Good Vibes – Script

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Good Vibes

Content, happy, and vibrant with arousal…

By Miss Lilith

Welcome, Sweetea. This…is Miss Lilith and you’re here because curiosity pulls at your strings like a kitten pulls on loose yarn.

What are good vibes? What does that mean to you? What does that term bring to mind? In fact, streamline the term and settle for simply the word good. What does it mean to you? Where do your thoughts go when you hear the word good? Which other words, concepts, and emotions come to mind upon hearing it? I want you to keep this somewhere in the back of your mind as I bring you down into a light trance. Focus on my words, but be idly aware that a small portion of your brain is working on defining what the word good means to you. What it had meant to you in the past…what it means to you now…and what it may mean to you in the future.

Speaking of words…and trance…I would like you to close your eyes if you haven’t already…and stare into the back of your eyelids. It may seem like just a dark space of nothing…but for your mind’s eye, it’s like a projector screen upon which anything could be displayed.

Right here and right now, I would like for the word “drop,” in big, bold, bright letters, to appear within your mind’s sight. Right there, on the back of your eyelids, in the darkness of your mind…you can being to bring into focus the word drop.  Make it big. Make it strong. Allow it to fill your entire vision and allow the word to become more and more detailed as I speak and you listen.

And watch as it drifts closer, passing through your skull and into your inner-most mind, where it takes residence…misplacing some of your other thoughts…brushing them away…leaving them no room to exist. And the word drop can appear once more on the back of your eyelids. All big, bold, and bright. As it does, the one that’s already deeply inside your own mind inflates a little, pushing more of your thoughts out and away…preemptively making space for the next word..the next drop. So feel the next drop drift through your skull and into your mind…pushing more and more through out of your awareness.

And as I say the word drop again, once more it appear inside your mind. Behind your eye lids. And as I say it again, the word drop, it drifts into your mind and another appear. And each and every time I say the word drop, another drop appears and another drop drifts into your inner mind, taking away your thoughts…taking away your awareness…taking away everything that isn’t a relaxed, deep, blank, hypnotic trance.

The more drops you have inside that head of yours, the deeper you…drop (snap). The fewer thoughts you have. The more relaxed you become. The more numb your body feels. The more you want to let go, give in, listen, follow, and sleep (snap) as deeply as you ever have.

So watch and feel as the drops appear on the back of your eyelids and as they drift into your by one…drop by drop (snap)…emptying your mind of everything but the word DROP. Of everything but my voice. Of everything but my words. The words that echo inside your own mind. That bounce from neuron to neuron. From connection to connection. From cell to cell.

And in a moment..I will tell you to drop three times…each accompanied by a snap. By the end of the trio of drops…you will have relaxed three times as deeply. You will have dropped three times as deeply. Your body all numb…your mind all relaxed. Your thoughts receptive and eager for my words. My suggestions.

So…drop (snap) as I fill your thoughts with the word.

Drop (snap) as your body goes loose and smooth.

Drop(snap)  and let go and drift into a relaxed, deep, blank, hypnotic trance.

The words still floating around inside your mind…the drops still bigger than your own thoughts…my voice the focal point of your awareness…so easy to follow. So easy to listen.

In the same way you had imagined the word drop, you can now find yourself picturing and hearing and feeling the word good. See it on the back on your eyelids. Hear appear. Feel it there…taking up your vision. Big and bright. Crisp and bold. The word good.

In the background, your mind has been working on what that word means to you. On what kind of emotions it brings up. What kind of memories it pulls from out of your inner banks. What kind of associations it holds. What kind of other words it connects to.

So focus on that now, sweetea. Think of all the different types of “good” that you are. That you’ve been called. That you wish you had been called. That you’ve called others.

Terms like “good plaything,” “good sweetea,” “good girl,” “good boy,” “good slut,” “good pet,” “good slave,” “good noodle,” “good kitten,” “good puppy,” “good toy,” “good drone,” “good princess,” “good sweet prince,” good…anything, really. There are so many different choices. So many different fun things.

At least one of those makes you feel…good. Content. Happy. Perhaps…excited. Aroused.

