Stand-Alone Loop Pack 002

Hello, Sweeteas!

Patreon Tier 3+

Listen, Follow, Obey, Drop – Trance: This a 10-minute seamless loop fashioned out of other, smaller loops for the sole purpose of pushing more of me inside your head, so that my voice leaves you with no path but total obedience. It can be used to increase suggestibility and trance depth.

Listen, Follow, Obey – Passive: Very similar to the trance version, but with no drop triggers. Can be listened to without dropping.

The stand-alone loops are a new addition to my patreon benefits. As things stand now, most will be short loops put together into 10 to 15 minute seamless experiences dedicated to specific things. Sometimes there will be a couple of packs added a month. Sometimes just one. Sometimes more. Some of the loops will be lifted from the trigger tier files and some not.

I’m open to any suggestions you all may have in regards to the sort of content you’d like to see.

Have fun!