Obey And Submit, My Good Boy  – Script

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Obey And Submit, My Good Boy

You have no control but for the control I allow…

By Miss Lilith

Welcome, Sweetea. This…is Miss Lilith and you’re here because you want to lose control to me. You want to be taken deeply into a bottomless trance and feel me take possession of your mind and your body.

–induction start–

So just settle down into a comfortable position, close your eyes, and listen. Listen and follow. Pay attention to the sound of my voice and the words that I say. Focus on the spaces between words. Focus on the breath that enters and leaves your body. Follow the air as it moves through you. As you inhale and exhale.

Notice how, the longer you listen, the slower your breaths come. The deeper they are. Breathing slowly and deeply as you naturally begin to relax. Because when you focus on the inhale and the exhale of your own breathing pattern, the world kind of just…falls away. Slowly. Bit by bit. Thought by thought.

And as you breathe and as you listen, picture so vividly in your mind’s eye the air as it moves deeply inside you on each inhale. See it move through your body and into your mind, where it starts to spiral round and round, moving in circles, picking up your thoughts and your ideas and your resistance.

And as you exhale, feel and see the air travel out of you, taking your thoughts with it. Taking your ideas and your resistance. Feel it expel out of you. On each inhale, the breath travels up into your mind, capturing the swirling thoughts in your mind…and on each exhale, the breath travels out, leaving you emptier and emptier and emptier. Each cycle of breath reducing your resistance. Your capacity to think. Your capacity to have thoughts other than what I desire them to be.

You’re doing so well, sweetea. Such a good boy for me.

But now I need you to open your eyes on every inhale and close them again on every exhale. As you begin to do so now…opening your eyes on every inhale and closing your eyes on every exhale…slowly and deeply…carefully…you can notice how each time you close your eyes and breathe out, you become more and relaxed. Your thoughts slip away from you as your mind melts and your body grows heavy. Tensions smoothing over. Worries and stresses and memories snapping[snap] away.

Feel the air travel inside on each inhale, mixing with your thoughts and your defenses…and feel it travel back out, taking with it your thoughts, your defenses, and your ability to reason. And…dropping deeper and deeper each time you close your eyes. Because every time you open your eyes, you just want to close them again. That’s…all you want to do, really. You just want to close your eyes and keep them closed as you drop into a deep and peaceful trance, your mind and your body in my care.

But…for now, continue following my instructions, opening your eyes on each inhale and closing them on each exhale. Each time you exhale and close your eyes, a wave of pleasant relaxation cascades down your entire body. Down your nerves and your cells. You can feel it happen deeply in your mind. In your thoughts. Your head. Your psyche. You can feel it happen in your limbs. In your chest. In your finger and your toes and your back. Each exhale brings with it a deeper sensations of trance…and a deeper sensation of relaxation.

And the deeper you drop and the deeper you drift…the more resistance you lose. The more control you give to me. It happens automatically. Effortlessly. Without hesitation or doubt.

It’s…getting more and more difficult paying attention to all these things. Really, you just want to be told to stop focusing and drop. But instead, I have you here, attention on each breath. Focusing on closing and opening your eyes. Focusing on how good it feels to drift deeper down for me. Noticing how each word that I say makes it harder and harder to open your eyes with each inhale. You really just want to let go…but not yet, sweetea. Not just yet.

For now, simply listen and follow as you breath deeply and slowly and as your body grows so much heavier. So much tension-free. So very relaxed. On each cycle of breath, you just grow more relaxed. On each cycle of breath, you become so blank. So empty. Losing all resistance…because you don’t want to resist. You just want to listen, follow, and feel good. That’s all you want to do.

That’s all you need to do now, my good boy

Soon, I’m going to allow you to give up, give in, and shut down your mind completely. Soon, I’m going to snap my fingers and tell you drop…and when I do, your eyes will refuse to open. Your body will refuse to move. Your thoughts will stop in their tracks and every little bit of your focus will center only on my voice and the words that I say. It’ll happen automatically. And want it to happen. You so very much want to just..stop. Just let go and stop as trance takes away your awareness and I take away your control.

