Become A Good Girl – Script

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Become A Good Girl

Submit as a girl , my little cumslut…

By Miss Lilith

Welcome, Sweetea.

I’ll be dropping you down into trance in just a short while. It’ll happen progressively, bit by bit. You may not even notice the moment when you drop all the way down for me. It may just surprise you. It may just takes you from behind and pull you down under the surface of awareness and conscious thought.

But for now, just relax for me. Get comfortable, close your eyes, listen…and follow. That’s all you need to do right about now. Nothing else.

Focus on the sensations of your body, now. Feel the tension in your muscles. Feel it in your limbs. Feel it along your back and your neck. Think of the relief you would feel if allll that tension could just dissipate into nothing. Think of how great it would be if you could feel every muscle and every nerve relax to its fullest potential. Letting go of all stress and all worry and all thought. All awareness.

Because when this happens…when you let go and allow all the tensions in your body and mind to melt away…like warm butter…my voice will bring you down into the deepest of trances…where nothing will matter but for boundless peace and deep relaxation.

Now, I’d like you to picture something for me. Imagine first only as an image that throughout the entirety of your body, there is a system of strings running from the stem of your brain to the very ends of your fingers and toes.

Imagine that there are strings along your legs and your arms. Along your stomach and chest. Reaching into your head.

These strings are tense…rigid…perfect reflections of the tension in your muscles. In your body. In your mind. Feel them, sweetea. Feel their tightness. Feel their stress. They’re coiled around every muscle, every nerve. Wrapped around the thoughts in your mind. And it would feel absolutely sublime for them to loosen…because when they do, every stress and every tension in your body will simply ebb away.

When these strings loosen and you feel tensions smooth over and vanish, your conscious thoughts will fade. You won’t need them anymore. When I snap my fingers and tell you to sleep, you will feel every single tense string loosen. And when they loosen, so will all your muscles. All your stress. When they loosen, relaxation will flood your body and mind, leaving you feeling all nice and floaty…empty of mind. Empty of thought. Empty of stress. Empty of worry.

When I snap my fingers and tell you to sleep, the strings will relax and your body with it. And with your body, your mind as well. Because your body and your mind are one and the same…so when you notice how deeply relaxed your muscles will become, your thoughts will follow easily and effortlessly. It will feel natural. Something you had felt happen countless of times before in that space between wakefulness and deep slumber.

Now, I’m going to count down from 5 to 1, and on each number I’ll snap my fingers and tell you to sleep. On each number and on each snap, the strings coiled around your body and your thoughts will loosen…and all the tensions will wane and melt away easily, pleasurably. With each number, you’ll feel more and more relaxed as your head fills with the sounds of my voice and the words that I say. With each snap, your body will grow more numb. Heavier. Smoother. Melting away in the face of deep, suggestible trance and the desire to drop for me. For you.

So, 5, and Sleep[snap]. Relax. Strings loosening.[loosen sfx] Tensions falling away. Worries and stress dissolving. Thinking becoming difficult. Body becoming numb.

4, and Sleep[snap] deeper. Drop for me. Drop allll the way down into a nice, serene trance…where thoughts are unnecessary. [loosen sfx]Where thoughts fade away with each second that passes. Where your body may go numb. Where it can loosen.

3, Sleep[snap] twice as deep, now. Twice as relaxed. [loosen sfx] The strings so loose now that they may as well not exist. The tensions in your muscles allllll gone and becoming less than nothing with each word. Your mind so hazy. Every thought replaced with my words. With my suggestions. Feel it happen, sweetea. Feel my suggestions push at your mind and enjoy the way your thoughts are propelled out and away.

2, and you can…Sleep[snap] so very deeply for me, sweetea. Focus only my the wound of my voice and the words that I say. Focus only how they pull you down into this nice, relaxing trance. This nice, serene experience. And it only feels better as you drift deeper for me. As thoughts dissipate and become nothing but vapor. [loosen sfx] Nothing but past memories which you have no desire to hold onto to. Just let it go. Let me in and let your mind go.

