Breast Entrancement   – Script

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Breast Entrancement 

Can’t look away, my breast obsessed pet…

By Miss Lilith

Welcome, Sweetea.

You’ll be dropping so very deeply into trance for me in but a few short moments, so get comfortable. Loosen your body and loosen your mind. Close your eyes. Relax. Listen. Follow.


I want you imagine something in your mind’s eye. Look deep within yourself and find the place from which all of your imagery stems. From which all that you picture and bring to mind emerges. It’s right in the center of your core…in the depths of your existence….isolated from the outside world…but easily accessible to you…and to me.

What happens here, in the inner-workings of your mind, has very real life consequences that ripple across all aspects of your life. The changes that happen here will trickle up and out, and into the world…spilling over and altering the way you feel…the way you see…the way you hear…and the way you think. This will happen…and when it does, and you notice that it does…alllll the changes strengthen and fortify, creating bigger and bigger, rippling waves that affect all the aspects of your perception. All the aspects of your joy and your pleasure.

So imagine that you’re in that place now…that core of your being.  You may see sliders and dials, buttons and switches…and all manner of adjustments. These control how you behave…how you feel. They reflect reality in a way clearer than a mirror ever could. Every dial, every switch…is connected to a part of your mind…a part of your body. The connections run deep and never weaken…because every action, every thought…must have a source. And this, sweetea, is that place of power…that place from which your actions and thoughts spark into existence.

One of the dials, within arm’s reach, is labeled, “Peace.” This dial controls that peaceful feeling inside of you. That calmness…that relaxation. The more at peace you are, the less tension you feel. The less stress and the less worry. It’s really very simple. The higher the peace, the better you’ll feel, and the heavier your eyes will become. The heavier your eyelids. The harder it will be to keep them open. So place your hand on the dial, feeling me there with you, guiding you…keeping you safe and focused.

Now slowly turn the dial clockwise, increasing your peace…and allowing you to enjoy the relief as tension begins to leave you body, bit by bit…and a warm feeling of calmness floods into your muscles and your bones…and your mind. The further you turn it, the better you feel…the heavier your eyelids…and the more relaxed you become. The world leaves you as you slowly turn and turn the dial. There are no numbers. Know only that the further it turns, the better you feel. The more relaxed. The heavier your eyes.

And when I tell you to sleep with a snap of my fingers, we’ll turn the dial alll the way up and you’ll drop…down…down…down…into a peaceful, relaxing trance…free of worry and free of tension…body loose…limbs numb…mind focused only on my voice.

So Sleep[snap] and drop, dial turning all the way around…round and round…tension dissipating…calmness flooding your body in waves of warm, soft peace. Your limbs grow numb…unresponsive…your eyes heavy…too heavy to keep open. Your muscle relaxed…loose as if you’ve lost control over them. Just relax, sweetea. Feel the dial turn round and round on its own now as your body falls deeper into that peaceful feeling, better with each second and deeper with each word that I say.  

And as I tell you to Sleep[snap] deeper, the dial speeds up and your fall reaches a new depth…a new peaceful, relaxed state of trance…getting better and better by the second. Growing heavier and heavier…more and more calm…alllll tension vanishing into thin air…the outside world dropping away as if it were a cardboard facade…and my voice reaching deeply into your mind, becoming more true and more real the longer you listen.

 Sleep[snap] and allow your eyes to stay closed, now. They won’t open until I tell them to. You don’t want them open…because the longer they stay closed, the better and deeper you feel.

Keep falling as you focus on my words. Keep dropping and dropping as you picture, in your mind, another dial. This one is marked, “Suggestibility.” Feel me guide your hand onto it. Feel me turn it clockwise along with you…and as it turns, you feel your resistance to my suggestions weaken. As it turns…round and round…the defenses of your mind ebb away, like a receding wave…leaving you wide open and exposed…eager and accepting. Welcoming. So ready to submit and obey. So ready to change for me. For us.

And as I tell you to Sleep[snap] deeper, the dial begins to turn all on its own…driving you deeper and deeper…your mind ready to listen and follow…listen and obey…listen and change.

