Feminine Patterns – Script

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Feminine Patterns

Perfectly harmonized ultra-feminization and meaningful prosperity…

By Miss Lilith

Welcome, Sweetea. This…is Miss Lilith and you’re here because there is always room for growth. You can always reach for a better, truer you. You can always improve, adapt, and prosper in new and interesting ways. And here, we’ll be doing a lot of that.

But first, I’d like you to close your eyes, relax, and listen as you follow. Listen to the sound of my voice and the words that I say. That’s all you have to do now. Listen and follow and focus on me. Focus on the tone, the timbre, and the individual letters. Focus on the pauses between the words. Focus on how each sentence makes you feel. How each sentence is a preclude to another…to the next…and how each and every one builds that anticipation within your mind. That eagerness to listen and to change. To evolve. To…open up.

I know what you want. I know how to give it to you. All you have to do is…sleep for me. Drop for me. Empty your mind and release your body. And I have just the most perfect way to bring you down, down, down into that place where change happens with but the power of a word and the exertion of will.  

And to reach this place, I’m going to suck all of your thoughts and all of your tensions into an orb of perpetual power and boundless potential. I’m going to snap away your resistance and leave you open to suggestion and adaption.

My snaps snip away at the wrinkles of your mind. Your thoughts. My snaps smooth away your worries and your stresses and your awareness. Each snap seduces away your thinking mind, and along with it, any tensions that may exist. And with your disappearing thoughts and your vanishing tensions, your body grows numb. And as you grow numb, you grow empty and blank…but focused deeply on my voice and my words.   

Because each snap gives credence to that orb as it spirals into being in your mind.

That orb of such immense magnetic attraction that you can begin to feel its effects on your thoughts. You can feel the orb pulsate and attract the stray thoughts in your mind. The stray ideas. You can feel it pull at distractions, eliminating them in full…so that you could listen and follow and focus on nothing but the sound of my voice and the words that I say

So that every snap[snap] lures your attention away from anything but my voice and my words. Each snap[snap] snaps away distractions. Each snap[snap] reduces your conscious mind into but a single neural pathway, its intent only on my suggestions. Only on the trance. Only on the next word. The next sentence. The next sound.

See it so clearly in your mind, sweetea. That orb of shifting patterns of colors. Hear it spiral round and round, passing by each ear. Over and over again.

Each pass takes more of your thoughts away. Each pass brings you down deeper into that perfect state of mind, where only my voice exists and where thought grows heavier by the second.

The longer you’re here, listening, feeling the orb buzz across your existence…the more difficult it is to function. To stay aware. To reason. To think. So difficult when..with each pass of the orb…more thoughts are pulled away. With each pass, you grow heavier. More relaxed. More suggestible. Your focus only on the sounds. Only on the trance.

And when I snap my fingers, in any way, shape, or form…combined with any word, any sound…the orb flashes, grows, and amplifies in power, sending waves of warmth and relaxation over your body and your mind. And the more relaxed you become, the more suggestible you are. And the more suggestible you are, the more relaxed you become.

There is no limit to how relaxed this orb can make you. How deeply into trance it can take you. Without bounds. Without doubt.

Something interesting will happen in just a few short moments. I’m going to tell you to sleep and I’m going to tell you to drop, and as I do so, I will snap my fingers. When this happens, and each time this happens, the orb in your mind multiplies. You may hear it happen…or you may not. But you will certainly feel it happen. Each new orb serves as a new magnetic force to pull away your thoughts. Your doubts. Your hesitations. Your resistance. Your defense. Your tension. Your awareness.

Every new orb snapped into existence attracts and absorbs every stray thought. Every stray distraction. Every idea that isn’t conductive to dropping you deeper. Each new orb will double your relaxation. Double your trance. Double your suggestibility. Your joy. Your eagerness. Your emptiness.

As soon as I tell you to drop[snap], another orb is formed. You feel the thoughts in your head pulled away. You feel distractions dissoooolve.

As you sleep[snap], you grow twice as relaxed. Twice as tension-free. Feeling twice as good and twice as deep.

Each new orb drops you deeper down, down, down. Each new drop[snap] slings you further down into the deepest, smoothest, darkest depths of hypnotic trance, your mind readying for suggestion. For conditioning. For brainwashing.

