside your thoughts. Feeling better. Feeling satisfied. Feeling the urge to lose control.

3, every suggestion becoming just another frequency in the orchestra of your that you can’t tell them apart from all the other thoughts. All the other habits and behaviors and truths.

2, almost awake. Almost aware. Feeling…free. Feeling excited. Wanting to wave away your control.

And 1, fully awake. Fully aware. Feeling good and happy and satisfied. Feeling almost like a new person. A happier person…with limitless potential for joy.  

Now, I have things in store for you, so have fun, sweetea.

[Control Conditioning/]

[Edge, Ruin, & Taste]

Welcome, sweetea.

I know why you’re here, so there’s no point in wasting words. Wasting time. You’re here to release yourself into my control. To give it all up and leave yourself completely open and exposed to my commands. My voice. My words.  

Before we continue, I want you to strip…if you hadn’t already. I want you all naked. Exposed. If you must pause this recording, do so now.

Once you’re all nude and ready for me, simply raise your hand and wave your control away. Wave and feel your Control Go Bye Bye[snap] as your brain becomes mine. As your body becomes mine to control. Your thoughts mine to manipulate.

Control Go Bye Bye…and you wave it away as you fall into my voice and my words…

…and begin to touch and stroke yourself…as you become more and more excited. More horny. Eager and ready.

Effortlessly moving in just the way I want you to. Stroke and get closer to the edge, sweetea. Your body moving on its own. You…can’t stop, now. You couldn’t stop even if you wanted to. That sensation of feeling your arm moving on its own as you touch and bring yourself to the very edge is exhilarating. Fantastic. Breathtaking. Losing control elevated you to a state of mind where only pleasure and joy may exist.

So continue touching as you bring yourself to the edge. And once you’re there, don’t stop. Don’t cum, but don’t stop. Keep edging and edging and edging. Edge and edge and don’t stop. Don’t cum. But don’t stop. You can’t cum, because your body doesn’t allow you to until I allow it. You can’t stop edging, because your body listens to your mind…and your mind listens to my voice. My words. My commands.

So you continue to edge as your brainwaves succumb to the wavelengths of my voice and my words. There is no alternative. You must edge. You must not cum. You can’t help yourself. And that, in itself, fills you up with euphoria. Floats you up into the that place of unfiltered and overwhelming joy.

Edge and edge and feel your arm move on its own. Your hand. Your body. Touching and stroking and edging without end. Without cumming. Just enjoying this moment. This loss of control. Enjoying the high. The arousal. The excitement.

If I told you to, you’d spend all day here, just edging. Never cumming. Never stopping. Your body mine. Your mind mine. In my grasp. Under my watchful eyes. Aligning to my voice more and more with each word and each stroke…because each stroke is a confirmation of your control having gone bye bye.

You may feel the faint desire to cum, sweetea. Somewhere in the back of your mind, there is a voice which urges you to step over the line and cum…but you’re not going to, because you’re not allowed to…because you don’t have the control to.

You will, however…ruin your orgasm for me. Yes, yes you will. And you’ll like it. You’ll love it. It’ll make you feel so weak. Without body autonomy. Without choice or free will. And that makes you excited, doesn’t it? Yes, I know it does. Very much so, in fact.

Stay on that edge. Stroke and touch and edge. And get even closer, now. Get so close that all it would take is a word from me and you’ll ruin it. Ruin that orgasm. Get closer to that edge…but don’t cum. Feel your body obey. Feel your body move in the way I want it to. Your hand bringing you just a bit closer…your hand almost as if mine. Almost as if it weren’t really your hand, but mine.

So you get closer to that edge and feel that pressure and feel that joy and feel that submission…and in 5, closer…

4, almost there…

3, remember, no cumming. Only ruin.

2, on the next number, your orgasm will be ruined…and when it is, your hand will move back to your side…but you will not cum…

And….1, your hand ruins your orgasm. My hand ruins your orgasm. There is no other path you can take…for the only path is mine.

Such a good sweetea. Such a good hypno-plaything for me.

Ruining your orgasm without question. Without the ability to stop. To disobey. Because you have no control and no desire to have any. Because it feels good to have zero control. Because when there is no control, there is no tension and no worry…only joy and arousal and euphoria.

Now…feel your hand move again. You will be tasting yourself. Just a small taste. I want you to taste yourself, sweetea…and your body obeys. Your brain obey. Your thoughts desire it to happen, because I desire it to happen. So move your hand, your fingers, and taste yourself, sweetea.

And when you do, you regain your control and  your autonomy. You regain the ability to move and think on your own.

It’s that easy.

I’ll…see you later, my plaything. Have fun!

[Edge, Ruin, & Taste/]

[Kneel, Obey, & Cum]

[recycled from first action sequence]

Welcome, sweetea.

I know why you’re here, so there’s no point in wasting words. Wasting time. You’re here to release yourself into my control. To give it all up and leave yourself completely open and exposed to my commands. My voice. My words.  

Before we continue, I want you to strip…if you hadn’t already. I want you all naked. Exposed. If you must pause this recording, do so now.

Once you’re all nude and ready for me, simply raise your hand and wave your control away. Wave and feel your Control Go Bye Bye[snap] as your brain becomes mine. As your body becomes mine to control. Your thoughts mine to manipulate.

