Cumslut Fucktoy 2  – Script

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[F4M] Cumslut Fucktoy 2 [Erotic Hypnosis] [Edging] [Ruined Orgasms] [Cum Eating] [CEI] [JOI] [Dildo Use] [Ass Fucking] [Anal] [Very Interactive] [Exposed] [Out Loud] [Snaps] [Moans] [Chanting] [Slave] [Whore] [Slut] [Bitch] [Kneeling] [Deep Submission] [SFX] [Unique] [Moans] [Very Dirty]

Cumslut Fucktoy 2

You love all the dirty things, don’t you…?

By Miss Lilith

Welcome back, slut. I hope you have your dildo and lube ready. You’ll need it.

You want to be good for me, yes? Of course you do. You want to be a good little sub and follow each and every suggestion and command as if you had no other choice…which. You. Don’t.

So when I tell you to relax, listen, and follow, you do so without hesitation and without thought.

You’ll be dropping for me soon. Dropping so deeply into trance. So deeply into my control. And the deeper you drop, the more power you give me. So you’ll go alllll the way down. But for now, just listen and follow.  


[cumslut induction start]

I want you to travel way, way into the deepest recesses of your mind, where real change happens. Where your mind may be manipulated in every which way…without limit or boundary. And as you fall into your own mindscape, deeper and deeper, you’ll take my voice and my words with you. It’ll be so very easy. So effortless.

Because the further into your mind we travel, the deeper you go. The more relaxed…as your tensions leave your body and your muscles loosen. And as you relax and drop deeper, your mind can just smooth over, thoughts dissipating into vapor, leaving you blank and empty and eager for my suggestions. Thirsty for my control. Wanting to drop deeper and deeper. Without limit. Without critical thought.  

Allll the way down into the core of your being…the center of that which makes you tick. That part of you which controls how you behave, what you remember, how you feel, and what you experience. And as we both fall deeper into the layers of your subconscious mind, I want you notice the rapidly appearing strings of light surrounding us, reaching up and up and disappearing into the nether.

These strings can be plucked right out and influenced in any way I wish. They’re connected to your entire nerve center, and what I do to them will be reflected in the foundation of your entire mental and physical buildup. This is inevitable and it will happen, my submissive little slut.

And as I pluck them out, one by one, I’ll snap my fingers and you’ll open your eyes, totally awake and aware, but still very much relaxed and very much still. When I tell you to Sleep, with a snap of my fingers, you’ll close your eyes once more and fall twice as deep into trance, become twice as suggestible, and thrice as empty and blank for me. It’ll happen automatically…because each time you hear me snap my fingers, you’ll just feel better and better and more feverishly desperate for my control.

So just drift a bit deeper into trance now. Relax your body and relax your mind, letting it all go and you let me allll the way in. Feel me grab the strands of light…the strands with which I shall force you to do my bidding, and pull at a very specific one.

[snap] Eyes open. Aware. Awake. Still relaxed.

And Sleep[snap] deep, now, slut. Eyes closed. Shut tightly. Falling deeply into my voice and a deep hypnotic trance. The strand I’m holding exemplifies the entirely of your tension…and when I pull at it, it will snap and dissolve, taking allll your tensions….all your worries…all your stress with it….leaving you feeling loose and relaxed and melting down into nothing but a conscious mind….with my will flowing over every single inch of you.

So [snap], eyes open. Aware. Awake. Relaxed. Heavy and dizzy.

And Sleep[snap] deeper. Drop down, down, down. Ever so much more submissive, becoming so much more receptive to my voice and my commands with each snap, each word, and each sound. And when I take another one of your strands and pull at it, your resistance stretches….and when I jerk it, it snaps…and with it goes alll of your resistance…all of your defenses to my suggestions…so that anything I say, you must obey. Because it feels natural. Because it feels good to submit and obey. Because the more you listen, the more aroused you become and the deeper you drop.

[snap] and eyes open. So hard to open them, now. So hard to keep them open…because all you really want to do is close them and submit fully to my will.

And you can do just that, my submissive slut. So Sleep[snap] and drop. Alll the way down. So much deeper. So much more suggestible. The walls of your mind crumbling into dust. Nothing left but for my voice and the words that I say.

[snap] and wake up. Eyes open. But just barely. So difficult.

 Sleep[snap] deep. Drop so much deeper. Become so much more submissive. So much more receptive. And I take another strand of light and imbue it with my willpower, allowing it to grow stronger, brighter, thicker. And as it grows and expands, you arousal rises and becomes unmistakable. And as you grow more aroused, you drop deeper and become twice as suggestive…feeling twice as good and weak. Submissive. Defenseless.

