Brain Go Bye Bye

Hello, Sweeteas!

This is a very ambitious session in which I’ve used all the tricks I’ve ever learned to create a true brainwashing experience with the sole purpose of taking your brains away. If you listen, I will take your intelligence, your memory, your ability to form any sort of thought aside from what I wish you to think, and rid you of that pesky little mind of yours. Rid you of all that resistance that you may have. You’ll exist in a place outside of the real world. A place which perhaps you’ve never had the pleasure of enjoying, but a place which I know you long for.

This is also the very first of what I hope will be a long series of “Bye Bye” files, each focused on taking something away from you. This round, it’s your brain, your thoughts, your mind. Next time, it may be anything at all. Maybe you can even leave a comment with what you’d like to be…disappeared.

First, there are two version available (and more available on my patreon). The first is the Long Induction Version, which is 42m long and had to be the one you listen to first, because the other one wouldn’t make sense otherwise. After you can drop easily with the first one, you can switch over to the shorter one for repeated conditioning. This is the induction I’ll be using for most of future Bye Bye files.

In the future, you will be able to build playlists out of any (or even all) Bye Bye files and use either the provided induction or any of my other ones.

Long Induction – Listen FirstLoop is automatically enabled.
Short Induction – Listen After Loop is automatically enabled.

For the full, unabridged description, please follow the Reddit link below. For a lower quality audio stream, use Soundgasm. For videos, we’ve got…Pornhub.


RAW: usually just a plain recording, with no effects whatsoever, except for when binaurals are specified.

SFX: with sound effects, like echoes, panning, 3D, environmental effects, and all sorts of fun stuff.

Some files have many versions you can chooses from, while others are more sparse.

There are two versions of this file:

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