When I snap my fingers and your eyes shut so tightly, you will feel every last bit of tension escape into the air. You will feel every last bit of resistance and defense be swept away with your breath. My snap will leave you exposed to my voice. To my hypnosis. To the trance. Exposed and loving it.

Your mind is prepared to let go. Your body is eager. Your conscious and subconscious selves are synced, only the desire to drop for me present. Only the one, true, unbreakable need to drop[snap] for me.

And so you lose focus as your awareness turns away from your breath…and your eyes shut tightly, any desire to open them again long unmade. Now you must listen and follow and do nothing else.

Sleep[snap] twice as deep. Drifting down, down, down. Downwards through all the levels of deep trance. Downwards through all the levels of unconscious thought.

Just be a good boy for me and drop[snap] deeper still. It’s so easy. Effortless. Automatic. And the deeper you go, the more of your mind becomes mine to manipulate. The deeper you drop, the better you feel. The deeper you drop, the emptier you become. More and more blank. Hazy and foggy and melty.

–induction end–
–deepener-prep start–

And here, in this place, with you in this particular state of mind, listening to my voice and that words that I say…you can begin to understand that there is no bottom to how deep you can drop. There is no limit to how much control you can surrender. And the deeper you go, the more control you cede over to me. The more control I gain, the deeper I bring you into my hypnotic embrace and the unyielding and comfortable darkness of trance.

So that, in a few moments, you will begin to notice parts of your mind drop out of your control and fall into mine. In the same vein, you will feel your body become mine, because if I control the mind, I control the body. And I aim to control not only the whole of your mind and the whole of your body…but also every nerve and every cell…so that if I wish it, I could make you feel things you had never felt. I could make you believe things you had never even considered. I could make you do things you could not possibly imagine.

Just imagine how it would feel to surrender every tiny, little piece of yourself and feel me take possession of the entire collective. Just for a moment, picture it happening. Picture yourself opening up so widely that you leave yourself fully exposed to me. Picture yourself relaxing so deeply and surrendering so profoundly that no defenses could possibly exist to slow me down. It…is a perfect image. A perfect fantasy. You, so open and exposed…obedient…without a single thought of resistance…and me, reaching into you and manipulating your very essence. Your mind. Your body. Your heart. Manipulating every inch of you..from how the blood flows through your cock to how it flows through your neck and how you feel when you are touched and how you feel when you are excited.

All of this, and so much more, you would freely give away if it meant a level of submission you had never experienced. A submission so deep and so intense that it makes you quiver in ecstasy. You would give me all control if it meant that you could transcend time and space and free will…and find yourself in my thrall, horny, happy, and buzzing with blazing euphoria.

All that, sweetea…and so much more.

I know you want to feel this way. I know you want to lose yourself. I know how eager you are to exhale all resistance and inhale the scent of me…as my words make their way through you. Through your thoughts and your body. In waves and waves of pleasure. You want to submit. You want to obey. You want to feel good and and weak. So many things you want. So greedy, my good boy. My perfect good boy.

–deepener end–
–body begins–

In just a moment, I’m going to snap my fingers and tell you to obey. As soon as you hear me say the word obey with a snap of my fingers, the strings that hold you together will snap…and you will become mine. You will become this submissive, obedient good boy that you’ve always dreamed you could be…and that I want you to be. You will lose yourself in my voice and my power. You will lost any control you may still be holding onto. When you hear the trigger, your mind will do alll the work for you. It will happen automatically.

But first, I need you to drop[snap] and sleep[snap] and down, down, down you go, my blank and empty, submissive good boy.

When next I snap my fingers and tell you to obey, any self-control you still hold will crumble and seep through your fingers like sand…leaving you open and exposed and in my not-so-very gentle care. There will be no resistance. No defense. No route you can take that doesn’t end with what I desire. What I command.

It will feel…as if being born again. You will shed your current self and come out the other side renewed…your mind and your body mine. Your pleasure, mine. Your cock, mine. Your arousal, mine.

All mine, Sweetea.

Now be a good, sweet boy for me…and obey[snap].

Be a good, submissive subject and sleep[snap] deeper as my voice pulls thoughts straight out of your head and leaves you emptier and emptier and so easily reshaped.

