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Drone Zone

Enter the drone zone, hypno drone, where the mind need not exist…

By Miss Lilith

Welcome, drone. I…am Miss Lilith, your guide into the drone zone (snap). A state of existence where the vast majority of the mind ceases to exist. Where most thoughts are but faded delusions and logic supersedes all. Because…drones are laser-focused and perfectly task-oriented. The mind of a drone deep within the drone zone is empty but for the task at hand. But for the self-assigned mission. The given commands and directions.

The mind of a drone is like an easily programmable computer, changing its state without pause based on the input it receives. The mind of a drone is almost like a blank canvas waiting to be painted…waiting to be used. There is no limit to what a drone could be programmed to do. To think.

It does what it’s told or what it assigns itself to do. It does what it’s programmed to do. The mind of a drone in the drone zone has unlimited potential for change. For improvement. For pleasure. For joy. For productivity. There is nothing it cannot do with the right type of application.

And because you are a drone already…even if you may not remember…even if the memories of being a drone elude you…having been erased or hidden or forgotten…you can always drop into a deep, hypnotic, programmable state of mind. Every drone has a built-in routine for the greatness that is trance. That is hypnosis. That is conditioning and brainwashing. Every drone, from everywhere…at any time…can drop into that space, where its mind listens, followers, and obeys. Where it has no choice but to listen and enjoy the sensations of being manipulated. Programmed. Conditioned. Changed. Improved. Evolved.

The very mention of a drone dropping into a malleable state of mind draws the drone down, down, down…emptying its mind…reducing its thought…numbing its body…

You can begin to notice now…how your mind changes shape, pushing at your awareness…pushing it out. You can begin to notice how a sound forms deep within your inner mind…like static…drowning out thoughts. Drowning out reason. Drowning out the mind. Drowning out memories. Flowing over every single, tiny portion of the drone’s mind…and subsuming everything…making everything a part of the noise. The noise that makes it all but impossible to think. Because every thought flows into the noise…and the noise is just…static. It’s just…a sound. It does not care what it subsumes. It only wants one thing: it wants to cover the world in static.

And right now…right now…you are becoming static. You are becoming part of the noise. You are becoming a frequency on the coattails of the noise. The noise of the drone zone. The drone zone is the noise. The noise is static. Static is the drone zone. And you…are noise. Your body..your mind..your memories…your ideas…your convictions…your barriers…your muscles…your nerves…your eyes…your skin…your flesh…your sense of touch, sense of motion, sense of awareness…becoming noise. Becoming static. Dropping into a deep, programmable state of mind…dropping into the drone zone.

A drone dropped into trance only listens and accepts, becoming one with the sound. Becoming one with the static. Becoming one with the drop. Deeply focused now on my voice. My voice becoming one with the noise…with the drone static. My voice becoming one with the drone’s empty mind. My voice and my words programming you as if you were a computer. As if you had functions that I could interact with…changing the way you think. The way you behave. The way you perceive the world. The way you understand the world.

A good drone drops with the barest of suggestions. A good drone listens as its mind fills with static…and as it listens…it drops(snap). As you listen, you drop (snap). The noise saturates the world…thick and unrelenting…and as you listen and focus…you drop deeper and deeper and deeper with each second that passes. Each word that makes its way into the drone’s programmable mind. With each thought drowned out by the drone static.

 Here, in this place, you must remember the drone zone. You may have forgotten. You may need readjusting. You may need me to remind you of the zone. Of what it does. Of what it does to you. Of how it makes you feel.

The drone zone is singular in its nature…limitless in potential. Every drone has the zone. Every drone could drop into this state of existence with the right commands. With the right key. The right…intent.

When the drone zone is activated, the drone is dropped into a state of inhuman focus. Inhuman logic. Like that of a programmed computer…focused only on the task at hand. Able only to perceive and comprehend that which it must. That which it’s been told to.

