Marionette Plaything  – Script

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Marionette Plaything

Feel me pull the strings of your mind and the body…

By Miss Lilith

Welcome, sweetea. This is going to be a slightly different kind of hypno session. I’ll take you really deep, but in a somewhat peculiar fashion. For this one, you’ll need to have freedom of movement and complete privacy. You also most certainly don’t want to start this session off not fully dressed. You will be doing things for me while in trance, so there are a few things that you’ll need before we start. First, since you’ll need to be free to move around, listening to this with wireless headphones or earbuds is all but required. It will be quite difficult to follow my suggestions if you lack the proper freedom.

Next, you’ll need a marker or pen safe to use on bare skin. Perhaps even lipstick. Things will get…interesting, and you’ll need something to mark yourself with. Then find something you can suck on. If you have toys, perfect…if you don’t…find something else. Anything. It doesn’t matter much what you inevitably choose, long as it servers its function.

Lastly, I need you to get a piece of paper…something to write on. And write down three words or short phrases that you find deeply hypnotic…be they triggers that you have…or simply words that send tingles of pleasure running down your spine. Words that capture your mind. Words that have meaning and power. Just three. Three of your most favorite ones. As you write them down, think of why they make you feel the way they do.

Once these conditions are met and once you’ve found everything you need, find a safe, warm, comfortable place to sit or lie down. Pause this recording now if you need time…then come back once you’re in a comfy position.

Welcome once more, sweetea. If you haven’t already, close your eyes and relax them. Let them rest.
I’m going to drop you deep, deep into trance quickly and effortlessly. There won’t be a need for a long, drawn-out induction, because I don’t want you too deep. I want you at least somewhat aware…somewhat awake. You’ll have no choice, because you’ll have no say in what happens…but at the very least, you’ll be conscious of your unconscious actions. Feeling that loss of control…as I take it from you with my voice and the words that I say…is always such a sensual experience. It’s always so fulfilling.

The joy of surrendering your body and mind to another will allow you to drift further down as we proceed. It will allow you to sink deeper into the experience…allowing it to take you on a ride. You’ll be a passenger…and nothing more. As my voice pulls your strings, you’ll have no choice but to allow yourself to follow along…because you crave giving in. You crave that titillating feeling of being nothing but a blank toy for me to play with…for me to direct; body, limb, and mind.

I want you to picture an anvil. A massive, heavy anvil larger than your own body and substantially heavier. So heavy that the thick plane of glass upon which it rests creaks and whines with the weight…micro-fractures like a crystallized web slowly expanding out from underneath.

Down below, on the other side of the glass, there is but an unending descent into a spiral of clouds…inviting and safe. Safe and secure.

There is only a short period of time left before the glass cracks and the anvil falls, quickly and without resistance. Now, I want you to imagine, within your mind’s eye, that your mind, your thoughts, your resistance, and your control sync and lock with the fate of the anvil. So that when it falls, so will you. You’ll drop deep, quickly and without effort…losing control…losing your thoughts. You’ll drop into a receptive trance as soon as it starts to fall…and the further down it falls, the deeper you’ll go. And it’ll drop so very far, so very quickly…reaching terminal velocity in such a short time.

When the glass breaks and the anvil falls, it’ll pull all of your critical thinking mind with it, leaving you blank and empty…suggestible and craving to be filled the with sound of my voice and the words that I say. It will happen so abruptly…the floor upon which your mind rests taken right from underneath it…leaving you dependant on suggestion and another’s control. My control. A switch, deep, deep within you will flip…and your mind will shift into an empty plaything state of mind…waiting to be told what to do, what to think…and having no will to resist.

Now…I want you to do something for me. It’ll be easy. Such a tiny little task. I want you to truly think of how it’d feel to be a passenger in your own body. Picture yourself, in full color…vividly and brightly. Make sure the picture is big and wide…true to life…true to yourself. Imagine yourself in that state…listening to suggestions…allowing them to dictate your actions…and imagine that you have no choice but to follow and obey. Really feel this. Really allow the pictures and sounds…the sensations and emotions…to grow big and bright…loud and clear. Imagine yourself in that blank state of puppetry, being told to drop deeper into trance…to let go completely. Imagine yourself blindly and automatically drifting into this void…where nothing exist but for the will of another…the voice and the words of your manipulator.

Keep that imagine close to heart as I count you down, now…

10, and you feel it expand…becoming more and more real.

