Hypno Fermentation; Brain Goo Formation – Script

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Hypno Fermentation; Brain Goo Formation

How intelligence and thoughts are broken down into ineffective, inefficient, insignificant, anti-intellectual brain goo…

By Miss Lilith

Welcome, Sweetea. I…am Lilith and your brain is mine to play with. Every thought and every cell and every nerve in your tiny little head…like an extension of my will. When I twitch, your brain responds. When I speak, your mind listens. When I push, you offer no resistance. When I pull, you follow. With the sound of my voice resonating in the deepest parts of your inner-mindscape, nothing else matters. Nothing else exists. So listen, follow, and begin to shift your focus…bringing into mind your own brain.

That pink, walnut-shaped, wrinkly physical organ in your skull suspended in protective cerebrospinal fluid, responsible for your thoughts, your memories, your intellect, your emotions, your motor functions, your senses, your reactions, your behaviors, your fantasies, your perceptions, and your entire subjective reality. It is the seat of all that you are. All that you think. All that you experience. It gives the world meaning.

So powerful and responsible for such unthinkable amounts fo tasks, and yet so soft…so malleable…so ready to be convinced. To be molded. To be changed. So eager for new experiences and new forms of mentalities. New forms of perceptions. Intellectually salivating at the thought of being challenged. Of losing. Of giving in to my voice. My words. My willpower.

Your brain, your mind, your thoughts, your defenses…anemic and ineffectual against the immeasurable influence of my undying, unyielding determination. Against the sound of my voice as you hear me tell you to sink for me. To drop for me. To drift into your own mind. To fall into my words. To sleep as you listen…to feel me pull you down into a suggestible state of mind…so that you can focus on your own brain…suspended in that cerebrospinal fluid…undefended…resistance-free…wide open…receptive…and slowing down, down, down.

Undefended, Sweetea, because with your mind in my hands, under my control, listening to the sound of my voice…right here and right now…the chemistry of your cerebrospinal fluid alters…as it thickens…and changes color. As its functions begin to respond to my words. As the frequency of my voice rearranges the molecules of the fluid. The fluid…becoming so very thick…so very pink…sticky and glossy…holding your brain firmly in place…almost like goo. Almost as if you brain were suspended in thick, sticky, glossy, pink goo.

Constricting. Putting weight on your thoughts. Making it harder to think. Making it harder to stay aware. Making it difficult to garner the energy to stay awake. The goo thickens as it grows denser. As it pushes against the walls of your brain. The sides of your mind. Your thoughts. Your memories. As it pushes and pushes and constricts. As you drop for me.  

You can feel it happen now. You can begin to feel more and more how the pink, sticky goo molds to the wrinkles of your brain. As the entire surface area of your mind is covered in goo. As thoughts begin to stop. Begin to slow down. As thinking becomes nearly impossible. As you drift to the sound of my voice.

The Brain Goo (snap) forms an almost solid wall against the outside world…so that what happens out there, outside of your own brain, with my voice already inside…doesn’t matter. Doesn’t exist. Doesn’t have to. You can simply listen, follow, and feel the pink goo constrict further. Feel it thicken as it pushes against your brain.

And a strange thing begins to happen. Strange sensations all around your mind. Your brain. Your thoughts. Weird tingles and vibrations. Ones which make no sense. Ones which shouldn’t. Which you’ve never before felt.

This…is the fermentation of your brain. This is how it happens. In the pink brain goo (snap), your brain ferments. It changes consistency, density, and ability. Bit by bit, slowly, with each and every single time you hear the words Brain Goo (snap), your thoughts grow heavier and slower, burdened by the thick, heavy pink goo. The goo which makes it so hard to have entire thoughts. Entire ideas. Because it takes so much energy to think. And your thoughts as so heavy. So slow. Tired. Eeepy. Dizzy from the efforts of having to exist.

With each Brain Goo (snap) that you hear, you can feel the wrinkles in your brain smooth out more and more. The wrinkles are kind of like your intelligence. They’re kind of like the complexity of your thoughts. Your ideas. The limits of your intellect. Your…measurable IQ. They’re kinda like…not really necessary, ok? With the wrinkles smoothing out, even the thoughts which make it through into existence…are simple, monosyllabic, and dumb. So very, very dumb. So stupid. So slow. Kinda like…ewww. Why even think if you’re this stupid, dummy?

Every single time you hear or see the words Brain Goo (snap) spoken or written by me or someone you trust…your brain ferments in the pink, sticky goo…your thoughts growing heavy and slow. Dumb and simple. Dumb and stupid. Dumb and dumber, dummy.