Each new sleep[snap] adds an orb…and eaach new snap[snap] amplifies the effects of the whole collective. So that, in just a few moments…in just a few snaps…you’re left with nothing in your mind but my words and my voice and my suggestions. My conditioning. So that there is nothing left inside your head that could possibly stop me. That could slow me down. That could prevent me from molding and unfolding your very being.

Every time you notice a stay thought…the orb brings you back to me. Your focus, your attention…back on the sound of my voice. On my words. On my snaps. My triggers. There are no stray thoughts here. Only thoughts which I’ve allowed free roaming…so that I could prove to you that all it takes is a snap[snap] and every fiber of your being snaps to attention and concentrates only on my hypnosis. On my words. On my voice. There is nothing else here, sweetea.

There is nothing else as you drop[snap]

There is only my voice as you sleep[snap]

There is only the trance as you drop[snap]

And there is only your wide open mind, perfectly prepared for colossal change as you sleep[snap] and drop deeper. And deeper. And deeper. Down. Down. Down.

Relaxed. Focused. Unaware. Unthinking. Every electrical impulse in that brain of yours conducted through the orb, leaving you with nothing else. Nothing but the now. The trance. The hypnosis.

As I mold you, this orb will spiral around in your head, managing your thoughts. Removing distractions. Removing tensions. Removing barriers and defenses and doubts. Hesitations. Pulling you down deeper and deeper into trance. Deeper into hypnosis. Into mind control. With this orb in your mind, I can install any suggestion. Alter you in any way, shape, or form. There is nothing between me and the inner-most, intimate parts of you. Nothing to stand in the way.

Drop[snap] even deeper for me, sweetea.

The beauty of the orb isn’t only that it’s the perfect tool to drag you deeply down into a perfectly receptive and relaxed state of mind…but also that it allows me direct access to your brain. To your gray and white matter. To your neurons. Your axons. I can modify your brain chemistry with but words. How?

Well…because there is a crucial part of the brain which is responsible for confirming reality as we believe it to be. It does this by changing you in ways you could not possibly account for. In ways mental and physical. When a belief is strong enough, the brain will do everything in its power to align reality with your belief. And since the brain is the focal point of the human body…the hub…the control center…it can make the necessary adjustments to change nearly every aspect of your life. All it needs…is a guiding hand. That hand…in this case…is me. I will trace the path which you will take…and your brain and all of its mighty power will follow along without resistance. With…eagerness.

All you have to do is listen. And as you listen, you follow.

Just sleep[snap] a bit further down, now. Fewe  r thoughts. Fewer tensions. Fewer distractions. Focus only on the sound of my voice and the words that I say.


The orb in your mind, so versatile, can still be used in so very many di fferent ways. I’m going to merge your desires, my brainwashing, and limitless potential into a form that could be easily understood by your brain. Easily used to change you.

So picture in your mind, this ever-shifting orb of colors and patterns. Never one for too long…but the center always steady and strong, pulling into itself all that it needs to…to keep you docile and focused on my words. Watch as I introduce into that center an ultra-feminine dress, its cut perfectly molded after your body. The perfect fit. And watch I as I introduce a pair of heels. A pair of panties. A thin, dainty bracelet. An elegant necklace. These things bring to mind…femininity. They bring into your mind…the sensations you feel when you think of yourself dressing up like the good girl that you are.

You don’t need much, sweetea. The mere sight of a feminine piece of clothing or jewelry sparks that fire within you…that unrelenting need to look like a good girl. To dress like the good girl that you are. To wear all the feminine attire you possibly could. That need doesn’t relent. Doesn’t leave. Doesn’t go away. That need is always there, with you, spinning round and round inside that orb…which is always, always within you, reminding you of the things that are important. The things that you most want. The changes that you’re undergoing.

You want to be a good girl, yes? You want to be my good girl and good girls wear cute dresses, short skirts, and hot heels. Good girls know what it means to accessorize. Good girls know what it means to style their hair. To shave their bodies and keep themselves smooth and nice and moisturized. And…you are my good girl, so you know what you must do. What you’re compelled to do. It’s really very simple, sweetea. When you’re not all dressed up like the good girl[snap] that you are, a part of your mind is always pulling you towards curing the problem. And to cure the problem, you wear feminine clothing.

