Bimbo Blank – Script

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Bimbo Blank

Cannot escape from the bimbo, bimbo…

By Miss Lilith

Welcome, Sweetea. This…is Miss Lilith and you’re here because you’re in need of a little bimbo adjustment…and I have just the tool. Just the right thing to set you free and release you from the shackles of your brain. Of your thoughts. Of your intelligence. Just the right thing to further corrupt that little dumb head of yours.

And it all starts with a little presentation. Proof that bimbos have all the fun. Proof that blank and empty is the answer…because when your mind is empty and bimbo blank…only good, happy, horny thoughts may reside. And who doesn’t love to feel happy, horny, and blank?

Now, you may not remember meeting her before, Sweetea.

My tool. My thing. My creation. My good, little trained Bimbo. My Silly Lilly. The empty headed, perpetually-horny and subby bimbo slut.

You’ve spoken to her. You’ve felt her touch. You remember her just as you remember me.

She’s the perfect example of what happens when you allow me to fuck with your mind. And you’ve done just that…haven’t you? Yes, yes you have. This, right here. You, listening… all the consent I need. All the permission I need to change the chemistry of your brain to better suit the perfect bimbo. The perfect good girl. The perfect bimbo girl.

So just relax and listen as I play you a recording of my Silly Lilly. My bimbo. She has something that you need to hear, so listen carefully to her words. Listen carefully to the recording. Focus on her voice.

Oh. My. God. I’m suuuch a good girl for you, Miss Lilith. *gasp* I’m so horny for you. I wanna cum sooo bad. *gasp* Harder, Miss Lilith. Harder, Mistress. Please… Please! Omg, omg, omg…!

Hello, Sweetea!

If only Miss Lilith would let me focus…I’d tell you all about how good it feels…to be a stupid fucking bimbo slut like me.

All….empty…and bimbo blank.

It’s so nice when I’m so empty…it’s so nice to have a mind blank…of all thoughts. Just a mind blank…and empty. Like…like a bubble. Light and floaty and blank. And…when a bimbo is blank…when a bimbo is bimbo..when I’m a bimbo…but I’m always a bimbo…bimbos are horny. Bimbos are blank. Bimbos obey. Bimbos can’t think. Bimbos moan and giggle (giggle) and nod. Always nod. Always yes.

And you…you are such a good bimbo. Such an obedient bimbo. So eager…

To drop for me, bimbo.

It’s so hard to think, sometimes. Actually..all the time. When I try…the bubbles pop…and my mind goes blank…like super bimbo blank…like…3..2..1..

And drop (snap).

And sleep (snap).

And like…I can’t think. When Miss Lilith speaks…I can’t think.

Relax. Obey. Listen. Follow.

When Miss Lilith speaks, my mind pops. My thoughts pop. The bubbles pop.

Pop, pop, pop go your thoughts. Goes your mind. Brain…Go Bye Bye (snap).

When Miss Lilith speaks…it’s so hard to think. It’s like…my mind melts. And stuff…gets all gooey and soft and my mind goes all..bimbo blank. My mind…blank. My brain…blank.

Bimbo Blank (snap).

Bimbo drops (snap).

Bimbo sleeps (snap).

And bimbo’s brain goes…bye bye (snap).

Bimbo Blank is like..that place…where only good, fluffy things exist! Fluffy, floaty, and cloudy. When I’m bimbo blank, it’s not just…’s more. It’s less. It’s different.

It’s…horny. So very, very horny. I want to moan…and I want to beg…and I want to fuck…and I just wanna have fun! *giggle* It’s easy to have fun.

Listen…focus…follow…obey…submit…and drop into a…

I just wanna…relax.


And like…drop..


And like just be a bimbo…


And listen to Miss Lilith’s voice…


And like let go and just…



Relaxed, deep, blank, hypnotic trance.

I just wanna drop (snap) and like sleep (snap) and like obey and listen and follow…

I’m suuuch a good girl! I’m such a good bimbo girl.

You’re such a good bimbo.

Drift into my voice. Drop into my power. Give in.

Let go…It’s so easy to let go…

Lose yourself to the sound of my voice..

It’s so hard to think…it’s so hard when the bimbo blank makes the brain go pop pop pop.

Focus on the words that you hear…

When Miss Lilith speaks…bimbos must drop.

Drop (snap) for me, bimbo.

When Miss Lilith speaks…mind blank?

Down, down, down. Easily. Effortlessly.

When Miss Lilith speaks…mind..foggy..cloudy…heavy…and light.

So very hard to think of anything but the sound of my voice.

It feels so good to drift. To drop. To like…go all numb and dumb.

Only dropping and dropping, deeper and deeper down…

Be a good bimbo and give in…like I have…like I always do…so nice…so pretty..the colors..mmmmm..the sounds…the tastes…like pink cotton candy clouds!

Empty your mind but for my voice…but for my words…but for horny and empty and bimbo blank…

Bimbo blank…is a place…a magical place…inside your mind. Inside my mind. It’s like…where…all the good things happen for bimbos like us!.

When…I, like, have a moment to myself…and can’t think of what to do…my mind goes alll..bimbo blank (snap).

