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[F4A] Hypnosis Safety File [Hypnosis] [Snaps] [Trance Safety] [Hard Limit Reinforcement]

Hypnosis Safety File

Keep yourself safe as you journey into the deep…

By Miss Lilith

This is a short safety file, to be used before or after listening to intense files. It has a short induction, but you won’t need to be all that deep for this to work. All you need to keep safe are the safety suggestions included here. This is not a *required* listen, but if you’re very suggestible and feel as if there is a chance that your hard limits aren’t all that *hard*, listening to this will insure that whatever limits you’ve set for yourself won’t be broken with the triggers implanted in any session, ever.

So…just relax and listen to the sound of my voice and the words that I say. Relax your body and empty your mind. Open up and allow me inside. Allow yourself to invite my gentle embrace deeply into your mind. Into the that place where change happens easily and effortlessly. That place where suggestions may just flow right in, without resistance or delay.

I’m going to drop you intro trance now, with a simple word and a snap of my fingers. It’ll just happen. As soon as I say the word sleep with a snap of my fingers, your mind will settle, your body will relax, and you’ll drift right into a deep trance. And each time I do so, you’ll drop deeper…fall further. It’s easy, sweetea. No effort at all.

So…Sleep [snap]  and drop.

Sleep [snap] and fall deeply into hypnotic trance.

Sleep [snap] and open up. Allow me in.

Sleep [snap] and dropping twice as deep, twice as fast.

One more time…Sleep [snap] and let go. Drop…drop…drop. Allow yourself the freedom to listen and follow.

Your hard limits…are yours and only yours. They may not be tempered with by anyone but yourself. They cannot be crossed by anyone else. They cannot be manipulated. They’re engraved deeply upon the foundation of your mind…your thoughts…your memories…your behaviors. Just as you know how easy it is to take a breath…in…….and……out…you know that it’s just as easy protecting the limits of suggestion that you will not cross.

Sleep [snap] deeper, sweetea.

There are actions and thoughts which you know you don’t want to follow. Which you know are outside your preferences…your personality. These are limits which may not moved…pushed…or pulled…by anyone but yourself…in a totally natural and self-aware way. There is no amount of conditioning…no amount of hypnosis…which may even start to alter them. Whatever limits you set for yourself are there to stay for as long as you need them. There is no wiggle room here. No skirting around the edges. A hard limit is a hard limit.

Sleep [snap] further down.

When you feel as if someone’s stepping over the line, an image of a big, bright, red traffic light manifests in your mind’s eye…stopping the suggestion from taking hold and giving you the option to wake up. No matter how deep you are…no matter how suggestible…this light will keep you safe from unwanted changes. It always works. It always keeps you feeling safe and secure. Like a warm blanket during a winter night.

You’ll always be safe. No suggestion…no command…will ever alter you in any way that you’re against. In any way that clashes with who you really are. Because allll hypnosis is self-hypnosis, and there is no power on earth which can manipulate you in any way that you don’t see fit. It’s hardwired, sweetea. It’s part of your makeup, now. The safeties and securities implanted here will keep you safe and well for all time to come.

So you need not worry about undesirable changes and suggestions, because any that cross your hard limits have no power…no weight behind them. Not even a tiny bit.

Now…I’m going to bring you up with a count-up from 1 to 5, and with reach number, the suggestions here will cement themselves deeper into your mind and drift deeper into your underlying makeup of self.

1, and you start to wake, body coming alive…mind becoming more aware.

2, and you start to drift up, up from out of trance.

3, becoming more and more aware and more awake.

4, feeling good, well rested, and energized.

5, wake up, sweetea. Wake up. Fully awake. Fully energized. Feeling great in body and mind. Feeling safe with the knowledge that nothing will ever happen in trance which you don’t desire. Because in the end…all that happens, happens because you let it.

Have a great day, sweetea. Till next time.      

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