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Welcome, Sweetea

Would you like to drop and sleep for me?

By Miss Lilith

[Induction Start]

Welcome, Sweetea. This…is Miss Lilith and you’re here because you yearn for that wondrous, extraordinary sensation of dropping deeply into a nice and relaxing hypnotic trance. It’s a state of mind where nothing unwanted may exist. A mental manifestation of perfection. A place where serenity rules the day and the night. The body and the mind. The aware and the unaware. The surface and the depth.

Hypnotic trance is a thing of unparalleled beauty. Full of ever-evolving mysteries and endless amounts of discoveries. Infinite in scope, for there is no bottom to how deep you can drop. There is no limit on how good you can feel. There are no rules and regulations. Nobody to tell you that something is impossible. No grand instruction manual. Ever-expanding and free of any prison. Any particular mind-set.

It is free. Free to enter. Free to use. Free to learn. To study. All you have to do is listen and allow yourself to be shown the way. All you have to do is follow along with the sound of my voice and the words that I say.

Whether you’re an experienced subject or not. Whether you’ve dropped for me a dozen times. A hundred times. Whether this is your first time. Whether this is your 10th. It does not matter, because there is always a lesson to be learned in any session. Any trance. No matter how many times you drop deeply down…you can always learn and learn and improve again and again. Each time you drop, you can drop a bit deeper. Become better. Find new facets of yourself that you may want to drag onto the surface and into your life.

So…whether this is your first time or your 100th, you can focus on how the sound of my voice and the words that I say and enjoy the way they bring you inner-peace. Inner-serenity. You can enjoy the way my voice pushes at your thoughts…crowding them…leading them out of your mind. Your brain. Pay loose attention to how my words weave into your thought patterns and empty your head…line-of-thought at a time.

The longer you listen, the more relaxed you can feel. The deeper you can sink into that nice, relaxed, deep, blank, hypnotic trance. And as you listen, bring your focus to your breath. Notice how it sloooows down. How it deepens and evens out. Find a simple happiness in the steady, deep, slow movements of air as you track your inhales and your exhales. In……and…..out. Again and again. Slowly and effortlessly. Keep your breathing in mind as you listen. Keep track of your inhales…your exhales…focus on that space of time between when you inhale and then exhale…pay attention to that space of time between when you exhale…and you inhale. Pausing each time for a short moment.

It feels nice, doesn’t it? Just…allowing yourself to feel into a natural trance as you track your breathing patterns. The more you focus on that breath, the easier it is to listen without worry. Without hesitation. Without distraction. The easier it is to ignore sounds and sensations that don’t belong. The easier it is to drop deeper and deeper down.

What’s happening now, sweetea, is what we call a “drop.” It doesn’t matter how deep you’re dropping, because you’ll always drift deeper down next time. So right now, know that as you relax and focus on your slow, deep, and steady breath…your mind is emptying. Your body is relaxing. Your muscles are growing numb. Loose. Smooooooth.

Do not lose sight of your breath. The inhales. The exhales. The pauses in between. The relaxation as it floods your body and your mind. Because with each inhale, you can almost feel something enter you through your airways. Something…that allows you to reach new levels of relaxation with each and every inhale. More and more…as you breathe…each inhale brings into your body what I would call…the stardust of hypnotic trance.

It’s…that invisible thing from which the deepest depths of hypnotic trance are created. And you’re breathing it in. And as you do…and as this stardust enters you…it brings with it not only a pure, effortless relaxation of the mind and the body…but also the knowledge on how to reach a deeper, emptier state of mind. This happens on its own…and you can feel it happen now. Slowly. Without effort or awareness. Without pause.

So inhale…and drop for me, Sweetea. Sleep for me. Fall deeper now.

And…exhale. Exhale your worries, your doubts, and all tension that may exist. With each exhale, you release your stresses and your thoughts. You release your memories. You move away from distractions. On each and every single exhaled breath, you feel the air grab onto your thoughts and pull at them…leaving you all nice and blank and empty. Empty and relaxed. Relaxed and blank. Blank and deep. Deep and dropping deeper now. Falling and falling. Down. Down. Down.

As your awareness centers on that breathing pattern of yours…and as the rest of your mind listens to my voice and the words that I say…you can bring some of your attention to your heartbeat. Notice how it’s already slowed down and how…it’s…sloooowing…down…further. With each breath, it may just seem like your heartbeat slows down. Slower and slower. And as you notice this…you only grow more relaxed. Your body becoming more numb. Your thoughts beyond your awareness. Beyond your mind.

Here, there is only your breath…your heartbeat…my voice…and the depths of a nice and relaxed hypnotic trance. As you listen and follow and keep track of your breath and your heart…your entire body steadily sinks into nothingness…all numb and beyond the physical world. Beyond the realms which bind us. Enjoy the sensations as your fingers and your toes…as your arms and your legs…as your muscles and your nerves…disappear from under your willpower and grow more and more numb. Almost as if every part of your body is falling asleep…and only a small portion of your mind remains awake and aware…if barely.

