Lilith’s Asylum For The Sexually Deviant – Script

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[F4M][F4A] Lilith’s Asylum For The Sexually Deviant [Some Hypnosis][Shock Therapy][Drugs][Rape][Needles][Unwilling Subject][You Flatline][Brainwashing][Restraints][Gag][Uninterested Nurse][Casual Handjob][You’re Annoying][You Fucking Useless Bitch][Humiliation][Gender Neutral] but [Listener Has Cock][Orgasm][SFX][Snaps][15m]

Lilith’s Asylum For The Sexually Deviant

I will not stop until you’re cured, deviant…

By Miss Lilith

Welcome, Sweetea. This…is Nurse Lilith and you’re here because you’ve been a nasty little pervert that needs re-calibration. I realize that the restraint jacket and the gag may seem a bit much, but we can’t have you running off or screaming your lungs out, now can we?

Now, I’ve been informed that your deviancy knows no bounds…and that this needs to be remedied. And I just so happen to be an expert on deviancy. All kinds of deviancy. Especially the sexual sort. So you’re in good hands. Very good hands.

I’m going to cure you of all of your imperfections. All of your shortcomings. I’m going to cure you of those depraved fantasies and all of those pesky little thoughts in that head of yours. There will be nothing of that left after I’m done here. Nothing but the good stuff. Nothing but what we consider to be the pillars of modern society.

I’m actually pretty excited for this! I’ve been meaning to try this new experimental procedure…but it hasn’t been tested on a real human yet (and don’t ask about those poor chimps!). You should count yourself lucky, really. You’ll be like some sort of…Pioneer!

Let’s get you strapped in first. I’m not sure how you’ll react to the initial treatment. But first…and I hope you’re not afraid of needles…I’m gonna give you something to calm down. You may be totally out of it for a little while, so don’t panic. It’s totally normal.

There. Perfect. Such beautiful veins you’ve got, you perv.

Just let it take you down. Let it pull you down into the comforts of sleep.

All dizzy and nice. Drooping and dropping and falling down, down, down. No resistance, now. No defense. Only drifting into the void of sleep. The void of slumber. The all-consuming embrace of darkness.

And just as you’re almost beyond the veil of sleep, you drop[snap].

You sleep[snap].

You feel the velvety grip of a relaxed, deep, blank, hypnotic trance.

And you drop[snap] so deeply that the world becomes your mind and your mind becomes my voice.

Thoughts slooooow down. Brain stops. The drugs take effects…and you lose awareness. Lose yourself. Lose your mind. Lose your thoughts. Lose your body.

Wakey wakey, you degenerate. Don’t struggle too hard, please. The restraints will hold, of course, but you may hurt yourself. And yes, you’re still gagged; the procedure I’ll be using can be quite…violent. Wouldn’t want you biting your tongue as you thrash around.

I’ve also taken the liberty of…liberating you of your clothes. I need to be able to see and feel exactly how your body responds to the procedure. Nothing to worry about.  

Let me just lube these babies up. They’re much like electrodes…and just like electrodes, they go on the sides of your head. They need to be close to your brain, after all…since the goal here is to change the very way you behave and respond to stimuli.

There. Perfect! These will allow me to use my phone (all hail modern tech!) to target specific parts of your brain and remove all of your perverted thoughts. All of your kinks and fetishes. All of your degenerate desires. Once I do that, you’ll be as vanilla as they come! Perfectly behaved. Perfectly vanilla. You won’t miss your perversions. I promise. You’ll hardly have a sexual thought in your head, really. You’ll finally be a productive member of society!

Whisper to yourself: If this works, that is…

Now then! Try to relax. I’m just going to adjust a few things here and there…


Gotta find that place in your brain where all your kinks reside…


Aaaaaand there it is! Now to shock it into proper order…


Ssshhh. It’s ok, my little pervert. Everything’ll be alright.


Hm…ok, that’s not really working right, is it? Looks like  you’re getting aroused…. Let me just check to make sure by wrapping my fingers around your cock…and yes, it’s pretty irrefutably hard. Hm. This isn’t working. Are your kinks getting stronger? That shouldn’t happen….


Ah, your cock just twitched in my hand. Right..well, then. Perhaps I should try the reverse of what I’ve been doing! Brilliant idea!

I’ll hold onto your cock as I play around with your brain just to make sure I’m not fucking up further. I hope you don’t mind? No, I’m sure you don’t. You’re still a huge fucking degenerate, after all.