And….1, Sleep[snap] alllll the way down, now. [extra loosen sfx] Allll the way down deep…below the surface of consciousness…below the surface of thought. Sleep[snap] twice as deep as you let go and allow me in. Allow me allll the way inside, where suggestions will settle. Where change will happen.

And I want you to open your eyes, now. Simply open your eyes and wake up just a little but. Just enough to notice how aware you may be and how much you want to go back down into that bottomless relaxation. That bottomless serenity, where my voice keeps you company. Where it keeps you safe and settled and tension-free.

When I next snap my fingers, you’ll close your eyes again, and drop twice as deep as you were just moments ago. It’ll be easy. Effortless. Smooth as ice. Because…Sleep[snap] drops you so deep. Deeper each time. Deeper each time you listen. Better each time you hear it. More effective each and every time. Eyes shut. Eyes closed. Dropping down, sweetea. No resistance. We don’t need that here. Only good things will happen here. Only the things you most want.

Open your eyes again. It’s harder this time. Harder to open. Harder to keep them open. You just want to close them again…because closing them will allow you to relax back down into that beautiful, relaxing ocean of joy and serenity. So Sleep[snap]. Eyes closed. Dropping twice as deep again. Twice as relaxed. Nicer. Better. Deeper. Drifting down. Down. Down. Feeling my voice pull you down. Pulling you deeper in with each second and each word.

Eyes open, sweetea. So hard to open. You just want to close them again. Want to keep them close as you drop deeper into trance. Deeper into relaxation. So Sleep[snap] and feel the foundation of your thoughts drop out from under you. [sfx]

Leaving you in a careful, safe free fall…falling deeper intro my words and into our trance with each second. Feeling so loose and numb and nice. Feeling as if you could just stop thinking, because you don’t need to think right now. You need only to listen and follow. Allow my words all the way inside. Allow my voice to saturate the entirety of your mostly blank awareness.

And as I continue to speak, you will only drop deeper down. Effortlessly. Easily. With joy and contentment. As I speak, you can notice how my suggestions pull you in…making you want to receive and save them into the innermost parts of your mind. It’s all you really care about right now. Right at this moment.

So Sleep[snap] deeper, now. All the way down. No hesitation. No thought. No tension. No memory. Only my voice and my words and your receptive subconscious mind.

So deep, now, sweetea. So deep and dropping deeper still. Always falling for me. Always drifting downwards. Slipping down into pleasant hypnotic trance. More and more suggestible with every second down here with me. More receptive. So easily conditioned to respond in just the best of ways.

Now…I’d like you to picture something for me. Envision your own body. With great detail and in vivid color, picture yourself as a woman. Picture your . Imagine how it would feel if you were aroused. If you were told to be aroused. Feel it deep inside. Feel that arousal spread from your and into your core and upwards into your chest…where you have a pair of beautiful *. Picture those, sweetea.

Think of your nipples. Of those deliciously sensitive nipples. Think of your entire feminine body and how it feels to have one. How it feels to be a woman in every way that you could. How it feels to have your touched. Your nipples played with. How it feels to play with your . How wet it can become. How fantastic it is to experience a full bodied arousal that spreads into every part of you. Every nerve. Every limb. Every part of your mind.

In here…in this fantasy…in this moment…you’re a woman. And it’s just such a joy. It feels so very nice to give in and experience the world in a girl’s body. It’s…special. Makes you feel content. Whole. The need to submit growing stronger. Growing sweeter. Mind becoming more and more foggy and nice.

And you can feel like this…totally and completely a lovely woman in every way…with but a trigger phrase. It’s so very simple. When someone tells you to, “Become a good girl,” you drop into a waking trance. For a moment, your mind goes blank, as if entering the deepest trances you possibly could. Then…bit by bit, your body begins to look and feel completely feminine. With a beautiful pair of and a ready to be played with.

