Lilith, Princess of Lust  – Script

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[F4M] Lilith, Princess of Lust [Erotic Hypnosis] [Fdom] [Orgasm] [Lots Of Moans] [Fantasy] [Mind Control] [Breed Me] [Breeding] [Fucking] [Penetration] [Lick My Juices] [You Have No Choice] [Abducted] [Snaps] [Implied HFO] [Kind Of Rape-like, But You Don’t Resist] [Aftercare] 

Lilith, Princess of Lust 

Resist or don’t resist, I’ll have you either way…

By Miss Lilith

You put the finishing touches on the summoning circle, closing the lines of salt and ash. You’ve done this a few times now, this sort of summoning. It had been scary at first, but with practice, the fear and uncertainty had all but been completely vanquished.

Summing your succubus had become almost a thing of the norm. Habitual. Easy. The materials cheap and accessible. Just some salt, some ash, a few candles, a bit of fresh blood, and the right incantation.

All but ready to begin, you take a quick look around the attic to make sure nothing’s out of sorts and pick up the Deathly Book of Evil. Despite the name, it…really wasn’t all that evil. Kinda cute, even.

You open it up…

…and are welcomed by the usual introductory message of joy and warm invitation.

You turn the pages slowly, enjoying the rough, textured paper. [pause] Flipping ahead to page 69, the book grows warm in your hands, vibrating with anticipation.

Open to the right page, you set it on your little wooden stand, take a sterile needle, and prick your finger. Holding your hand over the book, your squeeze a few drops of blood onto the pages.

The book…likes it. It’s a real slut for blood, this one. You watch as the Deathly Book of Evil absorbs the blood and begins to radiate with a red energy.

It’s ready. It’s charged. Now you just need to say the incantation…

Ego te voco…daemonium sexus…Anya…tenetur ad me…in mea potestate…step in hoc mundo…


[Translation: “I summon thee…demon of sex…Anya…bound to me…under my power…step into this world…”]

A burst of light and a harrowing sound later…and the summoning circle is no longer empty.

Standing inside of it, proud, tall, and powerful…isn’t Anya, the succubus you were expecting…but instead…I, princess of darkness.

Taller, skin a pale, pleasant, rosy red. Horns black as night, three inches in length, spiraled and textured. My eyes…a bright purple…almost as if lit from the inside. Almost as if staring for just a moment too long could swallow your entire existence.

You can’t help but stare at my powerful, lean thighs. My arms, strong…lean. Abs defined, but not exaggerated. You can even see a thin, long, dark tail. And…not a single shred of clothing on me, because I’m too good for that. Too perfect.

My complete nudity puts my nice, full tits on display. Nipples erect. Ass round and perfect. You ache to touch me. You ache to grab onto me and never let go.


After a few moments of inactivity, I look you straight in the eyes and smile. Captivated, you could just stare and stare, imagining all the things we could do together.

You walk closer the summoning circle. Closer to me and my perfectly enticing smile. My perfectly mesmerizing eyes.

You’re close enough now that you can see my dark hair move with a wind which shouldn’t exist. A wind which definitely doesn’t…and yet it does.

“What…am I doing here, mortal?”

You open your mouth to answer…to say something…anything…

…but I lose patience before you could barely even blink and reach out to you…

…the barrier meant to protect you breaking under my touch. Before you could even respond, I grab you by your neck and pulls you in.

“Doesn’t matter, actually. You’ll do.”

Letting you go, I instead poke your forehead with with my long nails…and your vision grows hazy. Foggy. Your thoughts heavy. Drowsy. Harder to think. Impossible to see. Eyes shutting. Your body growing weak and unresponsive.

You…drop and drift and fall. Dropping and dropping. Falling and falling. Thoughts escaping your grasp. Numb and relaxed.

And…an instant later…you fade from the world.

Awareness fades back in slowly…piece by piece…function by function. You struggle to open your eyes, but do so anyway…and the first sight to greet you is a black ceiling made of smooth stone. You look around, and the place looks a bit like a castle out of some twisted dark fantasy novel. Columns and chains and metal chandeliers. Underneath you, a large bed with velvety smooth sheets. It’s…all quite striking, really.

But an instant later, your head all but empties once more, your thoughts melting away…as I come back into focus. Still just as nude. Just as mesmerizing. Your fingers itching to touch. To envelop. Wanting your lips on mine. Wanting your head between my thighs. Your tongue on my nipples.