[snap] and you open your eyes…and as they open so slowly, you need to close them again.

Sleep[snap] so shut your eyes and drop thrice as deep. Falling into my voice and into my power, leaving behind all critical thought and all resistance. Leaving you open and exposed to my will and my command. Just like the good submissive slut that you are.

Sleep[snap] just a bit deeper. Allow me in. Listen and follow. Because all you can do now is submit and obey.

And now that you’re so deep, unable to resist my suggestions. Unable to bring up any sort of defenses, I’m going to take advantage and twist you in ways only I could. Because when you decided to listen, you had already given up your power to me.

[cumslut induction end]


You’re in my hands, now, slut. You hang on each and every one of my words. Each command. Each suggestion. They invade your mind…driving into the very deepest of spaces…and you welcome them with such an open mind. A mind so defenseless…a mind eager to obey. Eager to submit. Because that’s what my voice does to you. It strips away your ability to resist and your desire for my control grows and grows, brighter and more insistent.

Now, I need you to stay in trance…as I guide your body and your mind. As I control your actions and your thoughts…and you follow along, having no other option. No other desire. Even as you stay here, in trance, mind foggy, your body follows my commands without question. Without hesitation. The longer you listen, the most impossible it becomes to resist in any small way. The less you want to do anything but obey me, my submissive, little fucktoy. My dirty, obedient cumslut.

It’s time to put me on speaker, slut. Remove your headphones or your earbuds and open your eyes. Make sure you can hear me out loud. Make sure you can hear me well. Clear and clean. Raise the volume if you need to. Raise it until you can hear each word spoken with perfect clarity.

Take a step back, now. Just a step…and kneel for me. You looove kneeling for me, don’t you? Say, “Yes, Miss Lilith.” It’s so easy to say, “Yes, Miss lilith.” So natural. It feels so fucking good…because it makes you feel weak. Obedient. Under my control. Totally enslaved. All paths closed but for the one I present. The one I allow you to walk.

When I ask you a question, all you can say is, “Yes, Miss Lilith.” And when you do so…you fall deeper under my control. Deeper into obedience. Deeper into submission. That’s all you really want. You just want to be my compliant cumslut fucktoy. My good, little, obedient toy. You love to obey, don’t you, slut?

“Yes, Miss Lilith.”

Don’t you just looove it when I take control?

Aren’t so eager to lose it all?

You need to abandon all resistance. All hesitation.

You want that, don’t you, whore?

And you do so love it when I call you all these dirty names, don’t you, fucktoy?

I know you do. I know how much of a slut you are. How much of a sub. How little power you have when you listen to my voice. When you submit. When you relent and give yourself over to me in mind and in body. And you want all of this so very much, don’t you, my good, obedient slave?

If you’re not naked, take it all off, bitch. Every piece of clothing. Discard it all. Throw it all away, as far as you can. In random directions. Your clothes don’t matter anymore. What matters is that you submit and obey. What matters is my voice. My commands…and your feeble will. Your weakness. Your deep submission. And you love to be in the nude for me, don’t you, slut? “Yes, Miss Lilith.” Always, “Yes, Miss Lilith.”

You love to be nude and exposed when you listen to my voice. You love to feel as if you can’t hide anything. As if you can’t control yourself…because you can’t. Because I control you. I control your mind and your body. I control what you do and what you think and what you love, slave. You do so love that, don’t you, fucktoy?

Are you kneeling? You better be. You better be naked and kneeling for me. There is something I need you to do, now. It won’t take long…but it satisfies me so to know that you obey. That you follow every direction, every command. So touch yourself, slut. Touch your cock. Stroke. Not too fast. Not too slow. Just stroke. Keep yourself hard. Aroused. Needy. Leaking precum. Such a good slave. Such a good toy.

[slight raise in volume]

Now…as you stroke, I’m going to embed suggestions in your mind. On each one, you must simply say, “Yes, Miss Lilith.” Each suggestion, slut. Remember. Is that understood? Out loud. Don’t restrain yourself. Don’t quiet yourself. No hesitation, fucktoy. No resistance, slave.

 And each time you say those magical words, you feel them drive straight into your core. Your mind. Spindling your arousal further. Making you more and more submissive. The desire to say them again and again greater, but they make you feel sooooo very submissive. So very good. So empty and weak and like the perfect cumslut fucktoy. The perfect toy. The perfect slave.

Don’t they, slut?

“Yes, Miss Lilith.”

So just stroke. Do not stop. You cannot stop until I allow it.