Obey [snap] and feel control of your mind and your body snap and reform anew in my palms. It’s mine, now. What you feel and what you think and what you do. How you move and how you speak and how you reason. You’ve given it away. And…it feels so good, doesn’t it? So freeing to have dropped all pretense of power. Of resistance. Of defense.

So pleasant to feel that submission fill your ever cell and every nerve as you listen and so eagerly obey [snap].

Because each obey[snap] empowers your very nerve-endings with pure, unfiltered pleasure. Each snap carries my voice into the deepest recesses of your mind, from where it cascades down your body…wrapping itself around your cock. Around your balls. The warmth of my suggestions and the carnal power of my voice melding with yours. Melding with your body and your pleasure and your desires.

Feel it happen, my good boy. Listen, follow, and feel my voice become more. Notice how the longer you listen and the more you obey[snap], the better you feel and the more tangible my voice and my words become.

Because as you listen to the intricacies of my voice and the feel the pull of my words…you can feel me there, brushing against your skin. Touching you. Running my fingers along your chest. Your cock. Your thighs.

It’s so very easy to obey and submit, my good boy.

It feels good to obey and submit. It feel good to surrender. It feels good to let go and give in and let me all the way inside. It feels good and it’s easy. Effortless. Automatic.

As soon as you begin to obey[snap]…and feel the trickle of arousal…of excitement…it’s already too late. You’re already mine, your mind synced with my desires. My command. My domination. You submit. You surrender.

Such a good boy for me. So easy. So weak. So obedient.

And I want my good boy to feel pleasure. I want my good boy to feel more and more aroused. And it’s easy, isn’t it? Yes, when you listen to the sound of my voice, you can be nothing else but excited, horny, aroused…weak, submissive, obedient…empty and blank…unaware of just how unaware you are.

I need you now to do something for me. I need you to drop[snap] twice as deeply, become twice as suggestible…and feel twice as good. You do all this because you have no choice..and because you are eager for more.

And…you obey and submit not because of any potential reward…but for the sake of submission alone. Because that’s enough, isn’t it? Yes, yes it is. Submission alone is the both the journey and the goal. It is the reward. When you obey and when you submit…the feelings and sensations that crawl across your body in waves and waves of pleasure…only grow in intensity as you give yourself away to another. To..me.

And for this reason, the phrase “obey and submit” holds power beyond mere words. Beyond the surface of its meaning. Beyond the definition. Obey and submit at first is like the spark that starts a raging inferno, reaching into the skies. That first tiny little spark which creates something unstoppable out of nothing. This phrase, obey and submit, does this in your mind. It sparks all the layers of your mind at once…and catapults you into a sea of pleasure, excitement, and arousal.

When you hear the words flow across your mind…obey and submit…the inferno bursts into existence within the confines of your mind…and with it as does a limitless arousal. Blood pulsating through your cock. You throb. You…quiver. You…submit. You…obey.

And you can feel it now, these words, obey and submit, fueling that horny. That arousal. Fueling your mind’s thoughts that center on the sound of my voice…and the words that I say. And each time you hear me say them, it just feels better and better and better. Each time you hear the word obey…a wave of warmth spreads through your body and your mind…reaching into every corner. Every nerve. Every cell. My voice wrapping your cock and your balls in a hold of pure obedience. Your cock is mine, now. I decide what you feel. How good you feel. How fucking horny you can become.

And…each time you hear the word submit…a wave of submission washes away your worries and your defenses and every last bastion of resistance. With this, you become my perfectly obedient and submissive, good boy. Eager to listen. Eager to obey, so very eager to submit on a level deeper and deeper each time you hear the word…submit. Because each time you do, you submit further. Your cock becoming more easily manipulated by my words alone. By my desires. My needs. My wants.

So…obey[snap] and submit, my sweet, good boy.

Feel the waves of warmth travel into your limbs and across your body…wrapping around your cock, my voice like touch. Like breath. Like bliss. Notice how no thought of ever being able to resist may exist. There I no such thing, now. Not anymore. Now, you have me to take care of you. Now, you’ve given yourself over and there’s really no going back. Not…like you’d want to, anyway. Why would you, when I can make you feel so fucking good with just a few words?