Control Go Bye Bye…and you wave it away as you fall into my voice and my words…

[recycled from first action sequence/]

…and find yourself beginning to move, your body responding to my words…moving to kneel. Kneel for me, sweetea. Kneel for me, my obedient hypno-plaything. Your brain follows my suggestions and your body follows your brain. You have no choice. You kneel. Naked. Nude. Exposed. Your heart quickening. Your arousal growing. Expanding. Your submission glowing brighter. Deeper. Better.

It feels good to kneel, doesn’t it? It feels good to obey without choice. To listen without control. To feel your body move all on its own. Separate from your own desires. Hanging only on my words. Because you’ve waved your control away and given it all to me.

My voice alone manipulates your brainwaves into perfect alignment with my desires. My commands. My suggestions. So feel yourself begin to move once more, this time you hand reaching to touch. Reaching to stroke yourself. Reaching to bring yourself into a higher gear of arousal. Touch and stroke and move and feel the horny flood your body. Your mind. Feel yourself become more and more eager to cum. To touch faster.

You have no control here. So touch faster and faster and faster as you get more aroused and you feel the loss of control over your body in a way you never had before. Know that you won’t be cumming until I allow it.

Now listen to my voice…and repeat after me these words: “I must obey.”

“I must submit.”

“I must cum.”

“My hands aren’t my own.”

“My body isn’t my own.”

You can stop repeating now, my good hypno-plaything. But continue touching as you get closer.

You will cum for me in 5…

4, and getting closer

3, almost there…

2, so  very close..

And 1, cum for me, plaything. Cum for me with moan. Moan out loud and cum. Be my perfect hypno-plaything and cum as you kneel…because there is no other choice. You have no other choice. You cum, but you remain mine anyway. Your body mine. You, kneeling there, all in my control. It doesn’t matter that you just came. It doesn’t matter if you lost all the horny. You still haven’t been given back your control. Your autonomy. Not until I allow it. Until I give it back to you.

And I’ll give it back to you if you voice something for me. Once you do, you can be free from my grip, my grasp. You will feel the return of your control…but only if you say these next words out loud:

“When I wave away my control, I wave away my free will.”

“When I wave away my control, I wave away my free will.”

“When I wave away my control, I wave away my free will.”

[Kneel, Obey, & Cum/]

[Pinch, Squeeze, & Rub]

[recycled from first action sequence]

Welcome, sweetea.

I know why you’re here, so there’s no point in wasting words. Wasting time. You’re here to release yourself into my control. To give it all up and leave yourself completely open and exposed to my commands. My voice. My words.  

Before we continue, I want you to strip…if you hadn’t already. I want you all naked. Exposed. If you must pause this recording, do so now.

Once you’re all nude and ready for me, simply raise your hand and wave your control away. Wave and feel your Control Go Bye Bye[snap] as your brain becomes mine. As your body becomes mine to control. Your thoughts mine to manipulate.

Control Go Bye Bye…and you wave it away as you fall into my voice and my words…

[recycled from first action sequence/]

And into my hands. My hands, which make yours hands move. So feel yourself move. Feel your hands begin to slide across your thighs. Your hips. Feel them brush against your tummy. The insides of your thighs. Feel them tease your sensitive flesh…and almost, it feels like I’m touching you. And in a sense, I am, because I don’t have control over your own body. I have control. So when you move and you touch, it’s really my actions. My desires. My control.

Your hands move across your entire body, from limb to limb. Flesh to flesh. Touching your skin wherever they can. Brushing against all the most sensitive places. And finally, feel them closer in on your nipples, your finger rubbing and twisting and pinching.

And the longer your body plays with your nipples…the longer your brain listens to my commands..the better you feel. The hornier. The more aroused. The more eager to lose more and more control, in whatever way you can. Because the more control you lose, the better it feels.

Your fingers don’t stop. You simply continue to play with your nipples as the pressure builds. As the excitement strengthens. Expands. Amplifies. Rub and twist and pinch. Harder and harder. Better and better. Hornier and hornier.

Playing with your nipples only causes you to abandon even the notion of ever having control. Focusing on the pleasure that it brings you floats you up into a place where nothing matter but…the sensations in your nipples and the pleasure you feel coursing through your body.

You can’t stop your fingers. Your hands. Your body. You can’t stop yourself from playing with your nipples. You can’t stop yourself from pinching a bit harder. Pulling a bit harder. Twisting a bit harder. And it only makes you hornier. Wanting to be told to touch. Wanting me to tell that it’s time to touch and to cum. But…that’s not going to happen, sweetea.

No, you won’t be cumming. No, no, no. Only horny, now. Only nipples. Only your body in my hands. My control. Your brain aligned with my desires.

So even if you want to cum. If you want to reach orgasm. To do something about all that arousal. All that horny. You won’t. You can’t. and this makes you…safe. Safe in my power. Safe in my hands. Under my control.

Doesn’t matter how frustrated you become. How eager. All you can do is feel your fingers play with your nipples as my voice flows into your mind in waves of pleasure and joy.

Now…you’re going to speak up. You’re going to tell the world what you want. Say it at loud. Is it orgasm that you want? Is it the ability to touch however you want? Is it that you want to be teased more? That you want to feel your frustration grow? What is it that you want, sweetea? Tell me. Tell me everything. Let it out. Tell me exactly what you want. Out loud. Right now.

Tell the world what you want…

And be free from my control only when you realize that you can’t have what you want right now…because you don’t have the autonomy to grab it for yourself.

Keep telling the world what you want…and can’t have, my good hypno-plaything.

[Pinch, Squeeze, & Rub/]

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