Good Bimbo Toy  – Script

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Good Bimbo Toy

Why think, when you can keep your mind blank…

By Miss Lilith

I’d like you to try and keep your mind blank as you listen to my voice and the words that I say. Your mind will empty itself alll on its own as you listen. You will succumb and your thoughts will drop straight out of your head. This will happen, as it has many times before. It’ll be easy and so very nice. So just listen and follow. Close your eyes, relax, and listen. There’s nothing else you need to be doing right now. Nothing at all, bimbo.

Now, I’d like to tell you about this delightful, entrancing lollipop. It scatters your thoughts  and pops them out of being…as it drains your mind of all senses. It’s sparkly and pink and so very, very sweet. It makes your tongue and brain tingle with delight as it pulls allll the thoughts out of your mind. When you lick it and you suck it, you go blank and empty and dizzy…leaving you so perfectly vacant and open and receptive.

All you have to do is put it in your mouth and allow it to cleanse you of all brain activity. Allow it to drain you of all that you are, leaving you empty and your mind blank. And you so want this to happen. And so it will. So very easily, so effortlessly. And you’ll enjoy every second, every word…every drop…and every drain.  

So picture, in your mind, a nice, round, pink lollipop…its center bright and its surface spinning in dizzying, spiraling patterns of a dozen shades of pink. The longer you stare, the more you want it in your mouth. The more you want to feel it draw alll your intellect and alll your thoughts straight out of your feeble head. The more you want to be blank of mind and free of all thought. All awareness. All substance.

And when I tell you to wrap your lips around the lollipop, and the image enters your mind, I’ll tell you to sleep with a snap of my fingers…and you’ll feel yourself relax in body and mind. You’ll feel yourself begin to enter a deep hypnotic trance. You’ll feel the thoughts in your head smooooth over and your perception of time and space break apart, leaving only my voice and the words that I say.

And as you drift deeper into trance, every time you hear Lollipop Drop, thinking becomes more and more impossible, thoughts becoming glassy…intellectual ability dripping out…clarity dropping out…the memory of how to function without being told how to…liquefying and dispersing.       

So just envision yourself, deep inside your mindscape, as you reach for this lollipop and place it in your mouth. Feel the sweetness melt in your mouth, against your taste buds, as your tensions starts to release, your body relaxes, and your mind empties. Because with it in your mouth, you just drop deeper and deeper into trance. Deeper into a receptive state of mind. Deeper into a mind blank.

Picture, in your mind, the way your body relaxes and the way your face grows slack with the lollipop safely resting in your mouth. Picture yourself becoming more and more relaxed, falling deeply into trance, as thoughts melt away easily…as easily as sugar does. As easily as candy does. You just fall deeper and deeper.  

And as the you in your mind drops and drops, drooping and forgetting what tensions may have been…that they had ever even existed…as the you in your mind remembers only that trance is all that had ever been and all that ever will be…you can Sleep[snap] and drop deeply into a receptive hypnotic trance, mind melting and thoughts popping easily. Effortlessly.

You can just allow yourself a mind blank of thoughts. Blank of mind. Thoughts popping. Sleep[snap] deeper and relax. Sleep and go blank. Sleep and abandon time and space. Because each time the lollipop touches your mouth and with each second that it rests inside it, you drop deeper and deeper…become more and more vacant…more and more devoid of thought…unable to put together a single string of coherency.

Now, I’m going to bring you out of trance as I pull the mind-bending lollipop out of your mouth. You’ll become aware and awake again, but not wanting to move…not wanting to do anything but to drop back down into my voice and absolute vacancy of thought. And when I put it back in and tell you to sleep, with a snap of my fingers, you’ll drop twice as deeply into trance, become thrice as receptive, and ever so much emptier. Ever so much more woozy and dizzy and blank.

So wake up as I pull it out. Awake and aware. Open your eyes for me, Sweetea. Body still, but eyes open, waiting for me to drop you back down into an even deeper trance. Where you’ll feel infinitely better. Where you need to be, because the deeper you go, the better you’ll feel, bimbo toy.

