Game Space – Script

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Game Space

Content, happy, and vibrant with arousal…

By Miss Lilith

Trance Primer Start

Welcome, Sweetea. I…am Miss Lilith…and you are here because the idea of blending games, hypno, and horny into a single, prolonged, exquisite state of mind sounds like…fun. Like…something you’d more than just enjoy. It…sounds like something you can lose yourself to. And it is…

But first, I need to take you down, down into trance. Down into a special state of mind. It’s…singular in nature. A perfect blend of all the things you most enjoy.

Close your eyes if you haven’t already, sweetea. Breathe deeply and slowly. Begin to notice how each intake breathes pure, unrestricted relaxation into every nerve and every cell of your body. Your mind. Notice how each exhale relieves you of tension. Of thought.

Now…as you breathe and continue to relax for me…I want you to imagine a staircase downwards. Loooong and seemingly without end. The deeper down, the darker…and you can really only see a few steps ahead.

These stairs will take you down into a deep, suggestible trance. Into a deep, hypnotic state of mind. With each step that you take, you will drop deeper and become more receptive. It’ll happen quick. Swift as an arrow. Almost like..a loading screen which flashes by without pause, catching you by surprise. One moment you’re reading a tip on how to roll…and the next, you drop (snap), your thoughts *rolling* away from you. Vanishing out of your mind…your body growing numb. The void of trance grasping at your consciousness. Encasing your neural pathways and taking command of your focus. Your attention. Your very awareness of self.

So take a step down those stairs and feel yourself relax twice as deeply, your body growing twice as numb…your thoughts airy and fading away. Your focus on my words and my voice and the feeling in your body when you take another step…and drop a bit deeper.

And take yet another…and wake up. Just wake up for me. Open your eyes. Out of trance. Aware. Awake. Wanting to go back in.

So take a step down and drop (snap) twice as deeply as the void returns and your thoughts rolllll away from you, leaving your mind feeling lighter and your body heavier.

A step, sweetea….and wake up once more. Open your eyes. Aware and awake. Thinking. Breathing. Heartbeat strong. Mind focused as you take a step and you drop(snap) back down into a relaxed, deep, blank, hypnotic trance. Twice again as deep. Twice again as relaxed. Twice again as good and as suggestible. Because with each step that you take, you have become twice as receptive. Twice as relaxed. Twice as deep. With each step that you take…

Take one now, sweetea…and drop (snap) twice again as deeply as you were just moments ago. Each step…and you take them quicker now…going down, down, down…each step taking you further down, down, down…deeper and deeper and deeper you sleep(snap)…deeper and deeper down, down, down you drop(snap) into a suggestible state of mind. A relaxed, malleable state of being.

Each and every step down…quicker and quicker now. Stair by stair. Step by step. Dropping and dropping. Thoughts vanishing. Body numb. Mind so easy to mold. To change. Thoughts eager to be guided and taken.

And all the way down here, in the void of can see a doorway through which the stairs end. You take the last, few steps down and walk into the room. The special space in your mind I’ll be renovating in just a few, short moments.

This is the space you enter when you game. When you boot up a game, your mind begins to enter into a unique sort of trance. A waking trance. Focused and aware. You may not have notice that this happens…but it does. It happens each and every time you must pay attention to something. Anything. *Especially games*.

This room. This space. This manifestation of a tiny section of your mind…represents what happens in your head when you play games. When you start one up. When you’re in the midst of one. When you’re perhaps even just invited to one.

Focus on the sound of my voice and the words that I say…because my words are changing this space. My intent, together with your own, flows across the walls…the air…the floor. My voice latches onto every detail. Every one of your thoughts in this place. My words remake your world where you stand.

Bit by bit, I am blending your state of mind when you game…and the concept of horny. Of arousal. Of excitement. So that…when you being to game…a slow, steady arousal begins to flood into your mind and your body. Bit by bit, as the minutes pass you by and you play your little game…the horny intensifies. The horny becomes bigger and brighter and impossible to ignore. Because the longer you play…the hornier you become. The more aroused.

The better you do…the more you accomplish…the more you win…the more aroused you become. The more you want to succumb to your horny. Your lust. Your need. If you play long enough…every step, every move, every click that you make…is like a tiny little mindgasm…ushering you forward into a pool of pure bliss. Pure pleasure. Throbbing, hot, wet arousal.

Every move of your fingers…your hands…every single, tiny move that you make…fuels your horny while you game. Every single time your hands move in any small way which manipulates your game…is accompanied by a sensation of hands on your body. Hands on your thighs…hands on your feet…hands on your lower back…hands on your ass…hands touching you. Caressing you. Massaging you. Pressing all the right buttons…just like you are pressing the game’s.

And the longer you play and the more horny you become, the more eager your mind to fantasize about all the ways you’d like to be touched. All the ways you’d like to touch another. All the ways you enjoy touching yourself. Each move of your fingers…your hands…your arms…your head…as you play your game…only makes you want to touch more and more. You notice how…with each second and minute that passes, it become harder to keep your hands on the game. With each move that you make, you just want to touch. To feel.

