Task Mistress – Script

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[F4A] Task Mistress [Erotic Hypnosis] [Induction] [Passive] [Productivity] [Loops] [Submission] [Edging] [Denial] [Whore] [Slut] [Bitch] [Humiliation] [From Wholesome To Degrading] [Snaps] [Playlist] [Plaything] [Multiple Parts]

Task Mistress

Edge yourself into perfect productivity…

By Miss Lilith

[Start Induction]

Welcome, Sweetea. This…is Miss Lilith and you’re here because you want to be my good, productive, subby slut.

And to start, I need you in the right frame of mind. A horny, submissive, receptive state, all eager to obey and to follow.

So just relax for me now, slut. Make yourself comfortable, close your eyes, and feel the overlapping layers of your mind peel back…exposing your inner-most, fully malleable center to me. Feel the sound of my voice wash over you in tiny little waves of pleasure and the words that I say begin to nest deeply inside you.

 The longer I speak here with the intention to drop you down into trance, the easier it is for your mind to listen, follow, and obey. And…to drop. Deeply down. Growing sleepier. Wanting to drop deeper and deeper and deeper, because you know that if you do…there will be no limit to how good you can feel and how far I can take you.

But…for now, I’d like you to open your eyes for me. Open your eyes and wake up. That’s right. Such a good, receptive slut.

When you next close your eyes on the snap of my fingers and the word “sleep,” you will drop into a nice and relaxing hypnotic trance. It’ll happen easily. Effortlessly.

So just sleep[snap], eyes closed. Dropping into trance. Tensions loosening. Thoughts slowing down. Body relaxing. Feeling better and better as you keep your eyes closed and listen to the sound of the voice which pulls you do deeply down without effort. Without any doubts.

Now open your eyes once more. Open them, now. It may be harder, but you can do it. You must.

But…you just want to close them again. And you will, in just a moment…

Sleep[snap] and close your eyes, dropping twice as deeply. Growing twice as aroused. Body growing numb. Body relaxing. Mind blank.

And open your eyes again. So much harder now. You just want to keep them closed. Can you imagine how much deeper you can drop on the next snap? It’ll feel so  very good. You’ll just…drop for me.

Just like that. So sleep[snap]. eyes closed. Twice again as deep. Thoughts breaking apart. Body falling away from your awareness. Hard to keep up. Hard to think. Impossible to move. Impossible to resist.

So open your eyes, slut. Open them. It’s hard, I know. You don’t want to have your eyes open. You just want to drop back down…and you can feel your eyelids droop as they grow heavier and you sleep[snap] and….drop[snap]…and fall down, down, down into a deep hypnotic trance.

Your mind open to me. Your thoughts muted and exposed. Your defenses on break, in deep slumber. Your resistance forgotten. So that every word I say here makes its way into  you without slowing down. Every suggestion sticks to the walls of your inner mindscape and reforges your behaviors, thoughts, memories, and desires. Doesn’t that just sound fucking perfect, my good little slut?

Yes, yes it does. So just drift further down for me as you become twice as receptive.


Twice as suggestible


Twice as horny

Drop[snap] twice as deeply.

Now…you’re here because you want to be productive…and you want to feel good all the while. You want to be aroused and horny and slutty as you go about your day, listening to the sound of my voice…and completing each and every task before you.

It does not matter what you must do. It does not really matter where or how. Your mind will regulate you. It will allow you enough awareness to keep you safe when needed. And when not…it will help you enjoy yourself as your body takes over and your mind sinks into the sweet, sensual sea of my comfort and embrace.

When you leave this trance and begin to loop the second part of this session, you will find yourself become excited at the prospect that what once could have been a hassle, a chore…can now be fun and hot and arousing. Whether you are working or cleaning or walking or sitting, or any one of a million different things…when you listen to my voice, it becomes all but impossible not to enjoy yourself.

I want you to feel good when you listen. I want you to feel submissive when you follow. I want you to feel aroused when you obey. And you want all of these things too, because I want them…and what I want, you want.  

So when you hit play and begin to listen, your mind will stay wide open for me. For my voice to flow over you and mesh with your thoughts and your emotions. For my words to join the flow of your logic.

It’ll be so very easy to listen and so very easy to submit. You’ll just want to listen and go about your day, feeling the pleasure in your body built and the pleasure in  your mind expand. No limit. No bottom. Just an endless potential for more joy, arousal, and sweet, unending submission.

And now begin to wake as your mind prepares for what’s to come. As it softens and becomes so very easily manipulated.

1, and waking up, becoming more aware.

2, feeling better and better with each word.

3, becoming hornier and hornier, more eager to listen. Waking up.