And each time someone tells you to…”become a good girl,” you become more and more of a girl. More physically and more mentally. Until…after a little while, you lose all memory that you were anything other than a submissive girl. Because it feels good. Because it makes you content. Because it’s what you want. And it’s so very easy. Effortless. A joy to experience. Better and stronger each time it happens.

And you can enter this state alll on your own if you’d like, with but the trigger, “become a good girl.” Each time it’s said, by you or anyone you’d like to submit to, your body changes as your past self vanishes and you become…fully and truly…in every way…a girl. Feeling your nipples tingle in pleasure. Feeling your on your chest. Feeling your . Your slender build. Your long, pretty hair.

Wanting to obey and submit. Wanting to be the perfect good girl as you give yourself over to the power of another. It’s so much sweeter to submit as a good girl. So fantastic. So deep. Because when you submit as a girl, you submit in full. Totally and wholly. Without reservation.

I’m going to trigger you, now. A few times. Each time you hear it, you’ll begin to enjoy being a girl more and more. You’ll feel more and more like the girl that you are at the moment. You’ll physically feel your and your . See your long, glistening hair. Your smooth, soft skin. Your pretty face and your slender frame. Feel your arousal.

Because…when you “become a good girl,” your mind switches states and your body conforms to the shift. When you become a good girl, you can so easily imagine touching your * as you feel the pleasure of feminine arousal. That deep, whole-bodied buzzing feeling. That tingling in your nipples.

It so very, very nice. Each time you become a good girl, the surety of being a woman increases and expands. Your mind taking allll the steps to fully convince you that once you’re triggered, you’re nothing but a submissive girl with a wet and tingling **.

It’s so very easy and so very nice to imagine yourself now as a girl, sweetea. So effortless. You don’t even have to imagine…because it just is. It doesn’t take any effort at all to step into this mindset. It’s such a natural switch. Such a natural progression.

And once it happens…once you’re triggered and your mind beings to make the necessary changes, you’ll feel perfectly comfortable and perfectly content. Your body will feel exactly as your own. Your and your ** will feel as if they had always been a part of you. Always you. Always your body. There will be no hesitation or doubt or discomfort. Only acceptance and conviction. Only a desire to become more fully a woman upon hearing your trigger.

Now, I’m going to cement this concept…this trigger…this idea…into your mind. Into the deepest recesses of your mind. So feel my words travel allll the way inside and Sleep[snap] deeper. Drop alll the way down. Down, down, down. No resistance. Don’t slow down. Simply feel me pull you even deeper down as you feel me engrave the words, “become a good girl,” upon the foundation of your thoughts. Your mind. Your memories. So that anytime you hear them, you become the full, blossoming girl you so desire. The pretty, submissive woman in mind and in body. Open and willing. Nice and perfect.

Accept this easily. You want to accept this. It’ll be easier and easier with each listen. Better and more effective with each listen. Each trigger.

And…after you’re triggered, you’ll stay that good girl for as long as needed. You’ll stay that perfect vision of a woman until someone tells you that it’s time to come back. That your body may change back into your previous state as your mind switches mental states again. And if you had triggered yourself…you can always bring yourself back with but a wish. A thought. A desire. It’s that easy, sweetea.

Now…Sneep[snap] deeper for me. So much deeper. Allow your thoughts to fade a little as you become even more suggestible. As you become even more accepting.

I’d like you to think of a time you were incredibly aroused. So aroused that you’d do anything to cum. Anything at all. Your mind in such a swirl and your body so hot…buzzing with arousing energies…that no hesitation or doubt may possibly exist in your mind. Because all that mattered at the moment was pleasure…how you could feel even more of it. How you could increase it beyond bounds. Because you loooove to feel pleasure. You looove to stretch the limits of thrill and experience alll the joys that you could capture. That you could pull towards yourself.