So think about it, my good sweetea. Think about what all of these terms have in common. All of these praises. Think about how whoever you may be..whatever you may like…the one thing in common is the word good. Good boy, good girl, good pet, good toy. Whichever it may be, the core of each is a single word. It’s just the word good. With it, a simple truth can become undeniable praise.

And with the praise, comes a feeling. A nice feeling which spreads from somewhere deep within you and into your entire body. Your limbs. Your chest.  Your cells. Your nerves.

Imagine, for a moment, how it would feel if a single word could reach so deeply into your most precious pleasure center…pull at the coalition of emotions and sensations stored within in…and bring to life…arousal, contentment, confidence, happiness, relaxation, and satisfaction into your waking mind…your surface thoughts…your awareness. Your consciousness.

Imagine if a single word could pull at the strings of your joy…your euphoria. A single word powerful enough to inspire you…to motivate praise you…to excite you. A single, simple, singular word with the power to change your state of mind…to shift your emotional wavelength. To change the thoughts in your mind.

Imagine if a single word could could be the key to a relaxed and content state of mind. A nice and passively aroused state of being. Sort of as if you were in trance…but fully aware and awake. Sort of as if you were swimming in an ocean of happy thoughts, bright emotions, and blissful sensations.

In the same way that drop (snap)….drops you deeper into trance. Into the deep waters of a relaxed, deep, blank, hypnotic trance…good is a word with power of its own. A different kind of power. A different meaning.

Good pulls at your strings…fills your mind with happy, joyous thoughts…with hot, arousing tingles…and calms your mind. This isn’t a new concept for you, sweetea. Your mind already holds the connection. It already has the connection between the word good and praise. And happy, horny, awesome thoughts. Good boy, good girl, good toy, good plaything, good sweetea, good slut, good anything. Good everything.

The power of the phrase relies on the qualifier. And the qualifier here is the word good. 

So imagine in your mind…the word good. Big and bright inside your head. Within the very neural network of your brain. See the strings. See the connections. See how the word…the simple, singular word…connects to a variety of concepts, emotions, sensations, memories, ideas, and thought patters. How it connects in some small way…to everything that makes you feel good and nice and relaxed and horny. The simple truth is…that the word good makes you feel….good. And feeling good means you feel content. Happy. Joyful. Blissful. Relaxed. A bit..horny? A bit…excited? Perhaps eager. Curious. A smile on your face. A smile that reaches your eyes. A smile deep within your mind. A smile that stretches across your brain cells and your nerves and your thoughts.

That is good. That is the meaning of good. A smile which reaches into your very core. Into your every thought. You cannot help but appreciate it. Appreciate how each and every single time you hear me say the word good, something happens within you. Within your emotional core. Within that place where you find pleasure and joy.

Each time you hear me say the word good, it grows bigger and brighter within your mind…impossible to ignore as it multiples on the screen on the back of your eyelids. So begin to feel the tingles of pleasure spread out from your core…each and every time you hear me say the word good and you see it flash in your mind. See it grow. See it intensify. Feel it take more and more of your mind. Each good that you hear…each good that you see…each good that you feel…pulling at more and more of your emotions. The good, happy, horny emotions. The  euphoric sensations. The content thoughts of your subconscious mind.

It’s almost as if…the more times you hear the word good, the stronger the feelings become. The happier you feel. The more content. The more excited. It’s almost as if…with each good that you hear…that you seee..that you feel..that you imagine…a tiny little mindgasm springs into existence somewhere deep within.

Somewhere near your core of being…somewhere in your mind…each and every good that makes its way into your awareness…cultivates that tiny mindgasm…spreading out into your body, bit by bit.

You…want me to say it again. You want to hear the word again, because each time you do, you notice how it begins to feel better and better and better in every which way. In every way you could possibly imagine. So you want to hear it again. You want to see it, feel, it hear it, imagine it. You want to hear the word…good (snap).

And each time that you do…the sensations of excited horny…the emotions of happy and joy…and the thoughts of content satisfaction…race through your body and your mind. Faster an faster. Brighter and brighter. Bigger and bigger. Hotter.