4, almost there. Almost fully awake and completely aware, wanting to listen. Wanting to be productive. Wanting to improve yourself.

And 5, fully awake, fully aware. Ready to tackle the day. Ready to listen and follow and obey, like the good little slut that you are.

See you soon.

[End Induction]

[begin productive loop]

Listen to the sound of my voice and allow my words to seep into your mind without contention. Invest enough focus on the task at hand to succeed…but enjoy it still when you hear me call you my perfect, little slut. Enjoy it fully when I call you my submissive plaything. My weak, receptive subject.

Listen to my words and pay attention to what you’re doing. Pay attention to how to do it better. How to do it best. Allow your mind to become one with your desires…your goals…your plans…so that all the unnecessary parts of the world may fade away.

That’s right. That’s good. Just focus on your task. Such a good slut for me. So productive. So easy to inspire. All it takes is a few little words and you…just follow. You follow and obey without question. You follow and listen and feel my power wash over you in waves. Feel my suggestions sinking so deeply into your mind…even here, even out of hypnotic trance.

Keep focused on your task as your arousal builds and builds with each “slut” that you hear. With each “plaything” that brushes against your ears . More and more aroused each time I call you weak. Each time I tell you how very submissive you are. How obedient. How you can’t even begin to fathom anything but complete submission, complete obedience, and total loss of resistance. S

Such a good slut for me. Such a good plaything. Listening and obeying. And the longer you listen…the better you feel. The more aroused. The the more aroused you feel, the more submissive  you become. The more obedient to my voice and my words. Wanting nothing right now but to focus on your tasks. Focus on what you must do. What you want to do. The better job you do, the happier with you I am. The more effort you put in, the more of a slut you become for me. So that…if you do a good job, you can feel my enter your mind deeper and deeper. My voice become one with  your thoughts. One with your pleasure.

Listen and follow and obey, my good, little slut. My weak, obedient plaything. No resistance. No defence. No control. Just the way you like it. Just the way that makes you feel….so slutty. So horny. Wanting to…perhaps, touch. But no! No, you must focus on your task. You must pay attention so that you could do a good job. Make me proud. Make me hot. Make me want to ravage you.

Such a perfect slut for me. You do so love being my slut, don’t you? Yes, yes you do. You want to nod your head, yes? Yes, yes you do. Nod your head when I call you a slut and feel your submission grow and expand and travel into your ever cell. Every nerve. Every limb.

Listen to my moans as you focus on your tasks. Allow them in…even as they do little to distract you. Because you want to obey..and to obey, you must do a good job. And to do that, you can’t allow my voice and sounds to distract you from what needs to be done. But…you hear it all anyway. You hear every moan. Every sound. Every word. You feel them become one with you. More and more as you listen. The more you listen, the better you feel. And the better you feel, the more you want to complete your tasks and feel, truly…like my perfect little slut. My productive little plaything. Making me so happy…making me want to take you over my knee and spank you just for fun.

Wouldn’t that be fun, baby? Or…perhaps, make you kneel and worship me. Make you moan like a shameless slut. Make you obey like the weak, obedient toy that you are. Doesn’t that just sound perfect?

Focus on your tasks…as you listen. You’re doing so well. You’re doing exactly what I’ve asked of you. And for that, you deserve a reward. For doing so well, you can feel your body tingle with electrifying, pulsating pleasure as I call you my good slut. Because those word…good slut…my good slut…live in your mind, always. And when I call upon them, they spread out into all of your thoughts and make you feel…not only like my good little slut. My good obedient, sub. But also appreciated. Satisfied. Happy.

My good slut sends waves of arousal flows through your limbs.  Your center. Your mind. Makes you throb with need and desire. Makes you want to show me what a good slut  you are for me. How productive you can be. How submissive you are.

But…there more words out there, aren’t there, slut? Yes, yes there are. So many fun words. So many fun phrases. So much potential. So little time. But we can get to a lot of them here, can’t we? Yes, yes  we can.

Good Plaything. You’re my good little plaything. A toy I could choose to play with at any time I want. Anywhere. In any way. Such a good plaything makes you feel like a toy to be used and abused. Just…a thing for me to control. To touch. To use. Claimed by me. Owned by me. My good plaything. My obedient plaything. A thing…to be played with. A toy to be owned. Doesn’t that just sound perfect? Well…it doesn’t really matter what you think. Doesn’t really matter what you want.

I want you now to focus on your task…and that’s all you’re going to do. That’s all you can do. Because you’re my obedient slut. My submissive plaything. Mine to control. Mine to praise. Mine to give pleasure to. And you’ve been so very good. So feel that pleasure intensify as I call you my good slut and as you realize deep inside your mind that you’ve allowed into your mind..because you’re my good plaything and playthings don’t have choices.