I don’t slow in my stride as I near the bed and all but jump you, pushing you back fully on the bed, my legs to either side of you. My pussy resting on your bare tummy. Because you’re naked, too. Your erection growing and hardening as you stare up at me. At my tits. My hard nipples. My enticing smile…and my captivating eyes. Eyes which look into your soul. Eyes which pull you all the way inside me. Pulling at your core. At your mind. At your arousal. Pulling all that arousal up and out and into the real, real world.

You’re perfect for my purposes, toy. I can feel it. I can feel it all. You’re going to breed me. You’re going to cum inside me. You’re going to let me feed on you. On your pleasure. On your arousal. On your cum. And you’re going to fucking love it, because I say so.

But first…you watch as I move one of my hands down over my stomach and dip my fingers in my wet pussy, covering them in my wetness. My juices. And then bring them over to your mouth…

Open up. Open your mouth, bitch. You have no desire to resist and do so immediately.

I thrust my fingers inside your mouth and the second you taste me…your world turns upside down and you…





Falling and falling. Dropping and dropping. Nice and loose and relaxed. Drifting and drifting.

Down[snap] down[snap] down[snap]


And…no thoughts. No need to think. No need to resist. No need to know anything but…for the fact that my touch makes you feel all tingly and nice. Overflowing with pleasure.

You’re primed, now. Ready. Your cock growing and growing. Harder and harder as I slowly grind against your flesh. As the warmth of my wet pussy leaves trails of pleasure across your skin. As my hands travel down your chest. Down over your stomach…and I grab your cock. Squeezing. Not too hard, but hard enough that you jerk in surprise…and pleasure.

My juices have…an effect on my prey. When you tasted them…you had fallen under my power. And I need you to be so very fucking desperate with lust right now. I need you begging to breed me. I need you to think of nothing else but how it’d feel to be inside me. To have your cock inside me. Inside my warmth. My pussy. Oh, I need you to breed me, baby. I need you to fuck me. I need your cum. And you’re a good boy for me…so you’ll do all that and so much more. Mmmmm, baby, I need to feel you.

My hand still on your cock, stroking slowly, I bend down and capture your lips with mine, our tongues intertwining. Your arousal growing. Your pleasure bubbling up. You place your hands on my hips as I grind and stroke. As we kiss. As our flesh meets. My juices. Your arousal. Your precum. Your mouth.

I need your cock, baby. I  Need it so bad. And you’re about ready to do anything just to feel me. Just to enjoy me. Just to cum.

I break the kiss and rise up just enough so that I could settle back down again…guiding myself onto your hard cock. Your beautiful erection. You feel yourself slip into my warm, wet pussy and a moan escapes your lips…just as it does…mine. You feel so good, baby. So hard. So wet. So perfect.

Feel the pleasure. Feel how my wetness soaks into your skin…and travels throughout your body, part by part…allowing your arousal to grow. Your pleasure to intensify. And I begin to move up and down, riding you slowly, steadily…I grab your hands and place them on my tits. Mmmm, just like that. Squueze them. Rub my nipples as I ride you.

As your arousal intensifies and your cock throbs ever so much more. Throbbing with the rhythm. Pulsating with bliss. Blood pumping. Mind foggy. Mind focused only on one thing…only on me and only on the pleasure building within you. Second by second, better and better. Hotter. Wetter. Faster.

Faster…I quicken my tempo ride you faster. Harder. Your cock in and our of my pussy. In and out. Squeezing my thighs. Flesh against flesh. Your hands on my nipples.

It feels so fucking good, baby, doesn’t it? Both of our pleasures can begin to sync now. So that the better I feel, the better you feel…and the better you feel, the better I feel. And the longer I ride you, the closer I get to the edge. The longer I ride you, the closer you get to cumming. Cumming inside me. I just want you to breed me. I just need you cum. Soon. Very soon. You’ll have no choice. No choice at all.

Feel me speed up. Quicker. Harder. Our bodies meeting and grinding in perfect unison. Synchronized. Feel your pleasure grow as I ride you harder, faster. My pussy wetter. Warmer. Your erection harder, longer. Throbbing and pulsating and vibrating. Mmmmm, baby, I’m so close. So very fucking closer.

