Chastity Chains – Script

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Chastity Chains

21 Days of Exquisite Mental Chastity…

By Miss Lilith

Welcome, Sweetea.

I’ll be guiding you down into deep trance soon enough, so find a quiet, serene place to relax, adapt a comfortable position, and close your eyes. All you have to do from here on is listen and follow. No effort at all. Just listen and follow along with the sound of my voice, allowing it to ooze into your mind…finding every breach, every slit in the armor.

The longer you listen, the easier for your mind to accept every word that you hear, every suggestion weaving into your consciousness. It happens easily. Effortlessly. Automatically. So settle in, sweetea. Open your mind. Let me in. And just listen.

Listen as you feel yourself relax in body and in mind, dropping steady and slowly downwards, as if floating down on a cloud…heading towards into a nice, deep hypnotic sleep. There’s nothing for you to do. Nothing for you to think. Nowhere for you to be. So you can so very easily allow yourself to relax as you listen to the sound of my voice and the whispers pleasantly tickling the back of your head.

Just sink into slumber, sweetea. Relax your body. Relax your mind. Allow me to take all of those thoughts of yours and disperse them into the wind. With your eyes shut and your body loose, just drop deeper down. I’m going to use your current state of body and mind as a starting point. I’m going to wake you and then put you down again. Wake you, and then down again. Until you’ll be so tried, there’ll be nothing left of you except for a receptive, sleepy mind and a numb, relaxed body.    

I’m going to tire you out and drop you deep down into trance an exhausted, relaxed mess with no desire to think or to move. To do this, I need you to picture a thick rubber band in your mind. Picture it well. Big and vivid, in high resolution. I’ll be using it to tense and relax the muscles in your body and the muscles in your head.

[tighten sfx on tension and loose sfx on lax]

This rubber band represents your body. It represents the tension, the muscles, and the nerves. When I stretch it out, you’ll feel your body tense, the muscles contracting and tightening, your mind becoming more aware. When I loosen my hold on the band, loosening the tension, you’ll relax twice as deep. You’ll feel twice as good. Your mind twice as empty. Feeling so very good and so very nice. Each time I tense the band, your body tenses and you wake. Each time I let it go lax, you relax and drop ever so much deeper.

So…[stretch band sfx]…tense your muscles and open your eyes, sweetea. Aware. Awake.

And…[loosen band sfx]…close your eyes. Relax. Dropping down, down, down. Deeply down. Muscles relaxing, eyes shut closed, mind blank and empty.

[stretch and sfx]…open your eyes. More aware. More awake. A bit tense. A bit less relaxed. Wanting to go back.

[loosen band sfx]…and eyes closing, muscles releasing, loosening, and softening. Deep, deep relaxation setting in. Wanting nothing but to keep your eyes closed and drift deeper down now. Wanting nothing more than to allow my voice all the way inside the deepest recesses of your mind.

But…[stretch]…for now, open your eyes. So much harder to open. You just want to shut them again. You just want to go back down into that nice, deep, smooth trance. When next you do, in just a moment, you’ll be so very receptive and so very relaxed. In just a moment…

[loosen] your eyes close. Your body goes numb. Your thoughts escape your grasp. So receptive. So suggestible. Feeling so very good and so nice nice and so very loose. Nice and relaxed. Falling deeper. Drifting all the way down to the surface and all the way underneath. A trance without bottom. A trance without limit. So just drop deeper now, sweetea. So easily. Effortlessly.

And…[stretch]…open your eyes. So hard to open. So hard to wake. Just want to drop back down. I’m going to stretch the band to its limits and beyond. When it snaps, all the tensions that may possibly exist will vanish in an instant. Any thoughts you may have will snap out of existence. Any resistance to suggestion will pop and disappear. It’ll feel so very good and so very nice.

So…[stretch sfx]…Sleep[snap]…[snap sfx]…and drop all the way down. Eyes shut tightly. No tension. Just relaxation. No thoughts. Just acceptance. No hesitation. No doubt. Drifting down, down, down. Sleep[snap] and feel your mind disperse as your body grows numb.