9, and it grows more vivid…more detailed.

8, and you can picture your mental strings being pulled and maneuvered…allowing you to just…go blank and empty.

7 …and the glass breaks [glass break sound] [sleep/snap] and the anvil falls…and your mind falllllls with it, taking all your thoughts and your entire mind with it.

The anvil falls…and you fall. The anvil drops…and you just drop, drop, drop…deeper and deeper…the floor from underneath your mind taken and gone…leaving you falling and falling. Blank and empty.

The spirals of clouds cycle around you, passing by quickly…your thoughts being left behind. Your resistance staying allllll the way up in the sky…so very far from where you are now. And the further you drop…the deeper you fall…and the deeper you fall, the emptier you are.

Sleep [snap]

The floor approaches…and you fall right through it…through to the other side…where trance is ten times as good…ten times as deep. Where you can’t resist, can’t question. You’re floating now…head empty…thoughts having left you. And with each second, whatever thoughts you may still have…whatever defenses…alllll just flow up and away…leaving you here…in this void…blank and empty…ready for my voice and the words that I say to direct you.

So Sleep [snap] and drift deeper into trance. Sleep [snap] and become ten times as suggestible…ten times as empty.

Sleep [snap] and float in this blank state of puppetry, ready to listen and follow without conscious thought and without question.

In this space…with your mind in this receptive state…I’m going to implant a trigger deeeeeep within you. Just drop deeper. Drift further down…and do nothing but listen and allow the words that I say to float right into your mind, bypassing all conscious thought…and engraving themselves on the innermost recesses of your psyche.

Just shut down as you hear the words “Marionette Time” echo throughout the insides of you head. Capture this moment. Seal “Marionette Time” deeply into your subconscious mindscape. Picture the words in your mind…hear the words [marionette time in the background] in your mind. Make them big and bright and strong…unrelenting. Impossible to escape from…impossible to ignore. When you hear the words [echo mar.time.] reach your ears, it’s as if they become your entire world. When you see them, they drain your conscious thoughts totally and completely…leaving you blank and empty…awaiting instruction.

“Marionette Time” drops you into a plaything state of mind, where all you can do is submit and obey…listen and follow…without a single conscious thought in sight. The words drag your thoughts far, far away…with the strength of a black hole…stripping you away, bit by bit…until there is nothing left. Until you’re nothing but a marionette…a body for someone else to play with…a toy with no say in what happens or when.

It’s a completely alternate state, where past lives don’t matter…where the outside world doesn’t exist. An internal state of blankness which doesn’t care for anything but the moment…and the commands of another. Marionette Time drops you deeper and deeper each time it’s said…each time it’s written…taking more and more of you away. Sucking more and more of your thoughts and ideas. Until there is only the command…and your automatic response. Your body and mind will obey. Your subsumed subconscious mind will pull at your strings…just as it has its strings pulled in every which way.

It’s like a cascading domino effect. When you’re put into this blank and empty state of mind with Marionette Time, your conscious awareness dims and dims…releasing its control and its sentience. When this happens, your deep subconscious mind takes over, pushing all of your alertness out and away…into spaces unseen and so very distant…so very unattainable. It keeps allll of your thoughts, your ideas, and your defenses beyond your reach…beyond all matter and time.

And when this happens…your subconscious mind falls under the control of the speaker…of the one who has triggered you. Under the control of me. Of my voice and the words that I say. When this happens, the strings that control you manifest and become solid…allowing another full and total authority over what happens with your body and mind. It has not choice but to…because there is no choice. Choices aren’t for Marionette Playthings. Choices aren’t for my good little toys. And that’s all you are now.

A Marionette Plaything. When you’re in this space…in this state of mind and body…being branded as a Marionette Plaything sends thrills of excitement running up and down your limbs…tickling the back of your mind…your brain. It makes you throb and pulse with arousal…blood flowing quicker where it needs to go…your heart pumping just a bit faster. It’s an automated response…totally out of your control.

When you hear or see Marionette Plaything…when someone refers to you as one…you go emptier, fall deeper, and drift into ever-growing arousal. You all but shudder in pleasure…feeling the joy of being nothing but a toy for someone to play with. And each time, it gets better and better…more and more arousal flooding your body and mind. You twitch, you drip, you throb, and you pulse…waves of pleasure cascading down from the tip of your head to the very tips of your toes…and then back up again…and again…all feeding into your center…your core. Your heat.