I’m gonna cum soon…but you won’t. Not yet. No…I get to cum first. Always first. Feel the pressure around your cock increase…as I get closer and closer…faster…harder…hotter…wetter…


My first orgasm…today. But not the last. You’re still nearing that edge, toy. Still so fucking horny. So fucking aroused. Wanted to cum. Needing to cum. It’s all you want. All you can think about is your cock in my wet pussy. Your cum inside me. You…breeding…me. And I need it so bad. I need you to breed me. I need you all inside me. I want your cum. I want it all.

And when you do cum, it’ll be so much better than any other orgasm you’ve ever had. Even better than your sessions with the succubus. Because as a Princess of Darkness..I control the concept of pleasure. What I say…goes. Or…cums.

So as I ride you harder…quicker…my pussy so fucking wet…your cock so fucking hard, throbbing and pulsating…you can begin to feel my power wash over you in waves and waves and waaaaves of exotic, erotic bliss. You can feel it reach into every part of your being. Every part of your body.

With each snap[snap], you feel the wave travel from my pussy, through your cock…and into every muscle…every nerve…every cell. Traveling along your blood. Your limbs. Your mind. Your body. Almost like tiny little orgasms…touching you everywhere. Touching you inside your mind. Touching you inside your core.

Each snap[snap] sends that wave through your cock…and it just throbs harder. Stronger. Faster. Hotter. As my pussy vibrates with pleasure and arousal…my wetness running down your skin. Our bliss mingling. Dancing together. As if we were one.

Each [snap] brings you closer and closer and closer. Feeling better and better. The waves cascading down, down down…

 The pressure building. The heat…spreading. Hotter. Wetter. Oh, baby, I want to cum again. Again. I want to cum with you as you fill me with your cum. As you breed me. As I claim your seed.

But for now…[snap] another wave of overwhelming pleasure…little explosions racing from top to bottom and bottom to top..from cock to mind…and mind to cock…from pussy to  every muscle and every cell. Feeling so good. So nice. So aroused. So fucking hot for me, toy.

Such a good boy, you are. So sexy. So hard for me. You wanna cum, don’t you? Yes..yes you do. I know you do. You want to cum inside me. You want it so bad. You want to feel more [snap] pleasure. More bliss. More ….more….always more…you greedy little mortal.

Drop[snap] deeper…into the bliss of this moment as you feel me ride you up and down…up and down…as we both get the meaning of pleasure is redefined…re-Imagined…as you throb and you jerk..and you moan..and I fill your head. Your existence. Your every thought. And all you want to do is cum. You just want to cum for me. Into me. With me. On three, baby…we’re going to cum on three. Together.

So 1[snap] and the pleasure just builds. Closer and closer, edging to that place of beyond. That place of…ultimate bliss. Ultimate arousal. Ultimate edge of pleasure.

2 [snap] and so very closer..your orgasm but moments away. When you next snap my fingers…you will cum. You’ll breed me. You’ll fill me up. You’ll be my good boy….my good toy…my good little mortal…and cum for me…soon. So very soon. Just a moment. Just a few moments, now. As a final wave of pleasure travels across your body…your mind…your soul..your core…your existence…

And you 1[snap] cum for me, baby. Cum inside me. Breed me. Breeeeed me, my perfect good boy. Just cum and cum and cum as I do…as we do…as our orgasms mingle and tangle and explode as one.

Draw it out for as long as you can…draw it out as your seed fills me. As I claim it. As I claim your orgasm. Your pleasure. So that…you’ll always remember how fucking great this feels. Because every time you cum with me…for me…it just gets better and better. Feels hotter, wetter. The pleasures overflowing.

You’ve been so very good, mortal. You’ve done just what I needed you to do. You’ve bred me. You came inside me. You allowed me to claim you…as you claimed my pussy.

Such a good boy for me. Such a good toy. I carefully lift myself off your softening cock…and bend back down to give you a nice, slow kiss.

Mmmm, you’re perfect, sweetea. Just perfect. I sure do hope we can have some more fun in the future. Perhaps…with my sisters? They’re always looking for…sexy little things like you to play with.

But for now…you can just drift off into sleep. Or…if you’d like… you can take a bath, get dressed, and go home. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing each other again. Soon. Very good.

Bye bye now, sweetness.