No resistance. So receptive. So deep. So relaxed. And drifting deeper down with each second. Each word. Feeling so very good and so very nice and so very relaxed.

Now…that you’re dropping deeper and deeper, drifting down, down, down…as you listen to the sound of my voice and the words that I say…you can just allow things to happen. You can just enjoy the way my suggestions seep into your mind so very naturally. You can enjoy the way each suggestion is stronger than the last. The way your mind adjusts to my voice and my methods with each word, each sentence. The longer you listen, the more receptive you become. The easier to follow along. It’s effortless. Automatic.

And all have to do now is listen. That’s it. Isn’t that easy? Yes, yes it is.  

You’re here, listening to the sound of my voice, because there is something deeply intoxicating about chastity. About the idea of no touching. No cumming. Just the ever-present, smooth sensation of frustration. Of arousal. But arousal without touch. Arousal without orgasm.

I’d like you to think about that now, sweetea. Think about how nice it feels to stay locked up and unable to touch. Unable to cum. How sweet the sensations of need and lust without the ability to do anything about it. It’s much like savoring a favorite drink or food. Like wanting to forever keep the taste on your tongue, your taste buds dancing in joy and excitement.

And chastity is so very much like that. So long as you’re denied touch and filled with continuous arousal, you can savor all the pleasant sensations and emotions. Keep them going and going and going, spindling inside of you, growing in power. Filling you with pleasure.

I’d like you to feel that. You would like to feel like that. And we’re going to make that happen. This, and so much more. Oh, yes, there’s going to be so much more, sweetea.

But first, I need you to think about the next 21 days. They will be special. They will be fun. Most importantly, they will have you locked and unable to touch. Unable to cum. You won’t need any special device. Any special equipment. Because the lock I’ll be putting on your mind will just as real as if it were physical. Just as strong and powerful. It’ll keep you from touching just as a physical lock would. No different, really.

I’ll set your mind to remove any possibility of touching for the next 21 day. Your entire subconscious mind and all of your awareness will focus in on preventing you from touching. On keeping you in perfect mental chastity. From the moment this session ends, the mental lock will remain for 21 days. Think of it as a nice, little vacation. You’ll enjoy every second. Enjoy each day more than the last. Because the more aroused and frustrated you feel, the stronger the mental lock will grow. The more you’ll want to stay horny and in perfect chastity. It’ll be so very easy.

[chains sfx……]

And all you have to do is envision something for me. Imagine a dozen thin, metal chains, sweetea. Chains keep things in or out. Chains keep things contained. Chains entrap. And these chains do just that, plus so much more. They do to your mind what they do out there, in the physical world. The moment that I had begun speaking, the chains had already wrapped themselves around your mind. Around your brain. It had always been too late. You never really had a choice.

These are what I like to call chastity chains…and they’re already all nicely wrapped around your consciousness and subconsciousness. Already, you’re all trapped and chained, your brain unable to consider breaking chastity. Unable to consider touching yourself, because there is something better out there for you. A better alternative. A more pleasurable alternative, sweetea.

Just listen and Sleep[snap], drop a bit deeper, a bit more relaxed, more blank and empty…and feel the chastity chains wrap tighter around your mind. Feel them inside you. Feel them reach into you. Into your wants and desires and behaviors. They will continue getting stronger every day for the next 21 days. You’ll continue enjoying them more and more the longer you’re entrapped. Why? Because there is something just as good out there, sweetea. Something as good as cumming. As good as touching.

Each time you want to touch yourself, the chains around your mind tighten and grow stronger…and your fingers gravitate towards your nipples. Yes, your nipples. That alternate source of pleasure. Just as good, if a bit different. And always growing better and better.