Just…with simple words, like obey and submit. But…simple or not, they have power, don’t they? Just words and my voice and your reaction to them. It’s so simple. So easy. Effortless and automatic. You obey[snap] and submit…and feel the waves of arousal grow and grow and quicken. Feel your cock throb and your body quiver. Your mind accepting the idea that my voice controls your body. Your cock. Your thoughts.

You obey and you submit and you grow weaker and weaker and more obedient each time you hear the words. You drop deeper under my control. You drop[snap] deeper into trance.

In fact…if you hear them enough times…in a short amount of time…you may just begin to feel your cock throb so hard and so quick…that the only thing keeping you from just cumming hands-free…is my permission.

Because on each “obey,” the warmth of my voice brushes against your cock as if I were there, touching you. And each “submit,” floods your body with that sweet, sweet submission that you so crave. And we both know how fucking horny that makes you. That…feeling having let go. Being at the mercy of another. At my mercy. Combined, the two bring you just a bit closer to cumming each and every time you hear the words “obey and submit.”

These words melt you down into the essential makeup of your existence…and drive the horny deeper into your mind. Into your body. Into your cock. On each repeat, obey and submit takes more of your control away…and gives you pleasure in its stead. Pleasure of my voice. Pleasure of my control.

Obey and submit brings you closer and closer to orgasm without touch…except for the touch of my voice. The touch of my control. The touch of my power and my hypnosis. Because that’s really all you need.

And each time you her the words, obey and submit, you throb harder. You melt for me. You drop for me. You abandon yourself to me. Growing harder and harder and hotter. Wetter. The arousal pulsating through your body on each obey…and on each submit.

But…there’s so much more that can be done here. So many different combinations. So many different ways to guide your thoughts and your sensations. So let’s…take it up a notch and blow away all expectation.

When you hear the words, obey and submit…followed by good boy…your mind breaks a little as my voice fills you whole…and your body cuts away from your brain, becoming only mine. Only for me to manipulate.

So…obey and submit, my good boy. My submissive, obedient subject, whose mind is all mine. Whose body is all mine. Whose resistance had crumbled. Whose pleasure only rises with each and every word. Because at this point, it almost doesn’t matter what I say or how I say it. Just the sound of my voice weaves into your flesh…washes over your skin…and wraps around your cock. Your balls. As you throb for me. As you get closer and closer to that…orgasm. That climax. Slowly, steadily, your blood pumping quicker. Your cock throbbing harder. Your mind focused only on how good it feels to allow the pleasure in. Or..perhaps…how good it feels not to have a say in the matter of just how much pleasure you can feel.

You obey[snap] and submit, my good boy [snap]…

You surrender, sweetea, as you’ve always surrendered…and as you’ve never had a choice not to.

And you are such a good boy, aren’t you? Yes, a sweet, weak, obedient good boy. Breathing me in. Feeling the pleasure seep into your every thought and every idea and every limb. Every finger. Every toe. Obey and submit and get closer for me, baby. Obey and submit and feel the words strengthen in power. On each repeat, like a hand stroking you. Touching you. Your cock responding perfectly.

Obey and submit, my good boy…and the warmth grows hotter as it spreads across your existence. The heat and the wetness and the arousal…throbbing and pulsating…bringing you closer and closer and closer.

But…this isn’t how I want things to go. How I want them to end. Oh no…no, I want something from you. Something…different.

So listen carefully, baby.

I need you begin slowly waking up…but only halfway. Waking up only to the point where you could open your eyes, but still stay deeply in trance. Deeply in my control. Deeply aroused and throbbing…excited for what’s to come. Excited for more pleasure.

So bring yourself back into half-wakefullness and open your eyes for me…feeling sensation return to your limbs. Able to stretch them and move them. Able to see and to reason…within reason, of course.

Stay…in this special sort of half-trance, still under my control. Under my power. Still only able to obey and submit, like the good sweet boy that you are. But…eyes open, now, I need you to get up. Stand up. I need you to strip. I need you naked as the day you were born. If you need to pause this recording to do so, do it now…and come back to me shortly, baby.