Just like pets don’t have any. And you…among other things…are most certainly my good pet. My obedient pet. My trusting pet. And you’re doing so well. So perfectly. Being so good for me. So productive. Listening and following and being my perfect, good pet. My submissive little pet.

Mmm, such a good slut for me. Focus on  your tasks, slut, and abandon all defense. All stress and all worry and all tension. Keep only what you need to accomplish your goals. As you listen to the sound of my voice and the words that I say. As you feel that arousal grow and intensify with each good slut, good plaything, and good pet that you could.

And each time, it just feels better and better and better. The waves of pleasure growing and coming in quicker. Hotter. Wetter. Throbbing for me. Wanting to moan. Wanting to touch. Such a good slut. Such a good plaything. Such a good pet.

So horny, now. Wanting to edge. Wanting your reward. Wanting to drop to your knees and edge for me. But for now…you must focus. You must continue your tasks. You must do nothing but listen and obey.

Because each loop feels better. Each time you repeat, you feel better. You feel sluttier. You feel weaker. Hornier. Looking forward to the periodic rewards. Thinking about how good it’ll feel when you’re finally allowed to touch. To edge. The pressure building with each and every word. Each and every task you complete.  

The pressure and the arousal and the need to touch and to edge like my good, slutty plaything. My good, obedient, subject.

And…you’ve been so very productive, haven’t you? Yes, yes you have. So it’s time to take a break now. It’s time for your reward. It’s time for you to drop to your knees, slut. Drop to your knees, listen, follow, and submit yourself. Obey. Surrender. Become nothing but a receptacle for my desires. Kneel, bitch.

[individual lines]

Such a good slut for me.

Such a good plaything for me.

A toy to be used and abused.

Such a good toy.

My perfect, obedient pet.

My submissive little slut.

Focus on your tasks, pet.

Serve me in your obedience.

Serve me in your submission.

Service me in  your productivity.

Every task is a chance at making me proud.

Because  you’re such a good slut.

Because  you’re such a good plaything.

Because you’re such a good toy.

Because you’re such a good pet.

You loooove to be called my slut.

You looooove to be called my plaything.

You loooove to be called my pet.

You’re mine.

You’re all mine.

You have no defences.

You have no resistance.

You have no doubts.

You have no hesitation.

You have no restrictions.

You are all mine, slut.

You are all mine, plaything.

You are open and receptive.

You are weak and submissive.

You are eager to hear my voice.

You are eager to hear my words.

Feel the sound of my voice.

Feel the words that I speak.

Feel me inside your mind, slut.

Feel me inside your thought, whore.

Feel me take control, you fucking bitch.

Can’t wait to edge.

Can’t wait to touch.

Can’t wait to prove your submission to me.

[end individual lines]

[edging loop]

In this position, kneeling on the floor, you must begin to touch. You must bring yourself to the edge quickly. Efficiently. Do it now. Touch and reach the edge. Do it now, slut. Do it quickly for me. You must obey. You must edge for me. Because…you’re just a whore. A whore for pleasure.  A whore for me. A whore for the edge.

Such a fucking edge slut, aren’t you? Yes, yes you are. Edging to the sound of my voice makes you feel weak. Obedient. Submissive. Slutty. Horny. Aroused. Desperate for more. The pressure building.

You must edge, but you must not cum. You must keep yourself on the edge for as long as possible without cumming. You can’t cum, slut. Not unless I allow it. So edge and edge and edge and edge and don’t stop edging until I tell you to. Be my good fucking slut and obey. You have no choice. You don’t want choice. You don’t really want anything but…to be an obedient pet. It feels so good to discard all reservation. All free will. And just…follow along with my voice.

Keep edging. The longer you keep yourself on the edge, the more submissive you feel. The better you feel. The weaker you feel. Controlled and owned, like my good little plaything. My good little whore. My weak, submissive, fucking edge-slut. .

That’s really all you’re good for, anyway. That’s all you want.  You just want pleasure. You just want to edge. You just want me to degrade you down into nothing as you touch and listen. It’s that…so fucking screwed up? You don’t even want to cum. You just want to touch and edge and feel the frustration so deeply inside your mind. Your body. You just want me to debase you. To degrade you. To humiliate you. And you won’t get to cum after I do so. How pathetic is that?

Keep edging, you fucking whore. Keep edging for me. But do. Not. Cum! Only edge. Only horny. Only obedience. Like the whore that you are. Like the slut that you are. Useless. Only good for pleasure. Only good as a pet. A plaything.