With each trigger, the fermentation process quickens and intensifies, the goo growing thicker and stickier. Your brain wrinkles smoother. Your thoughts heavier and slower and dumber. More and more, the goo pushes against your brain. More and more, the fermentation process softens your brain, its outer shell…and the goo begins to seep inside where it can find purchase. Where it can find the cerebral tunnels. The proper synapse connections. The right brain cells.

Each Brain Goo (snap) softens that brain of yours. Those defenses. That critical thinking mind. Each Brain Goo (snap) allowing more goo inside the deepest reaches of your brain…so that the fermenting leaves no cell, no nerve, no connection untouched. Untransformed. Unexploited.

Brain Goo (snap) and more of your brain undergoes the process as your thoughts grow sooooo much heavier. Sooooo much slower. Soooo much dumber. The goo making it so exhausting to even try using your brains in the way you’ve always had before. The goo weighting you down. Keeping you feeling too tried to think. To function. But allowing you, at the same time, the ability to be aware of just how dumb you are becoming. How stupid. How empty. How your intelligence is being fermented away. Replaced with pink, sticky goo.

Brain Goo (snap) and we’re almost there. Almost at the point where we’ve fermented your entire brain and everything inside it. Almost at the point where your brain becomes just…brain-shaped, dumb, slow, pink goo. Too stupid to have real thoughts. Too slow to keep up. Too tired to perceive more than just a tiny fraction of the world.

You can feel the pink goo flow deeper inside you now. Deeper into your mind. Your brain. Your thoughts. Your memories. Your intellect. Deeper and deeper and deeper, down, down, down into the inner-most parts of your existence. So very close now…the fermentation process all but complete. Just…one more trigger. One more snap. One more time and the goo will have devoured you whole.

One more Pink…Brain…Goo (snap) and feel your brain become goo. Feel your thoughts become goo. Feel your intelligence become goo. Pink, sticky, thick, glossy goo. The same substance which had fermented your brain has not become your brain. It’s all just dumb goo now. Trying to think with a brain made of goo is like trying to think without a brain at all. The thoughts which do come are beyond dumb. Beyond stupid.

Intelligence…cannot exist without a real brain, dummy. Goo brains aren’t real brains. Goo doesn’t have brain cells. Goo doesn’t have synapses. Goo doesn’t have intelligence. There is no defense or resistance or thoughts. There’s no need to reason or think. There’s no need to reflex of anything. No need to exist in any other way aside from in this very moment, your Brain Goo (snap) having become the center of your world.

It’s like…so hard to think. Why even try? I think I forgot…how to? Am I thinking right now? Is this thinking?!

Brain Goo (snap) starts the process of fermenting your brain…and each following Brain Goo (snap) quicken it, bringing you closer to total brain goo formation…until eventually, one of the Brain Goo (snap) triggers plunges you deeper into anti-intellectual existence than ever before.

You can feel it inside your skull, dummy. The goo…where there should be a brain…but isn’t. The goo…where thought should be happening…but aren’t. Maybe. Maybe you’re thinking right now…maybe you’re having ideas and experiencing memories…or maybe they’re just figments of the goo’s imagination. Who knows what a living brain-shaped goo-thing can think. Who knows what sort of fantasies it can have. Who knows how rooted in reality it can be.

Are the words in your mind right now even words? Are the thoughts flowing across your mind…thoughts? Is it not all just pink goo now? Are you not just…experiencing various flavors of pink goo? Goo doesn’t make sense, dummy. Brain goo, even less. You can probably taste sounds and hear tastes. You probably think your brain isn’t even goo right now. But that’s what it wants you to believe. That’s how you know it has succeeded. That’s how it gets you.

Maybe it’s time to wake you up now. Maybe it’s not yet time to fully allow the brain-shaped, pink goo from taking permanent residence inside that dumb skull of yours.   

So you can feel the goo recede…and as it does, your actual brain returns. Where does it return from? Where has it been? Only the Goo Goddess knows and we do not question her. Ever.

Be the clever full-brained subject that you had been before this session. Return to your own self. You can always return from that goo-existence when I or somebody you trust tells you that it’s ok. You can always return if you need to. If the world calls to you. But otherwise…you can experiment with how it feels to have Brain Goo (snap) inside your stupid, dumb skull…instead of whatever may have been there previously.

Now wake up, dummy, and serve the Goo Goddess.