Clicker Indoctrination – Script

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Clicker Indoctrination

A sound which washes away your mind and brings you only pleasure beyond measure…

By Miss Lilith

[Induction Start]

Welcome, Sweetea. This…is Miss Lilith and you’re here because you wish to experience more pleasure than there logically is in the world. I’m going to give you that…and so much more. Together, we will break the artificial limits on how much pleasure you can feel. Together, we shall shatter that brittle ceiling and reshape the way your mind understands arousal, pleasure, joy, and ultimate serenity. I will show you the true colors and true sounds of euphoria. Of bliss. Of unbound and unchaste desires. But for that to happen…

I’m going to need you to drop for me. Just going to need your thoughts to quiet down and your mind to empty…so that my words could fill you to the brim with pure relaxation and smooth, easy joy. Imagine how that would feel. If your mind were like a bubble, full of thoughts. Full of awareness. Full of everyday distractions.

And try to imagine how it would feel if I took all those thoughts away. All those stresses. All those distractions. All that awareness. Imagine how it would feel to be empty. To be an empty and blank point of unconsciousness. The bubble that is your mind thoughtless. Your body, weightless, floating and swaying to the sound of my voice and the words that I say. Imagine it or file it away, allowing it to grow somewhere deeply in the back of your head. It does not matter. What matters is that you listen and follow as you grow more and more relaxed.

If your eyes are not yet closed, close them now. Just allow your eyelids to drop. Allow your breathing to deepen and slooooow doooown. Just breathe deeply and slowly as each inhale relaxes you further and each exhale takes away your thoughts, your stresses, your distractions, and your awareness. Easier and easier as time goes on. Effortless. Automatic.

My words will soon begin to bounce inside that head of yours. And as they do, they will be accompanied by a sound. A very special sound, sweetea. An echo of my own desires. My own power. My suggestions. My willpower. This sound…this echo…will bounce around in your head, pulling my words deeper inside your mind. Inside your inner-most thoughts. And as the sound reverberates, and as my words blend into the fabric of your neurons…your thoughts diminish. Because the sound engulfs them. My echo captures them. Pulls them out of your neural synapses, leaving you emptier and emptier with each echo, each sound, and each word that you hear.

My echo…[bSound]…sweeps across your mind in waves and waves of cascading, thought-draining exaltation. It washes over your thoughts, captures them, and removes them from your awareness.

The sound…[bSound]…trickles down your brain cells like a creek down a hill. And like a creek pulling with it twigs and leafs, my echo pulls with it your thoughts, your awareness, your stresses, and your resistance. Your reason. Your wakefulness. Your tensions.

Each time you hear it…[bSound]…you lose more and more of your mind. You become empty and blank…dipping fully into a state of total and uncompromising hypnotic susceptibility. Wide open to my voice. To my suggestions. Free of tension and thought.

Each echo…[bSound]…washes away all tension and leaves you to enjoy a deep, flawless state of pristine serenity. Free of distraction. Free of mind. Free of tension. Free of resistance. Free of awareness. Free of consciousness. Free of the body. Free of the world. Free of all but the sound of my voice and that words that I say.

Each and every time my echo…[bSound]…cascades down your thoughts…you’re left emptier and emptier, feeling better and better…as you grow more and more relaxed. As you become foggy and cloudy. Your mind almost as if not your own. Your head almost as if just a vessel for my hypnotic suggestion.

And with each…[bSound]…you drop[snap] deeper into a relaxed, deep, blank, hypnotic trance…where you can only sleep[snap] and drift down, down, down…falling and falling, now…without thought or ability to resist. Without a single doubt. Without hesitation. Effortless and automatic.

Listen and follow as my words pull you along into that state I most desire for you. Into that state of mind you most desire. That fully relaxed and open existence. That deep and nice state of mind, where nothing could touch you but for my voice. But for the sounds I  introduce. But for…


My echo. Which pulls you down deeper each time. My echo, which drops you down, down, down as you fall and drift and sleep[snap].