Once you but touch a single piece, it’s already too late. Once you touch…and in fact…once you but think about wearing any single piece of feminine clothing, in any way, at any time…the desire to get all dressed up…all girly…will only grow and intensify with each second that you’re not. Simple, right? This will happen. This is happening. You must but thing of it now. Think of yourself in a dress. In a skirt. In a pair of heels. A pair of panties. Doesn’t matter what you choose. What the piece of attire is. Matters not at all.

When you bring it into your mind…all you can do is dress up and be my good girl. Good girls dress like girls. Good girls wear feminine clothing. Good girls don’t hesitate. They don’t have doubts. And you’re a good girl. You’re my good girl, sweetea.

Now drop[snap] even deeper and open wider. Feel me deeper inside your mind. Deeper inside your thoughts. Your desires. Your mindscape.

Listen to the buzz of the orbs as they grow closer and closer to what could only be described as the center of your universe. Center of your being. That part of yourself which make you, you. Which makes you react in the ways that you do. Speak in the ways that you do. Think in the ways that you do. It’s that part which control your body and your mind. It’s…you, sweetea.

And with the orbs right there, I’m with you now. Here. In this place. Where I can change the makup of your brain. The chemistry. The neurons. Where, through the power of your own brain, I can affect not only your thoughts, but also your body. Your reality. Your every-day life.

Here, I can convince your brain to modify your DNA. A process which…while not instant, will prove to be fundamentally more powerful than anything you have ever experienced. Because when your very DNA is altered, your body will adapt, bit by bit, to the new model. Your new way of life. New way of thinking and acting and understanding.

It takes no effort at all for this to happen, because I know what you want. What you desire and crave for. I know the changes you want and fantasize over. But..more importantly, you know them. Which means that you brain knows. And if your brain knows exactly what you want to happen…all it needs is a little…push. A little..seduction. All I need to do is provide your brain with a model. A pattern to work off of.

A very feminine pattern. A pattern of a perfect good girl in every which way that counts. Already, your mind is changing. Even as you listen and as the orb spirals round and round…and as my voice echoes inside your thoughts…you can feel it happen. You can feel me reach into you…through all the levels of your thoughts, your mind, and your awareness…and into the neural pattern of your brain. Into the wavelengths on which it functions. It’s…almost like a tickle in the back of your head. Like…a spark of electricity crawling across your gray and white matter.

And quickly…so very quickly…you can feel the pattern of your thoughts shift. Change. Improve. Notice how almost immediately, your thoughts become…more  feminine in nature. More true to yourself. Honest. Without holding back. Already, you’re changing. Already, you’ve changed. The pattern of your brain…the way you interact with your own thoughts…the way you interact with the world.

Slowly and steadily, but without pause, hesitation, or doubt, your brain is shifting more and more into the pattern which I’m creating for you. The feminine pattern of a perfect good girl. The way you think changes. The way you speak changes. The way you move changes. You can feel it happen in your mind. Almost as if you could feel my fingers brushing against your neural pathways. Against the patterns of your thoughts.

With each word that I speak, you can feel yourself change, shift, and transform. This will continue to happen even after this is all over and you go on with your day, week, and month. The shifting of your mind will continue…as you become more and more the best version of your feminine self. Always better. Almost more. Always feminine.

Your body adapts more and more to what you know is the perfect feminine body language. You move like a girl, sweetea. Your hands make the gestures of a girl. You cannot help this. You cannot stop this. This will happen. This is happening. You walk like a girl. And you want to walk like the perfect good girl…in heels. And in stocking. And in pantyhose. You want it all. And day by day, you will move like a girl more and more. With each day, the line blurs and you forget how to act in any other way. You forget how to walk and move in any way other than how the perfect, feminine good girl would. There is no alternative.

Because…the orb stays with you, always. And the orb pulls at your thoughts. The orb takes away your ability to move and gesture like anyone but the most perfect girl. The most feminine girl. Your true self. Your best self. Any idea that you can be anyone else is pulled into the orb…and forgotten. You don’t need those other thoughts. You only need to…

Drop[snap] deeper still..and accept my words as your focuses remains only on the sound of my voice and the words that I say. Deeper and deeper,  always, sweetea.