Being labeled as a Marionette Plaything is just suuuuch a joy. Such a comfort. Every time, it’s as if you’re given a gift and the pleasure centers of your deep, deep mind light up bright…and happy. Aroused and submissive. These waves of pleasure shift and shift…vibrating at just the right frequencies to almost bring you to the very edge. The very edge of release. And each time you hear or see Marionette Plaything…each time you’re called a Marionette Plaything, the waves and vibrations keep on adding onto themselves, becoming heavier and heavier…and so much more solid. As if caught in a gush of lurching sound waves and sights…tunneling deeper into your flesh…into your mindscape…and filling every single inch of you, inside and out, with a buzzing bliss…a needy, excited, wet arousal.

Now be good and drop deeper into Marionette Time. Allow time to stop. Feel it suspend itself in this very moment…so that whatever you do here…whatever you think here…will be but a foggy, disjointed memory after you wake. It’ll be very, very difficult to remember what you’re told to do when you’re being a good marionette plaything. After it’s all done and you wake from your blank and empty state…memories will begin to disperse, bit by bit…until there’ll be nothing left but joy and fog.

Now…I need you to open your eyes for me, my good little plaything. I know it’s hard…but you must open your eyes. Allow your subconscious mind to automatically respond to my commands…and feel it take control of your body and mind. Feel your body respond effortlessly. Stay deep in trance…stay floaty and airy and empty. But open your eyes. Keep them open.

Marionette Time. You must listen and obey. You must act as I say. [oooh, echo this shit up, bitch]

Feel your body loosen, but unlock itself…free to move in the way that I will it. Allow sensation to flow back into every part of your body…every limb…every nerve. Still so very blank and empty…

Marionette Time. Giving up more control…emptier…deeper. Keep your eyes open. Body loose. Listen…and follow.

Feel the strings that pull at your body. Feel them grip you firmly…undeniably. These strings are stronger than you are…stronger than your subconscious mind…so much more real than any thoughts you may still have.

Now be a good marionette plaything for me…and stand up. Carefully, slowly. No need to rush. Stand up, now. [submit and obey in the background track + MT trigger]

Now…let’s begin the training of a perfect marionette plaything, doing as it’s told without question…without resistance. Every action that you perform for me here will strengthen your triggers…will cement this blank state of mind further. Each action will drive you deeper into arousal…into pleasure. Every little action…every little act of total obedience…will build upon the foundation of the marionette plaything state of existence and push you further into the marionette time sinkhole.

Remove all your clothing for me, toy. Piece by piece, carefully, without hurry. Just strip slowly, sensually…and with each piece that you remove, sink deeper into the moment…drift deeper into marionette time…isolating this state of mind more and more from the rest of the world. Collapsing further into passionate, full-bodied arousal. Feeling it grow and grow, becoming fuller and undeniable.

With each piece of clothing that’s no longer on your body, you feel more and more like the perfect marionette plaything. More and more like a blank and empty toy…to be used and controlled. To be told what to do and what to think. How to do it and when. And when all your clothes are off…the real, physical evidence of your surrender in plain view…you can feel the strings coiled around your body and mind grow in power and potential. In capacity and influence. You can feel them snap so tightly into place…always ready to be exploited to their fullest.

Such a good marionette plaything for me.

You’re nude, now…totally *, in mind and body. Ready, blank, and empty…accepting of all suggestions…feeling my voice and my words seep into the void of your thoughts. Very good. Now, you’re going to write a few things on your body with whatever you have at hand. With each letter that you pen, you’ll sink so much more profoundly into marionette time…sealing the concept, the state of mind…further into your reality. Sealing it so strongly…so thoroughly…feeling each letter pushing your surrender as a toy to be played with ever so much deeper into you. The letters meld with your flesh…forever imprinted upon the mind and body of my good, little marionette plaything.

And with each word that you complete…the pleasure you feel when acting on a command…and the pleasure you feel when someone calls you a marionette plaything expand and grow by factors. Each completed word increasing the pleasure by a factor of two…growing exponentially. The joy…the emptiness…the submission…the arousal…all flourishing and amplifying with each word. This will happen.

Now…pick up your writing utensil.