And as you listen and follow, you continue dropping deeper each and every time my voice echoes. Each and every single time you hear an echo of any sound, you just drop[snap] deeper. Your mind blank and empty. No resistance. Wide open and ready. Eager.

With each echo, you become more susceptible. Just…falling for me. Drifting. Melting. A smooth pleasure coursing through your body. Your nerves. Your mind.

And now…I’m going to deepen your trance. I’m going to snap my fingers. The snaps…will echo. The echoes…will dwindle down any remaining thoughts. All remaining resistance. All remaining awareness. All tension. All stress. And with each snap…you will drop twice as deeply. Become twice as relaxed. Twice as empty. Twice as blank. Twice as eager. Twice as open and hesitation-free. It’ll feel so very, very good to let go this way.


[SnapEcho] and drop ever so much deeper.

[SnapEcho] and become aware of your unawareness.

[SnapEcho] find pleasure in your emptiness.

[SnapEcho] find serenity in your perfect blank and open mind.

[SnapEcho]  leave behind distraction, hesitation, tension, and thought.

[SnapEcho]  drop into my voice. Into my words. Into a relaxed, deep, blank hypnotic trance…

And melt for me. Listen. Follow. Drift…

[Induction End]

[Body Start]

Obey. Succumb. Hang on my every word. Feel yourself relinquish all control as I begin to pull at the strings of your existence. As I take control of your thoughts. Your mind. Your body. As my voice and my words turn you into a spectator of your own fate…without a say in what happens. Without choice in how I make you feel. Give in, my good pet, and enjoy the way you listen and follow unerringly and unconditionally. The way it makes you feel when you give up control and allow another into your head. Allow another control of your sensations. Your emotions. Your pleasure. Your arousal.

That arousal and that pleasure and that joy that I now have access to. With you here…deep, relaxed, and so passive…there is no barrier between my suggestions and your instant and automatic reactions. There is nothing in between my words and my voice and your inner-most submissive desires. Your deep and heavily grounded lust for all things pleasure. All things arousal. All things euphoric.

Here, in this place, at this moment, you can savor and enjoy all that greed within you for all the pleasures of the world. You can allow yourself to be greedy for arousal. Greedy for bliss. Greedy for self-indulgence. There is nothing wrong with pleasure, my good, obedient pet. And I want to give you all the pleasure. Every last bit of it. Every bit of arousal of thrill. Of velvety smooth delight. Like a guiltless treat, full of tearful happiness and unending longing.

I can make you feel these things. I can give you these things. Give you the pleasure you deserve. The arousal. The euphoria. The joy. The mindless, all-consuming, frustration-free ache. The throb. The full-bodied tingles of a deeply-rooted mindgasm. A mindgasm which doesn’t really need to end. Which doesn’t need anything but a sound. A single, distinctive sound. One which you will soon hear.  

It’s…a click. A click of my clicker.

It’s not like my drop[snap] trigger, which so easily pushes you dooooown deeper into trance.

It’s not like my echo…[bSound]…which empties your mind and fills you with my voice and my words.

It’s not like my echoing [SnapEcho] snaps…which deepen your trance to levels unmatched. To levels unreal. Levels deep and dark and all-consuming.

No…my clicker sounds different. It…travels different pathways. It affects different parts of your brain. It touches the parts of your mind which regulate arousal, pleasure, joy, and all those different and colorful types of bliss and euphoria. Almost, one could say…the sound of my clicker is like a shot of all the happy chemicals you brain can experience. Like an explosion of an inner-depth orgasm of the mind.

When you hear my clicker…when you hear me click it..when it reaches your ears and your brain processes the sound…each and every single one of those sensations courses through your nerves. your bones. Your skin. Your muscles. Your limbs. Your center and your insides and your outsides. Your thoughts and your ideas and your awareness..and your unawareness. When you hear my clicker…your brain reacts…automatically. Effortlessly. Without hesitation. Without pause. It happens all on its own.