Let’s try again, then…


Hm. You’re still getting harder and more aroused. Still twitching and throbbing in my hand, balls all but convulsing. Ugh…annoying. You’re being very difficult. You know that?

Alright…one more try to find that sweet spot for all of your kinks….


Yup. Still getting more aroused. Still getting harder, twitching and pulsating and throbbing in my hand. Your cock is being very uncooperative. It almost looks like if I moved my hand just a little bit, you’d cum right here, right now.

Ah, I see. I see where I went wrong! Instead of shocking your kinky neurons into submission…I shocked them into action…and accidentally strengthened all of your kinks and fetishes by a factor of…well, some factor. Can’t say exactly how much. Hm. So now you’re an even bigger pervert! Ugh. This is not going the way I imagined it would.

Ok, I’m going to come back to this later. Let’s work on something else first…

Ahah! Here should be the center of your sexual fantasies. All of your sexual thoughts. I’m going to weaken them…almost to the point where you won’t ever have any naughty, perverted thoughts again. You won’t even want to touch yourself, really. You’ll be proper and nice, not this…..pathetic pervert that you are now.

Oh. My. God. Did that make you hot? You cock just twitched in my hand again! Does being called names make you hard? Disgusting. Sad. Wow. Just wow. I have to get you fixed and do it quickly. Before it’s too late.

Did it work??

Ugh! You’re still throbbing. Still twitching. Getting closer and closer to cumming. I can feel it. So hard, now. So horny. From the looks of the brain scan I’m seeing…it looks like your mind is full of sexual fantasies and desires. Full of your most deepest kinks. This is just the worst. Your perversions are only getting worse!

You’re only getting harder. You probably like being a pervert, don’t you? Ahah!! I felt that! Gets you off thinking about being called dirty, nasty names, doesn’t it? You degenerate. You filthy fucking slut. You useless fucking whore.

Yup. There is it. Just getting hornier now. Ugh. Why isn’t this working!??

I mean, look at you! All horny and aroused, cock throbbing in my hand, head full of dirty thoughts. Eager to hear me humiliate you. Eager to hear me tell you how much of a bitch you are.


Let’s…try again, I suppose. Meh.

Welp. This isn’t working. Your cock just keeps reacting to every little shock. Every little adjustment. You look about ready to cum, in fact. So close. So much pre-cum leaking from the tip.

It honestly looks like if I just jerk my hand up and down a couple times, you’d cum. Very, very, very annoying. I suppose this is yet another failure. Another pervert goes untreated. Another useless deviant.

Yeah, you like that, don’t you, slut? Your stupid fucking deviancy enjoys being a whore. A slut. A pervert. You enjoy being so easily aroused. So easily enthralled by just a taste of humiliation. Just a hint of a dirty word. A naughty brush of wind.

This has all been just the biggest waste of time. A huge waste of time…like you, bitch. Ugh. Even that makes you harder. Unbelievable. Your perversion truly knows no bounds.

Well, I can’t just let this go, now can I? I’m gonna deal with that hard-on of yours first and then I’ll deal with you.

Probably won’t take much now to make you cum, seeing as you’re already so close, throbbing and twitching and leaking.

I suppose I’ll just pump a few times to get you to cum and get rid of that annoying erection of yours. Ugh.


Just a few times up and down…and you’re already throbbing harder. Leaking more. Twitching in my hand.

So close already, my little perv. With each stroke of your cock, it almost looks like you’re becoming more and more of a degenerate. More of a sexually obsessed, perverted slut.

As I stroke your throbbing cock, it looks to me…at least according to the live brain scan…that your entire brain is becoming the perfect focus for all things kinky. All things sexual. All things perverted.

This is even worse than I had imagined!

Let me just finish you off quickly…as I start pumping you faster…and you get closer and closer.

Harder. More aroused. Blood rushing through your cock. Your balls twitching annoyingly. And…almost…there…

Three…stroking you up…

Two..stroking you down…

And…one, stroking you up and down as you cum. You have no choice but to cum, bitch. No choice at all. I need you empty and soft. So just let it happen, slut. Let it happen like the whore that you are. Cumming and cumming. Cumming all over yourself and all over my hand and all over the chair.

God, this is annoying beyond belief. Look at that mess! You’re so fucking useless that I have no words. Truly.

Well..another one goes the way of the chimps, I suppose.

[shooooooooooooooooooooock and flatline]











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