And…you may be tempted to stop playing…but consider, for a moment…what happens if you continue to play your game as your arousal builds. Consider, for a moment, that this space in your mind is special. Very special. The more time you spend playing your game and allowing the arousal to build…the more suggestible you become to hypnosis. The easier you become to drop. The more receptive you become. Change comes easy. Change comes fast.

The more you game horny…the stronger all of your suggestions become. Past, present, and future. The more you drop into your game space mindset…the more receptive you become to all suggestions. So that…after just a short time playing and feeling the horny race through your nerves, cells, and limbs…all hypnosis begins to work better. Quicker. Deeper.

Almost…as if every movement of your fingers as you game.…softens your mind to suggestions and open you wide up. Resistance vanished. Defenses crumbled. Only the desire to remain horny and suggestible in focus.

As you game, you grow horny. Whether you win or you lose…whether you do well or you don’t…you win in the end…because no matter what happens in the game…you finish all horny, aroused, excited, and beyond suggestible. Beyond receptive. Beyond lustful and excited.

In fact…it may be difficult not to play with yourself in some way between pauses as you play your games. It may even be impossible after some time. And because you know that each time you listen to this recording, it grow stronger and stronger, and you become more and more suggestible…more and more conditioned…you want to listen again and again until every single suggestion has sunk so deeply that games and horny and suggestibility become one and the same.

For now…simply notice how each and every suggestion gains a power-up…becoming better. Stronger. More intense. Notice how every single suggestion you’ve heard here grows bigger. Brighter. Enveloping your mind…even as you begin to wake. Even as you begin to walk back up the stairs and back into the aware world.

Step by step, going back up…waking more and more…as my words become part of your mind. Your inner-self. As my suggestions and commands become one with your thoughts. Up, up, up. Waking up…with the knowledge that the next time you game, you will notice a difference. Whether this was your first time listening or your 5th…the next game you play will flood you with even more arousal…more lust…more desire…and more suggestibility…than any previous time.

So wake up for me, gamer. All the way up. Up, up, up. Aware and awake. Eyes open. Feeling nice and good and beautiful. Perfect.

There is probably something you’d like to be doing right about now. So…have fun, sweetea.

Trance Primer End

Passive Start

  Every move you make in the game sparks pleasure in your center of self. Every time your fingers move to manipulate the game…arousal courses through your body. Your mind. Every movement of your eyes as they race across the screen floods you with horny. With excitement. With lust.

As you play and interact and read and assess…and as you win and as you lose…and as you click and you turn and you push and you drag and you press…every tiny little action pulls you deeper into an inescapable, hot, wet, horny arousal of the mind and the body. Both aware and unaware. Just building and building within you. Within your cells. Within your neural network. Within your limbs and your muscles and your flesh.

The arousal flows across you like rainwater…and the more aroused you become and the longer you play…the more suggestible you are to hypnosis. To trance. To conditioning. To brainwashing. More and more receptive with each second…each minute…each movement…each win and each loss and each action.

And as you play your game…focused, excited, and horny…your mind is becoming softer and softer. Malleable. Eager to change. To adapt and improve.

The more you game, the more horny you are. The more horny you are, the more suggestible. The more suggestible, the more horny and aroused. Because being a good, receptive, suggestible little subject sparks joy inside your mind.

A mind which understands more and more how each move you make as you game…makes you hornier and hornier…arousal weaving into your flesh. Your center. Your thoughts. Arousal taking more and more of your mind. The horny bigger and bigger and so hard to ignore.

As you game and as you enter a focused state of mind…an aware state of trance…all suggestions flow easily into you without resistance. Without pause. Without hesitation. As your fingers move…as your eyes keep track of the screen…as you read and click and point and press and push…phantom sensations of hands on your body grow more and more intense.

With each move that you make…you feel a hand on your flesh. Your limbs. Your back. Your legs. Your chest. Each movement of your hands…is a movement of hands caressing your body. Touching you. Playing with you. The longer you play, the more insistent the hands become. The more daring. The more of them there are.

With each move that you make in the game…and the more the hands become impossible to ignore…and the hornier you become…and the more suggestible…receptive…the more you want to play with yourself in some way. In any way. The longer you play, the hard it is to keep your hands to yourself. The hornier you become.

As you play and as you move and as you click and push and look and turn…and win and lose…the phantom hands on your body explore more and more of your skin. More and more of the places perhaps seldom touched. Seldom shown.

Hard to sit still. Hard to keep playing…but you want to. You want to continue playing. You want to feel those hands over your body. Massaging every body part. Playing with you like a toy. Exploring you like you explore games.  

Game on, gamer. Horny, aroused, and squirming in pleasure. In lust. In desperation.

Such a *good* gamer for me. So easy and so horny and so open. Totally wide open to bliss and euphoria of the game space.   

Passive End