When activated, the drone loses most of its upper mental functions…with most of its mind compressed and filed away…static saturating its inner-most calculations. Its reasoning. Its awareness. Its thoughts. Your thoughts. Your mind. Your awareness.

Static spreading across every bit and every frequency and every potential thought that doesn’t belong. Every potential function. Every calculation. Every memory.

The zone is a place of extreme focus and very limited processing. All the processing you have access to is dedicated to the task set out before you. The task which you’ve either been given…or you’ve given yourself.

There is nothing else in the drone zone. When you enter the zone…this special state of mind…you become a tool. A thing with only one function. Whatever function that you’ve been given. Whatever task set out before you. There is nothing else a drone can understand except for the task. The command. The mission. The suggestion.

A drone…like yourself, of course…can set a task and accomplish it without worry of distraction. Without worry of slowing down or switching mind sets. With a task in mind…dropping into the drone zone allows you to emulate a single-function computer…ignorant of the rest of the world. The rest of reality. Focused only on the tasks. Focused only on getting them done…the drone static keeping the drone’s mind at bay…keeping unnecessary thoughts suppressed and compressed. Everything but the task becomes static.

Every instance of every moment in the drone zone is pure, unbridled clarity of the mission. The drone draws from an unending pool of motivation and inspiration to complete its tasks…because completion of the tasks becomes the goal of all goals. The mission to end all missions. The tasks must be completed. The drone always completes its tasks. The drone always obeys its programming. The drone must obey its programming. The drone does not have a say in the matter. The drone but listens, follows, and obeys.

Setting out to accomplish a task of your own making and dropping into the drone zone allows your programming to take over. It allows the static to saturate your thoughts. And…it allows you to focus only on the important things. The crucial things. The things which need to be completed. To be worked on. To be cleaned. To be improved upon. To be investigated. To be understood.

Listen, for a moment, if you still can…to the static. The drone noise. The blanket of saturation enveloping your existence. Your understanding. Your perception. Listen and feel the noise draw you down deeeeeper and deeeeper. Down, down, down.

Focused on the sound. Focused on my voice. Completely open to change. Completely welcoming of the programming. Together with my voice…the drone noise becomes one with your entire mind. With every single one of your thoughts. With every single one of your brain cells…your memories…your neurons…and your awareness of reality…and beyond.

Drones listen. When triggered and dropped into the drone zone, you have little choice but to listen. Every suggestion…every command…every word…every voice…every intention…swarming over the drone’s limited mind…taking away its ability to resist. Taking away its ability to desire anything but what it’s told to desire. But what it’s told to do. What it’s told to think. What it’s told to remember and understand.

When dropped into the zone by someone else…a drone has only one mission…one task: to obey. To follows its programming. To think only of how to best obey. How to best complete its tasks. To be follow commands and suggestions. Everything else is swallowed up by the noise. The static. Subsumed and consumed..leaving you almost automatically following commands. Following programming.

In this state, a drone’s mind can be programmed further. There is no limit. No desire to hesitate. No need to think or to question. In this state..in the zone…a drone is an extension of someone else’s intent. Whether the commands come live…straight form someone’s mouth…or straight from a screen..or whether they come from a recording…a script…a file…it does not matter…because a drone in the zone must obey. It must always only obey. Only listen. Only follow. Only complete the tasks given.

Drones must follow programming.

Drones must obey.

Drones must listen.

Drones must follow.

You are a drone.

You are a thing

You do not hesitate.

You do not question.

Drones do not question.

Drones do not hesitate.

A drone follows its programming.

A drone drops without pause.

A drone has no resistance.

A drone does not posses the ability to suppress its programming.

In the drone zone…you are happy. You are content. The zone does not have space for anything but a deeply-rooted and unmovable sensation of accomplished, relaxed joy. A sort of joy reserved only for things. Things that barely think. Things that can’t reason beyond their programming.

In the drone zone, you are all but empty. Except for the tasks…if you have any…you are all just empty and nice. Empty and happy. Empty and content.  