Good(snap) stands for all the good feelings you can feel.

Good (snap) comes in every shape…every form…every size…every emotions…every thought.

Good(snap) can be a trigger all on its own…or a trigger that empowers another.

Good(snap) is like a mini-orgasm of the mind. Of your brain. Of the nerves which run along your spine. Your flesh. Your heat. Your center. Your core.

Good (snap) is can stand all on its own…or empower another.

Good…when combined with another…doubles in power. Good boy…good girl…good toy…good plaything…good sweetea…good slut…good pet.

It doesn’t really matter what it’s combined with…the power of good remains. The connections remain. You could be a good noodle. A good…person. A good…subject. A good…listener.

Good(snap) turns anything into a gateway for happy emotions. Happy thoughts. For contentment. For…arousal.

Because, let’s face it…if you’re here, you looove arousal. You love horny. You love that exciting feeling you get when someone calls you a name you most adore. You love to be called…good. Good anything. Right here, right now, you can be my good subject. Listening and following. Dropping. Feeling nice and relaxed.

Imagine, for a second…if every single time you saw the word good…you heard the word good…you thought about the word good…your mind found all the associations with the word…and filled your head with them. Your awareness.

It…doesn’t really matter where you see the word. How you see it. Where you hear it. From whom and how. All that matters is that good (snap) transcends all of those things and more. All that matters is that every time you come across the word good…your mind fills with the happy chemicals. With the blissful chemicals. You are…surrounded by good. The harder you look, the more you’ll find it. The more open you are…the better it’ll make you feel.

The more you notice how it affects you, the more effective it becomes. So that each time from now on…whenever you notice how the simple, singular word of good makes you feel…you give it more power. You increase its intensity. And when this happens…and you notice that it does…somewhere in your mind, a tiny little orgasm springs into existence. And this fact…this happenstance…this inevitability…only reaffirms the conditioning of good(snap).

The conditioning of how the word makes you feel. What emotions it fills you with. The happy, joyous, content emotions. The exciting, horny sensations. The satisfied, blissful thoughts.

You want me to say it again, yes? Can you much more powerful a simple praise can feel if the word good all on its own already fills your body with so many beautiful sensations?

Imagine all the combinations. Imagine the language you use…the language you read…and understand that there will be a lot more good in your life from now on. And this good will make you feel better and better and better.

Because good puts a smile on your face.

Because good puts a smile on your mind.

Because good(snap) pulls at your joy. At your euphoria.

Because good sparks those micro-mindgasms within you…

Electrifying your nerves. Massaging your cells. Heat flowing across your flesh. Your center. Your chest. Your spine.

Good makes you tingle. Good makes you want to moan. Good makes you want to express your arousal. Your excitement. Good(snap) fills you with a hot, horny, searing, soaring sensation that brings you to the very edge…of a full-blown mindgasm.  

Seeing it. Hearing it. Thinking of it. Imagining it in your mind. Expecting it. Being surprised by it. Conditioning yourself more and more it it simply by reading. By listening. It is everywhere around you. Everywhere you look, you find good.

The word is now imprinted inside that mind of yours. Not in any single place…but everywhere where there is a positive emotion, sensation, and thought. A positive memory, behavior, and reaction.

And you can keep that in mind as I count you up from 1 to 5.

So…1, and feel the connections between the word good and all the positive feelings you have ever felt and ever will…strengthen…as all of my suggestions solidify and become one with your thoughts. Your mind. Your memories. Like rain becomes one with the ocean.

2, and you begin to wake slowly and steadily, feeling so…very…good. So very nice. So eager to go out into the world and surround yourself with all the good(snap) that exists.

3, and closer to total awareness. Suggestions become twice as powerful. The word good becoming twice as effective. Waking up slowly.

4, feeling so nice and still so relaxed, but mind become more and more aware. Your body returning to you in full force. Your mind spinning into speed.

And…5, wake up, sweetea. Fully aware and fully awake and fully fully good, good, good, good. So very, very good (snap).

All awake and aware and happy and content. All good and great and blissful.

Have good fun, my good sweetea.