Stand-Alone Loop Pack 005

Patreon Tier 3+

Another loop pack on patreon! These are compiled from various trigger tier files:

The Birdsong of Edging: A denial-focused file with very open suggestions not to cum and only to ever edge. No safeties whatsoever, so be careful. The main suggestion ties the sound of birds with an ever-increasing need to stay denied, so if you live anywhere around birds….you may evolve to have a really hard time cumming. Finally, this is a passive file which can be listened to at any time (especially while edging). 13m.

Docile, Obedient, Subservient Slut: This one drops you down and assaults you with some nipple-centric MindFucky suggestions. Give it a try! It’s harmless. 13m with drops and snaps.