[small pause]

Now, there’s one more dial I need you to turn for me. So feel me guide you to one marked as, “Arousal.” This one is directly linked to your entire body’s system of arousal…and your mind’s entire understanding of what makes you horny…desperate…obsessed…bursting with desire. All the ideas and all the stimulation that bring you to the very edge of soaring heat and soaring need. And as we turn it, your arousal slowly begins to rise…your mind and your body working in tandem to bring you allll the pleasures you so desire. Alll the feelings you crave to experience.

As the dial turns and turns, your heat spindles….heavier and heavier…wetter…hotter…more insistent…more overbearing. Your fantasies come to life in your thoughts and grab you by the back of the head…pulling you in…down deeper…and allowing you to feel that throb in your center…that passion that always exists within you. Feel it all for me, sweetea. Feel it electrify your nerves…flow down your muscles…and invade your very, very…deep mind.   

Sleep[snap] let go…and allow the dial to spin on its own. Spinning further and faster with each second and each word that you hear. Each sound that passes by. And feel you arousal rising higher with it. Higher and higher…and better.

So Sleep[snap] and drop. Open up. Allow me in. Allow me to take a stroll down your unconscious mind…

And every time you hear me tell you to Sleep[snap], the dials turn quicker, all on their own…and you drop deeper down…and you become more susceptible to my voice and my words…as your arousal mounts and you become more desperate for release.  

So Sleep[snap] and sink into me and into a deep hypnotic trance. Sleep and relax. Sleep and grow heavy and loose. Sleep and feel yourself throb and vibrate with desire and arousal.

[small pause]

Now, in a moment, I’m going to tell you to open your eyes for me. When you do so, you’ll wake from trance…still groggy and still set in place…unable to move. It will be so very hard to open your eyes, but you’ll do so anyway…for me. But when I tell you to sleep, with a snap of my fingers, you’ll drop twice as deep as before…become twice as aroused…and desire more and more to fall deeper and deeper…reaching new lows and new pleasures every single time.

So open your eyes now for me, sweetea. Open them, but stay still. Focus your eyesight. Awake. Aware.

[small pause]

Good…very good.

[faster pace]

And…Sleep[snap]. Eyes closed. Drop twice as deep. Twice as good. Twice as aroused. Dials spinning quicker…smoothly…round and round.





And open your eyes again. Harder to do so, now. Awake. Aware. Woozy and dizzy and wanting to go back into the deepness and warmth of my hypnotic embrace.



Sleep[snap] and drop, eyes closing. Deeper. Heavier. Better. Passion overflowing. Dials spinning and spinning…falling and falling.


Wake up. Open your eyes. Wake up. Aware. Eyes open…but wanting to go back so very, very badly. Wanting to just let go and allow the trance to reign over your thoughts and your mind…and your body.  


Sleep[snap] and fall…eyes closed…closed so tightly. Trance deepening…arousal rising…mind clouded…thoughts dissipating into thin air…out and out and away. Leaving you blank and empty and obedient.


[small pause]

[snap] Eyes open. Wake up, sweetea. Wake up and…


Sleep[snap] deeper…dropping down…down…down…eyes closing quickly…with force…pulling you deeper under and into my voice and my words…and into a deep hypnotic trance.


Defenses crumbling away like an ancient sandcastle…leaving you open and exposed…and aroused.


Sleep[snap] deeper now. Ever so much deeper. Ever so much more aroused. Dials turning and turning…quicker and quicker…and with them, your mind deeper into my embrace. Deeper into the trance. Deeper into your desires and your passions and your pleasures.


[dial induction end]


So deep now. So aroused. So open…so that all suggestions which enter your mind from this moment on will imprint  themselves upon each layer of your mind…as they reach deeper into your thoughts. Deeper into  your ego. Your psyche. Your fantasies. My voice and my words will leave nothing untouched as your mind realigns itself to better suit both of our desires.

Now…I’d like you to focus what’s left of your consciousness. Gather it all up. Every last bit of awareness you’ve held onto till now…bundle it up…compress it into a physical object within your mind…and simply…let it go. Just let it go and see it drift easily away. Farther and farther. And as it drifts away, you lose all sense of reality. All sense of elf. All sense of conscious thought. All that’s left is is my voice. My words. My suggestions. Your receptive blank mind.

