Control Go Bye Bye

Hello, Sweetea!

This is a big one, with multiple parts, multiple versions, and some complexity. You may remember my last “Bye Bye” file, Brain Go Bye Bye, which turned your brain to goo and left you all nice and empty. This isn’t a direct sequel, since you don’t need to listen to BGBB in its entirely, but it does use the same induction, the same trance triggers, and sort of shares a theme.

First, the main file (of which there are two versions, as will be explained) removes your control. I take it all away for the duration of the file. All of it. Every last ounce of it. The trigger I install removes your body and mind autonomy and leaves you completely at my mercy, unable to resist or to think of disobedience. I do, of course, let you go at the end, so that you may stay safe and secure in your everyday life.

The main file is a conditioning session only. It introduces your mind to the concept of total surrender and total loss of control, installs a triggers, and opens up the doors to an infinite universe of erotic fun! The trigger may be used by me, of course, and by those you trust implicitly. This keeps you safe, but also gives you the ability to give yourself up without a single worry. Total loss of control. Your thoughts, your mind, your behaviors, your habits, your body. All up for grabs…so be careful who you trust, yes? Good!

There are two main file version, one labeled “short induction,” and one “long induction.” If you aren’t conditioned to the Relaxed, Deep, Blank, Hypnotic Trance trigger yet, choose the long induction version. If you are (or if you’re so conditioned that you don’t need a long induction anymore), you can go with the short induction version, which is some 15 minutes shorter or so.

After the main file is over and if you feel as if it had worked, there are (at least for now) three different scenarios you can listen to:

Edge, Ruin, & Taste: Where you…edge for a while, ruin your orgasm, and can’t leave until you taste yourself. Simple, right?

Kneel, Obey, & Cum: You kneel for me in obedience, you tell me exactly how obedient you are out loud, chanting my lines, and then cum for me.

Pinch, Squeeze, & Rub: You guessed it! It’s nipple play! Doesn’t really have an ending, so you may just be stuck playing with them for some time….

Main File – Long InductionLoop is automatically enabled.

Main File – Short InductionLoop is automatically enabled.

Edge, Ruin, & TasteLoop is automatically enabled.

Kneel, Obey, & CumLoop is automatically enabled.

Pinch, Squeeze, & RubLoop is automatically enabled.

For the full, unabridged description, please follow the Reddit link below. For a lower quality audio stream, use Soundgasm. For videos, we’ve got…Pornhub.


Click on the three “dots” to the right of the player and choose download from the menu.