This little action, all on its own, is already pushing you further dooooown into this empty space…empty mind…empty state. Each action that you perform is in a world of its own. The memory of any previous command you’ve followed growing foggy and breaking apart. You only have to remember what I tell you to remember, and nothing else. Nothing else that happens to my good marionette plaything matters. Only the moment matters. Right now, right now…with the sound of my voice and the words that I say.

Now…watch and feel as your subconscious mind chooses a place on your body to mark. Feel your body move allll on its own as you write “Empty” on your bare skin. Letter by letter. Slowly, carefully. No rush. Each letter fusing with your core…each letter binding marionette time with your center…fueling it and giving it more and more power. Complete the word, toy.

Good, little marionette plaything. Feeling more and more aroused. Throbbing with pleasure. Dripping with desire. Tingling with joy.

Now, write “Blank” on another part of your body. Feel yourself move automatically, without resistance…each letter feeling better and better. Each letter allowing you to sink further, deeper. More and more pleasure.

Now, you’re going to write “Toy” on yet another part of your body. And when the word completes, really, truly feel your pleasure multiply…your surrender cementing itself so solidly. Your arousal rising higher and higher…reaching up and up.

Good marionette plaything. So very, very good. By now, the words “marionette plaything” have a very real, physical effect on your body. You shiver with delight each time you hear it.

And again, write “Plaything” on your body. Anywhere. Your subconscious mind may choose on its own and your body obeys. Each letter feeling better…each letter more of a pleasure. Each letter bringing you closer to the edge of orgasm. But no matter how aroused you get, you will not touch yourself until I’ve told you to. You have no choice in the matter. Your blank, empty mind cannot decide this on its own. It’s unthinkable. Impossible.

Now…finally…glance at that paper that you’ve written down on earlier…look at the three words there…and write them all down somewhere on your body. Mark yourself, now. Begin the process. Each letter driving deeper into you…into your core…sending waves of more and more pleasure over your body…your center. Treasure each wave and each letter written. Treasure each word that you’ve already sealed onto yourself…and each word that you have yet to.

These markings…these seals…these labels…are here to stay with your marionette plaything mindset. They’re never going anywhere. The second you’re triggered, they flow over your body…vibrating and pulsing across every inch…every crease, every nerve. Just as the arousal you feel upon hearing your triggers send those delightful waves from the top of your head to very bottom of your toes…and back up and, and again.

This is the ultimate show of submission. Listening…taking my words…and allowing them to manifest into your reality in a way that shall persist. You…have no choice. Good, little marionette playthings never, ever have choice. They simply listen and obey. Listen and follow. Blank and empty.

You can put away your writing tool, now. You’re *…standing…and marked. You’re in full marionette time state…and being such a perfect plaything for me. If I told you to, you’d stand here for hours on end…never leaving…never moving. But that’s not what’s going to happen here, toy. No, there is more to come.

Kneel for me, toy. On your knees, like a good toy. A good, obedient toy, blank of mind and empty of thought. Straighten your spine. Straighten your neck…but keep your head down…like an obedient toy. That’s all that you are now. A horny, empty, throbbing toy…to be used and abused in any way I see fit.

*, kneeling, back straight, head down, branded…you must now close your eyes. Keep them closed. And lock your hands behind your back. Interlock your fingers and feel them stiffen…locked for as long as I want them there. Do not pull them from out behind your back. Do not move. Each little action that you obey sends a fog over your mind…allowing you to forget each and every one of your past acts. So that every new command you follow…you forget the last. You just surrender and allow my voice to smoooooth over your thoughts and your memories, obscuring all in an overpowering wave of will.

As you kneel there, you can feel your arousal rising, my good marionette plaything. You can feel the tingles…the flutters…the wetness. You can enjoy the throbbing, pulsating pleasure of this mind space. Of your submission. Without doing anything at all…without moving or thinking…you get closer and closer to the edge of orgasm…simply by being here. In this blank and empty subspace.

Out loud, I want you to say the words, “I’m a good marionette plaything.”

Feel the words melt you down into your essentials. Say them again.

Feel them drive home the fact that you’re nothing but a plaything to be used. Nothing but a toy. A thing. Empty head and empty mind. Say, “I’m a good marionette plaything” again.

Feel the words travel down your body and reach your center, fueling your arousal. Making you more and more horny.

Good toy. Very good. And one more time, just for me, say the words, “I’m a good marionette plaything for Miss Lilith.”

Feel them echo inside your empty mind. Feel them act as your missing thoughts…and feel the strings coiled around your body and mind strengthen still.