[small pause]

Your subconscious mind can now converge in on itself and focus on how very nice and very blank you feel right now. Focus on how much more relaxed you become in trance. How much emptier. How thoughts don’t come as they should. How every time you begin to grasp an ideal…an inkling of a solid thought…your thinking mind disperses. All of your logic bleeds away, leaving you so very nice and blank…unable to think or to reason.

I need you to take this spectrum of emotions and feelings…this sensation of hazy thought and cloudy mind…this lack of focus…this deep relaxation of the mind and the body…this deep, deep hypnotic trance…and allow it to compress into a solid object. Watch it slowly take the form of a dial…a dial connected directly to the deepest sections of your brain…where true change happens.

When this dial turns, it modifies the thoughts of your mind…the sensations of your body…and the core of your conscious and subconscious mind. When it turns clockwise, this deep trance you’re experiencing right now…this blank mind…this utter relaxation…only increases. When it turns…you drop deeper. Your mind unfurls and your focus disperses, leaving you all nice and blank. All empty and trancy. Drifting easily into a deeper trance. Drifting easily into a blank and empty mind.

So…watch as the dial turns now…

[dial turn sfx]

And feel any tensions left vanish. Feel your relaxation double and triple as the dial spins. Feel your thoughts grow so very small. Your focus so uneven, dispersed…foggy and cloudy. Breathing deeply and slowly. With each breath, more relaxed. More empty. Deeper in such a nice hypnotic trance.

Any time this deep trance dial spins..


…you so easily and effortlessly drop into this lovely sort of trance. This free-flowing feeling of the mind. This tension-less existence of the body. Relaxed and deep. Breathing easily. Dizzy and hazy and cloudy. So difficult to think or so reason. So difficult to wake.

And as it spins faster…


…you drop twice as deep. Twice as nice. Droopy and carefree and placid…serene in mind…loose in body. As it spins, you drift. As you drift…it spins. Feel it, sweetea. Feel is so strongly. Notice how good you’re feeling. How difficult it is to think and how you just don’t want to do anything but drift in this beautiful place. This deeply hypnotic peace of mind. Allow it to become your world at this moment. Allow this moment to merge with your core, so that it’s always so easy to reach. So easy to drop into.

And this dial…this deep trance dial works in and out of hypnosis. It works when you’re in trance…and it works when you’re not. It’s an aspect of your mind which never leaves you. Which only becomes stronger and stronger with time. Which becomes more and more integrated with the control panel of your inner-most mind.  

Cement this into your mind, sweetea. Make it stick. Feel it solidify and become a part of you. This dial…becoming as real as air and as important as breathing. Undeniable. No hesitation, now. No resistance. Simply allow me in. Allow the dial to have always been there…never a day without. Always there, in the past, present, and future. Just waiting to spin. Waiting to be activated…manipulated. Waiting to be used to modify the reactions and behaviors of your mind. The thoughts..the emotions…the feelings.

Just another persistent, solid part of your brain, now, sweetea. We’ll make good use of it, too. You’ll have so much fun.

So imagine something for me, now. Vividly in your mind now…I’d like you to picture a pair of breasts. A pair of breasts you find attractive. Picture their size, their shape, their form. Picture the color. The nipples. Are they perky? How would they feel under your fingers. Your mouth. Your tongue.

Aren’t they just so very nice, sweetea? You could just stare and stare. You could keep staring and staring, picturing all the sorts of things you could do with them. All the sorts of ways they can bounce and move. But if you keep staring…keeping looking…you’ll fall deeply intro trance. If you stare for too long, the deep trance dial in your mind will spin…

[dial sfx]

…and you’ll drop into trance. You’ll relax…your mind will empty…your body will loosen up…and all thoughts will disperse.

If you stare for just a moment too long, sweetea, any pair of attractive breasts you see will pull you down into trance as the dial in your head spins and spins. And it’ll keep spinning for a little while, keeping you down here…down here in deep trance. Mind empty and body relaxed.