Lollipop Drop in and you Sleep[snap] deeper, drifting further, quicker, better. Eyes tightly shut. Mind Blank and sleep for me. Twice as deep, twice as good. Tensions allll easing. Limbs going numb, body more relaxed. Blank and empty.

Lollipop out and awake and aware, eyes open…wanting to go back. Needing to go back, because when you next close your eyes, you’ll drop twice again as deep and twice again as empty…feeling better, more relaxed, and ever so much emptier.

Sleep[snap] deep. Eyes closed. Lollipop Drop, draining your thoughts, mind going pop. Deeper and deeper and so much better. All intellect dripping into the lollipop, bit by bit…leaving you feeling emptier and emptier, blank of mind and numb of body. Craving to go deeper.

But for now, eyes open…awake and aware…mouth empty once more…having such a hard time keeping your eyes open. Having such a hard time staying aware, because my voice naturally drags you under…easily takes the thoughts straight out of your head…makes you so very suggestible, so effortlessly dropping into deep, deep trance.

And Sleep[snap] deep. Lollipop Drop. Deeper than before. Always so much deeper each time you go back down. Always so much better. More relaxed. More numb. Happy. Open.

Eyes open, awake. So hard to open them now. So hard to keep them open. Needing to drop back down. Needing to feel empty and blank.

And you can just allow yourself to Sleep[snap] as your mind goes pop and your thoughts drip out of your head, Lollipop Drop firmly in your mouth, draining everything that you are…blank and empty….mind blank…vacant as the void…falling deeply. Deeper and deeper. Eyes so tightly shut now. So very tight.

Just drop deeper for me. Sleep[snap] and drift into my voice and into a mind blank. Enjoy the sensation of your intellect draining out of you as the lollipop sucks it allll up, sweetening your thoughts and pulling them all out…leaving you with nothing but the sound of my voice and the words that I say.

Sleep[snap] deep. Mind blank and empty. Lollipop Drop, drained and suggestible, ready and eager to always drop deeper. Always empty and blank for me.

But eyes open. Open your tired eyes. Still so blank.

And Lollipop Drop, further into the deep. Sleep[snap] and drop deeper. No resistance. No defense. Wanting to feel alll the things I want you to feel. Eyes so tightly shut now. Can’t open them. Don’t want to try. Just want to drop deeper. More relaxed. Emptier and emptier for me.

So very blank and so very empty with Lollipop Drop and so deep deep and suggestible with Sleep[snap]. And the longer you listen, the less able you are of thought…the less you want to think…the more vacant you become. With each word, each trigger, and each sound, the lollipop in your mind grows brighter and stronger, draining more and more of what you are. What you think. Sucking all your abilities to concentrate and think away, leaving you so very blank and empty…and so very happy.

And…I know that you’d like to feel empty. I know that you’d like to be so very empty of thought, because thinking is hard. Thinking requires energy. Thinking tires you out. And you just want to rest. You want to get away and enjoy all the simplistic pleasures of having your intellect reduced to nothing…of becoming dumber and dumber, dropping deeply into a world of pink fluff, hypnotizing lollipops, giggles, arousal, and pure joy.

So just listen and follow. Lollipop Drop and sink deeper.

Sleep[snap] deeper. More and more receptive, because the emptier your mind, the more suggestible you become…and the more suggestible you become, the emptier you become…and the deeper you go.

Mind Blank, bimbo toy. Blank and empty and dumb.

Because thinking is hard and being dumb is easy. It’s easier than breathing. Easier than sleeping. Easier than walking and thinking and sinking. It’s so easy, even a total bimbo can do it. A total, mindless, thoughtless, stupid bimbo toy…which you desire to be so very, very much. Your insatiable hunger to become a ditzy, brainless bimbo eats away at all your thoughts…as the imagine of my delightful lollipop comes to your mind and makes it so very easy and pleasurable to forget everything but this very moment…this instance…because forgetting feels so very good and so very nice.

