Feminine Patterns Reinforcement – 5x Loops

Hello, my perfect good girls.

This is a series of 5 loops created from the Feminine Pattern file, each of which may be either looped on its own or as a playlist. There is no music, binaurals, or drop triggers, so all can be listened to passively if so desired. Have fun, sweeteas!

None of these would make any sense to you without first listening to the original (and free) Feminine Patterns.

Dress Like A Girl: Wraps your mind around in the need to wear feminine clothing as your femininity increases.

Mental & Physical Reinforcement: Reinforces your mental and physical transformation.

Move Like A Perfect Good Girl: You can only move like my perfect good girl, yes?

Orb & Pattern Self-Reinforcement: Strengthens the orb in your mind and the patterns your mind is adapting.

Wholesome & Positive Feminine Reinforcement: All the super positive suggestions, with focus on confidence, joy, drive, serenity, and better senses.

These are all available through my Patreon.

Have fun!