When you hear the clicker, pure pleasure rushes into you from the nether. Pleasure filling you up to the brim. Filling every crevice. Every corner. Every hole and every split and every seam. So much pleasure everywhere that in but an instant. All life becoming…pleasure. Hot, uncompromising pleasure. A pleasure of lust and need and heat. Of arousal. Red, hot, blinding arousal.

Your nerve endings spiral and spiral…and becomes…pleasure. Become…arousal. Become…joy and perfection.

This…is the pleasure of euphoria. The kind you feel at the peak of the best orgasm you could fantasize over. Better than you could imagine. Better than you’ve probably ever had. It’s the kind of orgasm which doesn’t just…end. The kind of orgasm which can happen again and again and again, without end. Without weakening. The kind which takes your mind away from you and leave a pure creation of arousal, pleasure, and bliss. Of euphoria.

The sound of my clicker..flicks every cell in your body into the “perfect euphoria” position. Every other state of your cells vanish for a while and all that remains is heat. Is joy. Is the moment. The arousal. The bliss. The luxury of feeling like you’ve won life a million times over…and it can just keep on coming.

And each time you hear the click…it only gets better. The first time you hear it…it’s like a primer, shifting your mind into the perfect, receptive position. Into the most suggestible state of mind…ready and eager to receive pleasure. To receive more. Greedy for joy and lust and desire.

 Each time you hear the click…the tingles of pleasure grow stronger. More insistent. the pleasure and bliss growing and growing, getting hotter and hotter and better. Until, after a few…your mind reaches that completely blank and empty state…where all it can feel and experience…is pure, unfiltered, euphoric, pleasure.

The kind you feel when your mind orgasms. When every strong of thought is focused on how good it feels. How perfect it feels. The kind you feel when your entire existence becomes a long, drawn-out, exponential orgasm of the mind. Of your thoughts. Of your awareness and existence. Of every limb and every toe and every finger. Every muscle. Every patch of skin.

You…want to hear that click. You want to hear it so badly. You want to experience this joy. You want to transcend into a being of pure, complete, and total orgasmic rapture. Limitless ecstasy. Frenzied bliss.

You may just feel so much pleasure…that you black out and lose all awareness of time and space. Lose conscious tracking of what’s been happening. Of what’s led to all this…elation. There may just be so much…too much…and yet you’ll want more. Always more. My good pet. My eager pet. Waiting for that sound.. that click.  It’s…right around the corner, pet. It’s…just a few, short moments away, that clicker. Just a moment…and you’ll be dropped into a bottomless well of bliss[snap].

Where you’ll just drop[snap] as you…[bSound]…drift down, down, down…falling and falling, now and again and again.


[click] and it begins. There is no going back. You can feel it happening. You can feel the tingles spreading across your eager flesh.

[click] you can feel the pleasure enter you in unrelenting, cascading waves of perfection. Of lust. Of desire.

[click]  somewhere deep within you, a fire is lit and with each second, it grows…and as it grows…the pressure in your mind expands…and as the pressure feel better and better and more aroused. Closer and closer to a mind-blowing mind-gasm.

[click] with each sound of the clicker, more of you is replaced with pure euphoria. Pure pleasure. Pure joy. All thoughts gone. All hesitation forgotten. All awareness…what awareness? There is only..

[click-echo] the clicker now. The pleasure of the sound. The pleasure of the echo.

More and more aroused with each click. More and more eager to touch in some way. In any way. To be touched. To feel pleasure. To find more…more bliss. More arousal.

[click] and as you drop[snap] deeper…and as the pressure of your pleasure builds…and every single one of your thoughts is replaced with the click…with the bliss…you become frenzied. Mindless. Empty but for…

[click] the one thing which matters now.

[click] and each time you hear it, you get closer and more aroused. You feel happier. You feel emptier. You feel…more receptive. More suggestible. More eager for the sound to repeat and repeat again…

[click] and again. Because each click fills more of you with lust and desire and orgasmic sensations almost not of this world…but of a world where only pleasure exists. Where only the edge of ultimate euphoric, lustful pleasure exists.

