Sink Into My Pleasure  – Script

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[F4A] Sink Into My Pleasure [Erotic Hypnosis] [Loop] [Lots Of Moans] [Snaps] [Arousal] [Implied HFO] [Conditioning To My Voice] [Some More Moans] [Short] [Conditioning] 

Sink Into My Pleasure

Listen to each moan and each breath as if your life depended on it…

By Miss Lilith

Sink in to the sounds of my pleasure, sweetea. Allow my moans to wash over you and lull you into a place of calm and relaxation. Where all else can simply be forgotten and only our pleasure exists.
Sleep [snap] eyes closed, body heavy and tension free.

Allow your mind to go blank, because right here, right now, nothing else matters but joy and bliss. So listen to my moans and drop pet, feeling so good, ready to fall deeper for me, deeper in to the sound of my voice and the words that I say.

Listen and drop, becoming open and ready to share my pleasure.

As you listen to the sounds that I make, you drop deeper into trance. Arousal rising higher and higher to match mine as you drift in a sea of moans and sighs and whimpers.

Feeling so good, no thoughts, mind going blank and empty, to be filled with only the sounds of my pleasure.

And the longer you listen the better and better you will feel, always dropping deeper, growing more and more aroused with each passing minute. As the pressure builds, hotter and wetter, throbbing and needy, you’ll have no choice but to cum for me, cum with me. Because each sound that you hear me make brings you closer and closer to a touch free orgasm. The pressure just builds and builds, your blood pumping quicker and harder, my voice bringing you closer and closer to the very edge and over.

So keep listening, feeling better and better. Sleep [snap] and drop even further for me sweetea. You love this feeling and every time you listen to my voice you feel more and more pleasure, thoughts and memories of previous files come flooding back and fill you with a joyful euphoria. All the past orgasms that you have experienced with me, listening to my voice, obeying my commands, rise up from the bottom of your memories and saturate your entire conscious and subconscious mind. Nothing on Earth could stop this from happening, pet.

Such a good plaything for me, so open and obedient, so eager for every word that I say and every sound that I make. Falling deeper in to trance with every word and every sound, until only pleasure remains, as all else falls away.

As you sleep [snap] for me, drifting further into my voice, feeling better and better the more that you listen to the sounds of my pleasure and the words that I speak.

I want you to feel so very good, sweetea, unprecedented sexual bliss increasing with every single second. Growing in heat and urgency, blanketing your every thought and every desire. Throbbing, wet, pulsating arousal rising as you listen to me moan over and over again, because my pleasure is your pleasure, and yours is mine, pet. Just as you are, body and mind. A pretty, little submissive toy for me to play with, and shape in to my perfect plaything.

Always falling deeper, sweetea, and every time you hear me say sleep with a snap of my fingers, you drop ever so much further down, arousal climbing higher and higher. So sleep [snap] and drop twice as deep, twice as open and suggestible, as you sink in to my pleasure.

Allow the feelings of lust and desire to soar, as you grow needier and needier for release, throbbing and wet. Torn between wanting this state of bliss to last forever, and wanting to cum immediately to my sensual orgasmic cries of bliss. So just sleep [snap] and allow your arousal to reach new heights, forever building higher and higher, until the choice is taken from you. You will just continue to feel hotter, and hornier, until the only option left for you is to cum. And you know exactly how good it feels to cum to the sound of my voice and the words that I say, don’t you, plaything?

You know how very very good it feels and how much better each and every time you listen. Because each time you listen you drop deeper for me, feeling more pleasure, more bliss, more arousal, my good sweetea.

Now I want you to really focus on the sounds of my pleasure and how they make you feel, how your heart races faster with each little sound that you hear. How stimulating the sensation of my delight filling your every thought and the entirety of your mind. There is nothing quite like this. Nothing nearly as thrilling… as you quiver in anticipation.

And we both know that the closer you get to orgasm and the more aroused you get, the more you need to submit and obey. And the more you submit and obey the closer you get to orgasm and the more aroused you become. And as you submit and as your arousal grows, you drop deeper and deeper. Because your submission, your arousal, and your trance are all anchored in the frequencies and vibrations of my voice and the sounds that I make.

So just allow yourself to listen as my voice washes away your thoughts and does away with your defences. Just listen and follow and

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