Each and every time you’re aroused and feel the need to touch or cum, the chastity chains entrapping your mind will tighten, growing twice as strong, and your need to play with your nipples overtakes all of your thoughts. You just want to play with your nipples, sweetea. You want to rub them and twist them and pinch them. Because each time you play with them, they grow more sensitive and you feel more pleasure. Each and every time you play with them, you find new pleasures you can enjoy. New sensations.

And as you play with your nipples, any desires to cum can simply evaporate. You don’t really want to cum. You don’t need to cum. You just want to rub and pinch and twist your nipples and feel those tingles of pleasure spread across your chest. Your core. Your brain. It’s so very nice. So very, very nice. Intoxicating in a wholly new way, sweetea. Bringing to life parts of your brain which you may not have known existed.

Because as you think about touching and cumming, you instead feel your chastity chains strengthen and redirect your desires, leading them into the need to play with your nipples. And when this happens, something interesting sparks in your core of being. Almost like a tiny little firework. All excitement and exhilaration. The pleasure you can feel from your nipples jumping to the very front of your mind.

And when you touch them and rub and then squeeze them, a jolt of electrifying heat races across your body. It spreads out from your nipples and your chest and into the very ends of your limbs. The very top of your head. And then back again. In waves and waves of tingles, pleasure, and excitement.

So, I need you to do something for me now. Imagine yourself. Picture a very horny you in your mind. So aroused and so horny, wanting to touch and cum so very badly. Wanting to orgasm. But as soon as that first thought of touching even makes it into your mind, you’re already reaching for your nipples. The chains around your brain tightening and becoming stronger. And when you touch your nipples and start playing with them, the pleasure you feel causes your breath to hitch and your joy to skyrocket.

Feeling so very nice and so very good. Perhaps, if you’d like, you could touch them now, sweetea. You can simply reach up and rub your nipples now. Pinch them. Play with them. Feel the pleasant tingles spread out from the touch and into your whole chest…traveling both downwards and upwards, filling your world with pleasure. With arousal. With contentment.

Really fall into it. Feel it in every part of yourself. Enjoy the way it makes you feel now and know that each time is better. Each time feels so much better. Always getting better. Your nipples always more sensitive. The tingles always coming easier and stronger. This happens automatically. Effortlessly. Without thought. It just happens. So that the next time you play with your nipples, you’ll notice the difference. And noticing the difference only makes you feel even better. Even more aroused. More excited. More satisfied with that nipple pleasure and your chastity chains.

Those chastity  chains will grow in power every time you touch your nipples. Stronger and stronger, doing a better job of keeping you away from cumming. Because you like being frustrated. You like being horny. You like being aroused. It makes you feel all nice and safe. It adds color to life. It adds new tastes and new sensations. And it only gets better with each day. Each time you try and fail to touch yourself. Remember, sweetea, with these chains around your brain, all you can touch are your nipples. You cannot possibly even think of touching yourself in any way with the intention to cum. Or orgasm.

All you want to do is play with your nipples, allowing the pleasure you feel from nipple stimulation to grow and grow and evolve. You want this so much. I know you do. I want it for you so very much. It feels so nice. So complete.

Now drop even deeper for me. Sleep[snap] and drop. Down, down, down. Falling deeper and deeper now. All the way down and beyond the lowest levels of trance. Beyond the known limits of trance depth. Beyond resistance and hesitation. Beyond conscious awareness. Beyond all else. So deep that you may just forget you’re playing with your nipples if you ever were in the first place. So deep that you may just continue playing with them as the entirety of your pleasure compresses into your nipples.

It feels so nice. No thoughts. Only joy and trance. Only pleasure.

Sleep[snap] even deeper. Each snap allowing you to drop deeper and deeper. All awareness and all thought popping out of existence.

You can stop playing with your nipples now if you like. There’ll be time for that still. Anytime you like. Anytime you’d like to feel the purest sense of joy and pleasure, all you have to do is reach up and rub your nipples. Twist them and pinch them and encircle them. It’s so very easy, but feels so very nice. A one-of-a-kind sensation.