Because you’re such a good, obedient toy.

So weak and submissive.

Eager for my words and my commands.

Eager for my control.

Such a good cumslut fucktoy.

Obedient and defenceless.

Unable to resist.

Only able to say, “Yes, Miss Lilith.”

Be a good slave and speak those words louder, now.

No fear. No hesitation. Only arousal. Only submission. Always only submission.

You’re such a dirty little slut, aren’t you?

Such a perfect whore for me.

Stroke until you edge, slut. Stroke, but don’t cum. Edge but don’t cum.

You belong to me, don’t you?

You only desire to submit, don’t you?

You only desire to feel weaker and more under control, yes?

Always more submissive. Always losing more control over your mind and your body.

When you hear my voice, you lose all self-control.

When you listen to my commands, you cannot help but submit and obey.

You know this is true, yes?

We both do.

Now…stop touching. I want you to increase the volume. Make me louder, slut. After you’re done, you need to take your dildo, your lube, and step away from the play button. As far as you can without having trouble listening to me. But far enough that you can’t pause or stop it quickly. So get that dildo, that lube, and find a spot for me, fucktoy. As you’re moving, I’ll grow just a bit louder [a bit louder] to make it easier to hear me. You like that, don’t you, toy? You love it when the risk increases. It sends those pleasant shivers down your entire body. The risk of discovery…the risk of being heard…so delicious…so hot…

As you listen, now…you’re going to be a good whore, get down on the floor…and slide that dildo up your ass. Take your time. Be safe. Use lube. There’s no hurry here. I’ll wait for as long as needed. Just listen and obey. Work that dildo into your ass. Show me how good you are for me. How obedient. You are obedient, aren’t you, slut?

Yes, you are. You’re always so very obedient. So easy to control, because the more control you lose, the better you feel…the more aroused. And the more aroused you become, the more control you give away…as alllll of your resistance slips through your fingers, leaving you so open and suggestible.   

I hope that, by now, you’ve gotten that dildo in. That you’ve put it all the way in. That you’re comfortable and ready to touch yourself for me. Ready to edge for me, as you listen and obey.  

You’re far enough away from the stop button and in a position you can’t move from quickly, toy…so whatever I do now, you won’t be able to stop. And, well…you won’t want to, anyway, because you love it when I take control and your body just follows instructions. It’s a pleasure unlike any other. A pleasure which spreads through your mind and your body in waves of arousal and excitement. Waves of anticipation.

So find a position in which you can fuck yourself with that dildo like the fucktoy that you are and edge at the same time. I want you to do this quickly. As soon as you do, begin to slowly slide that dildo in and out of your ass as you stroke your cock. As you bring yourself to the very edge. Just the edge, slut. Not over. Not until I allow it. Not until you understand just how much control I have over you and how much you love giving in. How much more you’ll need it in the future, after I’m done with you.

It feels so good to be my good, obedient cumslut fucktoy, doesn’t it? It’s all but orgasmic to feel my words wash over you. All but orgasmic to know that I can be so much louder at any time and you can’t do anything about it. You can’t move quickly enough. You can’t stop this audio quickly enough. You won’t want to. Because you just need to obey. You must submit, my little sub. You must be the best whore you can be for me. Isn’t that right, slut? “Yes, Miss Lilith.”

[increase volume]

Very good, slave. Very, very good. Edge for me. Fuck yourself for me. Moan for me. Moan like the whore that you are. Don’t suppress yourself. No restraint. No hesitation. No thoughts. Just listen and obey and fall deeper into the pleasure. Deeper into your arousal. You need to let go and let me in.

You need to listen to my moans. [moans fade in–or make new one?] Listen to the sounds that I make.


Enjoy the fact that they can grow in volume and strength at any time. Without warning. And you’d love it, slave. You’d love it so much. Because the idea of being exposed is so fucking arousing. So fucking hot. So keep edging. Keeping sliding that dildo in and out, because with each thrust, you become twice as suggestible and twice as weak…and so much more aroused. More and more willing to follow each and every command as if your life depended on it.

So keep edging, slave. Don’t cum. Don’t do anything but ride that dildo and edge.


[moans louder]

[increase volume]

And…hope that I won’t grow twice as loud. Twice as insistent. Because even if I do…your legs won’t work. You won’t be able to get up. Won’t be able to move. You can only edge and fuck yourself like the dirty, submissive whore that you. That’s all you can do. All I allow you to do. Say, “Yes, Miss Lilith,” and feel this fact drive into your core. All the way into the deepest parts of your mind. Feel it solidify as it washes over your cock…and your arousal grows once more.

