So You Want To Be Conditioned – Loops & More

Hello, Sweetea!

None of these would make any sense to you without first listening to the original (and free) So You Want To Learn Hypnosis.

Patreon Tier 3+ (loops and alts+):

So You Want To Be Brainwashed: A more streamlined version of the body. Shorter and focused mostly on submission, obedience, and suggestibility. Can be looped.

So You Want To Be Conditioned: The main content of the original file with most of the induction and wakener removed. Can be looped forever and ever and ever. Includes all the conditioning and suggestions of the original.

So You Want To Be MindFucked: As with my other MindFuck files, this is a binaural narration file with individual tracks playing at the same time in each ear. Most of the content of the entire body, but in a much more compact form.  

So You Want To Play With Your Nipples: A short little loop for some nipple pleasure conditioning. Try it! It can’t hurt….

Patreon Tier 2 (Parted +):

This is just a slightly altered breakdown of the full session.

(Induction): Just as the original, with nothing added or removed. Can be used with any other body file without conflict.

(Body): Just as the original, but with a bit of the deeper included, so that it works better with other types of inductions. Can be looped.