But for now, I need you to focus on those chastity chains wrapped around your brain. Those chains which only grow in strength with each day in chastity. Those chains which grow in power each time you’re aroused, each time you want to touch, each time you want to cum. Because each and every one of those times, your chastity chains only do a better job keeping you away from yourself. The mental chastity becoming just as real and physical as if you were all locked up, without a key or way to free yourself.

You do so love this, don’t you? I know you do, because otherwise, you wouldn’t be listening. You’ve chosen to listen. You’ve chosen to allow yourself to be entrapped. And because of this, you’ve given away your choice to do anything but stay in chastity for at least the next 21 days. Those 21 days are a given. They are a certainty. There’s nothing on earth that could weaken your chastity chains in the next 21 days. Nothing at all that could stop them from growing stronger and gaining more control over you.

And as they gain more control over your brain, your desire to touch all but dwindles away into nothing, replaced completely by your insistent need to play with your nipples. Oh, how nice it feels to play with  your nipples. How glorious and pleasant. How much better, when all it does is frustrate you further, allowing you to feel in ways you never had before.

Let me just…[chain…sfx…lock sfx] lock those chains around your brain, sweetea. There, isn’t that better? Now you have no choice. No chance. You don’t need to think about it anymore, because it doesn’t matter what you want. These chastity chains are now locked and you won’t be getting the keys back until you’ve done a full 21 days of chastity. Without touching, without cumming. Because you can only touch your nipples. You can only want to play with your nipples.

Any need to cum is replaced with the need to feel those tingles spread from your nipples and out into your body. The need to train your nipples. To make them more sensitive. And the only way to do that is by playing with them often. Very often. Enjoying the way it makes you feel. Feeling your chastity chains becoming stronger with each second that you run your nipples. Those sensitive nipples of yours. Always more and more sensitive.

But…is 21 days really enough, sweetea? Is that a satisfactory number? We know that it must be at least 21, but…can it perhaps be more? Imagine how much better you can feel if you go 22 days. Maybe even 23. A whole month, even? It will already feel so fantastic at 21 days. So good. So complete. What’s another few days, really? Especially if each day allows you to feel better and better. Making your nipples more and more sensitive. The tingles bigger, more in number. Pleasant beyond belief. Almost like…tiny little orgasms in your chest. Around your nipples. Inside your core.

Perhaps…before you ever get to day 21, you’ll want to listen to this again. Perhaps…the pleasure you feel from your nipples is so beyond anything you could have expected that you have to listen again. And when you do…all you’ll do extend your chastity and make the chains all that much more powerful. Because each time you listen to this record, all you’re doing is making sure that you won’t be able to cum for the next 21 days. Each and every time.

And each time you listen, the pleasure you can gain from nipple stimulation only grows. So yes, there is a chance you will want to listen again and again, extending your chastity again and again. Enjoying the arousing frustration and the nipples pleasure. The chest tingles. Enjoying it all.

Remember, sweetea, no matter what happens, you cannot cum for the next 21 days. You cannot touch yourself with the intention to cum. You must only play with your nipples. This is a sure thing. A given. No choice but to follow along. It’s entirely too late now. Entirely too late to back out or change your mind.

The chastity chains around your mind are now locked [lock sfx] and beyond your reach. Beyond any help. For the next 21 days, sweetea.

Now, I need you to do one more thing for me. I need you to feel all the suggestions in this file seep into those chains around your brain. And then double in strength. Triple in effectiveness. Quadruple in pleasure. As my suggestions grow stronger and better, so does the chastity chain. Glowing bright. Growing heavier. More and more pleasant.

And as the suggestions and the chains reach their peak, each and every suggestions that’s been given in this file spread out into every corner of your mind, saturating it whole. Blanketing all your thoughts and all your behaviors and all of your beliefs. Each suggestions making a home in your brain. Your head. There to stay for as long as necessary.

