Free Erotic Hypnosis

Where to start…

If you’ve just joined us, start with the full sessions and move on from there. They’re fully self-contained and don’t require any playlist creation.

If you’re experienced, you can create you own playlists by combining an induction, any number of body files, and a wakener to form a complete session.

You can bypass this page in the future by heading straight the respective pages either from the top menu or the sidebar.

If you’d like to know more, head on over to the Getting Started page or join my Discord Server.

Full Sessions

The way they were recorded originally, so that themes match exactly and there are no breaks between portions. This is where you should start.


Individual induction files, meant to be paired with a body file and wakener or enjoyed on on their own for a quick way to relieve tension.

Body Files

Individual body files. These are meant to be paired with your favorite induction and wakener and made into a playlist. Can be looped or multiplied.


Parted wakeners, meant to be played at the end of an induction + body file playlist.