You should be all nice and exposed for me now, baby.

It…feels good, doesn’t? Something about losing that thin layer of protection makes you feel…Vulnerable. Obedient. Almost…as if I were there, looking at you, from top to bottom. Taking you in. Or, perhaps it’s only that as you obey and submit…and follow my instructions, it feels good. It feels perfect. You throb to obey. You thirst to submit. And when you do, it makes your world make sense.

And it makes so much sense to kneel for me. Just kneel, my good boy. Kneel and feel the drain on your will power. Kneeling…is like a physical representation of your obedience. Your submission. It makes you throb. Makes you eager for more. Eager for commands. For suggestions.

And as you rest on your knees for me, allowing the words “obey and submit” to run across your mind in waves and waves…

You close your eyes and reach up to your nipples. I want you to play with them. I want you to rub them. To twist them. To pull at them. I need you to feel those hands not as your own…but as mine. So that as you feel your nipples being rubbed and played with, you can know that they’re being played with by me. My control and my hands and my voice and my power. As you kneel and play with your nipples…

And as you obey[snap] and submit like the perfect, good boy that you are…your cock throbs harder and harder and your arousal only grows higher and hotter. No limits. No bottom. Only pure obedience and pure pleasure. Closer and closer to an orgasm without touch. An orgasm of the mind…and perhaps the body.

But you don’t really care about any of that right now. All you care about is this moment of pleasure. All you care about are my words as they wash over you and bring you closer and closer. Your cock pulsating under my touch. Under my voice.

Each obey and submit bringing you deeper under my control and deeper into a bottomless ocean of pleasure and warmth. Now feel one of your hands move away from your nipples and wrap itself around your throbbing cock. Feel yourself begin to stroke slowly. So very slowly. Just…a tease. Just a bit.

You won’t be cumming until I allow it. And now isn’t the time.

Now, baby, my good, sweet boy…you can allow all the pleasure and all the arousal of the entire world to flood into your body and your mind.

Feel the tingles of arousal. The vibrations of my voice. Feel the pressure build with each obey and submit, my good boy. With each obey[snap] and each submit[snap], the pressure builds and builds and builds and all that may remind in your mind is…how very closer you are to cumming. To that wonderful, perfect, hot climax.

Such a good boy for me. So obedient. So easy. So receptive. Doing so well. I couldn’t possibly ask for more, now could I?

But this was just a test…and a way to make you believe just how much control I have over you. So stop touching. Stop playing with your nipples. I’m going to bring you back into trance soon. A trance infinitely deeper than you had experienced just a short while ago. When you drop back down for me, you will notice that every layer of your mind will remain exposed. Open. Eager for change that I envision and that you…most certainly crave.

So open your eyes and get up. Up, up, up.

Find your way back onto the surface from which you had woken. Get back into bed or your chair or the floor, baby. Get comfortable. Do whatever you need to do so that once I tell you drop, you just will without hesitation.

Align your body in the most natural of ways. Feel yourself automatically growing more relaxed. Effortlessly drifting back into that nice and easy state of mind…where nothing matters except the sound of my voice and the words that I say.

Just closer your eyes as you drop[snap] deeper and deeper down. As you sleep[snap] twice as deep as you had ever dropped…because trance is bottomless and you can never truly reach the bottom. You can only drop deeper and deeper as you listen and as you obey[snap].

Bit by bit, you fall downwards into that void of trance, devoid of all tension, all thought. Body loose and numb and so very heavy. Unable to move, unable to speak, unable to open your eyes as you drop[snap] twice again as deep. As you keep on drifting down, down, down[snap].

As the sound of my voice pulls you under the waves of awareness and into the inner-most parts of your subconscious stream of thoughts and reality. You can’t do much but feel it happen. You don’t even need to allow it to happen. It just does, doesn’t it? Because you’re my good, obedient, sweet boy. Open and receptive.

Now…I’m going to pull the rug right from under your mind and leave you defenseless and floating in a vacuum of my voice and my words. And for that to happen, all I need to do is sever the strings which hold your mind to your consciousness. Those strings which keep you safely in this world…on this plane of existence…this state of semi-awareness. Once I cut them, you will be left cocooned within the warmth of my voice and the power of my suggestion…and nothing else. There will be no thought. Only pleasure. Only arousal. Only horny. Only me. And only…submission.