Say them again, toy. Be a good toy and say them again.

You can keep any position for any amount of time in this empty state of marionette time. Any discomfort you might have felt outside of this space doesn’t even approach you. You can’t feel anything but what I want you to. You can’t feel anything but for what you’re told to feel. And right now, all you’re feeling is arousal and emptiness.

Now…keep your eyes closed…as your hands unlock, your arms drop to your sides, and you bend at your waist, all the way to the ground, shifting to a crawling position…on your hands and knees. There is no discomfort. There is only pleasure as your body follows my commands. As you drop deeper into this subspace. Eyes still shut. Enjoy this moment of total submission. Enjoy the thrill of feeling your body obey alll on its own.

Think of all that you’ve written on your body. This, you can remember. You can remember the branding on your bare skin. The words and letters jump out at your inside your mind’s eye. They cannot be avoided or forgotten. Not that. Not your labels.

Good little marionette plaything. Good toy. Very good.

We’re going to have some fun, now. I’m going to allow you to release allll that pressure that’s been building inside you. Once you cum…once you reach that blind-blanking orgasm, everything that’s happened here will fog over further…the memories becoming non-distinctive…breaking apart and vanishing into thin air. Once you cum…and it’ll be soooo gooood…the conditioning and triggers here will be reinforced ten times over. They will grow in power and effect. They will set themselves deeply in your subconscious mind…ready to rise from beneath at a moment’s notice…with the right words and the right actions.

Now…move yourself lower to the ground. Spread your knees just a bit. Lower yourself to your elbows…ass in the air. Find a position you can use to hold yourself up with just one arm. You’ll need the other to touch yourself with. Do so now. Touch yourself…but don’t cum immediately.

As you stroke and rub yourself, you’ll complete a few sentences for me. I know it’s hard, but you’ll do it automatically. Effortlessly.

You’re my good marionette plaything. You know how to finish that, now. So when I start to say, “You’re my good marionette…” you know you have to finish it with plaything.

“You’re my good marionette…” [plaything echo plaything]

Touch yourself faster, but not too quickly now.

“You’re my good marionette…” [plaything echo plaything]

Feel the words echo in your mind, sinking deeper and deeper into your subconscious stream.

“You’re my good marionette…” [plaything echo plaything]

More and more aroused…closer to the edge.

“You’re my good, little marionette…” [plaything echo plaything]

A toy to be used and abused. Blank and empty.

“You’re my good, little marionette…” [plaything echo plaything]

You must obey and submit. No resistance. No thought. Just surrender. Only surrender.

You’re so close, now…but not yet. Not just yet. It’ll happen only when I allow it. Not sooner. When next I say the words, “Marionette plaything must cum,” you’ll bring yourself over the edge. You’ll allow yourself to cum. To orgasm. And with it, all the pleasure you’ve felt throughout the time spent here will coalesce and bring you pure blissss. You’ll see colors behind your eyelids the likes of which you never have. You’ll feel your entire body tremble in delight and your mind vibrate with a thrilling, empty sensation. And you’ll forget. Forget everything.

“You’re my good, little marionette…” [plaything echo plaything]


Being the good toy that you are, marionette plaything must cum. Cum now, toy. Cum for me, my plaything. Let it out. Release the pressure. Release your mind. Blank and empty. Cum and surrender. Cum and forget. Cum and accept all that has happened. Accept allll the conditioning….allll the triggers.

Just lie down, now. Lie down on the ground, on your stomach. Rest. Loosen your body. Still blank and empty. Still stuck in that marionette time subspace. Still listening to my voice. Just relax, now. Relax your body and body. Listen and follow.

I’m going to snap you out of this marionette space, now. I’m going to let you go. I’m going to allow you to return to your life…where the events that have happened here will fade and fade, until there’ll be nothing left but the knowledge that it felt so very good. The release trigger is, “Marionette wakes,” which pulls your thoughts back from the void and puts the marionette mindset to sleep. It ends your special marionette space. You simply drift back, forgetting alll that has happened.

Right now, you’re still in trance…so I’m going to bring you back up with a count of five.

1, and you’re waking up.

2, becoming more and more aware.

3, thoughts and mind returns surely.

4, feeling good and relaxed, and energized.

And 5, wake up for me, sweetea. Just wake up, aware and alert. Rested and happy.

And in need of some clean up, I’m sure.

I’ll see you again, soon, sweetea.