Because as soon as you see a pair of breasts you like…a pair you love…in life or in a video…or in a picture…you only have a few short moment to look away. If you don’t…they’ll pull you down into trance. They’ll trigger your deep trance dial and you’ll drift allll the way down, uncaring for anything. So deeply in entranced. Enchanted. And you’ll stay here for a few minutes…blank and empty…until you come back up slowly, disoriented and remembering what had happened in bits and pieces…mind fragmented.

Breasts are your gateway into mindlessness, sweetea. Staring for but a moment warps your thoughts and draws you in as the dial in your mind spins and you drop…sliding into trance without a single thought. Without resistance. Without a conscious prospect.


Sleep[snap] and drop twice as deep. Drop allll the way down. Mind empty. Receptive. Suggestible. Allow me allll the way inside.

Picture, in your mind, yourself. Imagine yourself during the waking hours. Outside, sitting on a bench in the middle of the day. Just a regular outing on a regular day. A car closes in from behind a corner and parks nearby. The driver door opens and someone steps out, heels clicking on the pavement. Long hair moving with the slight wind.

As she walks by slowly, your eyes are drawn to her breasts, her top barely leaving anything to the imagination. You can see them almost in full, but for the nipples. And as you look…you just want to stare. Stare and stare. And as you do…the dial in your head spins…

[dial sfx]

And you Sleep[snap] and slide into a deep hypntic trance, thoughts evaporating. Body relaxing. Head dropping. And within the span of a few seconds, it’s as if the rest of the world ceases to exist and all that’s real is that nice hypnotic feeling. That relaxed trance of the mind and the body. And as the dial keeps spinning, you just drop further…drifting and drifting…down, down, down.

And it’s only a few minutes later that you wake from your day trance, thoughts returning slowly, bit by bit. It’s only after a few minutes that you can think and reason once more. It takes you a few moments, but you do regain control eventually. And once you do, you realize that you’ve learned an important lesson. A lesson which shall stay with you, always. That if you stare for but a moment too long at any pair of breasts you find attractive…you’ll be entranced and pulled deeply down into trance…the dial in  your mind spinning..


And your mind sliding down that slippery slope…your body relaxing…your head all clouded and hazy.

Now…we’ll create a simple dial in your mind so that all the suggestions in this file can be reinforced…each fastened so tightly to all the layers of your thoughts. Your psyche. Your wants and desires and behaviors.

Imagine it in your mind, sweetea. Fused to the foundation of your thoughts…this new dial represents “change,” “conditioning,” and “persistence.” The the more it spins, the more strongly all the suggestions in this file stick to your mind. The easier your behavior changes. The better you feel.

When this dial turns, your psyche turns with it…molding itself to all my suggestions. All the conditioning. All your desires. So when we spin it, you’ll notice that immediate shift in your mindscape as each and every single suggestion drives into every part of your brain, there to stay. And the deeper each suggestions roots itself, the better you feel. The more you want them. Because the better you feel, the deeper my suggestions seep into you. The stronger they become. Easily and effortlessly.

So…[sfx]…allow the dial to spin, now. Feel it build. Feel the pressure as every single one of my suggestions grows twice as strong with each second the dials turns and spins. Building and building, rearranging your mind. Solidifying all suggestions. Cementing all that has happened. Making sure that every suggestion will stay with you unerringly. Automatically. Pleasurably.

Let it turn and turn as I count you up, now. As I count you up from 1 to 5, with each number…the suggestions here will strengthen ever further. You’ll feel ever better. Happier. Satisfied with all that has happened. Wanting it to happen again.

  1. ..allowing everything that has happened to settle, making a home in your mind as if it had always been there.
  2. ..waking up slowly. Becoming just a bit more aware. Happier. Suggestions becoming even stronger. The dial still spinning.
  3. ..a bit more aware…a bit more awake…allowing the events that have transpired to ooze into the banks of your subconscious memory.
  4. ..waking up. Becoming aware. Feeling happy and nice and satisfied.

And…5…wake up, sweetea. Fully awake. Fully aware. Dial still faintly spinning [sfx fade out]

Feeling so happy. So nice. Relaxed still, but able to move and function. Able to reason and logic.

Have fun, sweetea. And see you soon.

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