You love this, don’t you, my fucktoy? Yes, you do. You love to fuck yourself for me. You love to lose control. To become the best cumslut fucktoy that you can be. I love you like this. So weak and obedient. So under my control. So unable to resist. Unable to do anything but listen and follow. You’re going to be doing things for me now, slut. And with each second that you follow my directions, you’ll feel better and better and more unable to stop yourself from blindly, mindlessly following my lead.

You better still be edging for me, slave. Better still be fucking your ass. Showing your submission. Your obedience. Such a good cumslut fucktoy. Such a good slut. God, you’re weak, aren’t you? Yes, yes, you are. So when I tell you to ruin your orgasm, you’ll do so without question. Without thought. I’m going to ask you to ruin it, fucktoy. Ruin it with that dildo so deep in your ass. Ruin it with my voice fucking your mind. Ruin it like the perfect, submissive slave that you are for me. Doesn’t that just sound so fucking perfect?



Now…be a good whore and figure out how you’re going to ruin your orgasm without losing a single drop of your cum. Whether it’s on your hand or on the floor or on a piece of fabric. Doesn’t matter where or how. But you will have to lick it all up for me, cumslut. You’ll have no choice, because you love to obey…and when you ruin it, you’ll only grow more aroused. More eager for my control.

But know that right after you ruin your orgasm…I’ll be louder. My moans will be louder. You’ll have no choice but to lick up all of your cum like the good cumslut fucktoy that you are as my moans and my words announce how much of a slut you are. How much of a slave. But you won’t care, because you’ll be licking your cum for me. You’ll be doing what you’re supposed to. Doing what you must. Doing what most arouses you.

So get closer to the edge, now. Get ready. Do whatever you need to do so that when I command you to ruin you orgasm, you’ll do so easily. I’ll count down from 5 to 1. On 1, you must ruin your orgasm in a way that you’ll be able to lick it all up.

5, getting closer. More aroused.

4, so weak, so obedient.

3, craving cum. Craving to eat cum. To swallow and savor.

2, so close, now. Just a few seconds, now.

1, ruin it, cumslut. Ruin your orgasm, now.

[moans louder]

Be the perfect whore that we both know you are and ruin it. Allow it to flow. Still so horny. So aroused. So desperate. Craving to taste your own cum. Craving to fantasize about how, perhaps, it could be someone else’s cum. How, perhaps, that dildo in your ass could be a cock.

I hope you’ve collected it, slut. I hope you’re ready to lick it all up. To slurp it all up. No waste. You never waste cum, because good cumslut focktoys always cleanup after themselves by licking and swallowing all of their cum. Each and every time.

Now clean up after yourself, slut. Eat that cum. Lick it up. Swallow it all up. Savor the taste. Notice how fucking excited it makes you feel.


Notice how much of a whore it makes you feel. How much of a dirty slut. A submissive cumslut fucktoy. You’ve lost all control, now. Even as I get [louder] louder, you have no choice but to clean up all that cum. Isn’t this just so wonderful, my little slave? I’m enjoying this so much, and you better be, too. You enjoy everything that I command you to do. Everything that I suggest. Because each suggestion and each command takes away a bit of your defense, your resistance, and your control. Each suggestions leaves you more mine.

Are you still fucking that dildo, whore? If not, you better start again. If you need more lube, get to it. But start fucking again. I need you on the move. I need your hand on your cock again as quickly as possible. I need you to edge again. Yes, again. You’re going to be stroking again when  you’re ready. Stroking and edging like the good little bitch that you are. Like the good, horny cumslut. My obedient fucktoy.

Listen to the sounds I make…

[moan fade in]

…as you catch up to my commands. As you begin to fuck your dildo and stroke your cock. Uncaring for how loud I’m becoming. Uncaring for how much you want to moan for me, now. And I need you to do that, now. I need you to tell me how much a cumslut fucktoy you are. How much of a powerless whore. You’re going to moan out loud for me and tell me what a cumslut fucktoy you are. Tell me how much you need cum. How much you love the taste. How much you need it more and more.

Tell me how much you want to be fucked. How much you want your ass fucked and fucked and fucked like the whore that you are. God, you’re a slut, aren’t you? Such a slut. Such an obedient, obsessed slut. Come on, tell me, slut. Let go and let it out. Out loud, now. Repeat after me.

I’m such a cumslut fucktoy.

I’m such a powerless whore.

I love to moan for Mistress Lilith.

I love to be a good cumslut fucktoy for Mistress Lilith.