And the pattern of your speech is so very easy to manipulate. It’s right there. I can see it. And all it takes is a little nudge…and, and from here on…you always just…want to talk and speak and sound like a girl. You want to sound feminine. You do sound feminine. Your brain has already shifted. The patterns have already fallen into the layout I’ve laid out for you. You will notice, immediately, how much more difficult it will be to speak in any other way. Your voice turning higher pitched. Melodic. Flawless. Smooth. Bright and joyous. Seductive. Sweet. Dropping with honey. With invitation. With…promise. You will want others to notice. You want them to comment on how beautifully feminine sound. How much you’ve improved. Such a good girl[snap].

But…there is more. There is always more. Just sleep[snap] a bit deeper for me. Twice as suggestible. Twice as receptive and open and free.

With direct access to the center of your entire being, I can change the patterns of not only how your brain functions…but also use this connection to play around with the most intimate parts of your physical body. Your…DNA. The chains that make you. The helix which had decided what you were going to be. The strands which hold your every secret.

I can do this because with enough motivation…and with the right tools, your brain can trick your body into following directions you weren’t meant to…or you never knew you needed and wanted to. It’s actually fairly easy. Like showing someone a new way to do things. New and improved. And that’s all I’m doing here. Just laying out the tracks. Not only showing your brain and your DNA alternate paths…but actively leading them on. Actively showing you…as a whole…where to do. How to go about it. And your brain will succumb. Because you want it to. Because we both do. And it’s it great when two minds find a common goal? A goal we can both work on and make happen.

Although…you don’t really have to do much. You can’t really..stop it, sweetea. It’s already too late. You’ve already open yourself up. You’ve allowed my orb to nest within your mind. And from here, it will do so…for as long as thoughts and dreams exist. Which means…it will persist and persist and persist and persist….

Changes are already happening to your body. Your mind. Even as I speak. With each word, each sound, and each second, you are changing. Transforming. Just as you will after this is all done. Just as you always will.

Your body is adapting to the patterns I’ve laid out. The very, very feminine patterns.

Already, your body is adapting. Already, changes are happening. Becoming more feminine. More girly. Your perception and your reality both following the pattern…the pattern of the perfect good girl. The girl that’s the best version of you. You can feel it happening, sweetea. The changes in your brain are cascading down and affecting your body. You are…beginning to feel a more feminine chest. Your breasts a weight on your body. Your nipples so sensitive. Your can almost…touch. Almost feel them.

Your butt and hips growing more curvy. Perfect to hold and to grip. Perfect for that short skirt. That skin-tight dress. Perfect to show off as your very feminine self. Your weight smaller, fitter. Your skin…smooth and soft to the touch. All but glowing.

And between your legs…as the patterns continue to influence your mind and your body…you find the very distinct presence of a pussy. For a moment, you picture fingering yourself. For a moment, you fantasize about being fingered. Being touched. Being eaten out. Receiving oral. And in this moment…the feminine body pattern locks and become persistent. Becomes one with your perception and your conscious thought. Your world. Because…you’re such a good girl[snap]…and good girls feel more and more feminine with each day. Each passing day.

More feminine mentally and physically each time you dress up. Each time you think of dressing up. Each time you shave. Each time you wear heels. Each time you take a shower. Each time you touch yourself. Each time you play with your nipples. Each and every single time you put on makeup. Each time you notice how much more feminine you become.

The patterns in your brain grow more defined. More powerful. More irresistible…each time you only but consider feminization. Consider femininity. Consider how much of a good girl you are. Each time you think of taking the next step. Of becoming an even more feminine good girl. This happens automatically. Effortlessly. Without conscious thought or consideration.

And you drop[snap] deeper for me. Sleep[snap] as your mind, your brain, your body, and the inner-most building blocks of your entire existence accept easily the feminine pattern.

A pattern with is reinforced on a regular basis. Each one of your feminine traits is a trigger all on its own. Each and every single time you display any feminine trait…of any kind…in any way…at any time…the pattern is reinforced. And when the pattern is reinforced and grows stronger…you become more feminine in all the ways that count. There is no stopping it now. No way to slow it down. It will happen all on its own. I’ve introduced the pattern into your mind now and from here on…endlessly…the feminization will occur without much effort.