So think of  Lollipop Drop and grow ever so much emptier, as your thoughts are drained…mind emptier and emptier…easier to control…dumber and dumber, like the good bimbo toy that you are…that you so thirst to become…in body and in mind. You so need to be one that every time you hear or see “good bimbo toy,” you can’t help but want nothing more than to repeat it, cementing it deeper into your mind. So that when you’re told that you’re a good bimbo toy…”I’m a good bimbo toy” runs through your mind and wants to be let out into the world…dropping you deeper into a bimbo mindset and allowing you to enjoy it more and more.

Because each time you repeat it, it feels better and better, and you feel more like a good, dumb, bimbo toy. So repeat, “I’m a good bimbo toy,” and feel the words drip into your brain, covering all your thoughts…dropping you deeper…making you feel sweet and pink and great and full of joy. Full of sweet, airy joy.  

Listen to my voice and allow my words to enter deep into your empty mind. As you listen, each and every one of my words slides right into your head, replacing all your original thoughts…emptying every single tiny brain cell…taking your reason and intelligence, and replacing them with horny, dumb, fun, giggly energy.

Because…thinking’s hard. You don’t really want to think. You don’t want to waste the energy. You don’t want to expand the effort. It’s so much easier to be dumb. It’s so very fun to be dumb. Because the the more dumb you are, the more fun you have…and the more fun you have, the more dumb you are. This is because you’re a good Bimbo Toy, and good bimbo toys don’t think. Good bimbo toys’ brains shrink when they try to think…and when a bimbo’s brains shrink, they can’t think.

And your brain shrinks and shrinks every time you hear the words, “Bimbo Toy.” Every single time you hear them or you see them or you think of them, your brain shrinks and shrinks as you grow dumber and dumber and thinking becomes harder and harder. Each and every time you hear or see the words, “Bimbo Toy,” you grow more and more empty…more cheery and airy.

And the more cheery and airy you become, the more numb your mind and the more dumb you are. Always a better, dumber Bimbo Toy…always forgetting more and more..because remembering isn’t fun. Forgetting is fun. Forgetting everything but bimbo fun. Forgetting makes you happy and cheery and airy. Forgetting makes you dumb and numb…and the more dumb you are, the more fun you have. And the more fun you have, the more dumb you become. It’s natural and easy, and you want it more and more.

And as Bimbo Toy begins to work and you become Mind Blank, the loss of thought and intelligence spindles your arousal more and more, throwing you into an endless, spiraling, horny, cloud of pink..where nothing exists but dumb giggles and bimbo moans. Nothing but your empty mind and a fluffy world full of confusion, neglect, and giggles. Full of desire and thirst. Full of mind-numbing lust to become even dumber…even emptier…more and more pink. Soft and stupid…and happy.

When you’re triggered as the good Bimbo Toy that you are, your thoughts slooooow down, as if stuck in quick sand…unable to move further out. Unable to do anything but flail around uselessly. Every thought that you may have just sinks back down…replaced by the desire to become dumber and dumber…and so very horny. Always so very horny.  Because there is nothing more important than being a dumb, horny, good bimbo toy. Nothing else matters.

So your mind will just naturally sway away from intelligence and reason…and fall deeply into a mind blank…a space where only bimbo thoughts exists…because when you’re a bimbo toy[snap], you can only feel happy and horny and empty…without a single worry…a single tension…a single memory. Those are a bother. Those make you think…and you don’t want to think…since you just want to sink…deeper and deeper. Deeper into bliss and deeper into bimbo…deeper into arousal…and deeper into lust.

Just imagine, for a second, my good little bimbo toy, how dreamy it would be to have no worries, no stress, no memories, no tension, and no urgency. Imagine how great it would be to just exist in the moment as an empty, dumb bimbo…with no thoughts but for how funny everything is…how giggly everything makes you…and how horny you can become. Hornier with each second that you’re a dumb bimbo. Hornier with each trigger and each giggle. And it feels to very good to let go…to succumb to your inner bimbo toy….that dumb bimbo slut with nothing on the mind but for giggles and lust.