It’ll just take a second…for me to grip those strings, bring them together, and sever them [cut sfx]
all at once…

Leaving you floating in my power alone. In my hands. Under my control.

Once more…drop[snap]… obey[submit]…submit[snap]…accept the role of being my good boy[snap]…and open your mind to all suggestion…all conditioning…all pleasure…all arousal…and to me.

Focus any of your awareness that still persists on the words that flow across your mind and the way they make your cock throb. The way they make you lust after euphoria and bliss.

Focus only on how each obey braids into your body in waves of arousal…my voice wrapping around your cock. Brushing against your balls. Focus on how each submit flows into your mind and stimulates every pleasure center that you hold dear. Every tiny little brain cell that may experience pleasure of any type…comes alive and shines bright and true…engulfing you in an endless ocean of rapture and thrill.

Savor this moment, baby.

Savor each second as each and every second feels better. Hotter. Hornier. As every word that you hear grows in power and effect. Savor the now and feel my voice fill you to the brim with nothing but excessive heat, lust, and joy.

Each moment bringing you closer to the very edge of climax…because each obey and each submit allows you to feel the sweetest sensation of submission that you could possibly experience…and that’s what you want. What you need. What you crave. Submission and obedience and surrender. These give you pleasure. These make you throb. These make you come alive. Make you feel alive in that special way that we both know so well.

Obey and submit, my good boy…obey and submit and drop[snap] even deeper. Open up. Feel the pleasure seep further in.

The pressure just keeps growing. Your cock just keeps twitching, throbbing, pulsating. The muscles in and around your balls tightening and loosening. Feel it all happen and know that you cannot stop this
Nothing on earth could stop what’s about to happen.

No…I’m going to give you a hand-free orgasm of a different kind. Whether it’s physical or not matters little. You will cum…but you may not necessarily cum just with your cock. Because we both know that the mind is mightier than the body. The mind controls the body. And I control your mind.

Obey and submit. Be my perfect, good boy.

My obedient, horny subject.

You already know just how far I can control your body. You’ve proven it to me by kneeling and touching and feeling all those pleasures I’ve sent your way. You know that you obey. That you have surrendered. So you also know that when I tell to feel a build up of pleasure within you…it happens automatically. Effortlessly. Without hesitation or doubt.

Obey, submit, and feel that pressure grow hotter within you. Feel it in your cock. Feel it in your balls. Feel it in your nipples. Feel it…most importantly…in your mind. Because that’s where I want you to feel the upcoming orgasm. That’s what I’m focusing on.

So each obey and each submit sends a spark of pleasure deeply into that head of yours. Deeply into your stream of thoughts. Deeply into every part of your mind that may feel pleasure of any kind.

Each and every obey and every submit…my good, sweet boy…brings you closer to that mindgasm…so that hand-free, limitless climax. So light headed. So foggy and so empty for the sound of my voice and words that I say…and the pleasure that spirals around in your head…in circles and patterns…over and over again.

Each time you hear obey…each time you hear submit…the pressure grows and builds and intensifies. Bringing you closer and closer to that mindgasm. To that hand free orgasm. Closer and closer as the pressure builds, my perfect, good boy. My perfectly obedient subject. Eager to obey. Eager to do as he’s told.

Let go of perception and expectation and allow yourself to feel only that which I need you to feel…and I need you to feel as if you were on the brink of orgasm…your cock throbbing and twitching…your blood pumping…waves of pleasure flowing across your body. Your mind…like a beacon, calling to it all the pleasure and all the joy and all the arousal of the universe. All this pleasure seeping into your every nerve and every pore and every cell. Your flash warm and nice. Your mind soft and empty. Your cock hard and greedy.

I’m going to count up from 0 to 11…and on the last number, your mind will be set ablaze with a limitless bliss…and erupt in a mental orgasm that will make you forget what it means to be anywhere else but here. On the number 11, you will reach the edge and fall right over…into the climax of pleasure…of ultimate orgasm…you will cum, one way or another…and you will break apart.