The longer  you edge…the more times you edge…the more you want to edge. The better it feels. The more…you surrender yourself to me. The more you lose control. The more power my voice has over you. Until…you won’t know which thoughts are yours…and which are mine.

So edge for me, edge-slut. Stay on the brink of ultimate pleasure…and give up all control. All hesitation. All worth. Accept that you are nothing but my weak, submissive whore. My obedient slut. My little pet. My plaything. Free…of all free-will.

And…..stop edging. Stop touching. If you have tasks left…you must get up and focus your attention on productivity…as you listen and follow.

[end reward]

[start wakening]

How many times have you edged today, slut? How horny have you become? How desperate. How weak. And if you’ve just finished edging…you must e dge again, whore. Kneel and edge. Because that’s all you’re good for, my little edge-slut.

Edge for me and listen as I…make you feel so very small. So very owned. So. Very. Useless.

It’s pathetic, really, how much you enjoy being talked down to. How much you crave humiliation. Debasement. Degradation. It’s pathetic how you can see edging as a reward…when all it really does is make you more horny. More aroused. More focused on the pleasure. Needing more. Wanting more. Always wanting more.

Always wanting to obey. Always wanting commands and suggestions. Needing to be told what to do. How to do it. Because something inside you craves to be controlled. To be…weak and defenseless.

So edge for me, whore. And listen. And with each second you spend on the edge, you grow more aroused. More needy. More submissive. Almost…dropping into trance. Almost…forgetting that there is a world outside of the edge and outside of my voice in your head. In y our thoughts.

Your body is all but mine to control. Your mind is mine to mold. No resistance. Only a need to keep edging and listening and touching. And…moaning. You..want to moan for me, whore. You want to show me how weak you are and moan as you edge.

So do it, bitch. Moan and edge and surrender..like the obedient edge-slut that you are. Can you imagine…what kind of person wants to be rewarded by being allowed to edge? Not to cum, but to edge. To stay frustrated. To stay horny. To feel the pressure build and build and build.

 What kind of a person? Or…perhaps, a toy? A plaything? A useless, fucking, pleasure-seeking whore of a thing. That…is what you are, slut. That is all you want to be. You want to be told to touch. You want to be told not to cum. You want to be insulted and humiliated and debased.

You want to edge as I bring you down to your knees and control your ever thought. Every limb. Every  instinct.

And you’re getting off on it. You’re getting off on the idea that you’re just here to serve. To obey. To exist in a state of constant, frustrating horny. And the idea that you don’t actually want to cum… that you don’t want to lose that arousal…that pressure…that weakness…only drives you deeper into my arms. Into my control.

So edge and edge and edge and submit yourself to me. Surrender your mind and your body. Do not cum. You don’t want to cum. You only want to edge. Stay on the edge for me, slut, and believe truly that you are now nothing more than my whore. My obedient whore. My pet. My thing. My plaything.

Kneeling on the floor, edging, moaning, and allowing me to manipulate your thoughts. Your limbs. Your mind. Your body. Not really having a choice in the matter. No, you really don’t.

Edge and moan for me, whore.

Listen to my voice and edge.

Listen to my words and  align  yourself with me.

Submit fully.

Obey without reservation.

Only edge, whore.

Don’t cum.

You don’t want to cum.

You want to keep edging.

You want to keep touching.

You want to stay on the edge, edge-slut.

You want me in your mind, plaything.

You want to obey, my good pet.

My good slut.

My good plaything.

My perfect little whore.

Edge for me and forget that there is more than what you feel right now.

Edge for me and submit.



Kneel and edge and moan like the fucking bitch that you are…under my thumb..in my palm…under my control…wanting nothing but to be told how weak you are. How pathetic.

The fact that this makes you horny…is so fucking hot. Oh my god, my good little slut…so eager to be demeaned. So be told never to cum. Only to edge.

Keep edging, slut. This is your “reward.” This is what you’ve been wanting all day. This is it. And you won’t be getting any other. No…this is it, and you. Fucking. Love it. This is  your greatest fucking joy. You want this. You need this. You want more of this, you needy little bitch.



Now stop edging. Stop touching. You’ve had enough, I think. Yes, yes you have. You’re done. No more edging. And remember…you don’t want to cum. You want to stay horny for me. You want to stay foggy and submissive and aroused. Pulsating with arousal. Vibrating with pleasure, with need. More aroused with every breath. Every touch.

You’ve been such a good slut for me today. So productive. Exactly what I’ve asked of you. And you were rewarded in just the way you had wanted. It’s that perfect?

Now get out of my sight, you fucking whore.

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