I looove cum.

I love the taste of cum.

I want cum more and more each day.

I want to be fucked like a whore.

I am suuuch a slut.

Such an obedient, obsessed slut.


Moan for me, fucktoy.  

[moans + louder]

You’re being so good. So obedient. But it’s time you ruin your orgasm for me again. I need you to fuck that dildo and ruin your orgasm again. You need more. You need it more and more. So reach that edge. That very edge of orgasm. Stroke and touch and fantasize as you reach a higher, sharper edge. Thinking of how much you love to lose control. How much you love your ass fucked. How much you want to taste cum again…for me. For Mistress Lilith. Isn’t that just the best, slut?

Yes…yes, it is.

So…5, getting closer and closer. Feeling so fucking aroused. So hot. So horny.

4, wanting to cum so bad, but wanting to submit so much more.

3, closer and closer to that ruin, slut.

2, right on that edge, your weakness for the world to see.

[louder + moans]

And…1, ruin your orgasm for me, fucktoy. Ruin it again. Don’t you dare cum. I need you to taste cum again. I need you to savor it again. So ruin it. Don’t cum. Only ruin. Listen and obey. Be the perfect whore for me. The perfect, submissive slave. Needing to live on the edge. Needing to taste cum. Needing your ass fucked. Needing your mind played with. Brainwashed. Controlled.

No defense. No hesitation. No doubt. Only obedience.

[moans+ louder]

And when you’re ready, lick it all up. Clean it all up. Swallow every drop, as you always want to. Always desire to. Such a good slut. Such a good toy. Every last drop of that cum, cumslut fucktoy. You neeeeed it.

Isn’t it just so wonderful to obey every command? To follow along like the perfect slave that you are? I know it is. I know how great it feels. How submissive you must feel right now.

And fall deeper into my control as you begin to stroke again. I need you on the edge again, slut.

I know how much  you want to cum…even after two ruined orgasms. Even after that, you can still cum. Even now, you’re horny enough to cum. And you will. You’ll cum for me, won’t you? I know you will. I want you to cum for me. I want you to cum for me as you moan. Moan so loudly and so eagerly.

Soon, I’ll start a countdown from 5 to 1. With each number, I’ll get louder. On the last number, if you let it get so far, I’ll get so loud that everybody will hear us, slut. They’ll hear your moans and my voice. My own moans.  They’ll hear everything.

If you reach the last number…you’ll get to cum. You’ll get to cum as you fuck your ass and as my voice fucks your mind. But when you do…you’ll need to lick it all up. Even after you cum for real, you’ll need to swallow it all. Because if you don’t…you won’t be able to move and turn off this audio. It’ll only get louder and louder…so the sooner you lick it all up, the quicker you’ll get to move. Remember…you must clean up every last drop if you want to move from this place. If you want to keep secrecy.

If you’re scared…if you aren’t yet a perfect slave…a perfect whore for me…you’ll ruin your orgasm instead. But you must ruin it before the last number. If you choose to ruin it, you’ll need to clean up again. Lick it all up again. Once you do, you’ll get to move.

You can take this opportunity to reapply lube, if  you must. Take your time. No hurry. No hurry at all.

So…5, and getting closer to that edge, now. More and more aroused. More and more under my control. Feeling more and more like my good, little cumslut fucktoy.

4, your arousal spilling out from your mind and your body. [moans] My moans growing louder.

3, you want to cum so bad. The pressure still building. Wanting cum and lick it all up. Wanting to taste it again. Needing to be such a good cumslut fucktoy. Needing to obey and submit. Still a chance to ruin your orgasm before I become so loud that all will hear. Still a chance, but the window’s closing, now.

2, almost there. Right there, on the very edge. So fucking horny. So under my control. Such a good slave. Such a good cumslut fucktoy. Needing to cum so bad. Needing to taste your cum again. Needing to drop deeper into my control. Needing to feel like more and more of my perfect cumslut fucktoy. My perfect whore. Last chance to ruin, fucktoy. Otherwise….

1, and cum, slave. Cum now. Cum hard. Cum, cum, cum like the whore that you are. Be the perfect cumslut fucktoy and cum your mind away. Cum your brains away.




And if you want to move, you must clean it all up again. Lick and swallow all that cum. Every last drop. No hesitation. The longer it takes you…


The louder I get. Be a good cumslut fucktoy and clean it up. Taste it. Savor it. Enjoy it. Grow more eager for it. Enjoy the way my moans grow in volume.


Enjoy the way it gets more risky with each second.

When you clean it all up, you can move, fucktoy. But for now…