If your eyes aren’t already closed…eyelids so tightly shut…you can feel them do so now. Whether you’ve just closed them or have had them closed all along…notice how you don’t really want to open them. Why would you, when the longer you keep them closed, the deeper you drop. The better you feel. The more relaxed and blank you become.

I would like you to drop a bit deeper now. Just letting go of the world. Of your thoughts. of distractions. Each thought you ignore, you drop deeper. Each distraction you ignore, you relax further. Listening and following and paying attention to your breath and your heartbeat. Your inhales and your exhales. Steady, deep, and slow. Perfect. Magnificent.

Now…as you continue drifting for me, your mind melting and your body tension-free…grab onto the moment and how you’re feeling right this very second. Take a snapshot of your state of mind. Gather into your palm all that you are right now. Your mind and your body. Your relaxation. Your contentment. The depth of your trance. Your nice and steady breath. Your nice and strong heartbeat. Gather into your palm everything that you are as you listen and follow. Compress these sensations. These feelings. This mindset. This deep and unrelenting relaxation. This deep and limitless hypnotic trance.

In a moment, I’m going to say the word “Drop” with a snap of my fingers…and when I do, you’re going to drop twice as deeply. You’re going to feel twice as relaxed. Twice as good. Twice as content.

So drop[snap] for me, Sweetea. Fall deeper. Drift into the space reserved to you by the cosmos.

Each time you hear me tell you to drop with a snap of my fingers, you drop a bit deeper. You grow a bit more numb. Emptier. Happier. Your mind blank. Your body loose and smooth. Your thoughts going bye bye.

So drop[snap] down, down, down. Melting as you drift deeper down into the ocean of a relaxed, deep, blank hypnotic trance.

And as I tell you to sleep[snap], your awareness narrows down into a single point…a point focused tightly on the sound of my voice and the word that I say…and nothing else. Your breathing and your heartbeat somewhere in the back of your mind, all but forgotten. Because all you need to now is listen and follow and let me take care of your mind. Your body.

Allow me all the way inside. Let me make you feel good. Let me make you feel euphoric. No thoughts. Only listen and follow. No distractions. No physical world. Only the two of us here, now. Us…..and the universe of a deep hypnotic trance. A universe of oceans and waves and depth beyond understanding.

Drop[snap] twice as deeply now….and open up wide.

Sleep[snap] twice again as deep now…and feel me inside your mind. Inside your thoughts. Spiraling around the neural pathways of your brain. My voice weaving into your very center. Washing over you. Cascading down throughout all the levels of your conscious and unconscious mind sets..

Open up. Let me in. Listen. Follow.

[Induction End]

[Deepener Start]

And…no matter how deep you may be right now. No matter how relaxed and thoughtless. You can always drop deeper down. There is never an end to the depth that can be reached with hypnosis. Never a limit on trance. Only always falling deeper. Improving. Learning. Optimizing. Easily. Effortlessly. Automatically.

So we’re going to do something now…something simple and nice…which will pull you down deeper no matter where you are at right now. No matter how deep. No matter how relaxed. I’m going to ask you to open your eyes in a moment. When you do, you’re going to wake up. Aware and awake. And then…moments later, I’m going to tell you to drop and to sleep. And when you close your eyes and do so…you will drop five times as deeply as before. So very easily. Without any effort. Just…automatically. Your mind will do it all for you. All you have to do is listen and follow.

In one…two…and three: open your eyes. Open them now. Open them wide. Aware and awake, but still relaxed and wanting to go back dooooown.

Which you will…in just a short moment. When I tell you drop and snap my fingers, your eyes will shut..and you will fall, dropping and dropping. Five times as deep. As nice. As relaxed.

When I say drop[snap], you drop down into trance. So deeply. The world falling away. Your thoughts washing away. Your body numb. Your muscles loose. Your mind blank and empty. Waiting. Listening. Following. Drifting down, down, down.

But for now…open your eyes, sweetea. Open them wide. Aware and awake, eyes open, even if it’s hard. Even if you don’t want to. Keep them open for just a moment. Just a few, short moments..because when you close them next, you will surrender your resistance. You will let me into the most intimate parts of your existence, where I will begin to shift things around for the better.

So drop[snap] down, down, down…falling and falling, now. Sleep[snap] so much deeper. Melting away. Drifting down. No resistance. Zero control. Only my voice and my words and your open mind.

But…just once more. Open those tired eyes of yours. Open them wide. Aware and awake. Wanting to go back down, where it’s so nice and safe and deep. But keep them open, sweetea. Eyes open. So hard to keep them open, but you do so anyway. Because you listen and you follow.

When next you close your eyes, your complete lack of resistance will be joined by a complete and overwhelming state of suggestibility.

So drop[snap] back down. Five times as deep. Five times as suggestible. As receptive. Mind wide open and waiting..preparing for conditioning. For suggestion. For change.

Sleep[snap] for me, Sweetea. It’s safe. It’s nice. It’s perfect. There is no bottom and no end to how deep you can drop, so keep on drifting down, down….and as you do, become more suggestible. More receptive.

Because by now, you should know that each time you drop for me, you abandon resistance and embrace openness. Embrace your hypnotic susceptibility. Embrace your wide and open mind.