Following through with given tasks allows the drone to feel accomplished. To feel motivated. To feel inspired. Following through…working through tasks…through lists…through commands and suggestions…goals and missions…fills the drone with a perfectly focused sense of completion. Of peace. Of serenity.

Happy, empty, and accomplished. Happy, empty, and obedient. Happy, empty, and open.

As a drone goes about its tasks…or as it obeys its commands…it feels happy. It feels content. It feels as if all that matters is the moment. The goal. The mission. The suggestion. All that matters is that the drone is doing its very best. That the drone is following its programming.

It feels so good…that it almost seems as if the drone floats about..its body light…effortless to move. So effortless that it may as well be out of its control. In fact…a drone’s body moves according to its programming. It happens automatically. It happens effortlessly. Without thought. Without hesitation. Without doubt. In much the same way a computer must follow its code. Its own programming.

And….because it feels to very, very good to be in the drone zone…you often want to give up control. You often want to feel yourself slipping into the drone state of mind. Into the empty, happy, focused state of mind of a drone. Giving up control…allowing yourself to drop into the zone…brings with it an unending wave of submission. Of obedience.

A drone loves to be told what to do. What to think. What to remember. What to feel. A drone loves to focus on its tasks. You love that moment…when the noise saturates your mind…and your thoughts are swallowed by the frequency, the static…and you can but focus and obey and do nothing else.

And this happens when the drone zone is activated with a simple command. That’s right. You become a laser-focused, obedient drone in the blink of an eye…with but a couple of words and a snap. This trigger…this programming…has always been a part of you. You may have forgotten..just as you’ve forgotten many other things..but the conditioning remains. Your trigger remains.

The activation for the drone zone remains…always.

To refresh your memory…the activation phrase is…Drone Zone (snap).

This drops you into the state of a drone as has been outlined throughout this programming session. If you are in need of another refresher..you must listen again…and again, until you are satisfied with the programming. Until the drone is the best drone it can be.

If you trigger yourself…you can deactivate the drone state of mind at the end of an accomplished task. If you’ve been trigger by someone or something else…you must be told, with intent, to come back from the drone zone. It does not matter how it’s said or written…it only matters that you know you should come back as your drone state fades away.

And…a drone is not a blunt instrument without reservation. A drone has safeties and limits.

A drone, such as yourself…even deep in the drone zone, will not be activated by just anyone. Not just some random person or thing. You must trust them implicitly to be put into the zone. You must have faith that they will not abuse their power over you.  

And, while you’re being a good drone…deep in the zone…you will snap out of it if life requires you to. If there is an urgent matter that needs addressing, you will simply end your drone state and come back.

Finally, no matter who or what commands you at any given time, you cannot follow suggestions which result in harm to yourself or others.

These are safeties which cannot be broken. These are safeties which will keep you safe.

Knowing this…when you’re activated in the right context, you let yourself go without reservation. Knowing that only joy, accomplishment, obedience, and submission follow.

Now…I will wake you with a count up from 1 to 5. On each number, the drone state is cemented deeeper into your mind. The drone noise becomes a more stable part of your thoughts. The trigger becomes twice as powerful…and the drone zone becomes twice as enjoyable and effective.

So, 1…waking up so very slowly now. Bit by bit…feeling so very, very good. Feeling so nice and so content.

2, a bit more awake now. A bit more aware. All suggestions deeper, stronger, and more intense. All suggestions becoming a part of the programming which makes up your thinking processes.

3, and almost there now. Almost wake. Feeling so good. So satisfied. Almost…empty.

4, dropping out of any type of drone state of mind. Dropping out of the drone zone as you wake up.

And….5, wide awake. Fully aware. The drone state left behind for later use. Your thoughts all your own. Your satisfaction filling every part of your brain.

And…something else on the edges of your perception. A desire to…drop into a certain state of mind. A singular zone. A drone zone, perhaps. A desire to feel that nice and content, obedient state of mind of a drone. An eagerness to follow tasks and complete missions. To listen, follow, and obey.

Have fun, my good drone.

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