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There are quite a few different terms used on the site (and outside) which may not be all that intuitive. So here is a quick rundown of the most common ones:

Full Session: These are entire files, usually consisting of an induction, a body, and a wakener. Sometimes, they can also be loops. Whatever the file, full sessions are completely self-contained and don’t need any additions to the playlist.

Body File: These are parted files, meant to be coupled with an induction, (perhaps more body files), and maybe a wakener. The purpose of these is to allow the listener to use their favorite inductions with their favorite body files and create the perfect playlist. On their own, body files may include a short deepener, but never an entire induction.

Inductions: These are the induction elements of hypnosis. Mix & match them with your favorite body files and have a grand time. On their own, they may provide you with a quick way to relax, but they’re really meant to be paired up with a body and a wakener.

Wakener: These go on the end of a playlist. There are only a few to choose from for now, but the list will be growing steadily. In most cases, they’re usually short, simple count ups, but some do have a fun edge to them.

Loop: These are short, loopable files, meant to be listened to either in trance or out over and over again, for as long as you wish it. They’re usually based on the full sessions, for further conditioning, but there are a couple of stand-alone ones for better trance and submission training. Most loops are Patreon-only, but not all.

Sometimes, there are remastered versions of old files turned into loops, as well.


Gender Neutral: Meant to be listened to by anyone, no matter their gender. There are a few exceptions when a gender neutral file will mention the listener’s cock or pussy, but those are rare and still never mention pronouns.

F4M: Female-for-male files, the listener (you) being male. Usually mentions dick, in the very least.

F4F: Female-for-female files, the listener (you) being female.

Beginner Friendly: Files meant for those just beginning to dip their toes in the world of erotic hypnosis. Usually with longer inductions and simpler themes.

Femdom: Female domination files, which encompasses nearly all of my files. I like to be on top, and that reflects in the types of sessions I create.


HFO: Hands-free-orgasm. These are files which usually focus on creating a space where you can cum without touching yourself, with explicit suggestions to do so.

Implied HFO: A more subtle version of HFO files. These don’t usually state, implicitly, that you should cum without touching, but they also don’t tell you to touch
yourself, so you’re given a choice. I do so hope you give me a chance and resist touching. HFOs are phenomenal.

JOI: Jerk-off-instructions, where I tell you in no uncertain terms that you must touch yourself in some way.

Orgasm & Orgasm Command: Simply put, these end in an orgasm, one way or another.

Better Orgasms: The purpose of these files is to change the way you experience cumming in some way. Usually, the end result is an orgasm that’s much, much better than it should have any right to be.

Potential Ruined Orgasm: These usually give you an option between cumming and ruining your orgasm. Which you choose will depend on the conditions set by my suggestions and whether it’s worth cumming or not.

Edging: Just…edging. Sometimes these end in orgasm and sometimes not.

Denial & Chastity: Where you’re teased, but don’t get to cum. You’ll enjoy yourself, but in a whole different way.


Submission: Where you submit. Usually to me. Sometimes to others. Other times to innocent, general concepts, like pussy or cock.

Brainwashing & Corruption: These usually focus on intense conditioning, from which it’s difficult to return. Very heavy submission and ultimate obedience. My voice will go with you, always.

Slut | Slave: Files with these tags are usually heavy on the usage of the words, “slut” and “slave,” and makes you love being my little, slutty, submissive slave.

Moans: Where I moan. Usually a lot. Sometimes throughout the entirety of the track.

Chanting: Files with mantras that you must repeat either on the inside of your mind or at loud.

Amnesia: These always include suggestions to forget. Forget what? Well, you’ll just have to find out. Or not…

Kneeling | Crawling | Spanking: Files which include any of those listed or all three. Sometimes only in fantasy and sometimes in real-life, so read the descriptions of the files carefully.

Body Writing: These files have instructions to write on yourself either during or after.

Interactive: Files which are action-filled, with more than just listening or pleasuring yourself.

Nipple Torture | CBT: These ask you to quite literally torture yourself for me and enjoy the process immensely. You won’t be harmed in any serious way, but there will be pain.

Collar: These include a collar in some way. Either a mental one, a physical one, or a fantasy which includes one.

Bondage: Files with a bondage-themed fantasy.

Tentacles: These files include tentacles in some way. If you don’t like to be handled (probably roughly) by tentacles, don’t click.

Biting: Files with…biting. Usually, I’m the one doing the biting.

Drone Space | Puppet Play: These files condition you with a sort of drone-like space, where you must do nothing but obey as your mind and body are played with.

Exposed | Loud Speaker: With suggestions to unleash your hesitation and stop hiding your kink. Loud Speaker includes listening to a file out loud, so that you can’t be all that subtle about your fantasies.


Futa: Not my favorite term, but it’s the one Reddit uses for these types of files. Files with this tag usually have me with a cock.

Anal: These include scenarios where you’re pleasured in some way anally in a fantasy setting.

Butt Plug: Files with suggestions to use a butt plug during trance, after, or as some sort of routine.

Cock Worship | Dildo Sucking: Pretty self-explanatory.


Pussy Worship | Pussy Licking | Nipple Sucking | Facesitting: All about pleasuring the female body.

Fucking | Handjob: Includes pretty standard fucking and/or handjobs.


Bimbo | Bimbofication: I turn you into a silly, horny bimbo.

Feminization | Feminine Desires | Good Girl | Sissy | High Heels: Files with these tags usually focus on the girl within you (or not so within) wanting out or wanting to play a bigger role in your life. Read the descriptions carefully.


Relaxation | Breathing | Sleep Aid | Anxiety Relief: In most cases, files with these tags will be of the SFW variety, with helpful suggestions to improve your state of mind and body in some small or large way.

Sweet | Loving | Cuddling | Acceptance: All the intimacy. Allll of it.

Hypnosis Safety | Hard Limit Reinforcement: There is only one file with these tags for now. It’s meant to be listened to before or after an intense session which may or may not fuck with your brain a bit.

Audience tags:

Gender Neutral: Doesn’t mention genitalia, but can mention pronouns. This will always be displayed in the tags. In most cases, these can be listed to by anyone.

F4M: Targeted towards guys.

F4F: Targeted towards girls.

Type of session:

Full Session: A self-contained file with no need to do anything but listen and enjoy.

Induction: The part of a session meant to drop you into trance.

Body File: Where most of the contest resides, meant to be placed between an induction and a wakener.

Wakener: Wakes you up from trance and hopefully makes you feel all nice and happy afterwards.

Loop: Files meant to be played over and over again, with no clear point of stopping. If such a file happens to pull you deep into trance, you should have a way of waking yourself.


HFO | Implied HFO: The former assumes that you won’t be touching yourself at all. The latter allows you a choice between touch and no touch without specifying which you should do, giving you the freedom to choose.

Feminization: Files meant to bring out the girl in you.

Bimbofication: Files meant to…take away your intellect and make you a fun-loving bimbo.