Just drop[snap] even deeper for me, now. Falling and falling…down, down…down…deeper and deeper…relaxed, deep, and blank…lost to a deep hypnotic trance…lost in the waves of my voice…lost to the power of my words…numb in body…numb in mind…light and heavy…open…and one with the stardust of the cosmos. The cosmos that is trance.

Simply keep drifting as you listen and follow…

   [Deepener End]

   [Body Start]

Whatever may remain of your awareness can now spread deeper into your own mind. So focus however you can…on the sensations coursing through your body. The emotions in your mind. The numbness of your fingers and your toes and your muscles and your nerves. Notice how you don’t wan to move. How…even if you tried, you probably wouldn’t be able to. But…you don’t really even want to try. You just want to listen and continue feeling this good and this relaxed…almost as if you were drifting in an ocean of euphoria. An ocean of space. Of trance. Of my voice. Of hypnosis.

The way you feel now…the depth at which you are…are emptiness of your mind…are all things flexible. Each time you’re down in trance, it feels a bit different. Sometimes you are deeper down than the last. Sometimes you are in a universe very different from this one…at a depth deeper…or perhaps not…but always, you feel good. Nice. Relaxed. Like you belong. Like you were meant to be there. To be here.

You can always come back here…or a place like this…a place perhaps better, different, more exciting? The potential is limitless. When you’re in trance with me…it’s usually a lot more exciting. But for now…I want you collect and compress this place. This existence. This place in time. In space. In mind. Recognize it. Know it. Learn it. Memorize it.

Because…as I said…you can always come back here. All you need is a trigger or two. A nice drop trigger. A nice sleep trigger…and you’re gone and open and here. Listening and following.

You can always enjoy this state of mind and body…when either I or someone you trust implicitly tells you to drop with a [snap]. When you hear the word sleep with a [snap]. The two triggers work on their own…but combined, they multiply in power. So that…when I tell you drop[snap] and you fall down, down, down…and then when I tell you to sleep[snap], you drift into that drop and your mind melts. Your body winks out of awareness. You sleep and you drift and you fall and your drop.

Each time you’re dropped like this…the triggers grow stronger. Better. You drop easier. Deeper. Quicker.

Here and anywhere, when you’re told to drop or to sleep by me or someone you trust…you do so without effort. You do so easily. You relinquish your resistance. You give in. You embrace your suggestibility. It just…happens.

When you’re already so deeply in trance…hearing me tell you to drop[snap] pulls you down deeper and deeper and deeper. Ridding you of your thoughts. Of distractions.

When I tell you to sleep[snap], you drift into my arms. My embrace. You feel the safety of my willpower. The safety of my voice and my words.

Each time you drop for me, you just feel better. More suggestible. More open to my hypnosis. More open to cosmic trance. Always better. Always deeper. Always falling.

In fact…when you start one of my files…any single one of my files…and hear the words, “Welcome, Sweetea,” you’re already dropping without question. Without much thought. Already, those simple words lull you into sleep[snap].

Welcome, Sweetea is a gentle sort of trigger. A passive trigger. When you hear it…it begins to work somewhere deeply in your unconscious mind. Somewhere in the very back. Away from your awareness. But steadily…the effects will spread into your surface thoughts and your mind will grow foggy. Hazy. Tired. Sleepy. Your eyes will just…close. Shut. Your thoughts will come apart and join the cosmos of trance. Your body will grow numb and relaxed.

And soon after hearing the words Welcome, Sweetea, you will drop down into a nice and deep trance…as your focus centers on your breath and your heartbeat. On your inhales and your exhales. On your contentment. Easy. Effortless. Automatic. Without fault, hesitation, or doubt.

So Welcome, Sweetea…to the universe of deep hypnotic trance…and the drop[snap] which take you here…the sleep[snap] which lulls you into the perfectly suggestible state of mind.

All you have to do is listen and follow…

   [Body End]

   [Wakener Start]

But for now, it’s time to wake up. Gradually, as you wake, every suggestion in this file embeds itself deeper into your mind. Becomes one with your world. Your universe. Becomes one with your life. The suggestions intensifying the more aware you become.

So start now, sweetea. Begin to wake up. Your thoughts returning to you from beyond. Your awareness returning to you from the cosmos of trance.

I’m going to count to 5, now. On each number, you will become more awake and more aware, feeling better and happier. Satisfied.

One, and the suggestions here grow in power. Growing and growing. Bigger. Stronger. Deeper. Harder.

Two, waking up. Becoming aware. Becoming happy. Joyful. Content. Head spinning.

Three, almost there. Almost fully aware. More of your thoughts coming back. Your body almost your own. The conditioning here cementing itself in your mind almost as if it had been part of you since childhood.

Four. Almost fully awake and fully awake. Almost there.

And…five. Wake up, Sweetea. Fully aware. Fully awake. Feeling good and nice and relaxed. Satisfied with the trance. Happy to have learned something. To have practiced a skill. To have touched the cosmos with your mind.

Have a beautiful day.

I’ll…see you soon.

   [Wakener End]

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