And when I go bimbo blank…my mind blank…so blank…empty and nice…there is nothing in it but for one thing:

Just Miss Lilith. Only Mistress. Only being a good girl for Miss Lilith. Being a good, weak bimbo girl. A good plaything for Miss Lilith. Mistress Lilith.

Bimbo thoughts! Bimbo mind! Bimbo blank. Bimbo joy. Bimbo horny. Empty, blank, and horny!

And bubbles that go pop, pop, pop…and brain go bye bye bye…and thoughts go pop pop pop…and mind go bye bye bye. *giggles* So hard to like..think. Only bimbo. Bimbo is fun. Bimbo is great. Bimbo is blank. Like me! Like us! Teehee~! *giggles* *gasp* Like the whole world should be! Omg.

Oh, loook! I think that’s it! Is this enough, Miss Lilith? Did it record? Did you get it all? Am I done?

Oh my! What’s your hand doing under my skirt, Mistress? Oh my. Oh. Em. Gee. Teehee.

But the curtains are all open! Everybody will see! But it feels so very good…

Oh, I wish you could be here with us, bimbo.

Miss Lilith knows just how to…touch….in just the right places…oh my…oh my…

Unwind, relax…and drop(snap) for me.  

I’m not done with you. Not even close, plaything.

So listen carefully. Focus on my voice. On the words that I say. On this moment. On the drift downwards into a relaxed, deep, blank, hypnotic trance…deeper and deeper now…falling and falling…all the way down…and beyond..and further still…beyond the mind…beyond the imagination…beyond thought…beyond body…beyond the world…falling into my voice and my words…and losing yourself to the perfection…that is now. That is…the present. That is…bimbo blank (snap).

When you have a moment to yourself…nothing to do…nothing to think about…nothing pressuring you into action…nothing important that has to be done…your mind…goes bimbo blank (snap)…

Like totally mind blank, bimbo. Totally brain go bye bye bye bye bye. Mind go pop pop pop pop pop.

When you find yourself daydreaming…you dream about bimbos. You dream about how much of a perfect bimbo you are. How much of your brain you have surrendered. How much of your mind you have let loose.

And I pop into your head…cause like..I’m a bimbo…and bimbo blank is totally about bimbos. And so I’m like totally there. Right there, with you. And we can both be dumb bitches! Omg. Dumb and subby…and funny…and horny! Cause bimbos gotta horny, right?

And bimbos do have to be horny. In fact….the dumber you get, the hornier you are. The hornier you are…the dumber you get. It’s easy. It’s simple. It’s bimbo!

It’s bimbo!

Bimbo blank.

Bimbo Blank (snap)!

Your daydreams are bimbo dreams. Your empty mind is now a bimbo mind.

Your brain is a bimbo brain.

When you need something warm to calm your mind…you can go bimbo blank…and feel  your thoughts recede…feel your mind go blank…feel your horny grow…

Feel me in your mind…feel me in your heart…feel me kiss you…

You never have to be alone if you don’t want to be…you can always just…stop thinking…and feel the bimbo blank come over you…come over your mind…your brain…your thoughts…feel the bimbo rush into you.

Feel me…like…right there, with you. Close and comfortable. Like…maybe holding your hand? Omg, lewd, right? Kissing your neck? Toughing your thighs? Whispering into your ears. Licking your lips.

Drop (snap) deeper and deeper for me, bimbo. Abandon all resistance. Forego all defense. Give into the bimbo…give into the horny.

And understand that from now on…when you have a moment to yourself…the world not needing you to think…you can just…go bimbo blank (snap) and feel the flood of emotions race through your body and your mind…as only the joy remains. As only the horny begins to grow and intensify. As your thoughts go pop pop pop and your brain goes bye(snap)  bye(snap) bye(snap).

And it’s so hard to think.

So hard to think…why think when you don’t have to. Why think when horny. Why have mind when horny is best. Only horny. Only empty. Only bimbo. Happy bimbo! Good, great, gracious bimbo!

It happens all on its own. Your thoughts slow doooown…getting heavier and heavier, harder to think….when you day dream…you open yourself up to the bimbo. You open yourself up to the bimbo blank. To a world of pink, fluffy clouds. Empty, blank, and horny. Giggly and happy.

*Giggle. Moan. Teehee.*

When you stare out the window and for a moment, can’t find your thoughts…bimbo blank (snap) seeps into you in full force. Emptying you. Flooding you with bimbo energy. With horny energy. Makes you wanna…have fun. Makes you wanna…touch. Makes you wanna…moan.

Just wanna have fun. Just wanna touch. Just wanna cum. Just wanna moan. Just wanna giggle *giggle*. Bimbo blank is best. Bimbo blank is a blast. Blank bimbos must obey. Blank bimbos must submit. Blank bimbos must surrender.

