Passive Masculinization – Script

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Passive Masculinization

Listen, follow, and embrace your masculine side with open arms and an open mind…

By Miss Lilith

The absolute truth of who you are is undeniable. The proof is in the way you think, in the way you speak, in the way you act. This self-evident truth clings to the air you breathe, the earth you walk upon, the sounds which make their way into your mind. You cannot ignore the way that the truth of who you really are seeps passively into your everyday thoughts. Everyday actions.   

You are a good boy. More and more of a perfect good boy with each day that passes, each word that you hear, each time that you listen, follow, and accept. This is an absolute truth. A truth rooted so deeply within your very essence that it can only grow as time passes. As you listen. As my words weave into the patterns of your thoughts. Of your mind. As my voice travels into the deepest levels of your mind, from where it spreads into your every nerve, every cell, and every muscle.

So as you listen and as you follow, the truth flows right into your being without effort. Without pause. The truth of the good boy that you are. Of how each new day brings with it a new way to appreciate how much more masculine you’re becoming. How much you enjoy the process of finding new ways to delve deeper and deeper into perfect masculinity. A masculinity that suits who you are on every possible level…and beyond. Because the most perfect good boy…is simply the best good boy that you can be.

And that desire to be the best good boy that you can be…influences your thoughts and your actions… leading you into making decisions which empower your masculinity. Your desire to be more and more masculine in mind and in body. Even the words “good boy” act as a passive trigger. Each time you hear them, something clicks inside that head of yours. Good Boy empowers all of your desire, your need, your want to be the best man you can be. The most masculine you can possibly be. The best version of yourself.

This is a truth. An undeniable truth. It is a truth that you are a good boy. A man. It is a truth that you wake each day feeling more and more masculine. It is a truth that hearing the words Good Boy allows you to grow and unfold into who you really are. Into the perfect masculine man.

There are many truths in your life, each clinging to you like an invisible ever-present cloak, accompanying you at all times. Everywhere you go. Truths that persist as you sleep and as you wake. As you walk and as you sit. As you breathe and as you blink. As you take a sip of water…as you shower and bathe.

Truth is, as my conditioning so effortlessly flows into your open, suggestible mind…like now…like later…like all the time…each time you listen to my words and my voice…you become more and more my perfect good boy. You become more and more your best version of a powerful man. Of what it means to be masculine. To be a good boy. To be…you.

Truth is, as you listen and follow, you become more and more open to the prospect of bigger and bigger change. More important change. More defining. You open up wider to all the things you’d like to do on the path to your version of perfect masculinization.

These are truths. They are undeniable. They are absolute. You can feel it in your mind. You can feel them cling to your skin. Your thoughts. Your memories. Your ideas. Your desires.

It true also that the more masculine you feel, the better you feel. The happier you are. The more fulfilled. Each little masculine detail…each masculine thought…each masculine action…makes you feel like a good boy. Like a man. And good boys…are happy boys. Are…horny boys. Because a good boy is a happy boy…and a happy boy is a good boy. And a good boy is a horny boy. And a horny boy is a good boy, who’s a happy boy. A happy man. A horny man. Masculine, content, happy, horny, and powerful.

So if being so very masculine makes you feel like a good boy…and being a good boy makes you feel like a horny boy…the perfect, masculine good boy gets to feel horny. Horny and nice. Nice and aroused. Aroused and in lust. In lust and in need. In need…of being my perfect good boy. My powerful man. Of being my masculine, fierce inspiration, prospering into the best version of yourself each time you wake. Each time you listen. Each time you sleep.

These are truths. Undeniable truths. You can feel them. See them. Enjoy them.

It is a truth that the hornier you are, the more masculine you become. It is a truth that the more masculine you are, the hornier you become. Like a storm feeding into itself…without end…forever powered…forever growing…stronger and stronger…you become more masculine in body and in mind each time you allow yourself to feel aroused. To feel horny. To feel happy. And each and every time you’re horny, happy, or aroused…you become more masculine. More of my powerful man. More willing to take the next steps. More willing to enjoy the sensations which these steps allow you to feel.

And each time you express your masculinity in any way…you feel like a good boy. And good boys…are happy boys. Are horny boys. Are masculine and powerful and perfect. Full of lust and desire and need. Full of joy and contentment and bliss. The world aligning to your desires. Becoming more and more the perfect version of yourself…the version you want to be…the version you are…the version reserved fully for you and your desires and your actions and your thoughts. Because….