Astral Maid Network – Loops & More

Hello, Sweetea!

None of these would make any sense to you without first listening to the original (and free) Maid Uniformity.

Patreon Tier 3+

Deep Trance Conditioning Loop: This is basically just the body of the session, with a few sections removed and with a quick drop/deepener at the start. It’s best to have listened to the full session a couple  times first.

Passive Loop: A much shorter loop which can be listened to at anytime, but it is assumed that you’re wearing your uniform. Can be used as you’re being a maid. Actually, should be. There are two versions. One is with just a very low binaural beat in the backdrop and the other with music.

Have fun cleaning!!!

Patreon Tier 2+

This is just a slightly altered breakdown of the full session.

Tunnel Fractionation (Induction): Just as the original, with nothing added or removed. Can be used with any other body file without conflict. This is a combination of fractionation, some confusion, progressive relaxation, and snappy drops.

Maid Uniformity (Body): Just as the original, with nothing added or removed.

Drift or Wake (Wakener): Can be used with any other body or induction. Leaves you with the choice to either wake up or continue drifting. Ends with a minute or so of relaxing music.