And this happens so very easily…because when you see or hear the word Bimbo Toy, you lose your identity as a person. You lose everything more and more, each time you’re triggered. With each trigger, you lose all your memory and all your stress and all your tension. With each Bimbo Toy [snap] you grow ever so much dumber, mind ready to be used…body aroused and tingling with pleasure.   

When you’re triggered, the inside of your head starts ringing and you stop thinking. Because every time you try to think, you brain will shrink and you will sink. Always so confused…so ready to be used. Always so easily amused.

And when your inner bimbo toy takes over and you go mind blank, and you begin to feel yourself slip away, losing grip on reality and your intelligence…losing all resistance and all defenses…becoming nothing but a dumb bimbo slut…you can feel  your IQ drop and drop and your mind pop and pop. Once you feel it happen, even just a little bit…there is no stopping it. Once you begin to grow confused…you’ll just pop and lollipop drop…and sink deeper into Bimbo Toy[snap] and a Mind Blank.

When you’re triggered, thinking is impossible. Every thought just dissolves into giggles…every sensation into arousal…and every idea into the impossibly strong desire to be dumb and numb…and as soft and slow as the dumbest bimbo alive. As the perfect, good, bimbo toy. The perfect plaything. The perfect sweetea…brains all leaking out…head all confused…mind all wiggly and tingly and empty.

When you’re a good bimbo toy, your mind blank and empty, numbers are so very hard. Numbers just make you more dumb. When you try to count…your mind automatically rejects the very idea and hides…hides so very far…far from the scary numbers. Because when you try to count, you just get dumber and dumber. Your head more and more confused. Your bimbo body just hornier and more aroused. Numbers are so very hard…numbers make you want to forget. They make you want to shrink in mind and become an even emptier bimbo toy[snap]…with a mind blank.

Good bimbo toys are…always so horny. Always so aroused. Always thinking about ways to find release. About ways to get even dumber…think even less. Ways to shrink their brains and shrink their minds. Ways to grow more and more simple and fun. Because Bimbo Toys just wanna have fun. Bimbo toys just wanna be used.

When bimbo toys are triggered, in any way at any time, they forget. They forget about life outside of bimbo. Because there is no life outside of bimbo. When bimbo toy becomes a bimbo, bimbo is just a bimbo and nothing more. And bimbos can’t think. Bimbos can’t reason. Bimbos can’t count. Bimbos just wanna sink and sink and be dumb and fun. Bimbos just wanna feel horny…wet and throbbing…confused of mind and numb of body. Bimbo toys can’t think…because thinking is too hard and thinking isn’t fun. When bimbo toy tries to think, bimbo toy just wants to sink. Bimbo toy just wants to shrink.

The emptier your mind, the happier you are. The emptier your thoughts, the hornier you get. And when you’re a bimbo toy…as you are now…nothing matter but the moment..nothing matters but for how much dumber you can become. How much happier with each brain cell that bimbo toy loses. Because the dumber bimbo toy is, the better bimbo toy feels. And the better bimbo toy feels, the hornier bimbo toy becomes. The deeper it drops. The dumber it wants to be. Because to be dumb is to to be happy and joyous and horny. Free of worry and free of tension.

And as good bimbo toy becomes a bimbo..more and more with each trigger…better and better every time…with each work and each second…bimbo toy must become a bimbo in full form. Bimbo toy must speak and think like a dumb bimbo slut. Bimbo toy must become a better bimbo. Bimbo toy must practice and practice and speak like the good little bimbo slut that it is. And it wants to be a good toy for me, doesn’t it? It wasn’t to be the perfect, dumb toy. It needs to be dumb and horny and giggly. It needs to stop thinking. It needs to be the perfect bimbo toy…free of worry and free of thought.

And being such a good bimbo toy for me…bimbo will listen and follow. It will not resist. It will simply listen and obey, like the good bimbo toy[snap] that it is. The word “bimbo” will imprint on my bimbo toy’s mind in a way no other had. Allow “Bimbo” to enter every tiny brain cell left and feel it infect your entire mind with its power.