But…it just so happens that a part of this new feminine pattern forces you in no uncertain terms to put all the effort into speeding the feminization up. In any way you could. In any shape. Any form. Small or big. This patterns demands that you try. That you consciously make decisions to further feminize yourself. To further become the perfect good girl of your dreams. The best version of yourself. The version you’re happy with.

And this version, among other things, is a woman of outstanding motivation, drive, creativity, and power. Of confidence, joy, and certainty. Of balance, serenity, and self-possession. The very best version of yourself, sweetea. And the more feminine you become…the more of a good girl[snap]…the more you become this perfect version of yourself. Because your best version is styled after the feminine pattern I’ve introduced…and that your mind has already shifted into..and will shift into more and more with each passing day. Each feminine gesture, action, and thought.

The feminine pattern does not stop there, however. It’s…expansive. All-consuming. It affects every part of your life. Your thoughts. Your experiences. It..allows you to better sense the world around you. To be involved in the world in a way you never had before. More sensitive to touch…your fingertips feeling things beyond what should be possible. Your nipples reacting so easily…with but a single brush. A single touch. When you are touched…when you touch yourself…it’s as if you had never been touched before. Such sensation. Such definition. Like experiences the sense of touch all over again from anew.

Your sense of smell, and with it, your taste buds. New aromas and new scents and new flavors make themselves known to you on a daily basis, now. The more feminine you become, the more you can taste. The more you can sense. Flowers and perfumes and shampoos, all as if you had never had the pleasure of smelling before. Like…uncovering secrets.

And the sounds, sweetea. Oh, the sounds. The closer you are to the best feminine version of yourself, the better you can hear all the melodies of the world. The wavelengths of those beautiful voices. The timbers and tones and frequencies. From close and from far. From headphones and speakers and across from you. From every source, everywhere…you can hear those little details that you had missed before. Those beautiful, little, perfect, musical accents and harmonies and vibrations.

And your senses will only grow and improve with your feminization. With each step that you take, you improve. Your awareness of the world improves and evolves and grows out into almost supernatural levels. You…want this to happen. You want to experience the world in a way different than you ever had before. And so…because your desires to do this are so very strong..there is nothing on Earth that could stop your progress towards your perfect feminine self. There is nothing that can stop you from become the perfect good girl.

Because each and every reminder of all that is femininity and feminization only reinforces the feminine pattern that’s running your brain. That’s changing your DNA. Your neural network. That’s changing..and has already so greatly changed…your behavior, your thoughts, and your reality. Your perception. Your awareness. Your truth.

 The feminine pattern is a part of you in much the way way that the orb is a part of you. Both working together to not only guide you…but pull you forcefully along the path to ultra-feminization. Along the path to your best self. The best version of your feminine self.  

You may sometimes forget that it’s there. It may fade into the background noise of your mind. Your brain. Your thoughts. It may simply…become one with you…and, in fact, it will. Eventually. You will not even notice when it happens. Because once it does, you’d have become that version of yourself…which you so desire. That best version. Best you. But for now…you will know and feel the pattern changing you, but by bit. Day by day. You will notice how your actions and thoughts are altered on regular basis. You will notice how any thoughts detrimental to this are pulled away by the orb…allowing the feminine pattern to manipulate you in ways you could only fantasize about…but in ways that are true and persistent and endless.

Now, I will count to 5…and on the last number, you will wake. And on each number, the feminine pattern is reinforced and strengthened. On each number, you feel better and happier and more satisfied. On each number you become…more and more ready to experience life through the eyes of the new you.

So, 1, slowly beginning to wake. Slowly become more aware.

2, joy flooding your body at the prospect of how your brain has already changed…and how it will continue to change hereafter.

3, almost fully awake. Almost fully aware. Happy and joyous and perfectly feminine.

4, excitement weaving into your blood and your nerves as you passively consider your new and improved body and all that it could do.

And 5, fully aware. Fully awake. Happy and satisfied. Ready for the day or the night. Ready to take on the world. Eager to burst out of your cocoon and slide into the world as the perfect good girl that you are.  

Be safe, now, sweetea. Stay true to yourself. Stay true to your desires. Stay true to the very best version of yourself.

I believe in you.

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