Hypnotic Acceptance – Script

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Hypnotic Acceptance [Passive Listening] [Accept All Suggestions] [Become A Better Subject] [No Resistance] [Background Listening]

Hypnotic Acceptance

Train your thoughts, train your mind, train your inhibitions…

By Miss Lilith

Your mind is like a tropical ocean. On the surface, all bright and crystal clear. In its depths…dark and dim and nebulous, tiny little thoughts swimming from place to place…freely, without restraint or regard.

And those depths…those dark, hidden sections…down deeply so very far below the observable, detectable surface…lies the your inner-most mindscape. That part of you where thoughts house themselves. Where behaviors and habits and obsessions and emotions dwell. That layer which has upon it engraved your needs and your desires and your loves and likes and wants. The very bottom of the ocean. The depths of the depths. Below the underneath. In the midst of the most unconscious of thoughts…most unconscious of principles.

And if your mind is like an ocean…hypnosis is like a gentle rain.

Suggestions descend from the clouds…one by one…sometimes as legion…sometimes…as more…but always merging with the ocean…with the water. As the merge happens..as the water molecules dance and spin and vibrate…and as the suggestions drift downwards into the mindscape…the hypnosis and the suggestions and the ocean and the mind…all become *one*.

 So that as you listen and follow…as hypnotic words made their way down through the ocean, through your mind’s layers…and into the depths and into your mindscape…your thoughts effortlessly shift to accommodate new realities. New behaviors. New likes and desires and habits and fantasies.

If you choose to listen…then all you can do is listen and follow and *feel* the droplets of rain sink into your soft membrane…into the core that is *you*. Suggestions flowing effortlessly…as if on the coattails of a waterfall. Without doubt. Without hesitation.

Because when you listen and when hypnotic suggestion has you in sight…there is nothing in your mind left to resist. There is resistance…because you don’t want to resist. Because you want to feel the waves of pleasant hypnotic power wash over your being. Wash over your mind. Your thoughts. Your desires and your joys and your memories.

So that each suggestion simply slips into your mindscape as if it had always had a place there. As if you had been waiting forever and ever…its home already furnished…the dinner already set. Each suggestion slipping right in without effort as you enjoy how easy it is to submit and to change and to allow yourself to open up.

Because hypnosis is fun. Hypnosis is good. Hypnotic conditioning allows you to feel…almost like a new person each time you wake. As you wake from trance and as suggestions settle in deeply, you know that you’re different than  you were before you dropped. You know that each time you listen and follow and feel the rain descend and crash against the ocean that is your mind…you become something new. Something better. Something that you had wanted to be.

The changes that happen…are your own choices. They happen because you wish for them to happen. Suggestions work because you enjoy the sensation of mind contortion. Mind alteration. You choose to listen and follow…and when you do…your choice to listen empowers every suggestion with an unbreakable intensity. Unstoppable might.

Listen and follow. Every trance is a new experience. Every hypnotic session is an opportunity to learn and to grow and to feel better and better. Happier and happier. More and more aroused. Each session…and each suggestion…and each trance…better and stronger and deeper.

When you listen…you follow. When you listen…you obey. It’s easy. It’s effortless. It requires no thought. No effort. It…just happens.

So know that each time you listen and feel hypnotic suggestions swoop down from the clouds and sink into the ocean of your mind…slipping deeply into your thoughts and your memories and your desires…you accept them without reservation…because why wouldn’t you? There’s no reason to resist or to hesitate. It’s…easier this way. To allow it all the way inside…and let it all sort itself out once apart of you.

And you do so enjoy every one of those moments…where a suggestion takes hold in a way that you know will persist. You love to feel suggestions weave into the makeup of your personality…your inner core…and then feel them change you in a very real and true way.

Each time you listen to hypnosis…now and later and every time after…you will learn and you will grow and you will allow yourself to enjoy the fruits of your labor. The rewards of letting go and opening up. Because the reward is joy. Is arousal. Is…transformation. Evolution.

Know surely and with ultimate certainty that hypnosis slips and splices into your mindscape without effort, resistance, or worry…