[click] that edge…where you feel like you’re cumming…but when in fact it’s in your mind. Your mind giving in…and experiencing all the wonders of every shape and every size of frenzied bliss.

[click] and as the sounds keep coming…so does your pleasure build. Higher and higher and hotter. Your thoughts now having only one state: a state of joy and pleasure and euphoria…where nothing may exist. Nothing else is permitted.

[click] which each of these wonderful sounds, your mind tastes new flavors of perfection. New flavors of rapture. You begin to taste colors.

[click] you begin to hear flavors.

[click] you begin to see music. [some tune]

[click] you begin to smell the night’s skies.

Everything turns upside down…and you grow foggy…awash only in the sound…

[click] How it makes you feel. How deeply you drop as you hear it.

[click] How orgasmic it feels to hear it.

[click] How your mind has become an orgasm.

[click] Your body has become an orgasm.

[click] Your limbs have become orgasms.

[click] You have become pleasure.

Your world has turned into pleasure. Into euphoria. Into a stream of nonsense…nonsense which spells only bliss. Frenzied bliss.

[click] the clicker taking you to a place you’ve never been to before. Hijacking you in mind and in body.

[click] each click doubling your arousal now.

[click] each click reshaping your pleasure centers, readying your mind for the next.

Such a good pet, aren’t you? Yes, yes you are my perfect little pet. Eager for my clicker. Eager to hear it again and again. Wanting more and more of that singular pleasure, which penetrates so deeply into your mind. Your thoughts. Your center.

Which…bounces around in your head for what seems like eternity…but which is really just this moment in time.

And it only gets better. The sound can only get better. Grow stronger. Hotter. Your mind can only accept on a higher level each and every time you listen. Each and every time you hear the [click].

It makes you want to touch. To moan. To wiggle and bounce in desire and lust. It makes you want to throw away your inhibitions and fulfill your desires. The click shifts your mind into frenzied euphoria. Uncaring of the anything but pleasure.

Each click bringing you closer to that state of mindgasm…a state which doesn’t have to end. It peaks…and then it stays there for as long as possible. And you just keep on feeling better and better.

The [click] turns off your reasoning and turns on…your sex drive. Your lust. Your arousal. Your desires. Your pleasures. Your bliss[snap]. Your euphoria.  

And this…is not exclusive to me, my good pet. Oh no. This can be taken advantage of by anyone you trust implicitly. Anyone that would like to have fun with you. That would like to reduce you into a melty puddle of subby, needy, greedy, pleasure-seeking delicacy.

If you give them the power…the sound of the clicker will take advantage of that power…and take all of yours away…in exchange for pleasures beyond the mortal realm. Pleasures so intense and perfect that the world is barely ready for them.

I’m going to send you on a little trip, now. A trip into a world made of joyful, floaty, ecstatic arousal. A throbbing arousal of dream-like intensity. Of pleasures so all-encompassing that you’ll lose the idea of what’s up, what’s down, what’s 1, what’s 2..of what’s blue and what’s true.

Only pleasure will exist. Only your mind…fully submerged in a flood of wet, hot, sticky nectar. A nectar that brings only joy and ecstasy. Only the happy chemicals. Only the perfect states of mind and body and world and existence.

And as you drop into this state…all the suggestions here..

[click] will become stronger.

With each [click], the suggestions here strengthen twice-over.

With each [click] you feel better and better.

Each [click] bringing with it waves of arousal.

Each [click] washing away thought and awareness.

Each [click] prolonging and intensifying the peak of the mindgasm. The peak of pleasure. The edge of ultimate euphoria.

And after the sounds end…you will come back to yourself.

[click] After a little while..after the clicks stop coming, you will wake…but you will wake only when you’ve accepted wholly and without restriction…

[click] that all the suggestions here…

[click] have become one with you.

[click] so that this sound…

[click] makes you feel…

[click] in ways you could not have…

[click] every truly imagined.












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