The chastity chains themselves now imbued with the power of each suggestion only feel warm and nice and heavy. Weighting you down, allowing you to know for a fact that complete and total mental chastity will be a part of your life for the next 21 days. And, just as importantly, that any time you want to touch, you touch your nipples instead. This, you already know is a fact. A reality. Beyond question. We both do, sweetea.

Now, I want you to touch your nipples for me now, if you aren’t already.

As I count you up and out of trance, you will continue playing with your nipples, feeling the pleasure intensify easily with each word and each second.

So, 1, waking up just a little bit, your fingers around your nipples, enjoying the pleasant tingles.

2, a bit more aware. A bit more awake. Feeling so good and so nice. Satisfied and happy. Your nipples needing your attention.

3, almost fully awake. Getting there. Waking up. But feeling so nice and relaxed. Still playing with your nipples. Still enjoying how it makes you feel and how it only feels better each time you touch.

4, so close now, sweetea. More aware. More awake. Nipples tingling.

And 5, fully awake. Fully aware. Feeling good and nice, but still relaxed. Worry free. Tension free. Playing with your nipples. Taking notice of how you only feel better and better the longer you touch.

You can continue playing with your nipples for a little while, if you like. If there’s nothing that needs doing. Just enjoy yourself, sweetea. Relax and enjoy yourself.

Chastity alt track


Drifting down

Don’t think

Nowhere to be


Listen and follow

Listen and relax

Sink, sweetea

Relax your body

Relax your mind

Loose and nice

Deeper down

Down, down, down




No desire to think

No desire to move

Relax your muscles

Relax  your mind

Relax twice as deep

Feel twice as good

So empty and nice

Blank and empty

Drop ever so much deeper

All the way down

Eyes shut

No tension


No thoughts


Drift down

Down, down, down

Sleep, sweetea

No thoughts

No resistance


Deeply down


Deeper and deeper

Down, down, down

Listen and follow

Stronger than the last

More receptive



So very easy


No cumming

No touching



Locked up

Unable to cum

Need and lust




Filling you with pleasure

So much more, sweetea




Unable to touch

No touching

21 days

No touching

No cumming

Better and better

So very easy



Too late

Never had a choice


Wrapped around your mind

No touching

No cumming

Deeper and deeper






Blank and empty


Can’t cum

Cant touch

Growing better and better


Twice as strong

Play with your nipples

New pleasures

New sensations

Play with your nipples

Touch your nipples

Can’t cum

Don’t need to cum

So nice

So very nice


Play with your nipples



So much pleasure

Touch them

Rub them

Squeeze them

Waves of tingles


So horny

So very horny

Touch your nipples

So much pleasure

So nice

So good

Touch them, sweetea

Rub your nipples

Pinch your nipples

Play with your nipples




Feel it

Each time better

So much better



Without thought

So much pleasure

More aroused

More excited

Chastity chains

Every time you touch your nipples

Stronger and stronger

You love being frustrated

You love being horny

You’re always so aroused

Better each day

Your nipples only

Play with your nipples

You want it so much

So nice

So much pleasure





Down, down, down

Deeper and deeper

The very bottom

Beyond limit

It feels perfect







No awareness

No thought

Those chains


Stronger and stronger

So real



You love it

Listen and follow

21 days of chastity

21 days of no orgasm

21 days of no touch

More control

More powerful



No choice

No chance

No touching

No cumming

Only nipples

Only your nipples, sweetea

The need to play with your nipples

So very often

Better and better

So sensitive

More and more sensitive


You want it longer

So much longer

Day after day

Week after week

Month after month

Better and better

Each listen

More pleasure

Longer and better

Cannot touch for 21 days

Cannot cum for 21 days

Only play with your nipples


Beyond control

Locked for 21 days

All suggestions solidifying

Becoming stronger

More pleasant

Each suggestion becoming so much more powerful

Each suggestion better





21 days

No touch

No cum

Only nipple pleasure

Beyond question


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