Just Sleep[snap] a bit deeper. Lollipop drop, mind pop. Bimbo Toy[snap] must obey. Must listen and follow. Good bimbo toy has no identify. Bimbo toy *loves* the word BIMBO. It loves it so much. Every time you see it or hear, you want to be a good bimbo toy again. Every time you see or hear or think of it, your arousal grows and grows and you want to drop and sink. You want a mind blank and need to be a bimbo toy again. And again. And again. Because it feeeeels so incredibly good to be a bimbo toy. To be empty and horny and weak. To be giggly and stupid and numb.

The desire to lose yourself grows stronger and stronger each time you see and hear the word “bimbo.” Each time, the desire to become a bimbo toy grows and grows…as the idea becomes better and better, and more exciting. As you grow more and more horny for it. More desperate.

And when you succumb and become the good bimbo toy[snap] that you so crave to be, you’ll stay such a horny, dumb bimbo for so very long…mind so empty and so lustful…mind so silly and so airy…free of worry, free of tension. You’ll stay a good bimbo toy for as long as you can. As long as you’re allowed. As long as the world permits. It’ll be all but impossible to leave this state of bimbo without a reason drastic enough to pull you out. Or…without someone else telling you that it’s ok to come back. But you’ll still want to stay there…as a dumb slut…an airy bimbo…because it feels to good.

It feels so amazing to be such a dumb bimbo…mind so open and suggestible…mind so receptive, unable to say, “no.” Unable to resist. Because good bimbo toys can only say, “yes.” Good bimbo toys can only obey. To listen and to follow means you’re a good bimbo..and you want to be a good bimbo, don’t you? You want to be the best and dumbest bimbo alive. You want to be dumber than the dumbest. You just wanna giggle and laugh…stay empty and airy…thoughts so pink as your mind shrinks. Always shrink as you try to think.

Now….I’m going to leave you in this state of bimbo…this wonderful state as the perfect bimbo toy. Because the longer you stay this way, the better it’ll feel and the more you’ll want it. I’ll wake you from trance, but you’ll be such a good little bimbo for me still. So dumb and so numb…so horny and so airy…eager for release. Eager to cum. Eager to play. Eager to be a good toy.

So, 1, starting to wake up. Body regaining all sensation.

2, beginning to move and stretch, mind just a little bit clearer.

3, coming out of trance, awake and aware, feeling so very good…so very horny…so incredibly airy.

4, wake up, eyes open, body stretching, feeling good.

5, fully awake and fully aware….but such a a good bimbo toy for me, mind blank, and lollipop drop, as thoughts are swept away again and again…leaving you feeling like the dumbest slut on earth.

Good bimbo toys are horny and bouncy and giggly

Such a good bimbo toy

Good Bimbo toy

I’m a good bimbo toy

Drip drop mind pop

I don’t wanna think…I just wanna sink

I wanna be empty and cheery and airy

When I’m not thinking, my mind is shrinking

When my mind is shrinking, I’m not thinking

Bind my mind and let me unwind

Every time I try to think, my brain will shrink and I will sink

I’m so dumb and it’s so fun

My mind’s so numb and I’m just so dumb

I’m always so confused, ready to be used

I’m so easily amused, always so bemused

Mind so simple, twist my nipple

Twist my nipple and watch me wiggle

My thoughts wiggle as I jiggle

I’m so stuck, I just wanna fuck   

My mind’s so slow, I just don’t know

I don’t know, because I’m so slow

Head ringing, can’t be thinking

Thinking is so hard

Dumber and dumber

Dumber as I slumber

Dumber as I go under

Remove my brains, undo my pants

I’m so lost, my brain’s so soft

My IQ drops and my mind pops

I want to screw, to lower my IQ

When I try to think, I blink and I sink

I’m always so horny

Always so aroused

Aroused and horny all the time

My mind’s always on sex

Sex always on my mind

Do me for free

I’m always free, in every degree

Counting is soooo hard

Numbers are so hard

I don’t need to be smart…I’m pretty

Bimbo toy

Bimbo plaything