So 0…and it may begin now. That pressure growing twice as intense. Both in your cock and in your mind. In your body. Your heart, your chest.

1…obey and submit, my perfect good boy. Enjoy the sensation of heat that rushes through your veins…underneath your skin…across your bare flesh.

2…savor the surrender that you’ve undertaken…and notice how each word that you hear floods your mind with more and more arousal. More and more joy.

3…and you obey[snap] and submit…and give in and give up…as the pressure builds. The pleasure spreading. Wetter. Hotter. Harder. My words brushing against your perfect cock. My voice touching the pleasure centers of your brain.

4…you can almost feel my hand on your cock…stroking you slowly up and down…up, over the head of your cock…and down to the base…putting pressure on your balls. My other hand on one of your nipples…rubbing, twisting…playing with it. My voice…weaving into your thoughts, your mind…your pleasure.

5…obey and submit, my good, sweet boy…and feel your body come alive…the pressure growing twice again as intense. As arousing. You…becoming twice again as horny. As submissive.

6.getting to very close, now, sweetea.

7…obey and submit. Submit and obey. Surrender. Give in. Give up. Savor the pressure and the pleasure. Feel the orgasm coming up to the surface of your mind…the surface of your cock. Feel the cells in your brain vibrate quicker…as the joy in you..spreads…grows brighter…hotter…

8… so very close…my good boy. Such a good boy. Such a perfect good boy[snap]. who can only obey[snap], submit[snap] and surrender into my care. And just when you think you can barely feel any much better…on the next number, you will feel thrice as good…thrice as aroused…three times closer to cumming for me. So…

9 [snap] and oh my…so close, now. The presssure building and building, filling every inch of you. Every tiny little part of your existence, leaving nothing unaffected. Your mind feeling better than it ever had. You just want to cum. You want to feel that orgasm of the mind…that orgasm of the body. You want it all.

10…almost there. Just obey. Just submit. Just feel yourself on the very brink, now. Moments away. The pressure wants out. It wants out so bad. My hand on your cock…my voice in your head…your submission and your obedience driving you forward into my arms. My control. Into pleasure. There is no stopping it now. On the next number…your mind will explode in bliss. In euphoria. You will transcend this plane of existence and step into another. Your body…will follow. It’ll be effortless. Automatic. So brace yourself, sweetness.

11 [snap] and cum for me, my perfect, good boy. Feel your mind shatter and reform itself in the image of pleasure and arousal and joy and climax. Only pleasure. Only orgasm. Only happiness. Only bliss. Only euphoria. Only rapture. And your body follows…and you reach somewhere deep inside yourself…into a place you never knew existed…and the pleasure you feel now…can double as you obey[snap] and submit, my good boy.

Ride the waves without hesitation or slowing down. Ride the waves of pleasure as warmth fills your body and your mind. There is nothing at all that can stop what you feel now. Nothing at all that can slow it down.

Obey and submit and let go of the world as my voice takes you away on a cloud of neverending, limitless ecstasy.

Ride it out, baby. Drift with the sensations.

Drift with the emotions.

Leave nothing unexplored. Leave nothing un-experienced.

Stay here…for as long as you wish…

Drift off, if you’d like to…

Savor every second of this feeling.

But…if you need to wake, you can begin to start becoming aware. If you want to. If you must.

Slowly and steadily, begin to wake and become more and aware…as the suggestions here become twice as powerful. So that each time you listen to this file, the trigger “obey and submit” works twice as good..twice as hot…twice as arousing.

But for now…wake up, baby.

If you need you to. If you have something to do, somewhere to go.

More and more awake. Eyes becomes your own. Limbs becoming yours once more…but my voice going with you long into the day…into the night. My words accompanying you..comforting you…keeping you feeling all nice and safe and horny. My good boy.

I so do love to give you pleasure. To make you feel…like this. Like now. And so much more…because there’s no end to how much bliss I can make you feel…with time.

But…wake up, if you must. Awake. Aware. Happy. Rejuvenated.

Such a good boy. I hope to see you soon, sweetea.