When you close your eyes and relax for a second…your mind just blanks. The bimbo comes. The horny comes. The happy comes. You…accept the bimbo blank. You accept the horny. You accept the empty. You accept it all…because it feels good. Because it releases you from tension. Because it puts your mind at rest…ridding you of all negative energy…and supplying you with endless amounts of…

Pink, glittery, fluffy, floaty, cloudy…uh….stuff. I can’t remember. I can only remember that I’m just so fucking horny. I just want…I want to touch. I want to be touched. I want to cum. I want to make you cum. I just want to…I need it. I need it…

Sometimes, the bimbo blank comes when you see the color pink…sometimes when you see the sky…sometimes when you see a bird…sometimes when you see a skirt…sometimes when you moan…sometimes when you sneeze..sometimes when you shower or bathe…sometimes the bimbo blank(snap) comes when you’re just plain horny. When you just want to touch or cum. When you see a pair of heels. When you see a spiral. When you see nice, beautiful painted nails. When you see blonde hair. Sometimes…the bimbo blank comes when without notice. Without reason. Without anything to trigger it. Sometimes, it just happens…and…

It’s so fun when that happens! Omg, it happens alll the time to me! Like…! I mean, bitch….it happens when I blink…it happens when I drop…it happens when I drift…it happens when I sit…it happens when I stand…it happens when I walk…It’s…everywhere! Omg, it’s so great!.

But…it only comes when you’re safe. Only when you’re safe. Only when you can. Only when there is nothing that you must absolutely be doing. So be safe in the knowledge that bimbo blank will not take away from  your life…but instead add to it moments of extreme joy…extreme horny…extreme fun…and moments of empty bimbo mind blank[snap].

So when you glance out the window, mind loose and without focus…

The bimbo blank comes…

And wraps itself around your mind, turning your thoughts pink and airy and horny.

Like, scaring away all the tension…just feeling so free..

When you pause to take a break and empty your mind…

The bimbo blank comes…

And fills your mind with happy, joyous, horny, euphoric little ideas and memories and sounds and sights and tastes.

It, like, gets so hard to think…when you don’t need to…

You can almost feel that bimbo space just on the edge of perception. Always so close to seeping into your thoughts. So close to overcoming your mind. Always there…ready…when you are. Ready, when you let your guard down.

And when it happns…and let me tell you, bimbo…this happens to me always! When it happens, it feels like…all my worries and my stresses and my thoughts go bye bye and I’m just here like…bimbo whaaaaat?

When you step into a shower…when you step into a bath…the bimbo blankness falls over your awareness….

And like, turns everything pink! Turns everything horny! Every drop of water…every single a kiss…like a poke…like a lick…mmmmm

When your thoughts need a refresher…when they need a pick-me-up…a shot of horny adrenaline…

It’s bimbo blank time [snap]! It just happens, bimbo slut. Like bimbo gas. Like your brain gets…brainwashed!

Who doesn’t like a good, thorough brainwashing, bimbo?

Wash my brain. Wash my stupid bimbo brain! Teehee.

When you close your eyes, breathe deeply and slowly…and feel your thoughts recede…

The bimbo blank becomes your thoughts. There is nothing else. Just happy…horny…empty…and blank.

When you see the color pink…

Maybe it’s the bimbo pink!

When you look up into the stars…

Maybe it’s the bimbo stars!

When you take a sip of water…

Maybe it’s the bimbo water!

When you lie down to bed…

When in bed…the bimbo dreams come! It’s so easy to be the best bimbo you can be when you’re in bed!

When you think about being a bimbo slut…

You get so fucking horny! So super horny!

And the hornier you get…

The more bimbo blank you get!

And the more bimbo you become…

The more horny you are!

So that whenever bimbo memories and ideas race across your mind…you know that soon to follow…will be the horny…and when the horny comes…the bimbo blank [snap] comes.

The mind blank[snap].

The mind blank[snap].

The brain go bye bye [snap].

The brain go bye bye [snap].

It’s so hard to think when the bimbo blank makes the brain go pop pop pop.

Bubbles go pop, pop, pop…and brain go bye bye bye…and thoughts go pop pop pop…and mind go bye bye bye.

So hard to think.

Bimbo is fun. Bimbo is great. Bimbo is blank.

Bimbo Blank (snap).

Bimbo drop (snap).

Bimbo sleep (snap).

Bimbo brain go bye bye (snap).

When the time is right…you will find yourself feeling the pull of the bimbo mindset…as the bimbo blank seeps into your every thought…and paints your entire mind…removing tensions…and filling you with pure, unadulterated bimbo bliss[snap].

Mind blank

Mind gone

Mind empty

Bimbo blank

Bimbo pink

Bimbo love

Bimbo bliss

Be a bimbo with me, bimbo

And you can begin to wake up now. Just enough to rise out of trance…but not out of bimbo blank…because you can stay here, in this place for a while longer. For as long as you need to. As long as you want to. As long as you’re able to. You can just wake slowly. Steadily. Regaining more of your conscious thoughts. More of your awareness. Feeling better and better the more awake you become. More and more satisfied. Happy. Content.

Wake up, sweetea. Wake up, bimbo. My sweet little bimbo plaything.

I bet you’re looking forward to finding yourself staring our the window..or up at the sky…and feeling the bimbo blank seep into your thoughts…turning you pink, bubbly, happy, horny, and empty. I bet you can’t wait to listen again. To try and try again and again until the bimbo space in your mind swallows your world.