And when you’re so horny and so aroused…hesitation and inhibitions don’t exist. They never never did. Because when you’re aroused, there is no doubt. There is only pleasure. In that state, it’s so very easy to taste cum. It’s so very easy to taste your own and somebody else’s. With that pleasure coursing through your body, you don’t even hesitate for a moment. It comes so naturally to taste cum.

Because when you do…your pleasure can only increase. Always only increase. Your arousal can only ever increase when you taste cum. Your own or someone else’s. It just happens, sweetea. All on its own. You throb and your tingle for that taste of cum. Even just the thought of tasting cum. Of having it in your mouth…sends pleasant vibrations along your body. Your core. Your mind. Makes you feel a bit foggy…a bit emptier of thought. And it’s so very nice, isn’t it? Yes, it is. And it can only get better and better with time. With each time you taste cum in any way. Any cum, in any way.

And your need to taste cum can simply just…be. Whether you’re aroused or not. You don’t need arousal to feel that joy at the idea of tasting cum anymore. You can just accept that cum makes you feel pleasure. That tasting cum makes you feel excited. And the more you play with it in your mind, the more excited it is, isn’t it? Yes, sweetea. So very exciting. So pleasant.

Think of how good it feels to taste your own cum and that of another’s. Think about how much better you feel with each second that you can taste cum. That you can have it in your mouth and on your tongue and on your lips. Think about the thrill of pleasure you feel when you can so strongly taste cum. Its unique aroma. Its unique texture. You want it more and more each time you listen and each time you have even just a tiny taste.

Because that first tiny taste if just the beginning. Once you have a little taste…there’s no stopping it. After that first taste, you just want to have more and more. You want more to play with. More to swallow. More to lick. And the more you have, the better you’ll feel. The more excited. The more aroused.

This will happen in stages, sweetea. Over time, and it will happen, any doubt or hesitation or inhibitions will vanish, as if they has never existed. Any hesitation to taste and lick and eat cum will simply disappear. With each listen and each time you taste cum. Each time you even think about it. Because even the thought of tasting cum makes you want nothing more than to play with it in your mouth until you become so * aroused that you won’t be able to control yourself. And you want that to happen so very much.

Now….Sleep[snap] and drop a bit deeper for me. Allow all the suggestions to solidify and become true. Become strong. Feel all the suggestions in this file strengthening. First…only twice as strong. Twice as powerful. But…Sleep[snap] and feel them become three times as strong. Three times as insistent.

Sleep[snap] and allow every suggestions to make a home for itself within your mind.

Sleep[snap] and feel each suggestions become a part of your conscious and subconscious thoughts. There to stay. There to change you on the inside and out…in all the ways you most desire. In all the best of ways.

And every suggestions will strengthen and strengthen each time you listen. Each time you even thinking of submitting as a good girl. Each time you think of tasting cum. It’ll happen automatically. Sometimes completely on the subconscious level. But it will happen. Even when you may not notice that it happens, it still will.

Now, I’m going to count you up, from 1 to 5. On each number, you’ll wake up a bit more. With each number, all the suggestions and conditioning will grow stronger and more in tune with your thoughts. You’ll accept each more and more. It’ll become so much easier to allow them to flow over the crevices of your mind and settle in for good.

So, 1, waking up slowly. Suggestions becoming stronger. Better. More enjoyable.
2, feeling so very good. So very nice. As if something great had happened. Something you’ve wanted for a long time.
3, waking up a bit more. Becoming a bit more aware. Feeling better. Pleasant energy flowing through your body and your mind.
4, all the suggestions strengthening for the final time, become unstoppable.
And 5, wake up, sweetea. All the way up. Fully aware and fully awake. Eyes open. Mind having accepted everything that has happened. Feeling all nice and good and accomplished. Taking deep breaths and allowing all the nice feelings from the session to follow you through the day, keeping you company.